Qazi Hussain Ahmad

Islamist political party president

Qazi Hussain Ahmad (Urdu: قاضی حسین احمد; born 12 January 1938 – 5 January 2013) was an Islamic scholar, democracy activist, and former Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami, the socially conservative Islamist political party in Pakistan. He opposed the United States' participation in the war against the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan.

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  • My father was a renowned religious scholar (alam-e-deen). He educated and trained us in both educational traditions – madrassah/religious education at home and school, and college/university education. I have received all my religious education privately from my father and elder brother, and obtained a Masters degree in geography from the University of Peshawar. My elder brothers were both men of letters, both religious and mundane.
  • We are for the full implementation of the constitution which provides a sufficient basis for the development of an Islamic polity in Pakistan. We are for the implementation of the recommendations of the Council of Islamic Ideology. This is our concept of bringing about an Islamic change in Pakistan.

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