Total DramaRama

Canadian-American animated comedy series

Total DramaRama is a Canadian animated television spin-off and the series re-introduces some of the original "Total Drama" characters who are entered into an alternate universe where they are aged down from teenagers to toddlers.

Season 1Edit

Duck Duck JuiceEdit

[Duncan and Courtney are on a train going back to the daycare]
Courtney: Our stop's next. Then it's back to the daycare, And-
Duncan: Sorry Courtney, I've gotten a taste of freedom now, and I'm not going back to the dayca- [Courtney handcuffs Duncan] Seriously? Oh come on!
Courtney: If you escape from daycare on your own, I am fine with that, but I'm not letting you do it on my watch.
Duncan: What if I refuse to move? Then how would- [Courtney drags him out of the train]

Courtney: [unhandcuffs Duncan] And now that your safely back inside, You're free to try to escape.
Duncan: Yeah, thanks.

A Licking Time BombEdit

Businessman: These are really tasty cookies. And I'm trying to put my finger on that secret ingredient. Secret, secret, secret, secret. Why do I keep saying the word secret? Secret, secret, secret, secret.
Owen: [screams] The secret ingredient is my spit!
[a business gets shocked and the kids get grossed out by Noah and Owen's cookies except Jude who eats it straight]
Businessman: Oh! That's really gross! [leaves]
Noah: No-no-no, no, no, no! Mr. Bankman, wait! [sighs, defeated]
Owen: I'm sorry, Noah. That was our dream and I blew it.
Noah: Aw, that's okay, buddy. I shouldn't have tried to make you keep a secret like that anyway.
Owen: And I shouldn't sold other cookies to other people that I already licked. Oh well, no real harm dome.
Beth: [angrily] Ahem! You two are gonna pay for making us eat spit!
Noah: C-c-c can I just say one thing in our defense?
Leshawna: What?
Noah: RUN!
Beth: Get 'em!

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