Last words in X-Men media

Following is a list of last words from various X-Men media.

Comic booksEdit

Uncanny X-MenEdit

  • You madman! You'll kill us both!
    • Who: Count Nefaria
    • Note: See below for more details on death.
  • I'm a warrior of the Apache AND I INTEND TO PROVE IT! [Banshee: For God's sake laddie, get off the plane!]
    • Who: Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
    • Notes: Character was tearing up the plane Count Nefaria was attempting to escape in. Despite Banshee's warnings he refused to leap off and the plane exploded, killing both him and the Count.


  • Do it!
    • Who: Sabretooth / Victor Creed
    • Source: Wolverine Vol.3 #55
      • Note: Said to his long-time rival, Wolverine, who beheads him with the Muramasa blade (which his healing factor cannot counter). Sabretooth is somehow later revived.

X-Men: Manifest DestinyEdit

  • Keep MOVING! They're muy lento--
    • Who: El Vampiro
    • Source: Eternals #9
      • Note: Though apparently killed, he then appears in a bar that is actually a form of cosmic limbo.

TV showsEdit


  • I don't understand, my lord.
    • Who: Fabian Cortez
    • Source: The Fifth Horseman
    • Notes: Attempting to get a new vessel for Apocalypse to escape the Astral Plane, Cortez pleads Apocalypse to forgive his failure, but Apocalypse assures him he IS the vessel. At first, Cortez doesn't know what is happening, but then his soul is ripped from his body, allowing Apocalypse to steal it.



  • Well, I think you've less person be afraid of...
    • Who: Senator Kelly
    • Notes: Kelly, an anti-mutant Senator, is dying of complications related to Magneto's mutation weapon, which is gradually turning him into a liquid. Storm says that she is afraid of some humans, and he says this line before his body completely liquifies.
  • Don't you people ever die?!
    • Who: Toad
    • Note: Said to Storm before being blasted into NYC Harbor by her lightning and wind assault.
  • You owe me a scream.
    • Who: Sabretooth
    • Note: Said before being blown out of the Statue of Liberty into a boat below. May not have died.

X2: X-Men UnitedEdit

  • What are you doing?
    • Who: Mitchell Laurio
    • Notes: Said as Magneto levitates him off the ground, due to the high levels of iron in his blood. Magneto then kills him by pulling all the iron out.
  • He's going to be so mad at me!
    • Who: Jason Stryker/Mutant 143
    • Notes: Jason had been lobotomized by his father, General Stryker, and therefore couldn't speak. This line is said by his illusion form, a little girl, when Storm's ice storm causes his illusion to break. He is then crushed when Cerebro 2 collapses.
  • One day someone will finish what I've started, Wolverine! One day! One day!
    • Who: William Stryker
    • Note: Styker had been left chained to a wall by Magneto. Wolverine leaves him there, where he drowns when the area is flooded by a destroyed dam.

X-Men: The Last StandEdit

  • No. No.
    • Who: Cyclops
    • Notes: Determined to find girlfriend Jean Grey's body, Cyclops returned to the lake where she supposedly drowned. Much to his surprise, she sprang forth from the water as Phoenix. Jean asks him to remove his glasses, which he initially refuses. While he is never verified dead, as the scene ends before he dies, Wolverine finds his visor at the scene and a gravestone for Cyclops is shown at the end of the film.
  • Don't let it control you.
    • Who: Charles Xavier
    • Note: Said to Jean Grey about the Phoenix, a part of her personality that she had suppressed for much of her life. Afterwards it destroys him by reducing him to nothing. He returns in another body at the end of the film.
  • You would die for them? [Wolverine: No. Not for them...For you.]
  • Save me.
    • Who: Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix
    • Note: First line is what Phoenix says to Wolverine as he draws near. (Wolverine then replies to her, which seems to bring Jean back momentarily.) Second line is said by Jean to Wolverine while briefly regaining control of her body from the Phoenix while it was destroying the entire landscape around it. Wolverine stabs her through the chest with his claws, killing her and ending the Phoenix's existence.

X-Men Origins: WolverineEdit

  • He... He wasn't your father... Son...
    • Who: Thomas Logan
    • Notes: Years prior to the film, James Logan who would eventually become Wolverine, saw his biological father, Thomas Logan kill his stepfather. After being stabbed, Thomas admits that John Howlett was never Logan's father.
  • I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of dying.
    • Who: Chris Bradley
    • Notes: Victor Creed replies "How do you know? You've never tried it before" before killing him.
  • It's funny how innocent people tend to die around you!
    • Who: Agent Zero
    • Notes: Said to Wolverine, who then ignites the gasoline dripping from Zero's downed helicopter.
  • Walk until you bleed... then keep walking!
    • Who: Kayla Silverfox
    • Notes: Said using her persuasion powers on Stryker, before dying from gunshot wounds.

X-Men: First ClassEdit

  • You're one of them!?
    • Who: Colonel Robert Hendry
    • Notes: He says this to Sebastian Shaw after he used his powers to absorb the blast energy emitted from the grenade that Hendry threatened to use against him and the members of the Hellfire Club if he was not allowed to leave Shaw's yacht with the money he was promised. After explaining his powers to Hendry, Shaw sends the grenade's energy into Hendry's body, killing him.
  • ALEX!!!
    • Who: Armando Muñoz / Darwin
    • Note: After pretending to agree to join the Hellfire Club along with Angel Salvadore, Darwin say this to Alex Summers/Havok, who attacks Sebastian Shaw with an energy blast, only for Shaw to absorb it. Shaw then grabs a retaliating Darwin and forces the absorbed energy blast down his throat, causing him to explode internally, despite trying to use his powers to adapt to the explosion.
  • I don't want to hurt you, Erik. I never did. I want to help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the human race. You and me, son. This world could be ours.
    • Who: Sebastian Shaw
    • Notes: Is afterwards paralyzed by Charles Xavier, and killed when Erik (later known as Magneto) passes a coin through his brain, gaining revenge for Shaw killing his mother (Shaw had previously killed Erik's mother when Erik, at a young age, failed to complete a challenge he gave him to lift a coin with his magnetic powers, and now, Erik reprised this by challenging him to make a move before Erik throws the coin).

The WolverineEdit

  • What kind of monster are you?
    • Who: Shingen Yashida
    • Notes: Ichiro's son who was after the Yashida fortune, he learns the will would go to his daughter Mariko. Jealous, Shingen attempts to kill his daughter and Logan. During his fight, Shingen spots how Logan's unnerved by his attacks and demands what kind of monster he is. Logan answers "The Wolverine" then pierces Shingen's neck with his claws.
  • Mariko. It's me, your grandfather.
    • Who: Ichiro Yashida
    • Notes: Seeking Logan's immortality, Yashida tries to steal it using his Silver Samurai armor. But Mariko stops him and he tries to reason with her, but she tells him she "buried [her] grandfather". Then Wolverine stabs him remembering how he asked him to come say goodbye, then he bids him "Sayonara!" before throwing Yashida off the mountain and into the sea.

X-Men: Days of Future PastEdit

  • All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles…to have a precious few of them back.
    • Who: Magneto
    • Notes: Mortally wounded by Sentinels while trying to defend the last remaining X-Men from them in the dark future, Magneto reconciles with his friend and rival, Professor X.

X-Men: ApocalypseEdit

  • Hey, asshole!
    • Who: Alex Summers
    • Note: Attempting to attack Apocalypse after destroying the Cerebro to stop him from using it, but accidentally strikes the engine of the X-Jet, causing an explosion that engulfs the mansion. Although Peter Maximoff saves everyone else, Alex perishes in the explosion as he was right next to the blast when it occurred.
  • Psylocke!
    • Who: Archangel
    • Note: After another fight with Nightcrawler, Archangel is killed when he is left trapped in the X-Men's crashing jet.
  • I see now... All is revealed...
    • Who: En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse
    • Note: He says these words when he is finally defeated by the X-Men when Xavier encourages Jean to tap into her full power, the resulting blast seemingly disintegrating Apocalypse.


  • What's my name?
    • Who: Ajax / Francis Freeman
    • Note: When Deadpool asked if his nemesis Francis / Ajax had any last words, he replied this, as Ajax has often said this throughout the movie. Deadpool unsafeties the only gun he brought with him and tells him "Who fucking cares?". As Colossus tries to appeal to Deadpool, the red-suited anti-hero executes Ajax by a shot to the head.


  • Our boat...the Sunseeker.
    • Who: Charles Xavier / Professor X
    • Note: He says this to Logan after being stabbed in the chest by X-24 and bleeding out. Sunseeker is the name of the boat that Logan intended to buy for them.
  • Beware the light.
    • Who: Caliban
    • Note: Caliban, an albino who gets severe burns from even the slightest contact with sunlight, tells Pierce about how his mother would bundle him up in layers as a child, saying "Beware the light." He later says these words to a group of Reavers while holding two primed grenades, as he sacrifices himself for Logan and X-23 in an attempt to kill Pierce and his men.
  • Precisely.
    • Who: Dr. Zander Rice
    • Note: His explanation to Logan's question: "Growing mutants of your own?" before being shot by Logan.
  • He did that! Get up!
    • Who: Donald Pierce
    • Note: Indicating to X-24 that Logan killed Dr. Rice, before being overwhelmed by the young mutants he helped imprison.
  • So... this is what it feels like.
    • Who: James Howlett / Logan / Wolverine
    • Note: These words are said to X-23 / Laura after Logan overdoses on the strength serum and is impaled on a spike on a log. He says those words as he acknowledges Charles’ earlier statements about having a home and a family to care for.

Deadpool 2Edit

  • You're in the big leagues now, kid!

Dark PhoenixEdit

The New MutantsEdit

Video gamesEdit

  • Why deny who you are? Give in to the darkness!
  • Stop. Leave me to die. [Nightcrawler: I'm sorry I could not save you, liebchin.] But you did save me! We both knew it had to be this way. Goodbye.
    • Who: Jason Stryker
    • Source: X-Men: The Official Game
    • Notes: Character is killed when the Master Mold was destroyed by the X-Men. The first line is from the real Jason. The second is from the nicer ghost version of Jason, who then is able to finally cross over to the other side after the battle is over.
  • This is it, runt. Just you and me! The last dance, to the death!
    • Who: Sabretooth
    • Source: X-Men: The Official Game
    • Notes: Character fights Wolverine on top of the Master Mold, then both fall to the ground, with Sabretooth being impaled on a spike, and left by Wolverine to die.