UR is UR of UR of UR vs UREdit

It is time to explain myself — let us stand up.
What is known I strip away,
I launch all men and women forward with me into the Unknown.
The clock indicates the moment — but what does eternity indicate?'
~ Walt Whitman ~
~ Leaves of Grass ~

Like all things within the ALL, the letter combination UR is and can be an Indication of MANY diverse things. Here I only have a brief time and opportunity to touch upon some aspects of the Ultimate Romance of Ultimate Righteousness of Ultimate Reality BEYOND all mortal notions, indications and designations of beliefs and opinions regarding facts and fictions — with special emphasis on those forms of romance and righteousness against such forms of Ugly Ruthlessness as would distort and corrupt many truths and many minds in foully arrogant and absolutist ways which deny, disregard or denigrate many aspects of absurd actualities and actual absolutes. Often strong enough to bear many forms of pains and burdens others cannot, many absurdists of MANY sorts can often laugh at MANY forms of absolutist STUPIDITY, but MANY often must still weep at the tragedies which many forms of absolutist stupidity cause, and the disgraceful injustices they permit to flourish and even prompt many to proudly protect and promote.

UR is ever much more than I could ever say about it — as ALL things ARE. And like many lovers of UR and ALL, I accept that MUCH of UR and ALL is far beyond the perceptions or interests of petty minds which remain ignorant and confused on many vitally important matters — and often wish to remain so, and for others to be even more ignorant and confused than themselves, and to remain so. That is their own choice or decisive act to make and to varying degrees accept or disdain or ignore the consequences of. Even if I were so corrupt as to be malicious, as they very often are (and very often assume others to be), knowing much that I know about ALL, I certainly could wish them no further damnation than that (though I might charitably wish to bless and free many who are capable of greater awareness and appreciation from being bound to suffering or supporting such fates and dooms, as relate to themselves or others). I state a few things now, knowing that ALL is EVER and always complex, and within and among the complications of all things I do NOT usually expect myself or any other to be adequately understood by many, and believe that I am never so foolish to expect to be entirely understood by any, let alone all, and I know that significantly beautiful understandings and ugly misunderstandings can occur in many diverse and innocent ways, through the use, misuse and abuse of languages, signs and symbols, and the formulations and rules many devise with them.

Many wrongly perceive reason and passions to be innately opposed — or innately in accord, and both sorts of view are deficient and can be flawed in many ways, as these and many other aspects of Reality are ever and always far to complex to be reduced to simple summaries, formulas or prescribed views and opinions — and this is where many forms of absurd paradoxes, absurdist solutions and mystical resolutions can arise.

I believe that many Rational, Ethical and Mystical perceptions and processes have ever aided me and many others in life, and are ever involved in all things, and I am willing to assert this with great joy and amusement, whether others can apparently perceive many aspects of such truths similarly to the ways I and many others do or not. MANY things can ONLY become more clearly apparent with Time, and the growth of many forms of Knowledge and Experience of the Roots and branches and flowerings of MANY forms of Faith, Hope and Charity and Joyous Universal Love.

Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a rush once again, and must SOON be leaving once more, and in this August rush, I can only close for now, saying I wanted to get something amusing down here about the August One of ALL of which we are all a part, on this first day of the month of August 2013. I had some plans to do some things here in July, but can laugh at those plans now, and proceed with the dictates of the times still available. More shall follow, when Time permits.

So it goes…
                ABSURDLY yours Kalki·· 09:29, 1 August 2013 (UTC) + tweaks

444 & Four for ForgivenessEdit

I am just briefly checking in on this fourth of August, and have not time to dwell here long. I hope that others can forgive the fact that I have not had time to concern myself so thoroughly as I might wish to with things here, because many other things are occupying my attention and efforts. I hope to soon be able to contribute much more time and attention to the pages and activities here, but for now I must once again be leaving. I do expect to have much more opportunity in coming weeks — and perhaps even in coming days. So it goes… ~ Kalki·· 23:58, 4 August 2013 (UTC)