Babar: The Movie

1989 film by Alan Bunce

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Babar: The Movie is a 1989 Canadian-French traditional animated film made by Canada's Nelvana Limited and France's Ellipse Programmé, and distributed by New Line Cinema. It is based on the characters of Jean de Brunhoff's eponymous children's books, and was a follow-up to the first season of the TV series.


Rataxes: [having just arrived before his army soldiers, Rataxes sits beside a table] The time has come to play our hand. The army's ready, now here's the plan. [draws his knife and holds it over a map] At dawn we march on the Elephant Land! [laughing wickedly]
Young Babar: [watching on a ledge overhead with Celeste] No!
Rataxes: By night, we'll reach the city wall. By morning, we shall rule them all!
[Rataxes slams his dagger into the map]


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