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Wolverine and the X-Men is an American animated television series about the Marvel Comics superhero team X-Men. For quotes from other X-men series, see "See Also" at the bottom of the page.

Season OneEdit

Hindsight, Part 1Edit

Kitty/Colossus: (are running a course in the Danger Room)
Kitty: [To Piotr, who's trapped by two metal walls]. Admit it, Peter. You're being schooled by a girl. (a mechanical arm sneaks up and wraps around her arms) Whoa!
Piotr: [After Kitty gets captured by a mechanical arm]. Well, well. Look's like school is out. (laughs as Kitty struggles)
Kurt: (teleports through a bunch of shots then looks up to Kitty's cries for help)
Kitty: [Trapped by a mechanical arm]. Somebody get me down!
Kurt: [Teleporting near her]. Why don't you just phase through it?
Kitty: And fall on my face? No thanks. Now come on and help me out.
Kurt: You're an X-man. Do it yourself. [Teleports away].
Kitty: Kurt! (sighs) Argh. (struggles then looks at her best friend expectantly) Peter!
Piotr: (grins till he feel himself get lifted by a large magnet) Uh oh, this is not so good. (as the Magnet is placed next to a stuck Kitty) Hello, Kitty!
Kitty: [Groans]. Great! (meaning she wanted him to held her down) You're a lot of help.
Kurt: (sitting near a cylider) Five more seconds and I win! (he gets stuck to the ceiling by glue then loads of automatic weapons cock ready to fire)
Kitty: Uh... what just happened?
Piotr: (glares at Logan) He happened.

Hank: What about you, Logan? You're not the type to pop in for no reason.
Logan: It's those freaking Mardees. They're out of control, Hank.

Hank: Those cells we emptied... they'll be full again tomorrow. And the next day.
Logan: Yeah... Hank, we both know what's going on. There's a war coming. And it ain't gonna be pretty.
Hank: I agree. So, what's next?
Logan: ...We bring back the X-Men.

Hindsight, Part 2Edit

Pietro: Give Senator Kelly a message from the Brotherhood: There's no stopping the mutants. We're coming for him next.

Scott: Don't go there, Logan.
Wolverine: So without Jean there's no one worth fighting for. So much for the big hero. When the goin' gets rough, the tough pack it in.

Rogue: Don't compare yourself to me. You're a criminal. You're making it hard for all of us.
Domino: It was hard long before we got involved. We're not the ones who picked this fight, Rogue. We're just standing up for ourselves, and for those who can't fight back.
Rogue: By terrorizing the city?
Domino: By refusing to back down. Rogue, don't you ever get tired of being bullied? Of being hated just because you're different? And now they want us to register. Come on, what's next, locking us up? It's time we stop being victims. It's time we unite. Rogue, you feel the same way, I know you do.

Domino: We're not the X-Men. We don't abandon our own. And if you doubt that, just look at Toad.

Logan: [To Scott] So without Jean, there's no one worth fighting for. Huh, so much for the big hero. When the going gets tough, the tough pack it in. Is that it? Huh? [Cyclops blasts Logan out of his apartment through a wall] Good talk.

Warren: Logan, what happened today... You tried to save a man who hates you. That is exactly what Charles Xavier would've done.

Hindsight, Part 3Edit

Emma: I've decided to join the X-Men.
Logan: You decided? ...Well, here's my decision: NO!

Kitty: [To Bobby, about Emma Frost]. She's a telepath, remember? She knows what you're thinking.

Emma: You'd like to ask me about Jean. So do it.
Scott: Would have detected her if she was in Genosha?
Emma: Yes. And given time I could locate her wherever she is. Assuming I'm around.
Scott: What do you mean?
Emma: Ask Logan. If he has his way I'll be gone my tomorrow.

Logan: Whatever's eatin' away at us, we get past it. We rise to the occasion, because we're a team. And we got a job to do. [Puts on his mask]. The world needs the X-Men.


Xavier: Don't be alarmed, Logan. We're still at the institute. But this is what you might call... a meeting of the minds on the Astral Plane. It's through here I'm able to communicate to you from the future.
Logan: It's... really good to see you, Chuck.
Xavier: And you, my friend. I only wish I were bringing better news.

Emma: Your attempts to manipulate me are demeaning. If I perform to your satisfaction, you favor me by extending my stay here. If I assist you, that ends. Now.
Logan: I'm manipulating you? You showed up at my door and traded your telepathy for a spot on the team. Who's using who?
Emma: I found the Professor for you. I've earned my place with the X-Men.
Logan: Just like the others, you have to continue earning it every day.
Emma: But you trust them.
Logan: Because they've earned that, too.

Wolverine: Diamond? Would've been nice to know you could that.
Emma: It's not my favorite form. It prevents me from using my telepathy.

Emma: Shoot her down!
Cyclops: Are you insane!?
Emma: It's her or Africa! You choose!

Thieves GambitEdit

Magma: Well, I guess this is goodbye.
Wolverine: You don't have to go back to Brazil, you know. We got plenty of room at the institue.
Man: Amara!
Magma: I...can't.
Wolverine: If you change your mind, it's standing invitation.
Magma: Thank you. Goodbye.
Wolverine: Amara, have to take the collar back.
Magma: Please. Let me keep it.
Wolverine: I would. But, unfortunately, it ain't healthy to wear it too long.
Magma: Okay.


Wolverine vs. HulkEdit

Time BombEdit

Future XEdit

Greetings from GenoshaEdit

Magneto: And and Wanda so liked you.

Nightcrawler: This is your paradise, Magneto!? Imprisoning your own people!?
Magneto: "Imprisoned" is such a harsh word.

Wanda: Please, Kurt. Try to understand. My father is doing this for the good of mutant-kind.
Nightcrawler: Tell that the ones he's holding prisoner.

Magneto: Don't be foolish, Nightcrawler. You're tired, wounded. It'd be foolish to try.
Nightcrawler: I'm no fool.
(attempts teleport all the way to the institute)
Wanda: Is he...? If he reaches the X-Men...
Magneto: He won't.

Past DiscretionsEdit

Kristy: I was six years old when you took my father!! I need to know why!!
Wolverine: I don't know.
Kristy: You don't know!!?
Wolverine: I did come after your father, but that's all I remember. They wiped my memory. I'm here to find answers too.

Sabertooth: Hey, Nord! Quite a daughter you got there. She's definitely something to look at.
Nord: Daughter?

Battle LinesEdit

Wolverine: It's just a kid.

Emma: I've broken through the static. The girl's name is Tildie. Juggernaut's placed a device on her. Something that's causing her to lash out. She can't stop. You have to remove the device.

Tilde: Who are you?
Rogue: We're the X-Men.

Excessive ForceEdit

Emma: Who exactly is Sinister?
Beast: He's a mutant scientist who collects genetic samples of other mutants. Usually by force.
Emma: How charming. And why did your Mr. Sinister want to do this?
Beast: Supposedly to create the ultimate mutant.
Storm: And years ago he was intent in using Jean Grey in his experiments but we stopped him.

Scott: What have you done with Jean!? Tell me!!

Scott: Just- just give me Jean. That's all I want.
Sinister: I don't heave Jean Grey.
Scott: But Arclyte...
Sinister: That confession was to lure you here.
Scott: No!!
Sinister: Restrain him.

Doctor: Can you tell us your name?
Jean: I...don't know. I can't remember.

Hunting GroundsEdit

Stolen LivesEdit

Emma: I'm afraid his memory is much like yours, Logan.
Kristy: No.
Wolverine: It's gonna be OK, kid.
Emma: Fortunately, it's not all dreadful news. I was successful in recovering some faint memories of you, Kristie.
Nord: Kristie.
Kristie: Daddy?


Code of ConductEdit

Rogue: Logan! Who are these people? What do they want from you!? Tell me what this is all about!?
Wolverine: A woman.
Rogue: Are you serious?
Wolverine: It was a few years ago. Might as well have been another lifetime. Her name was Mariko.She meant a lot to me, but her father wanted her to marry a guy named Hahrava. He was Japanese nobility and member of the Yakusawa clan. I was gaijin, an outsider. He wanted to fight me for Mariko. I accepted. Hahrava was a mutant; he could supercharge his sword to cut through anything. Me? I didn't a blade.

Rogue: But you won. Why would she...?
Wolverine: Doesn't matter. Decision's made.

Wolverine: Mariko, it's OK. It's me.
Mariko: Logan-san. You should not be here.
Wolverine: I had no choice.
Mariko: You promised you would not see me.
Wolverine: That was before your husband kidnapped my friends. Mariko, talk to me. Why is he doing this?
Mariko: My husband has strong hold over the Yakuza clan. He must cleanse his past of all failure. He has never been beaten.
Wolverine: Except by me.
Mariko: So he is forcing your hand.
Wolverine: Mariko, please. Tell me where they are.
Mariko: There is a warehouse near the docks. The sakura marks the front. Do you know it?

Rogue: So that was her, huh?
Wolverine: What, you listening in?
Rogue: Yeah. Who wouldn't?


Guardian AngelEdit


Scott: Look, I want to move on with my life! I want to be an X-Men! But I can't! Jean is all I think about! And now my friends are getting hurt because of me!
Emma: Let me help you.
Scott: Forget it.
Emma: What if I told you I could erase Jean from your memories?
Scott: Completely?
Emma: If that's what you want.
Scott: Then what? I end up like Logan? Haunted by the things I can't remember?
Emma: No. I wouldn't do that you. Scott if the choice is leaving us or letting go of Jean, then let me try.

Scott: No. It can't be.
Emma: I'm afraid it is, Scott. No one attacked the X-Men. It was Jean. She caused the explosion.


Prof. X: Jean was the casue!
Scott: No! You can't blame her! We don't know what happened!
Prof. X: No we don't. But I have seen that psychic fire before.
Wolverine: You saw it before? Where?
Prof. X: In the memories of Magneto's daughter Lorna, one of the few survivors.

Prof X: Listen well. I've only begun to understand the true depth of Jean's power.

Aces and EightsEdit

Shades of GreyEdit

Archlude: The disturbance was telepathic in nature.
Sinister: Originating from where?
Arclite: Upsite, where the M.R.D. were sent to apprehend a telekinetic.
Sinister: Perhaps their target had both telepathy and telekinesis.
Arclite: That is incredibly rare.
Sinister: Yes. Yet it does bring one name to mind.

Jean: You know who I am?
Scott: What?
Emma: It would seem the puzzle is solved. She never contacted you because she doesn't remember you.

Sinister: I have to admit, like everyone else, I did believe Jean had perished. And then you came to be, so convinced she was alive, that I just had resume my search.
Scott: Sinister, let us go! Now!! Don't touch her!
Sinister: Not to worry. Acquiring genetic material is usually painless.

(Jean unleashes her strong telekinetic abilities, being taken over by the Phoenix Force)

Scott: Jean! Jean!! It's okay, Jean. It's over.

Emma: We've waited a long time for this, Jean.
Sebastian: Well done, Emma. The Phoenix finally belongs to the Inner Circle.

Foresight, Part 1Edit

Wolverine: You got any idea what you've done!? She was our only link to finding Jean!!
Scott: Which she couldn't in a cell!
Wolverine: You got stars in your eyes, Summers! Or you'd see it too! She's involved!
Scott: I believe in her, Logan!

Emma: Jean. Jean. It's time for you to remember who you are. Lets wake up now, shall we?
Jean: Scott? Scott?
Emma: That's it. Let it all come back to you.
Jean: Scott!!
Emma: It's all right, Jean. Scott isn't here but he's fine. Everyone is fine.
Jean: Where am I?
Emma: You're safe. Just breathe slowly and relax. Now, do you remember who I am?
Jean: Yes. Yes. You're the one who helped me. You rescued me from...from Angel.
Emma: That's right. And now I want to help you again.
Jean: Why? What's happening?
Emma: Jean, you're in danger. And its not only your life that's threatened but the lives of everyone you love, including Scott's. Come with me and I'll explain.

Emma: Since the day you were born, there's been a power growing within you. That power so wisely pushes against the barriers Charles Xavier placed when you were a child.
Jean: How do you know about that?
Emma: I know everything about it, Jean. It's called the Phoenix Force. And it's been afflicting telepaths since mutants first emerged. This Egyptian tablet is over two thousand years old, yet it could be telling your story. as you can see, the Phoenix was present even at this baby's birth. As she grew, it grew until finally it reached maturity and took her over. Fires, floods, even sifts in climate. Throughout history, these events seem to coincide with the emergence of the Phoenix.
Jean: And...people die?
Emma: Yes. Many.
(Jean is horrified)
Jean: This will happen again. With me, won't it?
Emma: Unless I can stop it.
Jean: Is that possible?
Emma: If we can prevent the Force from igniting yes. And because psychic beings such as this need a host to survive, we believe it will perish without one.

Foresight, Part 2Edit

Emma: We were interrupted.
Sebastian: By what?
Emma: The psychic connection she shares with Scott Summers. She senses he's in trouble.
Sebastian: Then have the girls' block it out so you can proceed.
Emma: It's too strong. If he is in trouble I need to alleviate the problem.
Selene: Or maybe you're as worried about Scott Summers as she is.
Emma: Are questioning my loyalty, Selene?
Selene: Yes, I am. The X-Men are of no further use. They should have been taken out as soon as cerebro was rebuilt.
Emma: So now we're assassins? We're trying to save lives, not take them.
Sebastian: Go if you must, Emma. The cuckoos are fully capable of getting Miss Grey to open the remaining doors.
Emma: Oh, and what about the little firestorm waiting on the other side?
Sebastian: I have faith they can contain it.
Emma: Contain it? What are you talking about!? We're destroying it.
Sebastian: Those plans have evolved.
Emma: Sebastian, you can't control the Phoenix! No one can!
Sebastian: Ah, but I believe it wants to be controlled, Emma. And through the centuries, it has been searching for a telepath capable of handing its immense power.
Emma: You...you can't all agree with his. Lenient. Pierce?
Selene: We do. And before you fell in love with the X-Men, you would have as well.
Sebastian: We're confident fire telepaths can succeed where one would fail.
Emma: You are all fools! If I'm not here to lead this, the Phoenix will consume those girls, just as it would've Jean! I implore, you don't do anything until I return!
Sebastian: You have one hour.

Foresight, Part 3Edit

Selene: Pathetic. Your affection for this X-Men has ruined you, Emma.
Emma: This has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the mistake you're about the make! The power you're about to unleash!
Scott: You have to listen to her. We've seen the future.
Selene: Listen to her? You have no idea who she is, do you?
Emma: Selene, don't.
Selene: The explosion that destroyed your mansion, that put your mentor in a coma, that took your precious Jean from you. It was all compliments of Emma Frost and her couscous. Emma assured us she could extract Jean after eliminating the treat of Xavier and his X-Men. She was wrong. Your girlfriend sensed the psychic attack and tried to save you all. Emma's miscalculation cost us the Phoenix. So she had to use the X-Men to find her again. That's why she took Xavier's body from the mansion and placed him on the shores of Genosha, to earn a place on your team by discovering him for you.
Scott: Emma?
Emma: Scott, I had no choice. The Phoenix Force must be stopped.
Scott: You lied to me.
Emma: No. Not everything was a lie.
Selene: So you see, Emma can't be trusted. And if it were up to me...
Sebastian: Emma's impetuous actions aside. She will seek our foreignness once she realizes the truth. The Phoenix needs us as much as we need it.

Emma: Sebastian, the Phoenix is trying to return to Jean! They can't control it!
Sebastian: You're wrong. It's time to end this war. Girls, wipe out the Sentinels, destroy the X-Men, and burn Genosha to ground.
Emma: You've doomed us!

Emma: Scott! Scott, wake up. Please, Scott. Don't leave me.
(Kisses him on the mouth but is thrown backward and held by metal wires by Jean's telekinesis)
Jean: You'll pay for what you've done!

Scott: Jean, we'll deal with her later. Right now we have to stop the Phoenix.
Emma: If she goes out there, nothing will keep it from returning to her.
Jean: And if it does, will that stop it?
Emma: Yes. For now.
Scott: No! That's not an option!
Jean: Scott, it chose me for a reason. I have to try.

Jean: You want me back!!? Well, here I am!!

Jean: Scott, what are you doing!!? It'll kill you!
Scott: I'm not losing you again!

Emma: Get Jean out of here, Scott. I'm not sure how long I can contain it.
Scott: What are you gonna do?
Emma: Try...to...release it.
Wolverine: Summers, she knows what she's doing! Now lets go!
Scott: Emma!!
Emma: Scott, forgive me.

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