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The following is a list of quotes from the first season of Babar.

Babar's First Step [1.1]

Babar's Mother: Everyone, round up the children! Head for cover quickly!
Young Babar: Hey! What's going on here? Whoa, wait! Where are we going, Mama?
Cornelius: Quickly, quickly, into the jungle! Quickly, quickly!

(The hunter shoots Babar's mother with gun fires)

(Babar falls)

Young Babar: [coughing] Mama? Mama? Where are you? [The water splashes Babar] Mama?
Babar's Mother: [trumpeting]
Young Babar: Mama? [Cornelius picks up Babar] Mama?
Babar's Mother: [last words before her death] Protect... the children, Save the family.
[The hunter looks shocked where Babar's Mother charges towards him. The hunter shoots Babar's Mother with a gun and Babar's Mother steps on the gun. She shakes her head and falls to the ground]
Young Babar: Mama! [The monkeys hide in the trees] Mama? Mama? Where are you? Mama? Cornelius, Have you seen my mother?
Cornelius: Come with me, Babar.
[Cornelius takes Babar to his mother who is already dead]
Young Babar: [gasps] NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!
[Babar runs to his dead mother and starts sobbing]

Pompadour: There is an unknown place the birds speak of, deep in the jungle, a place far away where even the hunter would never find us. I suggest we leave for it immediately.
Young Babar: No! This is our home. We have to stay here.
Elephant King: We all feel just as you do, Babar, but I'm afraid it's a question of survival.
Pompadour: You have a lot to learn, Babar. We're just no match for the hunter or any like him who come from the other side.
Cornelius: We all have much to learn. Perhaps in time, we may get to know the nature of our enemy and then be able to stand against him, but for now, Babar.
Young Babar: I understand.
Pompadour: For now our only hope is to leave before it's too late, if he finds us now, he'll hunt us down to the last!

Babar: Just as there are good people and bad people, there are good kings and bad kings, and one of the things that decide which we are is how we handle our responsibility to others.

City Ways [1.2]

Celeste: Babar, are you busy?
Babar: Never too busy for you, my dear. Can we spare a minute, Cornelius?
Cornelius: Without question, Babar.
Pompadour: Take two, if you wish!

Babar Returns [1.3]

Cornelius: Babar my boy, I knew you'd come back! I kept telling everyone "That Babar's just too clever for the hunter!"
Pompadour: Only about two thousand times… but even so, I must say it’s a relief and a pleasure to see you again Babar.

Old King: [last words before his death] I Can't even find something to decent to eat around here, and the hunter is closing in once again! [The elephants trumpet] We will run no further. Tomorrow at dawn, We will drive him out of the jungle! I call for an elephant stampede!
[The elephants trumpet]
Cornelius: [to the elephants] Shh! Quietly!
[Old King pulls out a mushroom and eats it]
Young Babar: Your Highness, This is madness! [Old King eats another mushroom] The hunter has a gun, traps! We must out think him!
Pompadour: It's all very well for you to say, Babar. But you’ve forgotten what it's like to live in the jungle.
Cornelius: You have been away in the city on the.. other side for a long time, Babar.
Pompadour: [off-screen] The elephant stampede [on-screen] is an honorable battle tradition that goes back to the days of the Mighty Mammoths. Isn't that so, your Majesty?
[Old King didn't say something]
Pompadour: Your Majesty?
[Old King close his eyes and falls to the ground]
Cornelius: My tusks! [runs to Old King who is now dead] Your Majesty!
Young Babar: Cornelius, what happened?
[A mushroom rolls out of Old King's trunk]
Cornelius: It's the mushrooms. They're poison.
[Cornelius, Babar, and the elephants back away]
Pompadour: Horrors! what can we do now (if the old king's dead)?
Cornelius: [walks to the rock] Our illustrious king has sadly departed from us. Although he has gone to a better place, his wisdom and his courage will live on in our hearts forever. We will proceed with the old king's final wishes... Tomorrow (at dawn), We stampede!
[Babar has a sad expression]

Celeste: I don't know about you Babar, but I'm in the mood for a hot fudge triple-chocolate sundae.
Babar: Ah, the romantic desert!

The City of Elephants [1.4]

Rataxes: [about his hammer] Basil! This watchamacallit you stole is defective!
Basil: It's a tacky tyrant who blames his tools.

Madame: Rome wasn't built in a day.
Babar: But Rome didn't have the monsoons to worry about
Young Arthur: Gasp!
Madame: Arthur, look out! Ah! Oh!
Young Arthur: Celeste! Celeste!
Is you right, Celeste?
Young Celeste: That was a pisonous snake, Arthur. Run and get help right away.

Babar's Triumph [1.5]

King Tuttle: Don't worry. The turtles are right behind you.
Pompadour: [sarcastically] I for one will be able to sleep much easier now.

[Cornelius and Pompadour are trying to get in the hunter's camp]
Cornelius: [grunts] Right then, You first, Pompadour.
[Pompadour accidentally grabs the rope]
Pompadour: Whoa! DAAAHHH!!! Do something, Cornelius!
Cornelius: [grunts] I can't. You're out to reach.

Young Babar: Rataxes, listen. The hunter's up to something strange. We have to work together to stop him.
Rataxes: No chance. [runs away]
Young Babar: I thought rhinos were afraid of nothing.
[Rataxes crashes through the entrance of the hunter's camp]
Pompadour: [gasps]
[One man tries to shoot Rataxes]
Rataxes: [off-screen] Run, [on-screen] while you still can!
[Babar exits out of the hunter's camp]
Young Babar: Ahhh! [a man points his gun at Babar] Turns out rhinos are afraid of something after all.
Cornelius: Yes. Well, I'm afraid that it's over for us. But at least we can take it like gentlemen.
Pompadour: Can we vote on that (later)?
[Rataxes charges towards the men. Cornelius and Pompadour hit the men with their trunks]
Young Babar: Good work.
Cornelius: After you dear, Pompadour.
Pompadour: Why thank you, Cornelius.

[The hunter's men pouring some oil and King Tuttle and the turtles gasp. One turtle drums on the turtle's shell]
Young Babar, Cornelius, Pompadour and Rataxes: [gasps]
Young Babar: The hunter...
[A turtle keeps drumming on the turtle's shell as the hunter turns on his torch]
Young Babar: He's starting a... [The hunter throw the torch creating a jungle fire] Fire! We have to do something.
Rataxes: Don't you know it. [runs away]
Young Babar: [off-screen] Rataxes, come back! [on-screen] We need you! Let's go.
[Babar, Cornelius and Pompadour went to stop a jungle fire]

[Celeste and Arthur found Babar]
Young Celeste: Babar, you're safe!
Young Arthur: [looks worried] Babar, I'm scared.
Young Babar: [to Arthur] Cheer up. We'll beat this thing.
Cornelius: [off-screen] Look out!
[A tree (who is on fire) falls toward Babar, Celeste and Arthur. Cornelius pushes the children out of the way before the tree crashes into them]
Cornelius: Believe it or not, Babar. We're holding it back. Keeping it at bay.
Young Babar: How long can we keep out?
Cornelius: For a while If the winds don't shift. [scratches his head] Everyone's tiring.
King Marabou: Somebody... [coughs] something!
King Crocodile: [running through the jungle fire] Help us! Save our water ways!
King Tuttle: Why don't you help us save our homes?
Cornelius: Oh no. Here come the others.
[The other animals runs toward Babar and Cornelius and ask them to save their homes]
Pompadour: [off-screen] Sire, sire! [on-screen when his clothes got ruined and burned] It's no use! The wind is shifting! The fire's out of control!
Young Babar: Now we can't even help ourselves.
Rataxes: [off-screen] Is that so? [on-screen when he and his rhino army arrived] Well, what happened to your idea of "Working together for a better jungle"? [Everyone looked at Rataxes] (Well?) What about it?
Young Babar: Okay (everyone), All we all in this together?
Animals: Yeah!
Young Babar: Are we all gonna save this jungle (together)?
Animals: Yeah!
Young Babar: Then, let's get to work!
Animals: Yeah! All right!
[Babar, Cornelius, Pompadour and the animals went to stop a jungle fire. Rataxes and the rhino army followed them as they all hold shovels]

[The hunter's camp is on fire]
Men: Fire! Fire!
[The hunter's men run away from the hunter's camp and hopped into their jeeps]
Hunter: No! Come ba-a-ack!
[The hunter watches his men drive away]
Hunter: [last words before his death] You can't run! I won't run! I'LL DESTROY THEM A-A-ALL!!!!!!!!!
[The hunter yells in frustration as the fire kills him]

[The next morning after the hunter's death, the animals including Rataxes are all gathered together after they helped Babar last night]
Young Babar: [off-screen] We worked together to [on-screen] save the jungle, can we work together to rebuild it?
King Marabou: I'm with you. We should start reconstruction of our nests immediately.
King Crocodile: I beg to differ. We should clean the waterways post haste.
King Tuttle: What about the water hole? We should come first.
Rataxes: I'm the one that got you all together (in the first place). Me! And Babar, you could at least thank me by staring on my house.
[The animals except Rataxes are all starting to argue off-screen]
Young Babar: Some things never change.

Babar's Choice [1.6]

Zephir: Hey, Babar!
Young Babar: Hi, Zephir.
Zephir: All set to trip the light fantastic?
Young Babar: I certainly am. [holds up a flower] What do you think?
Zephir: It's you! [laughs]
Young Babar: It's not for me, it's for Celeste. Think she'll like it?
Zephir: If you gave her a cold, she'd love it! Cornelius: Oh! This is disastrous! Not to mention terrible and catastrophes.
Young Babar: What is it, Cornelius? Are the
rhinos attacking?
Zephir: I'm innocent!
Cornelius: Worse than that. It's the seating
arrangements they're all wrong.
Zephir: Seating arrangements?

Zephir: Just as I suspected; Celeste is late. You're all clear to meet Princess Midge.
Young Babar: How'd you know she'd be late?
Zephir: Arthur took her shoes.
Young Arthur: What are little brothers for?

Race to the Moon [1.7]

Royal Spy: I have it on good authority (mostly my own) that, at this very moment, Rataxes and his rebel rhinos are planning to conquer ze moon!
Cornelius: Conquer ze moon? That's horrible!
Pompadour: That's... deplorable!
Zephir: That's Rataxes

No Place Like Home [1.8]

Young Babar: ...And this is the drawing room.
Andre: You have an entire room just for drawing?
Young Babar: Well, it's called a drawing room, but it's really a place for people to sit around and talk in.
Andre: Oh, I get it: A talking room!
Young Babar: No, it doesn't talk; Just the people in it!
Andre: I hadda ask!

An Elephant's Best Friend [1.9]

Rataxes: Feathers? What do I want with feathers?!
Basil: Oh, you don't want feathers, your rhighness.
Rataxes: Then what do I want?
Basil: You want to stall the elephants so you can get what you really want: Lady Retaxes' pet, Reginald!
Rataxes: Hah! I knew that's what I thought I wanted!

The Show Must Go On [1.10]

Young Babar: You may be the world's greatest dancer, but you've also been the world's greatest pain!
Mademoiselle Soretoza: No-one talks to me like that!
Young Babar: Right, because you're always too busy talking like that to somebody else!
Mademoiselle Soretoza: I don't don't have to stand for this abuse!
Young Babar: You mean "this truth"!
Mademoiselle Soretoza: You can't insult me like this!
Young Babar: Actually, I can do much better, but after all, you are a lady!
Mademoiselle Soretoza: Well, I never! You can go ahead and put your show on - without me!
Young Babar: Thank you. I'm glad you understand!

To Duet or not to Duet [1.11]

Young Babar: I wish I could play the piano.
Pompadour: But your majesty, whenever you want music, we will hire someone to play it for you.

Young Babar: I'll give up all my spare time, please just teach me that song!
Madame: Well... if you're that determined, Babar, I will. But only if you promise me you'll do three things.
Young Babar: I'll do four things!
Madame: Practise, practise, practise, and... practise!

The Missing Crown Affair [1.12]

Zephir: You're not going back to the palace, are you?
Young Babar: I can't hide from them forever, Zephir.
Zephir: But they'll be waiting for you!
Young Babar: A coward dies a thousand deaths; A brave man dies but one.
Zephir: Yeah, but how does the brave man's best friend make out?

Zephir: It just so happens that I have recently graduated from the Sheerluck Holmes School of Super-Sleuthing! Note the genuine diploma, and personally autographed spyglass!
Young Babar: Zephir, this is your signiature!
Zephir: I know. I personally autographed it!

The Phantom [1.13]

Young Babar: I saw him! It was awful!
Madame: Saw who?
Young Babar: The horrible, blood-thirsty phantom of the music hall!
Madame: Oh Babar, there are no such things.
Young Babar: Tell him that!
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