Ben 10: Alien Force

American animated television series

Ben 10: Alien Force was an American animated television series that was aired on Cartoon Network. It takes place five years after Ben 10 and takes a darker turn than its predecessor.


Season OneEdit

Ben 10 Returns, Part 1Edit

Gwen: Grandpa doesn't have the Omnitrix. You do.
Ben: Yeah. He's sending me some sort of message. I think he wants me to put it on again.
Gwen: He always said that was your choice. You don't have to do it if you don't want to.
Ben: I used to love the Omnitrix. It made me feel special.
Gwen: You know what? It wasn't the watch was special. It was you. And you've earned the chance to have a normal life. You put that thing back on and that's pretty much it for normal.

(Gwen restrains Magister Labrid in a pink energy rope)

Ben: You're getting really good at that stuff.
Gwen: Thanks.

Ben 10 Returns, Part 2Edit

Ben: are you sure this gonna work?
Gwen: No. I've never done this before. But in theory, I should be able to trace the energy of this laser lance back to the people who owned it.

Everybody Talks About the WeatherEdit

Kevin: Humans with alien ancestors are actually pretty common. Most of them have superpowers.
Gwen: Common?
Kevin: Well, yeah. That's what you are. You get your powers through grandpa. I thought you knew.
Gwen: I get my powers from magic talismans and books.
Kevin: Right. Magic.
Alan: So how are we doing this again?
Gwen: Magic.
Kevin: It ain't magic.
Gwen: Oh, right. Kevin says I've got superpowers because of my alien bloodline.
Ben: Huh?

Kevin's Big ScoreEdit

All That GlittersEdit

Max OutEdit

Pier PressureEdit

What Are Little Girls Made of?Edit

Ben: I think we just met our grandmother.

Gwen: I've been keeping a big secret from you: Magic powers.
Frank Tennyson: So you're what, some kind of witch in training? Come on, Gwen. There's no such thing.
Gwen: But there's more. You ready?
(projects pink energy to close the drawer with her spellbooks and mystical artifacts)
Frank: That's a big secret.
Gwen: I met Grandma Verdona today.
Frank: I was afraid this day would come. But you never showed any signs of having powers. Your mother and I thought we were in the clear.
Gwen: Magic runs in the family? I knew it!
Frank: Honey, there really is no such thing as magic. Your grandma's an alien.

Frank: Been awhile, Mom.
Verdona: I suppose, in human time. Sweetie, your grandmother is an Anodite and so are you.
Gwen: What's an Anodite?
Verdona: Anodites are a race of free spirits with powers that humans can barely comprehend. Now we don't often mess in the affairs of just plain folks, but I fell deeply in with Max Tennyson.
Kevin: And ditched him?
Verdona: No. It was just after the kids were grown and out of the house, I needed to reconnect with Anodite heritage. And Max was busy saving the universe with the Plumbers.
Frank: Dad thought you didn't about that.
Verdona: Yes. He didn't want me to worry. Sweet man. We had many good years, but we grew apart. Even a fellow loaded with as much mana as Max is still just a physical being.
Ben: What's mana?
Verdona: Your grandpa's fate was big news. It even reached my planet. So I came back here to remember the good times. Who knew there was budding Anodite among you? Gwendolyn, you'll be amazed at what you can do. Let me teach you to master life energy. That's what mana is.
Ben: Oh.
Gwen: I do wanna learn. Where do we start?
Verdona: On Anodyne. Stop living this humdrum life. Come home with me and join the real party.

Ben: Still, it's pretty cool to find out about your powers, right? Grandma could teach you do all that stuff she can do.

Verdona: But you don't even know who you really are, kiddo. We belong on Anodyne among our kind. Let me show you. (assumes her true Anodite form) See? Just a disguise. This is what it means to be an Anodite.
Natalie: So that's why she looks so good.
Verdona: Mature Anodites are pure energy. We draw life from the mana round us.
Ben: You gotta admit, that's kinda cool.
Verdona: You're just too young to make up your own mind. Let me help you. I'll destroy your body and free the Anodite inside. It'll be fun. And you'll be able to think much more clearly.
Ben: Destroy!?
Kevin: Her body!?

Gwen: Destroy my body!? You're not serious!?
Verdona: how do you whether you like something if don't try it?
Ben: Verdona, she said no!
Verdona: Another dance, boys? Okay. But just this once. (Blasts them out of the house) Now this is what I call a party.
Kevin: Gwen, stay back.
Gwen: Hit the road, Kevin.
Kevin: Huh? (sees the stone steps) Oh.

Spidermonkey: Why grandma, what big trouble you have!

Verdona: One day you'll learn to make a new body. Any kind you like.
Gwen: Listen to me!! I am not going! I love having powers but I like my life better. I like fighting monsters and saving the world.
Verdona: Anodites help tons of people. Scads! You could use your new powers however you want. After you've mastered them in sixty or seventy years.
Gwen: It's more than that. I like swimming and school and breaking boards with my hands, and running and feeling tired afterward, and...kissing boys. I mean, all those good times you had with Grandpa...
Verdona: Aw, I was just a kid having my fun. Trust me. Grown up parties are so much better.
Gwen: Grandma Verdona, admit it. You miss it. And you miss Max. That's what brought you here.
Verdona: Max should have been like us. He had a spark all his own. An adventurer, troublemaker. He was a lot like your little friend, uh, Curtis.
Kevin: Kevin.
Verdona: Energy beings talking here.
Gwen: No. You're an energy being. I'm a girl.
Verdona: Maybe I've forgotten what that's like. Still, what I'm offering you is better. Think of how many more powers you'll have.
Gwen: I like my power but I love my friends and family. I'm not going with you, Grandma.
Verdona: No. I don't believe you are.

The GauntletEdit


Be KnightedEdit

Plumbers' HelpersEdit


Season TwoEdit

Darkstar RisingEdit

Alone TogetherEdit

Good Copy, Bad CopyEdit

Save the Last DanceEdit


Gwen: He's close.
Kevin: You got any spells that'll get us there?
Gwen: They're not spells.
Kevin: That's a no then.

Pet ProjectEdit



Birds of a FeatherEdit

Inside ManEdit


War of the Worlds, Part 1Edit

War of the Worlds, Part 2Edit

Gwen: Leave him alone!!
Highbreed: Very well. I was nearly done with him anyway! That won't keep me from you, vermin! Or perhaps I'll finish your friend first! So you can watch him suffer. Yes. You're no threat to me now.
Gwen: (enraged): I said...LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!
(Takes on a form of pure pink-and-purple energy and blasts the Highbreed far away)
Kevin: Gwen?
Gwen (deep, distorted voice): So much power!
Kevin: Gwen, listen to me! You gotta shut it down.
Gwen: No! I think I can defeat the Highbreed all by myself!
Kevin: Your grandmother said it would take at least seventy-five years for you to master all that power.
Gwen: We don't have seventy-five years!
Kevin: You'll lose your humanity. You won't remember Ben or me. Ben will find another way to win. You gotta come back to me, Gwen. I can't lose you. Okay?
(Gwen manages to control the powerful mystic energy inside her and turns back to normal)
Gwen: Okay.

Alien SwarmEdit

Gwen: Let me see if I can trace where they came from. They're completely inert. I can't pick up any energy signature.

Kevin: I don't know who's payin' for this, but their gonna fix my car!

Season ThreeEdit

Vengeance of Vilgax, Part 1Edit

Vengeance of Vilgax, Part 2Edit


Fool's GoldEdit

Vreedle, VreedleEdit



All Else FailsEdit

In Charm's WayEdit

Kevin: You think you can do magic? She's made of magic.
Charmcaster: Made of magic? If she's so powerful, this girlfriend of yours, how come she hasn't found a way to turn you back? Maybe she figures as long as you're a monster, no other girl will be interested. If I were your girlfriend I'd be working night and day to cure you.

Charmcaster: Gwen Tennyson. I've been waiting five years to say this: I love what you've done to hair.
(The two magic users spar off with simultaneous magic beams)
Gwen: You're losing, Charmcaster!
Charmcaster: Overconfident, much? You figure with no runes on the floor, no access to moonlight, I couldn't possibly trap you! Well, you were wrong! And the fun's only just beginning.

(Drains Gwen of her magical strength, causing her to scream in agony)
Charmcaster: Kevin wasn't kidding. You're filled with mana. It's so unfair. I worked my butt of for my power! And you were born made of magic. Well I can control magic, which means I can control you. And what nature gives, I can take away.

Gwen: I still have your old spellbook.
Charmcaster: No! You can't take the power back! It's impossible! I crushed you!
Gwen: Your problem is that magic is the only thing you're about! But for me magic is only one aspect of who I am!

Ghost TownEdit


Con of RathEdit

Busy BoxEdit

Gwen: Turbo. (Creates a pink whirlwind to slow Kevin's fall) I still have my spellbooks.


The Secret of ChromastoneEdit

Time HealsEdit

Above and BeyondEdit


The Final Battle, Part 1Edit

Gwen: What did I just tell you!?
Kevin: I know! Watch the pincers!
Gwen: Turbo.

Ben: I know it's a trap! I'm not just walking in there!
Albedo: Then I'll come out. And you're right. It is a trap.
Ben: I see you got your knockoff Omnitrix working again.
Albedo: It's not a knockoff. It's the Ultimatrix. And it's a definite improvement over the original. Wanna see? Not only can I transform into anything you can, but I can also evolve those creatures to their ultimate form. Meet Ultimate Homungosuar!

The Final Battle, Part 2Edit

Gwen: My old spellbook?
Max Tennyson: I saved the page for you.
Gwen: Albeo Exorior.
(teleports everyone in a flash of pink light)

Gwen: How many times have you helped people?
Ben: I don't know. Lots.
Gwen: And how many times was the Omnitrix out of power or broken? It's not the tool, it's man.
Ben: When you're talking about the most powerful device in the galaxy, it's the tool.
Gwen: We're counting on you, Ben. The whole world is. And I know you'll come through.

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