X-Men Origins: Wolverine

2009 film directed by Gavin Hood

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a 2009 Marvel Comics film based on the comic series Origin and multiple Weapon X comics. The film tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his relationship with Victor Creed, Team X and the Weapon X program. The film was distributed by Twentieth Century Fox and was released on May 1, 2009. It is the fourth film in the X-Men film series. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine.

Directed by Gavin Hood, and written by Skip Woods and David Benioff
Witness the Origin.

James "Logan" Howlett / Wolverine edit

  • My whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. And that won't ever happen again.
  • I'm the best there is at what I do but what I do best isn't very nice. I'm the Wolverine.
  • I'm coming for blood; no law, no code of conduct. You put me in the right direction, you get the hell out of my way.
  • I'm gonna cut your goddamn head off. See if that works.
  • [referring to the now-obese Blob] That's Fred Dukes? That looks like the creature that ate Fred Dukes.
  • [sees a mute Wade] Wade, is that you? I guess Stryker finally figured out how to shut you up.

Victor Creed / Sabretooth edit

  • I'm not your friend. I'm an animal, who dreamed he was a man. But the dream is over. And the beast is awake. And I will come for you without mercy, because it's my nature.
  • [when asked why he killed Kayla] You don't call. You don't write. How else am I supposed to get your attention?
  • Tell me something, Jimmy. Do you even know how to kill me?
  • We could never be 'done', Jimmy. We're brothers and brothers look out for each other.
  • Having fun yet?
  • WE HAD A DEAL!!!

William Stryker edit

  • Mutants, I don't hate them. I just know what they can do. You don't realize this but we are at war. I took an oath: Protect this country. My name is William Stryker, and I am not a monster. I'm simply a patriot.
  • I'm putting together a special team, with special privileges. Tell me, gentlemen, how would you like to really serve your country?
  • [Preparing his gun, filled with adamantium bullets, to kill Wolverine] His brain may heal, but his memories won't grow back.

Kayla Silverfox edit

  • You know why the moon is so lonely? 'Cause she used to have a lover. His name was Keukuatsheu. They lived in the Spirit World together. And every night they'd wander the skies together. But one of the other spirits was jealous. The Trickster wanted the Moon for himself. So he told Keukuatsheu that the Moon asked for flowers. He told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses. Keukuatsheu didn't know that once you leave the Spirit World, you can never go back. {Now he's trapped here} Every night the Moon searches for him, and every night he sees her in the sky and howls her name, but he can never touch her again. Keukuatsheu it meas the wolverine

Remy LeBeau edit

  • If I learned anything in my life it's this: Always play the hand you're dealt. My name is Gambit. And I play for keeps.
  • See, the only difference between a winner and a loser is character. Every man has a price to charge and a price to pay. Yeah, I've paid mine in spades.

Wade Wilson edit

  • All I ever wanted was to travel off in exotic places and meet new exciting people and then kill them, so I became a mercenary. My name is Wade Wilson. And I love what I do.
  • You whip out a couple of swords at your ex-girlfriend's wedding, they'll never, ever forget it.
  • [After killing all the diamond lord's guards.]Okay! People are dead!

John Wraith edit

  • I've done some pretty awful things. The kind of things that could haunt a man when he sleeps. See, most people think our powers are gifts. But if it was up to me, I'd hunt the devil down myself. And give him this gift back. My name is John Wraith. And I'm a mutant.
  • See man was mean. Naturally, crazy. You gotta train them not to be.

Blob / Frederick J. Dukes edit

  • I don't regret the things I do. I'm proud of what I am. I'm proud of what I've done for my country. 'Cause if you think you can take me, to step up to Fred J. Dukes, you better run. 'Cause if I were to catch up, I might teach ya some manners.

Agent Zero edit

  • My job. My mission. Is not to fear. And not to think. I execute orders and I eliminate others without prejudice.
  • [Last words, to Logan] It's really funny how innocent people tend to die around you!

Emma Frost edit

  • I remember the day they came and took us away. The soldiers hunting us. No one will stand up for us. We have to save ourselves. My name is Emma Frost. I'm a mutant. And our fight has just begun.

Dialogue edit

[cell door opens. Wolverine and Sabretooth are in shackles; an officer enters the cell and approaches them]
Guard: Freaks! You're animals! Freaks!
William Stryker: My name is Major William Stryker. You've been charged with killing a senior officer. Is that correct?
Victor Creed: Apparently, we have some issues with authority...
Wolverine: Just keep a lid on it.
Creed: ...sir.
Stryker: The warden tells me that your sentence was carried out by a firing squad at 1000 hours. How'd that go?
Wolverine: It tickled.
Stryker: [takes off his sunglasses] You boys tired of running? Tired of denying your true nature?
Creed: What do you care?
Stryker: Oh, I care. I care because I know how special you are. How valuable. Look, you can stay here locked up like freaks of nature, or you can join me. I'm putting together a special team with special privileges. Now, tell me, how would you like to really serve your country?

Wade Wilson: Great, stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet.
William Stryker: [exasperatedly] Oh, Wade!
Wade Wilson: Dreams really do come true.
William Stryker: Now just shut it! You're up next.
Wade Wilson: Thank you sir, you look really nice today. It's the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes.
Wolverine: Oh my God, do you ever shut up, pal?
Wade Wilson: No, not while I'm awake.

Chris Bradley: [in his trailer after closing time, when someone knocks on the door] Show’s over. [knocking persists] I said, show's over. [goes to open the door to find Sabretooth standing there]
Victor Creed: The show's never over for us, Bradley.
Bradley: Victor.
Creed: You gonna invite me in?
Bradley: [nervously] Yeah. Come on in. You know, I've never said anything, to anyone, about what happened. I'm livin' a totally different life now, Victor. I always thought it would be Wade to come knocking on my door.
Creed: Well... Well, Wade's gone.
Bradley: I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of dying.
Creed: How do you know? You've never tried it before. [attacks Bradley]
[Outside, Bolt is heard screaming as all the lights in the carnival go out one after the other]

Bartender: [sees Sabretooth carving a smiley face in the table with his nail] You're not from around here, are you?
Victor Creed: What gave me away?
Wolverine: [from outside] VICTOR!
Creed: [to bartender] You got insurance on this place?
Bartender: Insurance? No.
Creed: Too bad. [after Wolverine crashes through the front door] Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.
Bartender: Guys, whatever this is, take it outside.
Wolverine: [draws his claws in] Why?
Creed: Why? You don't call, you don't write; how else am I supposed to get your attention?

Wolverine: [holding Stryker to the wall by the neck] For six years I've been here. No one knew me and then you show up. The next day she's dead!
William Stryker: I tried to warn you.
Wolverine: Why didn't you tell me it was Victor?!
William Stryker: I–I didn't know.
Wolverine: [slams Stryker into another wall] You lie!
William Stryker: I– I swear.... on my son's life I didn't- [Wolverine lets him go; he drops to the ground] Victor's appetites were becoming too public. I had to lock him up. He felt I betrayed him. He went AWOL, he said he was coming for all of us.
Wolverine: You didn't come to warn me. You came to save your own ass. [walking away]
Stryker: So what's your plan, captain? You can't beat him, Logan. You know you can't.
Wolverine: I'll find him and kill him.
William Stryker: I can give you the tools to defeat him. [Wolverine turns] We can still save the others.
Wolverine: You mean save yourself, right?
William Stryker: I can promise you two things: You will suffer more pain than any other man can endure, but you will have your revenge.
Wolverine: I come with you, I'm coming for blood; no law, no code of conduct. You put me in the right direction, you get the hell out of my way.

Dr. Frost: When it starts, whatever the reason is that you're doing this, focus on that. Maybe it will help.
Wolverine: Trust me. I've been through worse.
Dr. Frost: No. You haven't.
William Stryker: [to Wolverine] We're gonna make you indestructible. But first, we're gonna have to destroy you. You remember what we were looking for in Africa?
Wolverine: I remember.
William Stryker: Well, I found it, it helped us to create a metal compound so strong, that you'll be able to withstand virtually anything. It's called adamantium. I can't put Victor down myself, Logan, to kill him, you'll have to embrace the other side, become the animal.
Wolverine: Let's do this.
William Stryker: Oh, I almost forgot. [brings out Wolverine's old dog tags.]
Wolverine: I want new ones.
William Stryker: What do you want them to say?
Wolverine: Wolverine.

[Zero's helicopter has crashed after Wolverine cut off its rotor blades.]
William Stryker: [On the radio] Zero.
Agent Zero: I'm down.
William Stryker: Zero, is he dead? Is Logan dead? Zero come in.
Wolverine: [speaks into the headphones] You tried to kill me.
William Stryker: Logan?
Wolverine: Where's Victor?
William Stryker: Come back to base. I'll explain everything. We'll take Victor down together.
Wolverine: Wrong answer. After I kill Victor I'm coming for you. You wanted the animal, Colonel. You got it. [drops the headphones, addresses Zero] Those were good people back there. Innocent people.
[Zero just grins; Wolverine starts to walk away from the wrecked helicopter.]
Agent Zero: [laughs] It's funny how good, innocent people tend to die around you!
[Wolverine stops walking and extends his claws, strikes the ground and ignites the fuel trail to the chopper, destroying it and killing Zero.]

Wolverine: Hey fat- uh, Fred. See, I remember that girl when she was about eighty-five pounds, eh? [referring to Fred's tattoo]
Blob: Oh, that's funny. You're still so funny, Logan.
Wolverine: You know where Victor is?
Blob: [scared] No idea.
Wolverine: What's "the island", slim?
Blob: Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Logan.
Wolverine: C'mon, could you tell me where Victor is, for old times' sake, bub.
Blob: Did you just call me "Blob"?
Wolverine: No, but–
Blob: HYAAAAAAAAAAA! [uses his indestructible skin and fat to bounce Wolverine off the ring and across the room]
Wraith: I told you not to mention his weight. Why'dya call him Blob, man?
Wolverine: [on the floor] I didn't call him Blob, I said "Bub"!

Wolverine: This is your idea of an idea? [holds up boxing gloves]
Wraith: Tryin' to help you out, Logan. Dukes don't like you that much and you know it.
Wolverine: Yeah, feeling's mutual.
Wraith: Then use those gloves, man. Dance with 'im a little bit. Allow him to let his anger out on ya. I figured if you'd do that he'd probably tell you everything you wanna know.
Wolverine: C'mon, man, look at him. Big ol' ass coming out the front of his shirt. Jesus, he'll have a coronary, for Christ's sake. Is there even a stretcher big enough to take this guy outta here?
[The bell rings. Blob hits Wolverine immediately.]
Wraith: It ain't him I'm worried about gettin' outta here on a stretcher.
Wolverine: [grunting with pain] You're an asshole.

Wraith: Move his ass. Dance with 'em, Fred.
Blob: Oooh. what's that suppose to be? You wanna dance with me?
[Wolverine attacks Blob, punching him again and again; Blob stands there.]
Blob: Uhh! Oh, that was good. [Wolverine repeatedly punches him, to no effect] Hey, guess what? [Blob punches him, knocking Wolverine across the ring]
Wraith: See you can talk now. We got him right where we wanted.
Wolverine: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Wolverine: [watching Gambit playing cards] Are you Remy LeBeau?
Gambit: Do I owe you money?
Wolverine: No.
Gambit: Then Remy LeBeau I am. Large ones' a hundred and small ones' a fifty. May I deal you any?
Wolverine: Well, what do I get for seventeen bucks?
Gambit: Seventeen dollars [laughs]. A cab ride home, perhaps. So what brings you to our fair city? (starts dealing)
Wolverine: Victor Creed.
Gambit: [stops dealing and looks at Logan] Now who's that?
Wolverine: He's the man I'm gonna kill. You see he works with a man named Stryker on an island.
Gambit: [becomes unnerved] Now why do you think I know that?
Wolverine: 'Cuz I know who you are, Gambit. You're the guy who escaped and you're the guy whose gonna take me back there.
Gambit: [Notices Wolverine's dog tags] Those are some mighty nice tags you have on there sir. The man who took me had tags just like 'em.
Wolverine: Hey, now bub, you listen to me–
[Gambit's eyes glow bright red as he throws a kinetically charged card at Wolverine, knocking him into another table]

Sabretooth: You know, John, there's something I've always wanted to tell you...
[Wraith teleports and starts to attack Victor but is stabbed from behind.]
Sabretooth: You're predictable. Ooh. I can feel your spine, Johnny Boy. That's funny, never new you had one.

[After the brothers defeated Weapon XII]
Wolverine: This doesn't change anything between us Victor. We're done.
Sabretooth: We could never be done, Jimmy. We're brothers. Brothers look out for each other. [jumps off the collapsing dam.]

[Wolverine, who now lost his memory, runs to Silverfox's dead body and touches it with Gambit following.]
Gambit: Do you know her?
Wolverine: No.
[Gambit saw Stryker's reinforcements approaching. He then turns back to Wolverine.]
Gambit: Bet these boys aren't gonna like what you did in this place. We really need to go.
Wolverine: I'll find my own way.
Gambit: Good luck.
[Gambit walks away. Logan closes Kayla's eyes on her body before fleeing.]

[The hypnotized Stryker was walking on a road and his hypnotism was gone before a military police truck arrives. The military policemen emerge out of the truck]
Military Police: Colonel Stryker?
[Stryker turns to the policemen]
Military Police: Colonel William Stryker?
William Stryker: Yes.
Military Police: You're wanted for questioning in connection of the death of Gen. Munson... sir.

Taglines edit

  • Witness the Origin.
  • Witness the Origins.
  • Every Hero Has an Origin.

Cast edit

Hugh JackmanLogan/Wolverine
Liev SchreiberVictor Creed
Danny HustonStryker
Will.i.amJohn Wraith
Lynn CollinsKayla Silverfox
Kevin DurandFred Dukes
Dominic MonaghanBradley
Taylor KitschRemy LeBeau
Daniel HenneyAgent Zero
Ryan ReynoldsWade Wilson

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