Ben 10: Omniverse (season 7)

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The following is a list of quotes from the seventh season Ben 10: Omniverse.

Clyde Five [7.01]

Clyde Fife: Clyde Five!

Clyde Fife: Like momma always said, "You don't need super-powers to take care of chickens."
Rook Blonko: His mother always said that?!
Ben Tennyson: Yeah, just let it go, Rook.

Ben Tennyson: Clyde! Look, I get it. I did the exact same kind of dumb stuff when I first got the Omnitrix, too...
Rook Blonko: You did the same kind of dumb stuff last Tuesday.
Ben Tennyson: Not the point!

Rook Tales [7.02]

Rook Shar: I suggest an alpha-nine evasion strategy.
Ben Tennyson: Here's a strategy: Run real fast!

Charm School [7.03]

Ben Tennyson: (answers his phone) Gwen! Hey, how are yo-? ...Oh, fine. Gwendolyn. Happy now? ...Don't move. We'll be right there!
Rook Blonko: We will? What about Suemongousaur?
Ben Tennyson: We've got bigger fish to fry.
Rook Blonko: This hardly seems like a good time to meet Gwendolyn for a meal.
Ben Tennyson: It's just an expression, Rook! No fish, no fry!
Rook Blonko: Who made up your language?

Hex: Never get a tattoo on your face, children. It severely limits your career choices.

Kevin Levin: "Charmcaster and the Rock Bats"? Sounds like a band name.

Charmcaster: You think you're so smart?
Gwen Tennyson: Yeah, kinda. Only one of us actually goes to this school.

The Ballad of Mr. Baumann [7.04]

Ben Tennyson (11 years old): Mr. Baumann has an alien girlfriend? Mr. Baumann has a girlfriend? Mr. Baumann has a friend?

XLR8: How can you be this heavy? What do you have, rocks in your pocket?
Mr. Baumann: (takes out 2 hand-full of rocks from his pockets, smirking) From the cave. They remind me of Sheelane.

Ripjaws: (while tackling and fighting Vulkanus underwater) Hey, Vulkanus! Enough with the... Less talking, more... You just... Why don't you... Sorry, man, I... uh, I thought I had one.

Ben Tennyson: ...But just when I downed Aggregor and Trumbipulor, Fistrick and Vilgax showed up. It was touch and go for a while, but eventually I drove them all off and saved the store from total destruction! So, do you think Mr. Baumann will buy that?

Fight at the Museum [7.05]

Kai Green: After retiring from the Plumbers, my grandfather wanted to find new ways of bringing together civilizations from across the universe. But rather then using a badge, he wanted to use knowledge. We believe that through such ancient objects, we can find the links that connect us all, and even answer the ultimate question: Why are we here?
Ben Tennyson: Because you invited us?

Ben Tennyson: Rook, saddle up. It's hero time!
Rook Blonko: Right. What does a horse have to do with this?

Ben Tennyson: Jimmy, quick! Turn into Spanner and give me a hand here!
Jimmy Jones: What are you talking about?
Ben Tennyson: Now's not the time to be modest. Do your thing!
Jimmy Jones: Sure. Want me to hack something?
Subdora: This is who you pal around with? How am I losing to you?!

Kai Green: Are you coming, or do you want to sit there until morning?
Ben Tennyson: Hang on. I'm thinking of an appropriately snarky reply.
Kai Green: We really don't have that kind of time.

Exo-Skull: What the heck happened to you?
Subdora: I go to-a come slide, and then Tennyson goes-a poof-a, and I'm orange! And then running, and-a chasing, and-a then sapaloosh! It was-a not good.
Exo-Skull: Subdora, sweetheart, I support you unconditionally, and respect your need for artistic expression. But from now on, we're gonna do this job my way!

Kai Green: (After Ben- as Walkatrout- fails to break down the door) You could always try Blitzwolfer...
Ben Tennyson: Don't start.
Kai Green: Fine. Then I guess... it's hero time!
Ben Tennyson: Great. I've already been robbed of my dignity, and now you're stealing my catchphrase?!

Ester: (shivers) I am freezing. I cannot wait for this night to be over!
Spanner: Oh, I don't know. We prevented the orb from being stolen, (whispers to Rook) and I've straightened out Ben's love life for good.
Rook Blonko: Really? I did not think that was possible. Except perhaps by hypnosis, or a brain transplant.

Breakpoint [7.06]

Ben Tennyson: Fistrick may be a crook, but at least he doesn't yell at his bros.
Grandpa Max: I'm not your bro.

Rook Blonko: Surprise, partner! (offers Ben a meatball sub)
Ben Tennyson: Yeah, I used to love those, but now they seem... gross.
Rook Blonko: May I have yours?
Ben Tennyson: Slow down there, farmboy. Meatball subs are a sometime food, not an anytime food.
Rook Blonko: Wait. They are not always food? Ben, are you-
Ben Tennyson: No! I'm not too close to the case.

Wildvine: I know Fistrick's next move, a robbery at Billions' Tower.
Rook Blonko: (Muffled) Billions' b-bower?
Wildvine: Sorry, what? The words coming out of your mouth look like meatballs.
Rook Blonko: (Gulps and Chuckles nervously) Allow me to explain. I have nothing.

The Color of Monkey [7.07]

Rook Blonko: Madam, I do not wish to harm you.
Rojo: Don't you worry about me. And don't call me "madam!"

Ben Tennyson: Never bring a truck to a bike chase!

Rook Blonko: Give up, Rojo!
Upgrade: Yeah, you bad guys never win anyway!
Rojo: Oh, well see, I'm a bad girl!

Rojo: Come on, Caballo. Your horsepower can outfly these yahoos.

Rojo: So, you got it this time, chimp?
Simian: The package is inside the Techadon. You'll need to break through its armor to get it.
Rojo: It's not gonna attack me or anything, is it?

Vreedlemania [7.08]

Feedback: This day cannot get any worse...
Vilgax: Ben Tennyson! (appears from his spaceship) I, Vilgax, conqueror of billions have returned to exact my revenge for your impenitence! Cower before me or this time, your defeat will be absolute!
Ma Vreedle: Hey, Squid-dilly! Git!
Vilgax: (afraid) Ah! Mrs. Vreedle! Um, nice seeing you. So, anyway Ben. I, uh, have to go. (leaves in his ship)
(Feedback staring on stunned and shocked)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World


Part 1 [7.09]

Exo-Skull: Two Tennysons?
Subdora: Now that's panache!
Exo-Skull: Eh. I'm still gonna blast 'em.

Toolboxx: Why'd you pick that lame-o alien? He's, like, the worst!
The Worst: He's not like the worst. He is The Worst.

Mad Ben Tennyson: (throws Maltruant's key) Think fast, crab man!
Dr. Psychobos: (catches key) I only think fast! And don't call me c-crab man!

Mad Diamondhead: Pathetic.
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23): Yeah? Well you're... pathetic-er!
Ben Tennyson: Remind me to mentor on your trash talk, man.

Maltruant: I've frozen your Omnitrices in time. They're completely useless!
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23): Who knew he could do that?
Ben Tennyson: Who knew the plural of "Omnitrix" was "Omnitrices?"

Ben Tennyson: Please give me Humungousaur, please give me Humungousaur... (turns into Jury Rigg)
Jury Rigg: Jury Rigg? Are you kidding me?!
Rollaway: Hey, at least you're a smaller target.

Dr. Psychobos: So this is what it's c-c-come to? The greatest mind in the galaxy reduced to mere t-tech support?
Maltruant: The greatest mind in the galaxy is Azmuth. But no matter the alternate dimensional timeline, he is always too smart to be evil. I had to settle for second-best.
Dr. Psychobos: Huh. There is no such thing as "too smart to be evil!"
Ben Tennyson: How about "too dim to stay out of Plumber jail?"

Clockwork: Hey, no fair!
Subdora: Who needs fair when you have flair?

Part 2 [7.10]

Mad Rook Blonko: (Fires lasers at the Bens) Get to work. Now!
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23): Why don't you get down here and do it yourself?
Mad Rook Blonko: Because then there'd be no-one to fire laser blasts at you!

Freezeghost: (Traps Mad Rook in ice) Cool. Get it?
Eye Guy: Dude, watch the puns! Pretty soon, you use up all the eyeconic ones, and they just get cornea and cornea!

Ben Tennyson: Quick, change me into Nanomech. (Ben 23 stares blankly at him) Little guy, about this big? (Holds his fingers close together) Don't you have him?
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23): Oh, you mean Teeny-Weeny!
Ben Tennyson: Do I even have to tell you that's a bad name?
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