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The following is a list of quotes from the fifth season of Babar.

The Lead Blimp [5.1]

Babar: You two didn't go to all this trouble to win the contest.
Zephir: We didn't?
Babar: No. You wanted to take a fantastic, creative idea, and make it into a reality. Right?
Arthur: Yes, Babar. That's right.
Babar: Then let's do it!

Helping Hands [5.2]

Babar: This whole situation is ridiculous!
Cornelius: I have to disagree, Babar!
Pompadour: I have to agree that I disagree, sire!

The One That Got Away [5.3]

Babar: You know Flora, fishing isn't just about catching fish.
Flora: I wouldn't know...

Every Basket Has a Silver Lining [5.4]

Alexander: Deal?
Pom: Only if you promise not to tell father.
Alexander: I swear on my tusks! Well, I will when I get them...

Victor Victorious [5.5]

Pom: Alexander!
Flora: Guess what?
Alexander: Off the team?
Pom and Flora: Good guess!

The Unsung Hero [5.6]

Babar: There's no better way to escape the pressures of the day then doing a little gardening. Wouldn't you say, Cornelius?
Cornelius: Oh, indubitably, Babar. The garden is so quiet, so peaceful, so...
Pompadour: King Babar! King Babar!
Babar: So easy to get into. Remind me to get that gate fixed.

Basil: 50% say they love you, 50% say they adore you, and 50% say they kiss the ground underneath you.
Rataxes: Together it's 150%, how could that be?"
Basil: Some people voted twice.

Rataxes: It's time the truth came out. You all think I'm some big hero, but I'm not.
[The audience gasps]
Rataxes: Basil is the one who saved Isabelle, not me. If anybody deserves to have a statue made in his honor, it's Basil. Not just because he's a hero, but because guys like him are one in a million. Please don't fault Basil for what he's done. Protecting my image is his job. That's what I hired him to do. But I want you to know Basil, that, over the years, you've become more then just my employee; You're my... best friend.
Basil: Thank you, sir. I mean, Rataxes.

Friendly Agreement [5.7]

[In the kitchen, Chef Truffles is making pancakes while humming "La Marseillaise"]
Chef Truffles: ♪ Chef Truffles makes the royal pancakes. ♪
♪ The finest pancake in the land! ♪
[Suddenly, the fire burns up a pancake and Chef Truffles screams in frustration]

Cornelius: I think this is going to be a very agreeable experience, Pompadour.
Pompadour: I couldn't agree more, Cornelius!

Pompadour: You couldn't be more correct, Cornelius. I wouldn't choose to sit in that chair.
Cornelius: Nor would I, Pompadour. Nor would I.
[Cornelius and Pompadour attempt to sit in Babar's chair]
Pompadour: Excuse me, Cornelius! I believe I got here first!
Cornelius: Pardon me, Pompadour! I must decide that I got here first!

Cornelius: I should be in charge. I have... I have... seniority!
Pompadour: Far too much seniority, I'm afraid...

Oh, to be an Adult [5.8]

Cornelius: The true meaning of responsibility is sticking by a decision you'll know you'll keep.

Pom: I think I'll wait a couple of years before making a big decision.

Arthur: To think, just 2 guests could create such a havoc!
Flora: And I'm having 1000!

Babar: Oh my! What is it?
Pom: Cereal.
[Babar's eyes suddenly widen]

Cornelius: [looking through Pom's microscope] My tusks! So that's what coconut really looks like!
Pom: I knew you'd be interested. Coconut's your favorite food, isn't it?
Cornelius: It was...

Pom: [talking about Alexander] What a goof up!

The Old Lady Vanishes [5.9]

Rataxes: Well, if that doesn't just chew my shoes!
Basil: Something eating you, sir?
Rataxes: The mayor of Paris needs Babar at a meating of the minds? What's wrong with my mind? Don't answer that, Basil!

Rataxes: Alright Pompadour, what's going on? Why is Babar going to Paris?
Pompadour: Babar? Paris?
Rataxes: Don't play dumb with me!
Pompadour: Just trying to keep things at your level!

A Child in the Snow [5.10]

[The white mammoths walks through a blue background]
Babar: [voice over] There is a song, the song of the Elephants, which some say has been passed on from the time of the mammoths.
[The white mammoths kept walking and walking until they turn into snow. In the present day...]
Babar: [voice over] The world have long since been forgotten. However, the melody remains.

Babar: It's nice of you to join me.
Cornelius: Well, why would I want to stay cooped up in that cosy warm cabin, sipping nice hot tea, when I could stumble around in the freezing cold out here?!
Babar: If you keep moving, you don't feel the cold.

Never Cry Alien [5.11]

Arthur: [about Cornelius and Pompadour] I'm tired of them laughing at me!
Zephir: I'm tired of them laughing at you too, Arthur.
Arthur: They're laughing at us, Zephir!
Zephir: Now you tell me!

Babar: Not so fast, Arthur! This whole thing could've caused a serious panic. The citizens must be very concerned. I want you to dismantle everything NOW!

Robot Rampage [5.12]

Bob Jr.: I am Robo-Bob Jr. You can call me "Bob Jr."
Arthur: I am Arthur. You can call me... "Arthur".

Babar: [about Bob Jr.] Arthur, you've outdone yourself.
Arthur: Thank you, Babar. But Zephir helped me all the way. I never could have outdone myself... myself!

Mango Madness [5.13]

Pompadour: Good mango, Cornelius!
Cornelius: Good morning. "Good mango"? You mean "good morning"!
Pompadour: Oh, but what is a morning without a mango? Why, a morning without a mango is like a sandwich without bread, like bread without butter, like butter without... a cow!

Cornelius: Babar, you must go and talk to Rataxes. This must get settled before the situation becomes worse!
Babar: But Flora...
Pompadour: We'll find Flora, and explain that it wasn't her fault. It was all my fault!
Cornelius: It was my fault too!
Pompadour: I agree!

Basil: I'm sorry, Babar. But Lord Rataxes is not in.
Babar: Don't be ridiculous, Basil! I can hear him.
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