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Creating a new page (e.g, G E Moore)Edit

I've just replied to your post at the village pump; I'm putting the reply here, too, just in case you forget to check back over there:

I've just reverted the change. The way you would use the template is to open it up for editing like you did, but instead of typing over what's in the box, copy the text to the clipboard, then type "G E Moore" into the "search" box to the left and hit "Go". Click the red "create this page" link and then paste the text you copied into the box there, where you can make all the necessary changes and additions. Clicking "Save" after that will create a new page.

If you have any other questions or problems, you can ask at the Village pump, or you can ask me on my talk page. —LrdChaos 19:01, 23 June 2006 (UTC)