Hello, Biohistorian15, and welcome to the English Wikiquote, a free compendium of quotations written collaboratively by people just like you!

To ask for advice or assistance feel free to drop by the Village Pump or ask on my talk page. Happy editing! And again, welcome! GMGtalk 12:02, 17 March 2024 (UTC)Reply

Good work


Good work on the template, although I had to apply Occam's razor and remove some people who, strictly speaking, were non-conservative. Also—please make sure you incorporate the template into the articles for the respective intellectuals! Trakking (talk) 16:24, 15 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Thanks, no problem. However, if you wanted to be especially rigorous, the "Ummah"-section might be bloated too.
Btw.: would you, in this context, support two concatenated auto-collapse templates with the same design, one reading: "Major conservative intellectuals", the other "Minor"... or employing some other dichotomy like e.g.: "central-peripheral"...? Biohistorian15 (talk) 18:37, 16 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Renaud Camus


Why have you restored the former version. He isn't known as a painter and the introduction on Wikipedia is accurate. Philip Cross (talk) 10:53, 16 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

I believe there were ortho errors in your version. I'm not a fan of his, so feel free to use a more NPOV version. Biohistorian15 (talk) 11:52, 16 April 2024 (UTC)Reply