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Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-present) is an American television sitcom on HBO starring Seinfeld writer & co-creator Larry David. The series is loosely based on David's life as a semi-retired multi-millionaire in the world after Seinfeld. It was inspired by a 1999 one-hour mockumentary titled Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm, which David and HBO had envisioned as a one-time project.

The Divorce [8.1] Edit

Marty: Okay. I've got some great news. Guess where the Funkman is going for three weeks.
Susie: Miami?
Marty: London!
Susie: London!
Jeff: Oh!
Larry: Ah!
Jeff: How about that?
Marty: On business, how great is that?
Susie: Wow, that's fun.
Larry: Are you going?
Nan: No.
Larry: Oh, really?
Marty: She doesn't like to travel.
Nan: I don't go on business trips with him.
Larry: Have you ever been there?
Nan: No.
Larry: Oh my God, you should go. It's really beautiful this time of year.
Nan: Hmm, really?
Larry: Yeah! London!
Nan: Maybe I should go, Marty.
Marty: No, it's cold. Right now it's cold and foggy and dangerous. They have gangs over there and everything else and I'll be doing business.
Nan: I never travel with you. I think it's a great idea. I'm going.
Marty: Let's talk about--
Nan: Thank you. That's decided. I'm in.

Larry: Well, look who's here. It's the big funk.
Marty: You are a colossal prick. Do you know that?
Larry: Boy, I'm really getting it today.
Marty: You think it's funny?
Larry: What did I do?
Marty: Let me tell you something. You ruined my whole vacation. You had to butt in and tell Nan to go on my trip.
Larry: I'm sorry.
Marty: I could have had three weeks working and being alone.
Larry: I was curious as to why she wasn't going. Why don't you just go with her? Why don't you bring her?
Marty: I'm bored! Everywhere I go with her we don't look at each other, she talks over me. I want to be alone. I want to get the chance to spread my wings.
Larry: Why don't you get a divorce?
Marty: I'm too lazy.

Marty: L.D. Guess who's getting a divorce.
Larry: What?
Marty: Martin Norton Funkhouser.
Larry: Really?
Marty: And it's because of you! That man and I were talking about the London trip...
Larry: Yeah?
Marty: ...I started to realize, "wait a minute. If I did go to Europe without her, I'd come back "and it would be 20 more years of boredom." So I said to Nan, "look, let's get a divorce." She said okay. I'm gonna be single! You and me!
Larry: Wow.
Marty: Is that great?
Leon: My man.
Jeff: Congratulations. Congratulations.
Leon: You know what you do when you get a fucking divorce? Ride around and bump the horn and shit like motherfuckers getting married.
Larry: What a great idea.
Leon: Goddamn right.
Larry: Put cans on your car, beep your horn.
Marty: "Just divorced."
Larry: "Just divorced."
Marty: I'm excited. I'm single.
Leon: Get out there, and get some new ass. Know what I'm saying, huh? You done ran the other ass in the ground, right?
Marty: Uh, I don't want to talk about my wife like that.
Leon: You ran that ass in the ground, and you're moving on, right?
Marty: Well, I didn't run any—we had a nice marriage for 20 years.
Leon: You ran that other ass in the ground…
Marty: I don't run people's ass in the ground.
Leon: All men do.
Larry: It's not a negative thing to run an ass in the ground. That's all.

The Safe House [8.2] Edit

Richard: If it wasn't for burlesque we wouldn't have Chaplin, or The Marx Brothers…
Marty:Oh, Chaplin was a hell of a pole dancer!

Palestinian Chicken [8.3] Edit

Larry: [Larry is talking about his attraction to a Palestinian woman at a restaurant] You know what it is? You're always attracted to someone who doesn't want you, right? Well, here you have somebody who not only doesn't want you... doesn't even acknowledge your right to exist, wants your destruction! That's a turn-on.

Marty: [Marty is meeting Larry and Jeff at the Palestinian chicken restaurant] You know, I thought all last night, 'If Rabin can break bread with Arafat, I can have chicken at this antisemitic shithole.'

Shara: [Dirty talk while having sex with Larry David] Fuck me you fucking Jew! You Zionist pig. You occupying fuck. Occupy this. I'm going to going to fuck the Jew out of you. You want to fuck me like Israel fucks my country? Fuck me you Jew bastard! Fuck me like Israel fucks my people! Show me the promised land. You circumcised fuck!

Marty: [expressing astonishment after meeting Larry David and Shara just after they had very loud sex] Fuck me Jew bastard?
Larry: Yeah. Small price to pay for the best sex that I ever had, anywhere! This woman is amazing.
Marty: So when did you orgasm. When she said she'll fuck the Jew out of you?

The Smiley Face [8.4] Edit

Dino: Hey, I'm Dino from Big Dog productions. I'm moving in next door. You can call me Dog. Everybody calls me Dog.
Larry: Dog!
Dino: Yeah, that's it.
Larry: I like it.
Dino: Um, anyway, I'm doing the shark show. You've heard of the shark show, right, "Great White Wonderland"?
Larry: I've seen some ads on buses, yeah.
Dino: Yeah, that's the show. Anyway, we're going to be seeing each other around campus, so I just thought I'd drift on in and say hey.
Larry: Oh, nice to meet you.
Dino: Nice to meet you too. Oh, we're probably gonna be sharing the kitchen? Do you mind if I take a cabinet?
Larry: Yeah, sure.
Dino: I really really appreciate it.
Larry: No problem.
Dino: So we're cool with that?
Larry: Yeah.
Dino: See you, man.
Larry: Thanks, Dog.
Jeff: I can't believe you just gave away a cabinet. You never give up a cabinet. Never give up a cabinet.
Larry: I guess I was stupid.
Jeff: You don't give away a cabinet.
Larry: Eh, I think it'll be fine.
Jeff: No, it's not gonna be fine.
Larry: Aw, don't worry about it.
Jeff: Let's go, come on.

Dino: Hey, Larry. How's it going?
Larry: You know what? It's not going so great.
Dino: Why's that?
Larry: Why's that? Look at this! What'd you do? You stuffed me into one cabinet!
Dino: Looks like it all fit in there.
Larry: I gave you a cabinet. You took two? That's not fair. We have the same number of people.
Dino: Well, right now I have two people, yeah, but I told you I'm doing the shark show. They're gonna be back.
Larry: When? When are they coming back?
Dino: I don't know, Larry. When they're done shooting the sharks, they will come back.
Larry: You want to be fair about this thing? I'll take this cabinet, you take that cabinet and we'll split this one.
Dino: No. This stays exactly the way it is. Okay? Peace, brother. Peace.

Antoinette: Hey, thanks for calling. That's so sweet of you.
Larry: So Big Dog productions rented the office next door and they're sharing the kitchen with us. And I had to give up a cabinet.
Antoinette: Larry, no! You never give up a cabinet.
Antoinette's father: Never ever give up a cabinet.
Larry: He actually took two. This is why you need to be here. Can't you come in for a day? You know, straighten up a little bit. Maybe you can get one back.
Antoinette: All right, fine.
Larry: Oh, terrific.

Antoinette: Happy?
Larry: Oh!
Antoinette: How about that?
Larry: Fabulous. This is what a desk should look like.
Antoinette: Yeah, how did it get that way, by the way?
Larry: You know, it just builds up. This is great.
Antoinette: Thank you.
Larry: All right.
Antoinette: Ooh, and I got you treats. There it is.
Larry: You see? It's one day. You came in for one day, tomorrow you'll go back to the hospital.
Antoinette: And I am gonna get that cabinet back for us.
Larry: You get that cabinet back, there'll be a little something in it for you.
Antoinette: Okay, I'm gonna just unpack that stuff.
Larry: Good to have you back.
Antoinette: Absolutely.
Larry: This is nice.
Antoinette: Thank you.

Dino: I hope you're planning on putting that stuff away somewhere.
Larry: Yeah, I am putting it away. Right here. I have no space in here, so where do you suggest I put it?
Dino: We've got some ground rules we've gotta make here, right? This space has to remain clean! There can be no bullshit on this counter, do you understand?
Larry: By the way, you're the one who took my stuff out of these two cabinets and put it into this one.
Dino: You're telling me it's unfair the amount of cabinet space that I've taken?
Larry: Yes yes.
Dino: There are two things about Dog that everybody knows, okay? I am clean and I am fair.
Larry: Oh really?
Dino: Okay? These cabinets are mine-- Look! "For Big Dog only. For Big Dog only."
Larry: Big shit! You put the labels on, so what? You can rip the labels off.
Dino: Don't touch the fucking labels! Look, Big Dog does not give up cabinets.
Larry: Well, guess what, Big Dog.
Dino: What?
Larry: This food is staying here because I have no place to put it!
Dino: This isn't even food. What the fuck is this? It's rabbit food.
Larry: Oh, is that right? You got pudding in here, okay? You got fucking pudding. Gimme a break. Chocolate pretzels? Get the hell out of here! What do you got in here? Oh, cheese dips-- Come on.
Dino: This weighs almost five lbs. You eat this? You put this in your body?
Larry: Yeah, it's good bread. It has no yeast in it.
Dino: It's not bread.
Larry: That's bread, that's bread. By the way, I saw the show? It stinks. The sharks are swimming around. Nobody's even-- The sharks aren't eating anybody. Nothing's going on, just sharks swimming around.
Dino: Are you getting negative about my show?
Larry: Yeah, your show stinks. And you know what? I'm not calling you Dog anymore. The Dog days are over. From now on, you're Dino!
Dino: Jesus Christ, calm down.
Larry: Fuck you, Dog!
Dino: You said "fuck you, Dog" to me? Take your fucking rabbit food and your goddamn five-lb bread and stick it up your fucking ass!

Larry: How long do you think the... Grieving process might take for her?
Rosemary: It's going to take probably several weeks for my daughter to get back to work. Mmmm, I don't know, maybe-- Maybe I could fill in for her.
Larry: Really?
Rosemary: I was an executive secretary for 30 years.
Larry: Wow, this is a very exciting and interesting idea.
Rosemary: I really need something to do right now to take my mind off of my grief. And I would be holding the job for my daughter.
Larry: You're shitting me?
Rosemary: Not shitting.
Larry: No shit?
Rosemary: No shit.
Larry: Let's do it.
Rosemary: All right. Uh, Monday morning.
Larry: Deal.
Rosemary: Deal.
Larry: Don't wear that hat.

Rosemary: Excuse me, Larry. Here's your tea.
Larry: Oh wow, look at that.
Rosemary: There you are.
Larry: Thank you.
Rosemary: You're welcome.
Larry: By the way, I gotta tell you, you're doing a fantastic job.
Rosemary: Thank you, Larry.
Larry: I'm very very pleased. I like this new system you installed here. You put my change in here. The vaccum-sealed nuts-- I mean, come on.
Rosemary: And I am going to get that cabinet back.
Larry: I bet you will.

Larry: Hey, Dog! That's my kitchen too! I've got a cabinet in there!

Vow of Silence [8.5] Edit

Matt: I am the world's fastest prep as a director. You know that?
Larry: I know that.
Matt: I once did a Silver Spoons on 48 hours.

Jeff: Seriously, how much would it take for you to see Eat, Pray, Love?
Larry: $3,000.

The Hero [8.6] Edit

Larry: So, how's your marriage?
Hank: What the hell? Why would you ask me that?
Larry: I'm trying to elevate small talk to medium talk.

The Bi-Sexual [8.7] Edit

Leon: You god damn right I'm livin large! I just had a croissant filled with mutha fuckin' champagne!

Rosie: You know how lesbians are. You know what a lesbian brings on a second date, right? A U-Haul.

Car Periscope [8.8] Edit

Jeff: Dementia has nothing to do with racism.
Larry: My grandfather had dementia. He wasn't a racist. He thought I was his dead sister, but he wasn't a racist.

Jeff: I don't like trainers—not into 'em. I don't like being told what to do.
Larry: Yeah, right. That's why you married Susie?

Mister Softee [8.9] Edit

Larry vs. Michael J. Fox [8.10] Edit