Ben 10 (2017 TV series)

2016 American animated series

Ben 10 (or often referred to as Ben 10 2016) is an American animated superhero action-comedy television series and a reboot of the Cartoon Network series of the same name. The series premiered on April 10, 2017.

Season 1Edit

The Filth [1.01]Edit

Four Arms: So, let me get this straight. You stole our RV, so you can fuel that trash machine, to power a magnet that attracts maggots? To make a monster, that would eat Las Vegas? Whatever, TIME TO THROW STUFF!

Waterfilter [1.02]Edit

The Ring Leader [1.03]Edit

Bill: Iron Kyle has been revealed to be... Just a nerd in a robot suit!
Steve: It wasn't a metaphor at all, Bill. His body was literally made out of iron, I mean, how could we had been so gullible...
Kyle: Heh heh... Hey everybody, it's me, uh, Iron Kyle! Iron Kyle! No? Okay...

Ben: You built a giant robot suit just to win wrestling matches? Could you be anymore of a cheater!.
Kyle: You're one to talk Mr. "I turn into aliens" guy.
Ben: You were hurting people!
Kyle: I was winning! Something you won't know anything about.

Riding the Storm Out [1.04]Edit

The Clocktopus [1.05]Edit

Take 10 [1.06]Edit

Growing Pains [1.07]Edit

Shhh! [1.08]Edit

Brief Career of Lucky Girl [1.09]Edit

Animo Farm [1.10]Edit

Clown College [1.11]Edit

Adventures in Babysitting [1.12]Edit

Something I Ate [1.13]Edit

Steam is the Word [1.14]Edit

The Beast Inside [1.15]Edit

All Wet [1.16]Edit

Villain Time [1.17]Edit

Drive You Crazy [1.18]Edit

Tomorrow Today [1.19]Edit

Story, Bored [1.20]Edit

Hole in 10 [1.21]Edit

Recipe for Disaster [1.22]Edit

Rustbucket RIP [1.23]Edit

Freaky Gwen Ben [1.24]Edit

Gwen(Ben):Just think of yourself like water. Upgrade (Gwen):(morphs like water)Whoa,howdda change back? Gwen(Ben):Think of yourself like a rock, yeah that's how you do it. Now go fight Hex,cause he's gonna do something really bad. (Hex throws a ball of energy to a mountain) Yep, that's really bad.

Ben 24hrs [1.25]Edit

Bright Lights, Black Heart [1.26]Edit

Don't Laze Me, Bro [1.27]Edit

Grandpa Max: That's okay, kids. We should go to Laser Land.

Don't Let the Bass Drop [1.28]Edit

Bad Penny [1.29]Edit

Zombozo-Land [1.30]Edit

Forgeti [1.31]Edit

Max to the Max [1.32]Edit

Cutting Corners [1.33]Edit

Xingo [1.34]Edit

Scared Silly [1.35]Edit

Need for Speed [1.36]Edit

Omni-Tricked [1.37-1.40]Edit

Season 2Edit

Out to Launch [2.01]Edit

Battle at Biggie Box [2.02]Edit

Bon Voyage [2.03]Edit

Mayhem in Mascot [2.04]Edit

Screamcatcher [2.05]Edit

Creature Feature [2.06]Edit

Bomzobo Lives [2.07]Edit

Animorphosis [2.08]Edit

Assault on Pancake Palace [2.09]Edit

High Stress Express [2.10]Edit

The 11th Alien [2.11-12]Edit

Half-Sies [2.13]Edit

Xingo's Back [2.14]Edit

Bounty Ball [2.15]Edit

Fear the Fogg [2.16]Edit

Super-Villain Team-Up [2.17]Edit

Can I Keep It? [2.18]Edit

Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom [2.19]Edit

All Koiled Up [2.20]Edit

King Koil [2.21]Edit

The Charm Offensive [2.22]Edit

Double Hex [2.23]Edit

Ye Olde Laser Duel [2.24]Edit

Ben Again and Again [2.25]Edit

Vote Zombozo [2.26]Edit

Drone On [2.27]Edit

Safari Sa'Bad [2.28]Edit

The Nature of Things [2.29]Edit

The Sound of the Furry [2.30]Edit

Reststop Roustabout [2.31]Edit

That's the Stuff [2.32]Edit

The Feels [2.33]Edit

Past Aliens Present [2.34]Edit

Dreamtime [2.35]Edit

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