Ben 10: Omniverse (season 6)

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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season Ben 10: Omniverse.

Catfight [6.01]

(Ben and Ester watch the movie. Ben is captivated by it while Ester starts pouting because Ben isn't paying attention to her. She suddenly gets an idea)
Ester: (sneezes) Brrr, it's awfully chilly in here.
Ben Tennyson: (Removes his jacket and hands it to her without taking his eyes off the movie) Here you go. (Ester takes the jacket, looking upset)
Ben Tennyson: Yeah! (Ester pretends to yawn and tries to put her arm around Ben's shoulder. But Ben moves forward and she falls into the back of his seat) (Ben cheering) Go Sumos!
Rayona: Are you sure Ben is from this planet? He does not seem to understand it's courting rituals at all.
Rook Blonko: Yes, he is. And yes, he does not.
Ben Tennyson: Is this the greatest movie or what?
Ester: What.
Ben Tennyson: (shushes her) Movie. (Ester resumes pouting)

Nyancy Chan: Ben Tennyson! The hair ball in my saucer of milk!
Ben Tennyson: Umm..Ew? This'll just take a second.

Rath: Lemme tell ya something, crazy cat lady who's making me miss Sumo Slammers 6: The Dark Side of Mawashi! Rath is gonna..(gets hypnotized) whatever you command.
Nyancy Chan: Aw! Who's a good pussycat?
Rath: Rath's a good pussycat!
Nyancy Chan: Yes, you are. Woogie-boogie-woogie. Now, sick 'em!

Looma: I, Princess Looma, claim Ben Tennyson in the name of the royal house of the Red Wind.
Attea: Well, you're too late. I already claimed him in the name in the royal ME!
Ester: You already had your chance with Ben, and you blew it!
Looma: I know you. Aren't you that steamy runt I invited to my wedding?
Ester: "Invited"? You call ransacking my village and kidnapping me an invitation?! And the wedding was cancelled, remember?!
Attea: Yeah, so hit the road, sister.
Ester: YOU should talk, Princess Attea!
Attea: Soon-to-be Empress.
Ester: The only reason you didn't destroy the Earth was so that you could betray and depose your own father.
Attea: [smiling] Yeah, those were good times.

Nyancy Chan: Speaking of mind control, get him Mr. Fluffykins!
Rath: Let me tell you something, lady! Your wish is my command and all, but Rath is not entirely comfortable with being called "Mr. Fluffykins"!

Rath: Listen up, large ball of yarn! If you think you're too big for Rath to handle....think again!

Molly Gunther: Here you go, Blonko! (Throwing Omnitrix Remote Control) Courtesy of Blukic and Driba.
Rook Blonko: Does it work?
Molly Gunther: They said to tell you "Absolutely..probably..maybe.. (drives away)
Ester: What is that thing? It won't hurt Ben, will it?
Rook Blonko: Absolutely not..probably..maybe..
Rayona: Not helpful, Rook.

Ester: (trying to use the device on Rath but is not able to make it work) Absolutely..probably..maybe..

Ben Tennyson: What just happened here?
Rook Blonko: I... am not sure.
Ester: (hugging Ben) Makes perfect sense to me.
Rayona: (hugging Rook) And me.
Nyancy Chan: (suddenly appearing from below) Me too!
Ben Tennyson: Who asked ya?
Ester: Don't be so grouchy, Mr. Fluffykins.
Rayona: The important thing is there's still enough time to get back to our double date.
Ben Tennyson: Awesome! I can wait to see Sumo Slammers: 6 again!

[To Rook's targeting laser]
Rath: Let me tell you something, little red dot which is curiously devoid of mass or volume...!

Blitzwolfer: Now I get to shut you up, and shut you down.

(Ben stands up, turns into Rath, and growls)
Rath: Listen up, all of you! If you girls keep trying to change me (turns into Four Arms)
Four Arms: into what you want me to be instead of what I am, (turns into Bullfrag)
Bullfrag: I'm gonna hurl!

Collect This [6.02]

Ben Tennyson: Rook, where did you learn to play soccer ?
Rook Blonko: At the Plumber's Academy.
Ben Tennyson: Alright then. (transforms into Kickin Hawk)
Kickin Hawk: Kickin Hawk's gonna rule at this! (He makes a goal and wreck Pakmar's store) GOAL!

Simian: Just trust me.
Arctiguana: Last time I trusted you, you stole the DNAlien repair gun and sold it!
Simian: Yeah, I know. Crazy universe, am I right?

Ben Tennyson: You sold the Earth?
Simian: Don't judge. You wouldn't believe what signed collectibles go for.
Ben Tennyson: I hope you're proud of yourself, Simian.
Simian: A little.

Ben Tennyson: What is this? Another alternate timeline, or something?
Rook Blonko: I understand your confusion. You have never seen the actual extranet program. You have only heard tesserbursts of the audio.
Ben Tennyson: I heard every syllable of that, but it never turned into words.

Ben Tennyson: (About the gunk that Collectimus sprayed him and Rook with) It's like the stuff that Ball Weevil uses!
Rook Blonko: Which explodes!

The Vengers [6.03]

Will Harangue: Mr. Billions, no one knows who you are or where you came from.
Billy Billions: (irritated) Go on.
Will Harangue: You're young, you're rich, you're a certifiable genius.
Billy Billions: (interested) Go on.
Will Harangue: You could have anything. Why a superhero team?
Billy Billions: Well, I'm a people person. I like to give 'til it hurts. Then I give a little more. And I thought, "what better gift to the city I love, than the gift of me?"
Will Harangue: A beautiful sentiment.

Billy Billions: Ben Tennyson.
Ben Tennyson: I am so not in the mood for this right now, Willy.
Billy Billions: It's Billy! Billy Billions! Why is that so hard for you to remember?
Ben Tennyson: I remember it. I just really, really don't care. Really.

Ben Tennyson: (about to fight the Vengers) I'm not even gonna try to get one of my heavy hitters. Any one of my aliens is a better hero than the three of you combined.

Brainstorm: (About the Vengers) Their advantage: superior numbers. My advantage: superior intelligence!

Rook Blonko: There is way too much information on the Internet. Who needs to know how to tie your shoes fifteen different ways?
Ben Tennyson: People with a lot of shoes?

Billy Billions: You'd be nothing without me, you ungrateful washed-up wannabes!
Captain Nemesis: "Washed-up wannabes?" You wish you were even half the superhero I am!
Kangaroo Kommando: You're not even half the size I am!

Cough It Up [6.04]

Psyphon: [gasps] You dolt! Do you have any idea what you've just done?! That's a dehydrated Techadon army!

Argit: (the Techadons surround Psyphon) Well, well, well, just look at that, Argit gets the last word.
Psyphon: Consider yourself lucky, you pooky, little... (the Techadons grab him)
Argit: Uh, uh, uh, I've said Argit gets the last word. That's not you.

Argit: (the wall explodes and Kraab gets in) Kraab? When did you get out?
Kraab: Nevermind Argit, cough it up!

Toepick: Got him, okay now, this isn't gonna be pretty.

The Rooters of All Evil [6.05]

Proctor Servantis: Resistance is futile!
Ben Tennyson: So's yelling "resistance is futile!"

Kevin Levin: Not now, Ben!

Phil Billings: You thought you could take me? Aren't you getting a bit long in the tooth?
Magister Patelliday: Well, you tell me! (bites Phil)

Driba: (While firing at the Rooters) I have an award for marksmanship, you know.
Blukic: That's not an award. That's a warning label!

Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51 [6.06]

Thunderpig: Thunder, Thunder, Thunderpig!
Ben Tennyson: (irritated) I know who you are. You don't have to reintroduce yourself every...
Thunderpig: My name is Thunderpig. You ate my father with cheese and mustard, open-faced on a whole-wheat baguette. Prepare to die!

Driba: As the finest minds on our planet, we have been chosen to make first contact!
Blukic: Hi! (waves) ...well, that's done. Let's go home now.

Whampire: Whampire?! In the day time?! In the desert?!

Luhley: (grabbing Blukic and Driba) That was my flying saucer!

No Honor Among Bros [6.07]

Grandpa Max: Terrific. We've got escaped fugitives on the loose, and one of my best Plumbers is out of commission.
Rook Blonko: Hey, no offense and with all do respect, there's nothing wrong with me.
Grandpa Max: Ben... He's your partner.
Ben Tennyson: Well, he talks funny and has lousy taste, but that's never stopped us before.
Rook Blonko: Let's go put a hurt on those jailbirds!
Ben Tennyson: Aah! Is it too late to change my mind?!

Rook Blonko: Keep looking, bro. They have got to be around here somewhere.
Ben Tennyson: So, we're just gonna drive around and hopefully see them?
Rook Blonko: You got a better plan?
Ben Tennyson: Dude, you're the one with the detective skills. I'm just a hero, remember?
Rook Blonko: Okay. Uh, let me think. Um... Uh... I-I think I need some vitamins and protein and what not, you know, to kick my brain into high gear.
Ben Tennyson: Gah!

Universe vs. Tennyson [6.08]

Rook Blonko: Alien X is awesome!
Alien X: Told ya.

Rook Blonko: Why is Ben not defending himself?
Starbeard: His dual consciousness must deliberate and reach an agreement before Alien X can do anything.
Rook Blonko: How long will that take?
Starbeard: Eternity, give or take a few eons.

Ben Tennyson: You know, it's sleazebags like you that give lawyers a bad name.
Chadzmuth: Young man, lawyers have always had a bad name.

Ben Tennyson: You're just lucky I have a new found respect for the dregs of the legal profession.
Chadzmuth: And...?
Ben Tennyson: And...thanks for your help, I owe you one.
Chadzmuth: (laughs) Wait till you get my bill, kid.

Weapon XI

Kevin Levin: Ben, you've made some boneheaded moves in your day...
Ben Tennyson: Good to see you too.

Kevin Levin: I don't get it, he saved the universe at least a dozen times.
Proctor Servantis: And destroyed it! All because you, agent Levin, never completed your mission to neutralize him years ago.
Kevin Levin: And I'm not gonna do it now! Your little brain blast worked on the Plumbers' helpers but you can't turn me into one of you! If you could, you would have done it already.
Proctor Servantis: Turn you? Kevin, you already are one of us.
Kevin Levin: But why? He's no coming storm, he's just a kid.
Proctor Servantis: Precisely, a device with as extraordinary of a power as the Omnitrix was never meant to be wielded by an unpredictable and immature child. (...) He was never supposed to receive the Omnitrix, he was never supposed to wield its power, you knew this instinctively. Who was it who drove you mad? Who was it who sent you to the Null Void when you were only a child? You know what you must do Agent Levin. Save the universe from Ben Tennyson! Be the hero you were always meant to be!

Argit: What's Benny doing up there?! Sounds like a war zone!
Rook Blonko: Ben has control over Alien X.

Kickin Hawk: What's your problem?
Kevin Levin: You are Ben, you're the coming storm.
Kickin Hawk: You're talking crazy! Servantis is messing with your head too.
Kevin Levin: I'm all me, I always have been! (...) None of this would have happened if you never found the Omnitrix!
Kickin Hawk: You don't know that!
Kevin Levin: I would have never been sent to the Null Void. Alan, Helen and Manny would still be regular human kids. And Pierce might still be alive!
Kickin Hawk: Kevin, I'm your best friend!

Kevin Levin: Hunt them down. Hunt them down, and destroy Ben Tennyson!
Proctor Servantis: You think this omnipotent monster is the good guy?
Kevin Levin: I know it. Ben's the greatest friend I ever had.
Argit: Hello?!
Kevin Levin: (to Ben) Though ever since we became friends, I keep getting this residual urge to waste you.
Ben Tennyson: Sometimes, I can tell.
Kevin Levin: But if I'd gone through with it, the universe would be gone a few times over. And then wouldn't I look like a jerk?
Ben Tennyson: No more then usual.
Kevin Levin: (To Servantis) See? Ben's like a brother to me, even when I don't deserve it.

Gwen Tennyson: If Kevin's some kind of sleeper agent, was he ever really... y'know?
Ben Tennyson: With us?
Argit: Look, just don't give up on him. We all owe him that much. Did I give up on you guys when the Incurseans invaded?
Ben, Gwen, and Rook: Yes!
Argit: Yeah... That's a totally different situation.

Ben Tennyson: I hope Burger Shack is ready for the coming storm!
Rook Blonko: I see what you did there.
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