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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season of Babar.

Alexander the Great [4.1]

Fire Chief: Where's the fire?
Cornelius: There's no fire. it's much more serious then that.
Pompadour: It's the children!
Fire Chief: [gasps] The children are on fire?!
Pompadour: The children have been swept away on an errant airplane!
Cornelius: You have to save them!
Fire Chief: So... there's no fire?
Cornelius: NOOOO! And there's no time to argue! The plane's getting away!
Fire Chief: Oh, I don't know, airplane rescues just aren't in our job description. Do they have a cat with them? We can save cats!

Alexander: Hey dad, do you think I could be king while you're away?
Babar and Celeste: King?!
Alexander: Yeah. Somebody has to be in charge.
Pom: Hah! You, king? Tell me another one!
Alexander: I could be a great king.
Flora: Sure: Great at causing trouble!

Cruel to Be Kind [4.2]

[about the dressing gown Zephir gave Babar]
Babar: A fashion statement.
Celeste: What exactly is it you're trying to say?

Zephir: [about the rewritten speech] I'm telling you Babar, they loved it! When you told 'em that tuna fish joke, well, I thought I'd die!
Babar: I felt much the same, Zephir; I thought they were going to kill me.

A Pair of Queens [4.3]

Cornelius: [while babysitting the children] It's times like these that make me glad I'm a bachelor!

[while the children are swimming in the fountain]
Flora: What's the matter, Christina? Aren't you having fun?
Christina: Oh, Flora, I've never had so much fun. You've all been so nice and I.. Well... [sadly] There's something I should tell you.
[Alexander and Pom keeps playing with the bubbles until they hear Cornelius]
Cornelius: [off-screen] Children!
[Cornelius is on-screen while walking through the bubbles]
Pom: Everybody down!
[Pom, Alexander and Flora dive into the water. Flora picks up Christina]
Cornelius: I know you're in there! Come out! Come out this instant! [looks for the children] Hmm...
[Pom, Alexander, Flora and Christina raises from the water and flees away]
Cornelius: Ooh! [pants twice] Whoa!
[Cornelius falls into the water. Pom, Alexander, Flora and Christina enters the palace]
Christina: Why are we hiding from Cornelius?
Flora: It's just a game we play. Let's get out of these wet things.
[Back outside, Cornelius is covered in pink bubbles]
Cornelius: Off all the... When I catch with those... [sighs]

Rowing Pains [4.4]

Alexander: Way to go, Flora! You were terrific!
Flora: It sure wasn't all my doing. The best team won.
Alexander: And the best sister won, too!

Flora: Well, why don't you ask him yourself?
Pom: I would if I could find him.
Alexander: Oh, hey guys!
Pom: Where were you? You missed the whole practice this afternoon.
Alexander: I'm sorry.
Pom: The regatta is this weekend and we're not going to be ready, all because of you.
Alexander: So I missed one practice. Big deal.
Babar: As a matter of fact, Alexander. I do consider it a big deal. Everyone on the team has worked very hard. I think it's unfair of you to let them down like this. Now, where were you this afternoon?
Alexander: Um, I promised Zephir I'd help him. He was really busy, see and well, I'm sorry.
Babar: Well, I certainty can't criticise you for helping others. But remember, you have other responsibilities too.
Pom: Yeah, Alexander. You have other responsibilities too.
Alexander: Hey, Pom. Come here. You just gotta see what I got. [shows Pom the boat]
Pom: Wow. How'd you get this?
Alexander: Want to go down to the river and play with it?
Pom: Sure. That'll be... [looks at the boat and realizes something odd] Wait a second, Alexander! Now I know where you were this afternoon.

Babar: I hope you don't work Alexander as hard as you did yesterday, Zephir. He's got a big race coming up and we need him in tip-top shape.
Zephir: He didn't work here yesterday.
Babar: But last evening he told me... [suddenly realizes that Alexander told a lie on where he was last evening] Excuse me, everyone. Zephir, would you mind joining me?

Arthur's Object [4.5]

Pompadour: If you asked me, I'd say Arthur's adventures are ninety percent fiction and ten percent imagination!
Zephir: True enough Pompadour. And that arithmetic does add up to Arthur!

The Diaperman Cometh [4.6]

Rataxes: Put it back, dear. It's parents will be looking for it, I hope.
Lady Rataxes: Don't talk rot, Rataxes!

Lady Rataxes: Now we have a perfect family. A boy and a girl!
Rataxes: What shall we call her?
Lady Rataxes: Daphne, I think!

[Rataxes and Basil are climbing down the palace walls]
Rataxes: Basil, hurry it up!
Basil: But your rhighness, you know I suffer from vertigo!
Rataxes: You'll suffer from rigor mortis if Lady Rataxes catches us!

Time Flies [4.7]

Basil: If I may suggest sir, you might hire a ghost writer.
Rataxes: Uh-huh. And how do I get one of those? Through a ouija board?

Celeste: And you thought it was alright for your brother to run off in the middle of the night to rescue some man named Jules Verne?!
Flora: Well, we didn't think it was alright exactly.
Babar: We'll talk more about this in the morning. In the meanwhile, we should head over to Rhinoland to settle things once and for all. Come along, children.
Pom: I think they're really mad this time.

Basil: Sorry to interrupt, your rhighness. But King Babar seems to think that Alexander is around here somewhere.

Babar: Well you three, home. And we're all going to have a long chat about this in the morning.

Insecurity System [4.8]

Pom: Boy Cornelius, where did you ever learn to signal code stuff?
Cornelius: Oh, there's a lot that I know that you don't know I know.
Pom: I know!

Babar: Then what, Basil, what?
Basil: Well, it's just that the password was originally intended for my ears only and well, it's kind of embarrassing.

Kings of the Castle [4.9]

Babar: What a day I've had. I haven't seen so many ruffled feathers since the hurricane in flamingo land!

Basil: Good news, sir. Since you started handing out free frosty cones, your popularity's gone up!
Rataxes: I knew it! The way to the hearts of my people is though bribery!
Basil: You're now two points more popular then a rattlesnake bite.
Rataxes: Rats...

Babar: [to the children] Time waits for no-one, and neither does the school bus!

Rataxes: Basil, how did I do in the popularity poll this year?
Basil: Well, according to a random sampling, you're slightly more popular then a plague of locusts.
Rataxes: Oh...
Basil: It's an improvement, sir. Last year, you were less popular then a volcanic eruption!
Rataxes: What's wrong with my subjects? Babar's popular; What's he got that I haven't got?
Basil: Do you have a couple of hours, sir? It's a rather long list.

What's Mine Is Mine [4.10]

Arthur: So this is a tin mine. Kinda damp, isn't it?
Charlie: So what didya expect? Wall-to-wall carpeting?

Rataxes: There isn't enough mud here to make a pie!
Basil: Don't worry, your rhighness; I'll find mud if it's the last thing I do.
Rataxes: And if you don't, Basil, it just might be the last thing you do!

Zephir: What are we celebrating, Arthur?
Arthur: My fabulously rich and productive gold mine!
Zephir: No!
Arthur: Yes! The richest piece of real estate this side of the equator!
Zephir: No!
Arthur: Yes! This gold mine's got more karats then a herd of rabbits!

The Scarlet Pachyderm [4.11]

Cornelius: Sit down, Alexander! No horse play in the car please.

Rhino Guard #1: Look lively, here comes Lord Rataxes. And remember, he said to make it look good.
Rhino Guard #2: I can't believe it; We get to yell at Lord Rataxes! This is better then a holiday!

Pompadour: He's struck again, sire! The Scarlet Pachyderm did it again!
Cornelius: What daring! What chivalry!
Pompadour: What cheek!

Cornelius: My tusks, Arthur! How did you manage to avoid a run-in with the rhino guards?
Arthur: The best way to avoid a run-in is to give 'em a run for their money!

All Played Out [4.12]

Rataxes: Basil, you're getting on my nerves. Don't you have something better to do then nag me with these unending chores?
Basil: But sir, that's my job!

Radio Riot [4.13]

Zephir: Live from the malt shop, it's Zany Zephir, the voice of children everywhere!
Pompadour: "Zany Zephir"? How appropriate!

Pompadour: Sire, This is ludicrous. Everyone knows children must eat their vegetables. It's one of the agonies of growing up.
Babar: You never hid your Green Beans?
Pompadour: I should say not
Babar: Oddly enough, Pompadour, I believe you.
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