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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of Babar.

Special Delivery [3.1]

Babar: I remember when we first brought baby Isabelle home.
Celeste: Oh yes, and our three darling children wanted to know if the hospital had a return policy!

Babar: You scared the daylights out of her, Alexander.
Alexander: But I was trying to play with her. She almost but my trunk off!

Pom: Flora's run away from home!
Babar: What?
Alexander: Just like a sister to take the easy way out, and leave us with the diaper monster!

Celeste: Whatever could have happened to the diapers? They should've been delivered hours ago.
Flora: I sent them away.
Babar: You did WHAT?!
Celeste: Flora! We need those diapers for Isabelle right now! I'll have to call them back.
Babar: And I'll get Isabelle. [turns to Flora] I'll talk to you later, young lady!

Alexander: Keep looking, Pom.
Pom: It's no use. Everybody wants dogs, cats, canaries, but no babies.
Alexander: You mean, nobody wants somebody else's trouble.
Babar: Pom! Alexander!
Alexander: Hide the paper. Dad's coming!
Babar: So what are you two up to now?
Pom and Alexander: Nothing, Father!

The Celesteville Enquirer [3.2]

Flora: Look at the pictures I took the other day, father.
Babar: These are very good, Flora. I think you show a great deal of talent.
Flora: Thank you, father. I've decided that's what I'm gonna be when I grow up: A newspaper-picture-taker photographer lady!
Babar: You mean a photojournalist.
Flora: Yeah! That sounds even better

Cornelius: I was in the bathtub Popmadour, with my boat.... and my duckie...

Babar: I love those royal boxer shorts you made for me, but I don't want the whole kingdom to see them.
Celeste: Oh, Babar. I'll bet you'd look cute!

To Tell Or Not to Tell [3.3]

[The boys survey the wrecked kitchen]
Alexander: Mice?
Pom: Water buffaloes!

Babar: You can't throw this away, Celeste. It's the Celesteville national anthem I wrote when I was first crowned king. "Oh, Celesteville, home of elephants. Tusks, trunks and gray, the place for me to stay. Hey, hey, hey!"
Celeste: "Tusks, trunks and gray"? Oh, Babar... [chuckles]
Babar: Well, it sounded better way back then...

Pom: You shouldn't have given (Isabelle) your candy bar!
Alexander: How did I know she'd end up wearing it?

Witches Potion [3.4]

[After Alexander saves the witch's cat]
Witch (Winifred): [to Alexander] You say your sister is sick? What's wrong with her?
Alexander: She was out there with us today and she got bitten by a snake.
Witch (Winifred): What kind of snake was it?
Alexander: A purple night shadow.
Witch (Winifred): [gets shocked and horrified of this revelation; such as her cat] Come on! We haven't much time! [runs off to her house as Alexander follows her] I'll need some things from the house!

Fathers and Sons [3.5]

Babar: It's not whether you win or lose...
Alexander: ...It's how you play the game. I know. I just wish we could play the game well enough to win. Just once!

Alexander: My dad's better then your dad!
Victor: My dad's a billion times better then your dad!
Alexander: Yeah? Well, my dad is two hundred and seventy-three kabillion times better then your dad, and twice on Sundays!

Uncle Arthur and the Pirates [3.6]

Celeste: It's always exciting having Arthur back in town.
Babar: "Exciting" is an understatement, Celeste.

My Dinner With Rataxes [3.7]

Rataxes: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the suavest of them all?
Basil: [off-screen] Your Rhiness.
Rataxes: Bingo!
Basil: Here's the hero you hollered for, your rhiness. It certainly looks heavenly.
Rataxes: Forget it, Basil. This morsel is all mine!
Basil: But my belly is baron, boss. I've missed breakfast and brunch. Haven't you heard the rule: "Share and share alike"?
Rataxes: Yes I have, Basil. And I make it a rule never to share what I like.
Lady Rataxes: [off-screen] RATAXES!
Rataxes: Oh my gosh! It's Lady Rataxes! If she catches me snacking, I'm done for.
Basil: Quick, in here! [opens mouth]
[Rataxes shoves morsel in Basil's mouth]
Lady Rataxes: You've been snacking again, haven't you?

Basil: I found it, your rhiness! A document detailing the diverse detours within those darn dark dungeon depths!
Lady Rataxes: [to Babar and Celeste] He found the map.

Victor: Prepare to Enter the Dungeon.
Alexander: This is a dungeon?
Victor: [off-screen] Mom went and had it redecorated. But there used to be a lot of pain and suffering down here.
Pom: [off-screen] Hey. That's the Celesteville Cup. [on-screen] Father's been looking all over for that.
Victor: Dad and Basil won that when they clobbered the cycling team of King Babar and your Uncle Arthur.
Flora, Alexander and Pom: [in unison] That's not how we heard it.
Victor: And this is when my dad beat your dad at the tennis finals. And this is when he out-tiddlied your dad [off-screen] in the Tiddly-Winks Tournament. Ya see this? [on-screen] This is the football my dad used to score the winning touchdown against your dad.
Flora: This is all very nice, Victor, but your dad couldn't beat our dad in a million years.
Victor: The Quarterback drops back, he looks deep, then unloads the long bomb to Rataxes!
Alexander: [off-screen]The play is picked up by Babar! [on-screen] He charges for the goal line...
Pom and Flora: Ahh! [crashes into the wall]
Alexander: Touchdown!

Babar: Nice working with you, Rataxes.
Rataxes: I couldn't agree more, Babar.
Babar: Who knows? This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Babar and Rataxes: Nah!

Rataxes: You know, it's a good thing you signed that peace treaty when you did. You elephants would never have survived a full-fledged rhino attack!
Babar: I believe you. I'm barely surviving dinner.

The Coin [3.8]

Rataxes: All I want be king of Celesteville!

Babar: Rataxes is going to ask for my crown, my kingdom...

Pompadour: [about Rataxes] He's, he's... unreasonable!
Babar: That's an understatement.

Basil: Bow down to Rataxes. King of Rhinoland and Celesteville!

A Charmed Life [3.9]

Celeste: The king and queen are at home.
Babar: They are now.

Babar: Since when are you a trash collector?
Pompadour: "Trash collector"? We are sanitation engineers!
Cornelius: We just got promoted!

Babar: But as much as I do, there's something else that needs doing. (sighs) Oh, if I could just wish it all away.
Gypsy Bear: Be careful what you wish, Your Majesty. It might come true.

A Tale of Two Siblings [3.10]


The Unsalted Sea Serpent [3.11]

Alexander: Victor's not feeling very well. I think he's seasick.
Pom: He can't be seasick. We're on a lake!
Alexander: Okay, okay. So he's lakesick, alright?

Babar: Ah, there's nothing like the open sea. Right, Pom?
Pom: Right, father. But this is a lake, not the sea.
Babar: Oh, yes. Well, that's even better. Ah, the open lake! Doesn't sound quite the same, does it?
Pom: [chuckles] No, it doesn't!

Ghost for a Day [3.12]

Pompadour: How can we let his majesty deliver that speech? The way he's been acting, he'll probably do it in his pajamas!

Babar: I know I've been acting crazy, but maybe our lives have become a little crazy lately.
Pompadour: But, sire, it's simply the faster pace of progress!
Babar: Precisely. And the faster life moves, the faster it can pass us by. I just think we should slow down once in a while, to be with family and friends.
Cornelius: Now that's real progress, Babar. The sanest thing I've heard in a while. Why, it sounds like something the old king might have said.
Babar: Yes, Cornelius. I can almost hear him say those exact words.

Boys Will Be Boys [3.13]

Babar: I'd never thought I'd see the day when I'd be thanking you, Rataxes.

Rataxes: If I always had to lose to someone, I'm glad it was you.
Babar: Thanks, Rataxes. You were a worthy opponant; Always kept me on my toes.

Babar: ...And so, Rataxes actually saved our lives.
Arthur: He must have been sick or something!

Zephir: Thanks to your ingenuity, we're stuck up here until someone finds us!
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