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The following is a list of quotes from the second season of Babar.

The Gift [2.1]

Babar: So, after going through all that trouble, I found out the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. So tell me, what have you decided?
[The triplets confer]
Flora: We know what we're gonna get mama now.
Alexander: Something really special!
Pom: Something just from us!
Babar: Wonderful. What is it?
Triplets: A toaster! [run off giggling]
Babar: A toaster. That's what I was gonna get her.

Basil: [after Rataxes saves Babar and Zephir from quicksand] You did it, your rhigness! You saved them! What a guy!
Rataxes: Quiet, Basil. I-I don't want it to get around!

Young Babar: What am I gonna do? Everyone has a gift for Madame, except me.
Zephir: That shouldn't be a problem for a king, Babar. Just name it, and it's yours! I mean, hers! I mean, yours to give to her! How about an electric rocking chair?
Young Celeste: Or a bathtub full of perfume?
Zephir: Or a four-banana toaster?
Young Celeste: "A four-banana toaster?"
Zephir: Well, she could use it when I came over!

School Days [2.2]

Marcel: I told you to wait your turn, hose-nose!
Young Babar: For the last time, its called a trunk, and when I'm finished, you're both going to wish you had one... All for one, and one for all! En garde!

Young Babar: Now, if there are any more who would challenge the one musketeer, let him step forward!
[The school kids run toward him]
Young Babar: One at a time, one at a time!

Between Friends [2.3]

Young Arthur: You asked Celeste and Zephir to play with us? But they're still mad at each other!
Young Babar: I know, but I thought maybe this would be a way for them to bury the hatchet.
Young Celeste: Hi, Babar! Arthur!
Young Babar: Hi, Celeste. I'm glad you made it.
Young Celeste: Me too. I need something to take my mind off that darn Zephir!
Young Arthur: [about the tennis racquets] Good thing these aren't hatchets...

Young Celeste: This accident was all your fault!
Zephir: My fault? My fault?!
Young Celeste: See? He admitted it!

Young Babar: Celeste, after hearing both testimonies, you leave me no choice but to find you: Guilty! [bangs gavel] I hereby sentence you to ten years in the dungeon!
Young Celeste: Ooohh! [faints]
Zephir: Ten years?!
Cornelius: I object! The sentence is much too harsh! Besides, we don't have a dungeon!

King Tuttle's Vote [2.4]

Young Babar: We need you and your men to search the palace.
Cornelius: And the city.
Pompadour: And the forest.
Fire Chief: Right. And if we find any fires, we'll put 'em out!
Young Babar: No, we want you to search for King Tuttle.
Fire Chief: Is he on fire?
Young Babar: No.
Fire Chief: Then who's on fire?
Young Babar: Nobody's on fire!
Fire Chief: Right! Then our job here is done!

Alexander and Flora: ♪ A sailing we will go, ♪
♪ A sailing we will go, ♪
♪ High-ho the merry-o, ♪
♪ A sailing we will go! ♪
Pom: Avast, ye swabs! Stow that racket, or else you'll taste the wrath of Greenbeard the pirate!
Alexander and Flora: "Greenbeard"?
Pom: All the other colors were used up!

Elephant Express [2.5]


Peer Pressure [2.6]

Marty: [about Babar's first test] All ya gotta do is sit in this tyre and roll down Thrill Hill. Sorry, JC...
JC: It's like Marty was saying. Just roll down the hill in this tyre.
Babar: [sees a small hill] That's Thrill Hill? It doesn't look so bad!
Marty: Not that hill.
[Marty points to a steeper hill]
Babar: Oh, that hill. Couldn't I just take a written test instead?

Tour De Celesteville [2.7]

Rataxes: What happened?
Young Babar: What happened? You rammed us, that's what happened!
Rataxes: I rammed you?!
Young Babar: Well, at least you're big enough to admit it!

Basil: Pedal, two, three, four! Pump, two, three, let's kick...
Rataxes: Please shut your face, two three, four!

Cheetah: That's oil, folks!

Babar: As Cornelius would say: "Slow and steady..."
Arthur: Wins the race?
Babar: Nope, keeps us from crashing!

Rhino War [2.8]

General Pomire: I hate spunk! What do you think those crates say?
Rufus: It says “G-A-M-E-S”. Games.
General Pomire: WRONG! That’s what they want us to think it says. I’ll tell you what it says: “G-A-M-E-S”! [reads the text on the boat] Gonna Attack My Enemies Soon!
Rufus: Wow! It was in code.

Cornelius: King Babar, This is terrible!
Pompadour: [while showing the paper to Young Babar] This is awful! It’s plan 42-H!
Young Babar: What in the world is plan 42-H?
Cornelius and Pompadour: Rhinoland has just declared war on Celesteville!
[Young Babar gasps as scene fades to black]

Rataxes: Babar! What are you doing in here?
Young Babar: About 50 years! I wanna talk to you!
Rataxes: Save it. We gotta get you home and fast

Cornelius: Excellent news!
Pompadour: King Babar has stopped the war?
Cornelius: Even better: Our supplies for the amusement park have arrived!
Pompadour: [sarcastically] Oh, goody.

Cornelius: [clears throat] You sent for us, Babar?
Young Babar: Hi! I...
Pompadour: Before you say anything sire, I have a signed note from Doctor Cabaloose, excusing me from any further ride-testing duties; Some kind of inner-ear thing.
Cornelius: I don't believe it! [whispers] Where I can get one?

Cornelius: How ever did you manage it?
Young Babar: With a little luck, Cornelius. And thought a help from Rataxes.

Double the Guards [2.9]

Young Babar: Lunch? That was the extra urgent, top secret business I had to attend to?
Cornelius: Proper nutrition is always a top priority, Babar.
Pompadour: And top secret because we wouldn't want it known that the king of Celesteville still prefers his crusts cut off.
Young Babar: Good point.

Young Babar: I think I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat. My Treat. [Scene Transitions to the Pizza Parlor] Hello. Can we have some service, please?
Cornelius: What can I get you?
Young Babar: Nothing [Walks towards Celeste] Come on Celeste.
Young Celeste: Babar! I thought you were hungry.
Young Babar: Look. What a cute baby.
Young Celeste: Yes, he is cute. Hello there baby.
[Baby turns around, only to be revealed as Troubadour in disguise, he then closes the crib]
Young Babar: Cute. And Clever, too.
Pompadour: He's a gifted child.
Young Babar: Let's go Celeste.
Young Celeste: Wait a minute. I think I know that woman. [They trip over a bowl of fruit]
Cornelius: My Tusks, this is unfortunate.
Young Celeste: Ah-ha! I thought so. All right, What's going on?
Pompadour: We aren't at liberty to explain!
Cornelius: We have strict orders from King Babar to remain out of sight.
Young Celeste: Babar, I thought you told them to leave us alone
Young Babar: I did... at first, then they kinda insisted on coming along. You see, there was this poster of me with the...
Young Celeste: I don't care! Obviously you don't think we can have fun without them tagging along! I'm going home.
Young Babar: No, Celeste, wait! Wait, let me apologize!
[Cornelius, Pompadour and Troubadour follow]
Young Babar: [turns to Cornelius, Pompadour and Troubadour] Where do you think you're going?
Cornelius: We're going with you.
Young Babar: Oh, no you're not. Celeste is mad enough already! I've gotta straighten this out with her. Alone.
Pompadour: But, sire! Your life is in danger.
Cornelius and Pompadour: Somebody is out to get you!
Young Babar: [sighs] Oh look! A flock of turtles!
Cornelius and Pompadour: Where?
[Young Babar zips out]

Young Babar: Celeste? You're the kingnapper?
Young Celeste: Yep. This was the only way to save you from Cornelius and Pompadour. And it worked! (turns Young Babar toward a table) French fries for two!
Young Babar: Wow, you did all this just to see me? You must really be hung up on old Babar!
Young Celeste: Hah! What about you? You're the one who planned his own kingnapping just to see me!
Young Babar: Okay, we both like each other the same. Agreed?
Young Celeste: Agreed.

Monkey Business [2.10]


Babar: Ah, a very good year.

[Alarm blaring]

Pom, Flora and Alexander: Aha! Caught you! Take that! Get 'im!

Zephir: What's going on?

Flora: We've got him, Uncle Zephir.

[All gasping] Dad?

Babar: I'm all for family togetherness, but, really, children...

Pom: Sorry. We thought you were the peanut butter poacher.

Alexander: Yeah, someone's been stealing our private stock, you know.

Flora: And Uncle Zephir is helping us catch him.

Babar: I should have known. The old gag is just like you.

Zephir: What?

Babar: You know, your Uncle Zephir was quite the prankster in his day.

Pom, Flora and Alexander: Uncle Zephir?

Zephir: I dabbled.

Babar: Dabbled? Dabbled? Might i remind you that your jokes almost wiped out a whole year's peanut crop?

Pom: What do you mean, Dad?

Flora: Tell us, Father, tell us.

Babar: All right, gather around. It was a time we will never forget...

There's was once particular week when no one was spared from your Uncle Zephir's unique brand of humour.

Young Arthur: Huh? Hey! Yeow! Oof!

[Loud crash]

Zephir: Just my luck, not a rhino in sight. [Looks through Telescope]
Young Babar: Rampage!
Zephir: Ah, The Rhinos are attacking! [recorded battle charge sounds mid-dialogue] The Rhinos are really here!
[Young Babar roars]
[Zephir Screams]
[Scene cuts to inside the palace where Cornelius and Pompadour are reading newspaper]
Cornelius: [while battle charge sounds continue] I say Pompadour, isn't that the Peanut Patch alarm again?
Pompadour: I do believe it is Cornelius.
Cornelius: Trade Sections?
Pompadour: Yes, thank you.

Cornelius: My tusks! The royal peanut patch, ruined!
Pompadour: No more peanut butter nouveau! [sobs] It's all because of that callous prankster!
Young Babar: No, Pompadour. It was my fault. It was the wrong way to teach Zephir a lesson. I should have clobbered him!
Zephir: Hey, wait! [runs off]
Young Babar: [gives chase] Stand still!
Zephir: Yikes! Yaaaaa! Babar, look. You did it, Babar. You saved a plant. [Zephir laughing] [Adult Babar]: But what a plant it turned out to be. It was healthy and strong and with all the extra attention that plant got, it yielded a whole jar of peanut butter, and that was the most delicious jar of peanut butter nouveau we have ever tasted.
Babar: Mmmm!
Pom: It must have been good.
Babar: Huh? Oh, yes, it--
[Latch clicks]
Pom, Flora and Alexander: The peanut butter poacher.
Pom: Hide.
[Alarm blaring]
Pom, Flora and Alexander: Get 'im! Yeah! Ahh!
[All gasping] Uncle Arthur?
[Babar clears throat]
Uncle Arthur: I was just doing Zephir a favour. He put me up to this. Ask him.
Zephir: Oops.
What can i say? I love the stuff.
Mmmm! Ah...
[Kids laughing]

The Intruder [2.11]

[The children go into the basement]
Flora: You don't think there are any big bugs down here, do you?
Alexander: Nah! If there were, the monster would have eaten 'em already.
Pom: Monster don't eat everything, you know.
Alexander: Everything but broccoli; You've gotta respect them for that!
Rataxes: Okay, I want that stamp, And I want it now.
Basil: [clear his throat]
Alexander: The stamp? [the stamp shows us a picture of Rataxes wearing a lady's hat] The stamp!
Pompadour: If I've told you once, I've told you thrice. We have no idea as to the whereabouts of your silly stamp.
Basil: Perhaps we should get while the getting's good, sir.
[Pompadour, Flora and Pom smile]
Rataxes: [hands Basil the desk lamp] Not until I get that stamp. It makes me look like a fool, [off-screen] the laughing stock of the entire forest!
Pompadour: I should think you're used to that!

[Rataxes picks up Isabelle]
Rataxes: The stamp! Oh, I could just kiss you for this, kid! [Isabelle puckers up] Er... kiss the kid for me, would you Basil?
[Basil holds Isabelle]
Alexander: That's our stamp!
[Rataxes licks the stamp and sticks it to his head]
Rataxes: [laughs evilly]

Conga the Terrible [2.12]

Rataxes: Hurry up, Basil. I wanna go home!
Basil: You mean the mission's over? No more self-sacrifice for the good of mankind?
Rataxes: Listen, I'm all for self-sacrifice. But if there's nothing in it for me, forget it!
Pompadour: Cornelius, wake up!
Cornelius: Huh? Is that you, Rataxes? What's going on?
Pompadour: You fell asleep and Conga crushed the camp, that's what's going on!
Rataxes: What?! You let Conga slip through my fingers? I could have caught him!
Young Babar: So that's what you're up to.

Remember When...? [2.13]

[The kids and Celeste get into the balloon]
Babar: You're next, Pompadour.
Pompadour: Sire, I must protest! Proper protocol demands that...
Babar: Move it, Pompadour!
Pompadour: Moving it, sire!

Celeste: Madame, please take Isabelle home. There must be something I can do to help.

Babar: How do we get up there?
Balloon Ride Operator: But your majesties, you don't understand the dangers! The wind, the rain, the lightning!
Celeste: [to the operator, angry] My children don't understand the dangers either, but they're out there just the same! That's when my husband and I are going! With or without your help.
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