Beavis and Butt-head (specials)

Beavis and Butt-head (1993–1997, 2011) was an American animated television series that originally aired on the cable television channel MTV.  It followed the misadventures of two teenagers, Beavis and Butt-head.  During the initial run of the series, there were two Christmas specials, a Hallowe'en special, and a Thanksgiving special.

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"A Very Special Christmas With Beavis and Butt-head" [CS.1] edit

"Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest" [HW.1] edit

Beavis:  Hey Butt-head…These sheets smell funny.
Butt-head:  uh-huh-huh-huh, These are my special monkey-sheets.

Tom Anderson:  Now what in the hell are you two boys supposed to be?
Beavis:  I'm a nad.
Butt-head:  I'm a dumbass.  Check it out.  Uh huh huh huh.  Uh huh huh.  Uhuhuhuhuhuh.
[telephone rings]
Tom Anderson:  Now hold on just a second.  [picks up phone]  Well John Thomas!  How long's it been?  You still got Dick's number? 
[Beavis and Butt-head snicker]

Todd Ianuzzi:  Hey man, move your ass off the street!
Beavis:  [As Cornholio]  Are you threatening me?!
Todd Ianuzzi:  [Grabbing Beavis]  What'd you say?!
Beavis:  [As Cornholio]  Do not underestimate the power of the almighty bunghole!
[Todd's friends come out of the car preparing to help him beat up Beavis]
Todd Ianuzzi:  This is messed up man.
[Butt-head laughs clearly enjoying seeing Todd prepare to beat up Beavis; however, Todd later changes his plans]
Todd Ianuzzi:  Oh, you think this is funny?
Butt-head:  Yeah…so let's like, go kick some ass.
Todd Ianuzzi:  Yeah, let's take this little turd out into the country.
Beavis:  Run as you may.  You can not escape.

"Beavis and Butt-head Do Christmas" [CS.2] edit

Beavis:  Yeah well it's like, we'd all like to go home.  Hell, I'd like to go home and spank my monkey!  In fact, heh heh, that's a pretty good idea.  So you two have to stay here and work late.  Heh heh, and, um, Butt-head is in charge, because he's got…"sen-ror-ity" or something.  Heh heh.
Butt-head:  Uh, cool!  Huh huh huh, clean the grill, McVicker! 

McVicker:  Uhhhh, merry Christmas, everybody.  Sorry I'm late, but Beavis wouldn't let me off.  So I had to sneak out during my break.  Uhhhh, look.  Here's Christmas dinner.  [he takes a cheeseburger and fries out of the "Merry Meal" box]  A cheeseburger, fries, and look.  Your Christmas present.  [he takes the present out of the box, which are stick on tattoos with a picture of a purple panda]  Stick on tattoos.  Ohhh.  Now share it with your brothers and sisters.
McVicker's Son #2:  Wow!  Thanks, Dad.  This is great!
[McVicker's children are excited to see the present]

Butt-head:  Hey Beavis, let's get out of here…
Stewart:  Hey, no cutters buddy.
Butt-head:  Shut up, Stewart!  Come on, Beavis, let's go.
Beavis:  Uuuuummm, have we met before, sir?
Butt-head:  It's me, you bunghole!
Beavis:  Uuuummm, what's a bunghole?
Butt-head:  You're a bunghole, bunghole!
Stewart:  Hey, Cro magnon, you can't use a word to define one self.
Beavis:  Yeah, Cro magnon.
Butt-head:  I can too, bunghole.  Come on Beavis, let's go…
Beavis:  Hey, let go, pervert!  We still have to give out Gingerbread Men.
Butt-head:  Cut the crap, Beavis; you still owe me a dollar!
Beavis:  Help!  Help!  Who are you!?!

"Beavis and Butt-head Do Thanksgiving" [TG.1] edit

Kurt Loder:  This just in, our guest reporters Beavis and Butt-head are on the scene.  What's happening down there guys?  [dissolve to Beavis and Butt-head stuck behind a crowd]
Butt-head:  Uhh, this sucks, Loder, we can't see anything.
Beavis:  Wait a minute, you know, that's not true, Butt-head, we can see a lot of butts.
Butt-head:  Uhh, oh yeah.
Kurt Loder:  Hey, hey, don't just stand there, guys, interview somebody, will you?
Butt-head:  Uhh, we could interview their butts.  [laughs]
Beavis:  Yeah!  It'd be like, "Hello butt, what do you think of the parade so far?" and they'd be like [imitates fart noises] "Well, BBBBBRRRRRFFFFFTTTTTT!!!!"
Butt-head:  Uhh, shut up, Beavis.  That isn't even funny.  Uhh, besides, I wanna see, like, naked butts.
Beavis:  Yeah yeah, really.  You know Loder, the butts were a lot better at that porno place, and it was a lot warmer too.
Butt-head:  Yeah, really.  Hey Loder, here's a news report for you.  I'm freezing my nutsack off.

Butt-head:  Uhh, hey, we're back.
Beavis:  Hey Butt-head, check it out, there's a marching band out here.
Butt-head:  Really?  They suck.
Beavis:  Yeah, but, you know, it could be kinda cool to be in a marching band.  You know, those guys just poop right on the street.
Butt-head:  What are you talking about, Beavis?
Beavis:  No, no, I'm serious.  I'm serious, one time, when I was a kid I saw this parade, and after the marching band went by, there were these big huge turds everywhere.  And it was like, there was grass sticking out of them and stuff.  It was cool.
Butt-head:  Beavis, you dumbass, those turds didn't come from the band, they came from the horses.
Beavis:  But, um…oh!  That would explain the grass.  But, um, that's really too bad, you know, cause I was thinking it would be cool to join the school band, and you know, you'd just be marching along, playing your instrument, you know, and be like, [sings]  "Dun-da-da-dun-da-da-da-da-da-plop!"
Butt-head:  Beavis…
Beavis:  Yeah, and then, whenever I'd be taking a poop at school, somebody would be like "What are you doing in there?", and I'd be like, "I'm trying out for the band!", plop.
Butt-head:  Dammit Beavis, if this wasn't Thanksgiving, I'd be slapping the crap out of you, now shut up.  [to camera]  Hey Loder, this music sucks, why don't you make yourself useful and play a video?

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