X-Men: Apocalypse

2016 film directed by Bryan Singer

X-Men: Apocalypse is a 2016 superhero film and the ninth in a series of films, after Days of Future Past, based on the Marvel Comics series X-Men. Since the dawn of civilization, ancient cyber-mutant Apocalypse amass different mutant powers and was worshipped as a god. After many years, he awakens from his slumber and was disillusioned with humanity in the world. Apocalypse recruits four mutants, including Magneto, as his four horsemen to take over the world. Mystique must lead a team of young X-Men to save mankind from destruction.

Directed by Bryan Singer. Screenplay by Simon Kinberg. Story by Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris.
Only the strong will survive. (Taglines)

Prof. Charles Xavier / Professor X edit

  • [first lines] Mutants: born with extraordinary abilities, and yet still, they are children stumbling in the dark, searching for guidance. A gift can often be a curse. Give someone wings, and they may fly too close to the sun. Give them the power of prophecy, and they may live in fear of the future. Give them the greatest gift of all, powers beyond imagination, and they may think they are meant to rule the world.

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto edit

  • [screaming skywards]' IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME?! Is this what I am?! Is this what I am?
  • My name isn't Henryk, My name is Magneto.

Raven Darkhölme / Mystique edit

  • [to Scott, Jean, Kurt, Ororo, Peter, Beast at the Danger Room] Forget everything you think you know. Whatever lessons you learned in school... whatever your parents taught you... none of that matters. You're not kids anymore. You're not students. You're X-Men. [glances to Beast to start their training session, with Sentinels appearing; Professor X watches as the Danger Room doors close.]

En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse edit

  • Elohim, Pushan, Ra – I've been called many names over many lifetimes. I am born of death. I was there to spark and fan the flame of man's awakening, to spin the wheel of civilization. And when the forest would grow rank and needed clearing for new growth, I was there to set it ablaze.
  • [to Magneto] You will reach down, my son, deep into the earth. Rip everything they've built from the ground. Wipe clean this world, and we will lead those that survive into a better one.
  • [having manipulated the launch of all nuclear weapons out into orbit] Always the same, and now all this. No more stones. No more spears. No more slings. No more swords. No more weapons! No more systems! No more! No more superpowers... So much faith in their tools, in their machines... You can fire your arrows from the Tower of Babel... BUT YOU CAN NEVER... STRIKE... GOD!!!!!

Dialogue edit

[Alex Summers brings his brother Scott into the Xavier Institute, but a bandaged Scott bumps into Jean Grey.]
Jean Grey: [telepathically] Watch where you're going.
Scott Summers: [to Jean] I can't.
Alex Summers: [to Scott] Who are you talking to?
Jean: [referring to herself] Me.
Scott: What? I just heard you in my head.
Jean: I'm a telepath. I read minds.
Scott: Well, stay out of mine. I don't need some weird girl creeping around in there.
Jean: Don't worry, Scott. There's not much to see. [walks away]
Scott: [stunned at she calling him by name.] Hey, wait. I... I didn't tell you my name.
[Alex laughs.]
Jean: No, you didn't.

[Charles and Alex visit Moira]
Moira MacTaggert: Ever since the world found out about mutants in '73, there have been cults who see them as some kind of second coming or a sign of God. I was tracking one of them, they call themselves "Ashir En Sabah Nur". Named after an ancient being they believe to be the world's first.
Alex: "World's first..." what?
Moira: The world's first mutant.
Alex: I thought mutants didn't evolve till this century.
Moira: That's the common theory, yes, but these guys believe that the first mutant was born tens-of-thousands of years ago and they believe he will rise again. [shows the evidence] They've been searching ancient sites all around the world for clues. These hieroglyphs describe the specific set of powers greater than any man can possess.
Professor Charles Xavier: Do you think he lived in all that time?
Moira: Yes and no. They believe that he had the ability to transfer his consciousness from body to body and whenever he was close to death, he would just take on a new body. Some of these made with the bodies of mutants, enabling him to take their powers amassing various abilities over the years.
Charles: An all-powerful mutant?
Moira: Exactly. And wherever this being was, [shows the picture of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse] he always had four principle followers, disciples, protectors he would imbue with powers.
Alex: Like "the four horsemen... of the Apocalypse?" He got that one from the Bible?
Moira: Or the Bible got it from him? And wherever he ruled, eventually it would end in disaster. Cataclysm, some kind of... "Apocalypse".
Charles: The end of the world.

Ororo Munroe: Where are you from?
En Sabah Nur: A time before man lost his way.
Ororo Munroe: Well, welcome to the '80's.
En Sabah Nur: This world needs to be... [in Egyptian] purified.
Ororo: What?
En Sabah Nur: Saved.
Ororo: You can't save the world... just going around, killing people. There's laws. Systems in place for that kind of thing.
En Sabah Nur: [approaches Ororo] My child, why do you enslave yourself? [touches her]
Ororo: What are you doing?
En Sabah Nur: Making you stronger, my goddess! [imbues Ororo with power, turning her hair white.]

[on the X-Jet]
Raven Darkhölme: Hank you're building a warplane down here.
Hank McCoy: After what happened in Washington, I thought we're gonna come back to start the X-Men. I could always use to talk about but...
Raven: Charles wants students, not soldiers.
Hank: He thinks the best of people. He has hope.
Raven: And you?
Hank: Well, I think we should hope for the best. And... prepare for the worst... I think the world needs the X-Men. Maybe now you're back, you could help me convince them start a new team.
Raven: I'm here about Erik.
Hank: [smiles] Right. Yeah, of course. Of course...
Raven: I think he might be some kind of trouble. Real trouble.
Hank: Isn't he always...?

[at the rebuilt Xavier Institute]
Charles: The world's already begun rebuilding its arsenals.
Erik Lehnsherr: It's human nature, Charles.
Charles: I still have hope.
Erik: [chuckles] Oh, yes. "Hope".
Charles: I was right about Raven. I was even right about you.
Erik: What about the rest of the world? Doesn't it ever wake you up in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they'll come for you and your children.
Charles: It does, indeed.
Erik: What do you do when you wake up to that?
Charles: I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul that comes to my school looking for trouble. [Erik nods.] You sure I can't convince you to stay?
Erik: [smiles] You're psychic, Charles. [begins to leave] You can convince me to do anything.
Charles : Goodbye, old friend.
Erik: Good luck, Professor. [leaves]

Taglines edit

  • Prepare for the Apocalypse.
  • Only the strong will survive
  • Defend
  • Destroy

Cast edit

James McAvoyProfessor Charles Xavier
Michael FassbenderErik Lehnsherr / Magneto
Jennifer LawrenceRaven / Mystique
Nicholas HoultHank McCoy / Beast
Oscar IsaacEn Sabah Nur / Apocalypse
Rose ByrneMoira MacTaggert
Evan PetersPeter Maximoff / Quicksilver
Josh HelmanCol. William Stryker
Sophie TurnerJean Grey
Tye SheridanScott Summers / Cyclops
Lucas TillAlex Summers / Havok
Kodi Smit-McPheeKurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
Ben HardyWarren Worthington III / Angel
Alexandra ShippOroro Munroe / Storm
Lana CondorJubilee
Olivia MunnPsylocke

About X-Men: Apocalypse edit

  • Oh. Hi, Japan! Deadpool here. Surprised? I just wanted to share with you my two cents on five things you may have missed in the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer. I know what you're thinking. 'An after credits scene for a trailer? I thought they only did that for movies', right? Well, not everyone makes it to the end of Fox movies. So, now we're doing it after trailers. Number One: This movie is set in the eighties and apparently, Apocalypse kicks Professor X's ass but forgetting to wake him up before he go-go. Number Two: Major plot twist. When Quicksilver discloses to Mystique that Magneto is his father and he's a fan of Canadian supergroup Rush. So many plot twists. Number Three: Fun fact. Psylocke is a hot looking girl using a super-powered katana and I'm a horrible-looking man using a katana. Twinsies! Number Four: Looks like they're introducing a Japanese mutant with ginsu knives coming out of his hands. Let's see how that goes. Number Five: This wasn't really in the trailer but important for you to know. The newest addition to the super-dysfunctional X-Men family, me, Deadpool comes out in Japan on June 1. I've definitely never felt power like this before. So, be there! June 1.

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