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animated television series

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The Casagrandes is an American animated comedy television series created by Chris Savino and is a spinoff of The Loud House. The show features Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago living in Great Lakes City with their extended Casagrande family.

Shorts Edit

I'm Back Edit

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Operation: After School Snack Edit

Meet the Mercado Edit

The History of the Casagrandes Edit

K-Pop Dance Battle Edit

[After Ronnie Anne and Sergio are tied with the same score, they get into each other's faces, angrily]
Ronnie Anne: Sudden death!
Sergio: You cheated!
Sid: No way! That jacket is ours!
[While they argue, Hector walks onto the game and starts doing some dance moves]
Sergio: You dance like a human!
Ronnie Anne: Uh-uh. Rematch! You'll never beat my high score!
Sergio: I'm the K-pop King, baby!
Sid: Benchwarmer!

We Jam Contigo Edit

Froggy Lake Edit

Creature Seekers Edit

Dog Day Afternoon Edit

Carlos: Oh, I wish I could sleep all day like Lalo.
Rosa: Sí, that is one lucky perro.

Margarita: [gasps excitedly as Lalo enters her beauty salon] Lalo! Ay, mi perrito favorito! Come, come. Sit, sit, sit. You want the usual?

[While Lalo and Sancho dance off in a dance battle…]
Sergio: [checks the time on his watch as it beeps] Ooh! [to Lalo as he stops dancing] Getting late. Better get home, or the jig is up on your secret life.
Lalo: [shocked] Huh?! [quickly hurries off]
[Sancho dives into the trash can with fries in his mouth]
Sergio: [not thrilled] Winner by default.

Pilot series Edit

Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos Edit

[Hector and Bobby run away from the cats]
Bobby: So, the gang has cats?
Hector: The gang is cats!

[Ronnie Anne goes to sleep in the bathtub, but spots Sergio the parrot inside]
Sergio: I'm naked!

Lincoln: I still don't get why I have to come along.
Lincoln: She is NOT my girlfriend!
Lori: Lincoln, we are literally crossing a bridge! Do you really want to get into an argument with me RIGHT NOW?!?

Ronnie Anne: What do you mean you didn't convince him?
Lori: He talked about the bodega for 40 minutes until the beef jerky guy showed up and at that point I had literally reached my limit.
Ronnie Anne: [sighs and thinks] We need to do something to get Bobby's attention.

Lincoln: [while being dragged by Lori] We're leaving? But Mrs. Casagrande's baking a cake!
Lori: [heartbroken] Lincoln, I literally just lost my boyfriend! [angrily] Do you really wanna argue with me right now?!
Bobby: [appearing] Babe, where are you going?
Lori: [furious] What do you care?! Why don't you just go back to your precious bodega?! YOU OBVIOUSLY CARE ABOUT IT MORE THAN YOU CARE ME! [starts sobbing]
Lincoln: I'm just gonna go help Mrs. Casagrande with the frosting. [chuckles and rushes back inside the apartment]
Ronnie Anne: Lincoln, what's happening out there?
Lincoln: I don't know. But it was too much drama for me.
Ronnie Anne: Wait a minute. They're hugging, and Lori's smiling. She must have finally convinced him! Yes! [runs over to Lori and hugs her, moments later] Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew we could do this. I'll go pack up my stuff.
Lori: Uh, actually…
Ronnie Anne: What?
Lori: I know I came here to convince Bobby not to move, but after talking to him, I think he should stay.
Ronnie Anne: Well, that's great for you guys, but what about me?! Lincoln, come on! Help me out here!
Lincoln: I don't know, Ronnie Anne. I think your family's pretty awesome. I mean, who can make a cake like this?

City Slickers Edit

[Lori reads a Yak.]
Lori: [sighs] Okay, Two stops to 45th St.
Subway announcer: This is an express train to 250th St.
Lori: Wait. What?! Ahh! [the train leaves]

Lori: [her city girl fantasy ends when she sees Vanzilla towed away] Hey! That's my van! Come back!
Bobby: Babe, watch out for horse butts!

Missed Connection Edit

Lori: [sees a snake in her drawer] Why is a snake in my sock drawer?!
Lana: She needed a warm spot to lay her eggs.

Fireman: Aw, spoilers!

The Spies Who Loved Me Edit

The Loudest Thanksgiving Edit

Rita: [clinks her glass] I'd like to make a toast. Bobby, Lori. I just want to say how much it means to have you here with us. [tears up] I don't know if I can't get through this.
Lori: [touched] Oh, Mom.
Hector: [clinks his glass] Uh, excuse me if I might. I'm sure it means a lot to you, Rita, but with all respect, it means more to us.
Rita: Well, Hector, that seems really unlikely because nothing means more to us, 'kay?
Rosa: Oh, really?
Rita: Yeah.
Rosa: Is that so?
Rita: Yeah, that's right.
[Lori and Bobby look at their relatives worried and the mountain of food melts down.]
Hector: Forget the toast. I can say it so much better with music! [starts playing his guitar] We love Bobby and Lori more than... [Lynn Sr. elbows Luna and she dashes off] ...Anyone in the world.
Luna: [brings in her axe and starts playing, cutting Hector off] FAMILY!
[Her playing is then cut short when her axe gets unplugged, revealing that was Carl's doing and she glares at him]
Carl: Oopsie.
Lola: [viscously] How DARE YOU! [violently attacks Carl]
Frida: Control your children! It is not safe to have Thanksgiving in this house!
Rita: Well, if you don’t like it, YOU'RE WELCOME TO LEAVE! Not you, Bobby, you can stay.
Frida: That's what you want, isn't it? To steal our precious Roberto away from us?! [hugs Bobby tightly]
Lynn Sr.: [hugs Lori as well] Oh, oh, like you haven't been trying to steal Lori from us! Well guess what, BUCKO, it's not gonna happen!
Lori: [pleading] Guys, guys, please stop!
Louds and Casagrandes: STAY OUT OF THIS!!
Rosa: Why would anybody want to spend Thanksgiving here, gnawing on your "dry-bird?"
[Lynn Sr. breaks down, sobbing]
Rita: [comforting her husband as he sobs] The turgooseon is delicious, the only problem is, you're lumpy gravy!
Gravybot: [enters the dining room] Did someone say gravy? [squirts gravy on Rita as she shrieks]
Rosa: [bumps Gravybot aside] No. They don't deserve it.
[Gravybot smashes into the wall and gravy flies up and splatters on him, he then malfunctions out of control, squirting gravy everywhere, and all over on Frida's painting]
Frida: [gasps horrifyingly] My painting!

Lori: I'm sorry, Boo-Boo Bear, I know you were looking forward to having a real Thanksgiving this year.
Bobby: It's not all bad. [holds up some turkey jerky] I found this half-off turkey jerky.
[Suddenly, Vanzilla and the Mercado van pull up and both families run out and inside the gas station, trampling Flip]
Flip: Jumping jerky! Holy hot dogs! [gets up afterwards]
Bobby: Whoa, how did you guys find us?
Carlos and Lisa: Tracking devices. [both look at each other]
Lynn Sr.: You left before trying my twice-baked tart.
Rosa: [scoffs] They would prefer my flan.
Lynn Sr.: Flan, shman. [chanting] Tart, tart, tart–!
Bobby: Stop! Don't you guys see? This is why we left. We couldn't stand the fighting and competing.
Lori: We don't want to choose sides. So maybe from now on, we should just spend Thanksgiving by ourselves.
[Both the Louds and Casagrandes all now feel sadly guilty over how they've all been acting from earlier]
Rosa: Well, nobody wants that.
Lynn Sr.: We certainly don't.
Maria: Lori, Bobby, I'm sorry we've been acting so childishly.
Rita: We're sorry, too. It's just hard to let go of your kids. [to the Casagrandes] You know what? You should get Lori and Bobby for Thanksgiving.
Hector: Well, goodness knows we haven't done anything to deserve that. They should spend it with you.
Flip: Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you just rotate every year, huh? Much like the juicy hot dogs I'm selling at a mere 40% mark-up. Holiday discount.
Bobby: Works for us.
[They all agree and engage in a big group hug.]
LJ: I'm glad we figured out future years, but what about right now? I'm starving!
Bobby: Well, we've got hot dogs and sunflower seeds and 20 kinds of artisanal jerky. Maybe we could throw a dinner together here.
Lynn Sr.: I'm game.
Rosa: Me too.
Frida: We could make this place look festive. I think I have some leftover decorations in the car.
Rita: I'll help you.

Story Arc Edit

Friended! Edit

Ronnie Anne: Morning, Bruno, I'll have the Great Lakes City special, one dog dragged through the garden.
Bruno: You want a hot dog with the works, at 9 AM?
Ronnie Anne: Yup.
Bruno: [sighs] You sure I can't interest you in a danish or something?
[Ronnie Anne is making a displeased expression while the screen pans back to the girl behind her]
Sid: Excuse me, can I get one Great Lakes City Special?
Ronnie Anne: [she gestures towards her] See? This girl gets it. [She gives her a thumbs up as well. She takes the hot dog from Bruno and rides away.] Later, dude!

Power Play Edit

Room for Improvement Edit

Roll Model Edit

Carl: That was the greatest rescue I have ever seen.
Ronnie Anne: Pfft. It was no big deal.
Mr. Nakamura: [grunting] You saved my baby. Thank you so much, Ronnie Anne.
Ronnie Anne: No problemo.
Carl: [gasps] That's exactly what El Falcón said.

No Show Edit

Frida: Hurry, hurry! "Adiós, Ana, Adiós" is on!
Carl: Whoo! Yes! Telenovela time!
Sergio: [squawks] Mystery! Drama! Romance!
Carlota: Don't forget style. Obsessed with Ana's outfits.
Bobby: I'm gonna have to watch it in the mercado. My shift's about to start.
Maria: It's okay, mi'jito. We'll shout out the window about the juicy parts.
Bobby: Yes!
Hector: [rushes in] Did I miss it? Whoa! [Slips on Lalo's drool and makes Ronnie Anne fall to the floor] Ooh, sorry, mija.
Rosa: I'm glad you could tear yourself away from your gossip long enough to be here, viejito.
Hector: Who was gossiping? I was dealing with Maybelle. And you know what a difficult customer she is.
[Ronnie Anne is almost coming out of the living room, but Frida calls her]
Frida: Are you sure you don't want to join us, mija? The novela is getting really good!
Ronnie Anne: [shakes her head] Mm.
Carlos: Come on. Just give it a chance. It's a family tradition.
CJ: You can sit by me.
Ronnie Anne: Guys, I told you already. I'm not into telenovelas. Call me when the soccer match is on.
Rosa: Shh! How can you say no to this? [TV shows Ana sitting on a stool sewing a hat with her grandparents] That's our hero, Ana Ronalda. She's an orphan raised by her grandparents.

Hector: The bad guys want money, but the family doesn't have any, so they're taking Ana Ronalda.
Frida: [hugs her kids together, crying] This is why I make you kids carry a whistle!
Ronnie Anne: You guys, this show is so cheesy. Sorry, but you wouldn’t catch me watching it in a billion years.

Ronnie Anne: [schocked] That's it?! I need to know what happens next!
Sergio: [squaking] Somebody's hooked.

Face the Music Edit

Pranks for the Memories Edit

Store Wars Edit

Lucha Fever Edit

Don't You Fore-get About Me Edit

Forks and Knives Out Edit

Lynn Sr.: Rosa?
Lincoln: Ronnie Anne?
Rosa: Lynn?
Ronnie Anne: Lincoln?
[They run to each other and hug]
Rosa: [in unison with Lynn Sr.] What a surprise!
Lynn Sr.: [in unison with Rosa] I can't believe this!
Lincoln: This is incredible!
Ronnie Anne: I know!

Lincoln and Lynn Sr.: The Lynn-sagna!
Lynn Sr.: [angrily having enough] That's it. You just got yourself uninvited from Thanksgiving!
Lincoln: Yeah!
Rosa: Well, thank you. Now, I won't have to choke on your dry-turkey. And you can forget about coming for Christmas.
Ronnie Anne: Yeah!
Lynn Sr.: Good! We don't like your soggy tamales anyway!
Lincoln: Yeah!
Rosa: [gasps in horrified shock] This friendship is officially over!
Lynn Sr.: Fine by me! Lincoln, say goodbye to Ronnie Anne forever!
Rosa: You too, Ronnie Anne.

Great Lakes Freakout! Edit

Lincoln: Thanks for picking me up, Lori. I'm so excited to trick-or-treat in Great Lakes City. I've never gotten city candy before.
Lori: Who cares about candy? Next to Valentine's Day, Halloween is the most romantic holiday of the year.
Lincoln: Ugh. Please tell me you and Bobby won't make this holiday lovey-dovey like you do all the others.
Lori: Trust me, even you will literally be impressed when you see our matching costumes. They're the same ones Mom and Dad wore on their first Halloween date.
Lincoln: Well, I just wanna trick-or-treat with Ronnie Anne.

Lincoln: Okay, you've gotta tell me what's going on.
Ronnie Anne: This year, all of the shops on our block are competing to see who can create the scariest store. They've somehow convinced Ernesto Estrella to judge it.
Lincoln: Oh, he's that famous astrologist your abuela loves, right?
Ronnie Anne: Yup. That's why she's a little crazed about her horchata. She really wants to impress Ernesto with it.
[They see their older siblings hugging at the mercado's entrance]
Lincoln: Have you two been down here hugging this whole time?
Ronnie Anne: Bobby, what did I say about being lovey-dovey on Halloween?
Bobby: Sorry, Ronnie Anne, but this is a super-romantic holiday, and Lori and I wanna do it right. Well, after we finish decorating the mercado. Babe, we're in this awesome competition.
Ronnie Anne: I was just filling Lincoln in. The scariest store gets to make a commercial with Ernesto Estrella.
Bobby: It would be huge for us! And we are so gonna win.

Lori: Thanks for coming, Lucy.
Lucy: I'm flattered the Casagrandes want my help.
Boris: Thank you for letting Boris come along, too. I'm so excited for Halloween in the big city.
[They enter Great Lakes City and arrive at the Casagrande apartment]
Hector: Lucy! Muchas gracias for helping us!
Lucy: It's my pleasure, really. Scaring people brings me joy.
Bobby: [hugs Boris] And this must be the legendary Gramps that Lori's been telling us about. Nice to meet you, sir.
Boris: Boris is actually a child, but appreciates the sentiment.
Lori: Hey, Carlota. You look stressed. What's up?
Carlota: I'm just really behind on making everyone's costumes for tonight. I'm never gonna finish on time.
Lincoln: Hmm. What if you had help? Leni is awesome with fashion.
Bobby: That's a great idea! Babe, would you mind going back to Royal Woods to get her? We'll still have plenty of time for our romantic Halloween celebration.
Carlota: Oh, it would really help me out, Lori.
Lori: [sighs] Of course. Anything to help you guys win. [chuckles]

[Lori returns to the Casagrande apartment with Leni in tow]
Carlota: [quickly hugs her] Thank you so much for coming!
Leni: You can brief me on the way up. What are we looking at?
Carlota: Silk, cotton, wool, and I was thinking… linen.
Leni: [gasps] Linen in October? Now, that's scary.
Bobby: [peeking out] Hi, Babe!
Lincoln: [noticing Lisa, also in tow] Lisa, what are you doing here?
Lisa: None of our siblings found my musings on All-Hallows-Eve to be interesting, so they offered my 50 bucks to, and I quote, "Take my dull facts elsewhere."
Carlos: Did someone say dull facts? You're speaking my language! Lisa, would you like to help me reassemble a skeleton while discussing the mythology behind this spooky holiday?
Lisa: [gasps and squeals] I apologize for that amateurish display of emotion. Be right up!"
Lori: Ugh, Boo-Boo Bear, I am so ready to start our romantic Halloween celebration. Is the mercado all decorated?
Lincoln: Not yet. We just need to wrangle the pack of angry neighborhood cats, which means we need Lana.
Lori: [slumps in dismay] Ugh, seriously?!
Hector: It would mean a lot to me, mija.
Lori: Ugh. You know I can never say no to you, Mr. C.
Hector: [hugs her] I was counting on that.

Lana: [entering the mercado] I hear you guys need a cat wrangler. Well, you called the right person.
Hector: Thanks for coming, Lana. But please be careful, these neighborhood cats are wild and mean. So… [notices Lana is nowhere to be seen] Lana? Where did she go?
Lana: [leads the black cats into the mercado] This way, guys! Stay in formation. [Tarantulas also enter which she has rounded up] I also rounded up some tarantulas. I thought they might add a little extra scare.
Hector: Lana, you're our salvadora! Oh, we've got first place in the bag!

Lincoln: I have an idea! Lucy can summon a ghost, right, Luce?
Lucy: I don't think it's a good idea. I once summoned a ghost named Buzz, and things didn't go well. If I try again, I'm sure he'll be the first one through the portal.

Lori: [sobbing] I can't believe I forgot the straw wig for my scarecrow costume!
Bobby: It's okay, babe. Leni and Carlota can make you a wig out of a mop head.
Lori: Bobby, I need to wear the wig my mom wore on her first Halloween date with my dad. It's TRADITION! [sniffs] I have to go back to Royal Woods. I promise I'll be back in time for our Halloween, boo-boo bear.
Bobby: Okay, I'll be waiting my little candy corn.

Day of the Dad Edit

[Rainy day at Great Lakes City, Lori nervously arrives and waits for a taxi; her phone rings, and answers it]
Lori: Hey, Lincoln.
Lincoln: Hi, Lori. I need to ask you a--
Lori: How do I look? Do I look okay?
Lincoln: You look…the same.
Lori: Okay. But do I look like someone you'd want in your life forever? I'm meeting Bobby's dad today and I'm really nervous, and it doesn't help it that my car's in the shop, the rain is ruining my hair, and I'm late!
Lincoln: Wait, you haven't met Arturo yet? But we all spent Christmas at the Casagrande's together.
Lori: We should have met them but… [Flashback to the ending events of "A Very Casagrandes Christmas"] As soon as we got there, I had to go to the bathroom. And he left before I got out. [quicky makes her way to the bathroom]
Arturo: Feliz Navidad, Louds! Be right back. Rosa is sending me out for more masa. Wish me luck! [leaves as Lori exits the bathroom, relieved]
[End of flashback]
Lori: Then, we ended up leaving before he got back. But today, there's no masa standing in our way! I'm finally meeting him. And I need it to be perfect, Lincoln.

Lori: [checking out Bobby's new apartment; amazed] Wow, your place looks great!

Bobby: [off-screen] Hey, Dad, you made it!
Lori: Ah! It's him. He's here. [opens the door to see Arturo…only to realize in horror he's the same guy she pushed into the puddle earlier]
Arturo: Great to see you, mijo!
Lori: [gasps in horror and closes the door] That's Arturo?!
Arturo: You won't believe what happened to me! I was attacked by the rudest blonde girl!
Lori: I shoved Bobby's dad into a puddle!
Bobby: [knocking on the bathroom door from outside] Babe, are you almost done? My dad's here!

Bobby: Babe? Why are you in my kigurumi, and why are you wearing my foot cream on your face?!
Lori: Ugh. Uh… Kigurumi's are very in right now, and they say foot cream is good for your complexion, so, just trying to look my best for your dad.

Arturo: You! You're that girl who pushed me a puddle yesterday! [grumbles as Lori gets him back up on his feet]
Bobby: Babe, is that true? Why did you push my dad into a puddle…twice?!
Arturo: "Babe?" Bobby, this puddle pusher is your girlfriend?
Lori: Yes! Your memory is back, though I don't love the nickname.
Bobby: Have we gotten to later yet? 'Cause I really need to know what's going on.
Lori: Let's go inside, and I'll tell you everything over anchovy pizza.

Fashion No Show Edit

Road Trip: Hide and Sneak Edit

Lincoln: When do we get to see the Casagrandes? I can't wait to tell Ronnie Anne all about our trip.
Lori: [answers Bobby on her phone] Hey, Boo-Boo Bear! Guess where I am?
Rita: [swipes Lori's phone out of her hand] Literally Mount Rushmore! [imitates signal breaking] Losing reception, babe! Call you later!
Lori: Mom, what was that?!
Rita: Um… We would love to visit the Casagrandes, but my last travel piece for the Gazette is due tonight. And we have to hit all these places. There's just no time to stop by.
Lynn Sr.: Yeah, if we want to get everything on your Mom's list done, they can't know we're here. We'll visit 'em another time, okay, kiddos?
Luna: I guess so. Plus, I don't wanna miss that concert.
Lola: And I want a glamor shot from the top of the GLC Tower, looking down at all the little people.
Lori: [unsure] I don't know, you guys. I feel weird about this.

[The Louds are trying to order lunch at Goddess Greens]
Rita: [taking notes with a tape recorder] Whatever you're into, Great Lakes City has it all. That is, if you have time to do it all.
Lynn Sr.: Hon, I'm not sure I'm cool enough for this place. There's nothing on this menu but emojis. What am I supposed to order? The dinosaur or the winky face?
Rita: I'm sure everything is fabulous, hon. Jesse said this was the trendiest restaurant in the city.
Leni: [sharing a menu with Lincoln] Oh, it totes is. It's Carlota's fave spot. She comes here all the time.
Lynn Sr.: [even more worried] What?! Why didn't you tell us?
Rita: Lynn, it's fine! It's nearly impossible to get a reservation. What are the odds that Carlota got one at the same time as us?
[They suddenly see Carlota and her friend, Mia, entering]
Carlota: Hola! I have a noun rez uner Casagrande. [blows kisses to everyone as the Louds see her, gasp in horror, and hide their faces]
Lynn Sr.: [whispering quickly] We have to get out of here!
Rita: [whispering] I didn't even try the food. I'll have nothing to write about!
Lynn Sr.: [whispering very quickly] If Carlota sees us, you'll be writing about the end of your friendship with the Casagrandes!

Luan: For a second there, I didn't think we'd be able to avoid the Casagrandes.
Lori: [shockingly gasps as she sees Hector and Bobby playing their guitars on stage] Is that… Hector and Bobby?!
Lynn Sr.: [whispering] Let's move, people!
[The Louds try to make a run for it, but see Frida, Rosa, Carlitos, and Carlos eating tamales on the left, and make a U-turn, but also see Carl and CJ playing frisbee on the right]
Lucy: We're doomed.

[As the Louds escape the park and head back to Camperzilla, they see Carlota, on her phone, approaching them on one side, and Ronnie Anne riding her skateboard, approaching them on the opposite, and run across the street]
Lincoln: Quick! In here!
[The family quickly enter a building and all sigh in relief]
Lynn Sr.: [seeing what the building looks like as the family have been here before] Why does this place look familiar?
[They turn to look outside and see that they entered the Casagrandes apartment building]
Lori: Uh, 'cause this is literally the Casagrandes building!
Lynn: [groans annoyingly and pushes Lincoln] Great move, Stinkoln! Worth a rebellion to beeft!

Rita: We have to fix this.
Lincoln: But what about your article?
Rita: Some things are more important, Lincoln. [Later, inside Apartment 2A, explains the Casagrandes about why they did what they had to do] So the whole point of not telling you was to spare your feelings, but clearly by sneaking around, we've hurt you even more.
Rosa: Yes, you have. You could have been honest with us, we would have understood.
Lynn Sr.: [tearing up] We messed up.
Loud siblings: We're really sorry.
Rita: Can you guys ever forgive us?
[The Casagrandes look at each other and smile after a smooth forgiving]
Rosa: Claro que sí.
Carlota: Obviously.
CJ: Of course!
Carl: Mmm… I'll think about it. I need time to heal. [Rosa glares at him] I'm healed.
Rosa: Rita, go finish your article, I don't want you to miss your deadline. But after that, maybe you can all stay for dinner.
Rita: We'd love to. [she and Rosa hug and rushes off to get her laptop from Camperzilla; later typing her deadline on the roof, voice-over] "As our summer adventure comes to an end in Great Lakes City, I'm reminded that it's not always what you do that makes a trip, it's the people you spend time with."

Carl: Hey, isn't that your RV? [points down to Camperzilla as Rita and Lynn Sr. watch it being towed away]
Rita: [smirking] Well, I guess we're staying the night.

Party Fowl Edit

[Rosa and Carl pull up in front of the Loud House in their family mercado van, to drop off Sergio in a birdcage]
Sergio: [squawks] This is embarrassing! I don't need a babysitter! I'm a big bird!
Rosa: A big bird who gets into big trouble. I'm sorry, but we can't take you to Carlos' lecture today and have you behave like you did at the last one.
[Flashback to Carlos' previous lecture]
Carlos: And now, a rare Mesoamerican bowl that dates back to 1519. It's the only one of its kind left in the world.
[The curtains pull back, revealing Sergio bathing in the bowl]
Sergio: A little privacy, please?!
Carlos: [gasps in shock] Sergio, what are you doing?! Shoo! [Sergio flies out of the auditorium, causing the bowl to wobble and splash water and soap into his face] AH! Soap in my eye! [accidentally knocks over the bowl and gasps]
[Back to the present]
Carl: [laughing before Rosa glares at him] What? It was funny when Dad started crying. [Rosa continues glaring at him] Uh, I mean, shame on you, Sergio!
Lynn Sr.: [opens the door] Rosa! Carl! Sergio! Please, come in!
Rosa: Gracias, and thank you for watching Sergio tonight.
Rita: It's our pleasure.
Carl: [sees Lola sitting on the sofa] Lola! My favorite Loud. Is that a new crown? It really brings out…
Lola: Cut to the chase, Casagrande.
Carl: [groans] My dad's lectures are dullsville, and I can't sit through another if Sergio isn't gonna be there to wreck it.
Lola: Hmm. Sounds like a you problem… [Carl offers her some cash] that, I might be able to help with.
Rosa: [sternly] Okay, Sergio, you'd better be on your best behavior with the Louds. If you pull any of your usual stunts, I'm sending you to bird boot camp! [Sergio gulps and whimpers worriedly; later, back in the van, waves goodbye] Thanks again! We'll pick him up tomorrow morning. [drives off as Rita and Lynn Sr. wave farewell… only to come to a stop and come back, holding out Lola, disguised as Carl] Nice try, Lola. Carl would never call the van seats tacky. He doesn't even know what that means.
Lola: Carl, it didn't work!
Carl: [comes out, disguised as Lola] Worth a shot. [as they walk up to each other, he demands her a refund]
Lola: Sorry, no refunds or exchanges.
[Carl grumbles annoyingly, takes off his Lola getup and gives it back to her as she heads back into the house]
Rita: Hey, Sergio. [lets him out of his cage] The other pets are waiting for you out by Charles' doghouse.
Sergio: [flies over to the backyard, finding the pets hanging out just by Charles' doghouse; Charles is munching on a bone, Walt is pecking the grass, and Cliff and Geo are sleeping; squawks] Sergio has arrived! [stands on top of Charles' doghouse] So, what's the plan? What are we doing for fun today? [the pets take out some cards and play a game of Old Maid] Ugh, Old Maid? [squawks] You call that fun? Ugh, no, thank you.

Sergio: See ya on the flip side. I got a party to get to! [the pets are excited and ask him if they want to come too] Oh, you want to come. Oh, me and my big beak. [sees the pets all giving him begging puppy eyes] I mean, of course you can come! The party's at the… uh, big fountain downtown!

Sergio: [flies into the garage and kicks out some pigeons who are playing a drumset] Shoo! Shoo, you annoying creatures!
Lynn Sr.: [enters the garage; wearily] Sergio? What are you and all these pigeons doing in the garage?
Sergio: [nervously] I… uh… I'm Dream Sergio. You're just dreaming of all these birds.
Lynn Sr.: Oh, okay. That makes sense. Good night, Dream Sergio.

Sergio: [worried] I'm doomed! The Louds are gonna wake up, see this mess, and rat me out to Rosa! I'm going to bird boot camp for sure! [sees the pets laughing at him; rushes over to them, joyfully] Just the pets I wanted to see! Can you help me get rid of these pigeons? You're kind of my last hope. [the pets annoyingly ignore him and go into Charles' doghouse; disappointed] I deserve that. Look, I'm sorry. I wasn't very nice to you today. [the pets poke their heads out to hear what he has to say] I should have been cool with what you wanted to do. And I shouldn't have lied about the party. And I shouldn't have been so insulting. And I'm sorry for being a big beached jerk. [turns away with guilt; the pets look at each other, smiling doubtfully in accepting his forgiveness, and offer him a hug] Oh, thank goodness. [joins the hug] Boy, you really made me work for it.

[After Sergio and the Loud pets work together to scare away Sancho and the other pigeons…]
Sergio: That was amazing! I had you guys all wrong. You're totally cool, not mention, very clever. Mind if I hang till the fam gets back?
[The pets look at each other and nod yes]

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  • Ronnie Anne
  • Bobby
  • Carlota
  • CJ
  • Carl
  • Carlitos

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  • Maria
  • Rosa
  • Hector
  • Frida
  • Carlos
  • Sergio
  • Lalo
  • Sid

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  • Becca
  • Stanley
  • Adelaide
  • Arturo
  • Lincoln Loud
  • Lori Loud
  • Vito Filliponio
  • Alexis
  • Casey
  • Nikki
  • Sameer
  • Laird

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