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The following is a list of quotes from the third season Ben 10: Omniverse.

TGIS [3.01]

Zak Saturday: The control room's down the hall, and that's the game room.
Ben Tennyson: Rook, we definitely need our own air ship.
Rook Blonko: We already have the space ship and an underground Headquarters.
Ben Tennyson: And neither has a game room!

Dr. Animo: (To Argost) It's been a productive three years.
V.V. Argost: THREE YEARS!? You were supposed to bring me back in a month! What was the hold up, Mr. Animo?
Dr. Animo: Ben Tennyson, and it's Dr. Animo!
V.V. Argost: (Sarcastically) Yes, and I'm sure that came from an accredited university.

Dr. Animo: (yelling) Do you. Know. Where you are?!
V.V. Argost: I'm reanimated, not deaf.

Zak Saturday: We can still catch them, Fiskerton can go from zero to sixty without braking swap!
Ben Tennyson: Rook, we need a trike!
Rook Blonko: You have a motorcycle.

V.V. Argost: And you must be Mr. Tennyson.
Ben Tennyson: You know, your show seemed cool and your new look is admittedly rad, but we're totally gonna have to kick your butt.

Dr. Animo: (to Fiskerton) Ooo, a Fiskerton Phantom, the only one in existence! If only I could cross you with an Owl Man, it will be the bees knees! Note to self: Put knees on bees.

V.V. Argost: Any last words?
Zak Saturday: You won't win. You look gross! And the last season of your show? You totally phoned it in!

V.V. Argost: Hmm, this tail does coming handy. What more can I ask for?
Feedback: Eyes in the back of your head!
V.V. Argost: I'll have my revenge, Zak Saturday! This... isn't... over!
Feedback: Sorry, dude, it kinda is.

Tummy Trouble [3.02]

Queen Voratia Rumbletum: Well, hello. I was just planning the most wonderful victory banquet.
Princess Attea: You're gonna sign this planet over to me, barf bag, or you will pay the price.
Queen Voratia Rumbletum: Ooh! Oh, that does it! You shan't be invited!

Ben Tennyson: Awesome! We did it buddy!
Rook Blonko: Computer, send a reminder to review Earth grammar. I may not fully understand the pronoun "we."

Big Chill: (freezes an Incursean Warrior) Piece of cake!
Murk Gourmands: Mmmm! Cake! (Big Chill facepalms)

Queen Voratia Rumbletum: It's called Peptos ELEVEN (XI) Dumpling. What do you think happened to the other ten?

Store 23 [3.03]

Ben Tennyson: Blukic, Driba, it's time.
Blukic: Hmm Mr. Smoothy.
Driba: [Gasp] At last! We're finally gonna find that elusive store 23! The very thought makes me belch in anticipation! [Belches]
Blukic: Me, too. [Belches]

(While searching online for the 23rd Mr. Smoothy's)
Driba: Just as I feared, only 22 Mr. Smoothy's. (store 23 appears on the GPS) No, there it is!
Ben Tennyson: What's the address?
Driba: Whoops, it's gone again.

(after seeing Cow alien and Chicken alien get sucked out of store 23)
Driba: That was a Cross-Dimensional Sunburst Aurora!
Blukic: No, it wasn't.
Driba: Yes, it was!
Blukic: Not a sunburst. More of a pinwheel shape.
Driba: (Surprised) A Pinwheel Aurora? That's worse!

Blarney T. Hokestar: Well, if no one else will say it, this must be a dimension that closely parallels our own.
Blukic: Oh, I hate those.
Driba: The worst! At first, everything looks normal, but then, wham! You find out that super intelligent dolphins won the civil war, and pretty soon, we all end up in an alien zoo!

(Ben 10 transforms into different aliens for Ben 23 to evaluate. He turns into Upchuck)
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23): Vomit Man (Ben 10 changes into Spidermonkey) Mr. Monkey (Ben 10 changes into Mole-Stache) Don't know him (Ben 10 changes into Wildmutt) Dognabbit (Wildmutt growls) It's a pun, get it?
Ben Tennyson: (detransforms) I'm starting to get it.

Ben Tennyson: (About Ben 23 when offers to vouch for Blukic, Driba and Hokestar) At least he didn't call them "Evil Monster Hater Aliens"
Azmuth (Dimension 23): (In Ben 10's hand) It's a start.

Azmuth (Dimension 23): That will do. Now switch off the stabilizers between dimensions. You've been doing the equivalent of stepping on the brake and the accelerator at the same time.
Blukic: I feel silly.
Driba: Truly you are the first thinker, parallel-world Azmuth.
Azmuth (Dimension 23): And you two are brilliant scientists.
Driba and Blukic: Oooh!
Azmuth (Dimension 23): By Earth standards. For a couple of Galvans, you two are remarkably unintelligent.
Driba and Blukic: Awwwww!

Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23): It's...
Ben Tennyson: Smoothie time!

Vilgax Must Croak [3.04]

Ben Tennyson: Hey, Attea! I have a question! If a guy kisses you, will you turn into a princess?
Princess Attea: I am a princess! (to her minions) Obliterate them!!

Rook Blonko: Hobble, are you injured?
Hobble: Actually, it only hurts when I- (winces) ...breathe.

Ben Tennyson: Which you then tried to steal which began a long tradition of me kicking your butt.
Vilgax: No it didn't.
Ben Tennyson: Yeah you're right. oh except for that time I kicked you out into space, That other time I kicked you out into space, in that arena OH. And when we got blown up in the ocean. you see how there's a pattern forming here?

(Attea fires the Techadon Dissipator at Ben)
Vilgax: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Jumps in the way of the blast)
Ben Tennyson: Did you just do what I think you did?
Vilgax: I don't know what came over me.

Ben Again [3.05]

Diamondhead: What? No weird time beams, or whatever? Not your usual style, Eon.
Eon: The only thing ever predictable about me, is that I'm unpredictable! (Attacks with an energy blade)
Diamondhead: (blocks the attack) Unpredictable and lame!

XLR8: Seriously? Your name is Eon? Like E-yawn!

Ditto: Ditto? Wow! I haven't used Ditto since...forever.

Ben Tennyson: Professor Paradox? What's with that Steampunk make over?
Professor Paradox: Or let's say I have been forced to take a more active role in temporal affairs of late, it's become open warfare on the space-time continuum I'm afraid.
Ben Tennyson: A Time War? Is that bad that I think that sounds awesome?

Ben Tennyson: Hey! Check it out! There is more numbers down here on these high pipes just hid, 1.....(pipes broke) oh...Oh oh!

Arctiguana: Arctiguana? Cool! Literally!

Ben Tennyson: Yeah, well, something is about to happen soon or later. It always does, just give it some times.
(The green time portal open besides Ben, Ben 10,000 appears)
Ben 10,000: Ben! Where is Paradox? The Chronosapiens are gone rogue, and Maltruant's temporal beasts are on a cross-dimensional rampage! This Time War, it's getting out of hand!
Ben Tennyson: Time War? Awesome!!!

Special Delivery [3.06]

Mr. Baumann: (After his house gets destroyed) I truly, truly hate you, Ben.

Zombozo: (brandishing a laser whip) Back Tennyson, back! Ah, this takes me back to my days working in a school lunchroom!

Ben Tennyson: Seabick, does Ester know what you're doing?
Seabick: Oh, I hope not!

Zombozo: ...Then I told Vilgax "You know what's really scary? Your Mom!"

Rad [3.07]

Rad Dudesman: Dudesman... Rad Dudesman. You two here are plumbers?
Diamondhead: (laughs) You're a duck?
Rook Blonko: Ben!
Diamondhead: Oh sorry. (laughs) But come on, a duck?! (laughs) Am I the only one that sees this?! (everyone ran out from the Black Hole, the bar-man hid behind bar shaking with fear, pushed the red button next to him, the plank under the bar-man rotated and the bar-man escaped)

Rook Blonko: Wait here.
Diamondhead: "Wait here." Has he even met me?

Incursean Soldier: Huh? It's a duck.
Rad Dudesman: (activates guns) Duck this!

Rad Dudesman: Trouble is my middle name. Danger is my middle name. Profit is my middle name.
Ben Tennyson: Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman.
Rad Dudesman: Told you.

Eye Guy: Eye Guy? Really? Sweet! EYE haven't seen this GUY in like forever!

Eye Guy: Five million freighter captains in the universe, and EYE get a trigger-happy duck with a death wish.

While You Were Away [3.08]

Sheriff Wat-Senn: Young One, help us.
Young One: How do I know you are not still mind-controlled?
Rook Shar: Do it brat, or I shall tell mother.
Young One: Shar, you're back!
Rook Shar: Language!
Young One: Forgive the contraction!

Ben Tennyson: Attea!
Princess Attea: You call me "highest commander!"
Ben Tennyson: Not likely!

Young One: Wait 'til I tell everyone back home that I was in a high-speed chase with the legendary Ben 10!
Ben Tennyson: More like a high-speed crash.

Astrodactyl: I've always wanted to be one of these, whatever they are...

Astrodactyl: (arms start to glow) Energy whippy-deals too! I'm so there!

Princess Attea: Nice work, Psycho boy.
Dr. Psychobos: It's Dr. Psycho boy! I mean, Dr. Psychobos!

The Frogs of War

Ben Tennyson: What's with this traffic? (taps the Omnitrix)
Rook Blonko: Playing "violin" with your Omnitrix won't make it move faster.
Ben Tennyson: What? Oh you mean "fiddling" with my Omnitrix?
Rook Blonko: ...That as well.

Omnitrix: Randomizer function activated.
Ben Tennyson: "Randomizer function"? What's that- (transforms into Way Big and falls back into a nearby building and catches a sign that almost hit the people)
Way Big: Sorry! My bad. Everything's fine now, see? (transforms into NRG. Fire starts burning in a building as he accidentally fired it. NRG get outs from his containment suit and floats above the people)
NRG: It was an accident, I swear.

Water Hazard: So remember, when you hear "alien" think "helpful heroic"- (seeing the Incurseans are coming) Hot Buttered Biscuits! Incoming!

Emperor Milleous: Resistance is futile, but encouraged, for it amuses me!

Rath: Let me tell you something Incursean space flyer! Rath is going to clip your wings starting from the inside and working his way out! (Punches a hole in the flyer) Rath isn't going down gravity! Ancient evil force of nature! This time, you're the one that's going...Uh oh (Omnitrix times out)

Emperor Milleous: (to microphone) Cease fire, CEASE FIRE!
Ben Tennyson: First rule Ben warfare: "Never leave the arms free" (transforms into Big Chill)
Emperor Milleous: (to microphone) I said cease-(gets frozen by Big Chill, and Big Chill detransforms)
Ben Tennyson: (acting as Emperor Milleous) Do not cease fire! Plumbers have infiltrated all Incursean Ships! Shoot first, ask questions later! Trust no one, including me, Lord Emperor Milleous, light of the-OH FORGET IT! It was a boring conversation anyway.

Dr. Psychobos: Do I detect a hint of daddy issues, highest commander?
Princess Attea: (Whips Psychobos with her tongue) Oh, I've got daddy issues, Psychobos; Crawdaddy issues!

Ben Tennyson: It's blaze of glory time!

Grandpa Max: This is for Ben and Rook, you toads!
Emperor Milleous: Guy's got guts. I wanna see 'em!
Kevin Levin: Not bad for a noob.
Rook Blonko: High praise indeed, coming from the infamous Kevin Levin.
Kevin Levin: (smiles) "Infamous," huh?
Gwen Tennyson: Hate to interrupt a budding bromance, but you wanna help here?

Princess Attea: The Emperor's gonna want a public execution for you, Tennyson!
Kevin Levin: Hang on, hang on! Bullfrag is Ben?
Gwen Tennyson: Who else would come up with a dumb name like "Bullfrag"?
Bullfrag: (walking over) Whatever, Bullfrag is awesome.
Gwen Tennyson: I knew it was you as soon as you showed up
Bullfrag: I know, but I couldn't risk the Incurseans findin' out I was back on Earth. That's why I couldn't say nothin' until I knew we were in the clear.
Princess Attea: Oh, you'd better believe it! My daddy will fry you alive for coming back. And the rest of this miserable planet!
Bullfrag: 'Course, you're kinda mixed up about me, aren't you? (walks over to Attea) It's exciting, going against what Daddy says, huh?
(Romantic music begins playing)
Princess Attea: (blushing) What?! Well uh... I, eh, uh...
Bullfrag: Now that I'm an Incursean, Attea. I'm seeing you in a whole new way.
Princess Attea: (nervous) Which... way... how... say what?!
Bullfrag: You're special. Those big eyes, that cute little cap, that vicious indifference...
Princess Attea: (sheepishly happy) Oh, well... it's an instinct, y'know. I'm just naturally cold-blooded! (hit by Gwen's mana blast) Ugh... (faints)
Kevin Levin: I'm gonna throw up. (gags, glares at Ben) That was disgusting.
Bullfrag: Don't blame me, blame this DNA.
Gwen Tennyson: Ugh, that's what you boys always say. (Kevin grins sheepishly at this remark)
Bullfrag: But now they know I am here...(Opening the chest Omnitrix cover) Command Code 1010 Tennyson Benjamin Disengage Life-Form Lock. (Bullfrag changes back)
Gwen Tennyson: Good to see your face
Ben Tennyson: Yeah, it's been a while.
Kevin Levin: Hey, buddy.
Ben Tennyson: Hey.

Dr. Psychobos: Pathetic simpletons! You are wasting your time! I control every mutant To'kustar on Earth. I can squash your resistance, and I use the term loosely, like b-b-bugs!
Driba: Simpletons? The SIMPLEST Galvan is still smarter than a Cerebrocrustacean.
Blukic: Yeah. And WE ought to know.
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