Misc X-titles and Limited Series

This is a quote page for all the shorter-running or more minor X-men-related comic book series that do not have enough quotes to warrant devoting an entire page to them. Limited series, one-shots, and graphic novels can also fall into this category.

Giant-Size X-men 1

  • Xavier has traveled to Russia to recruit Peter Rasputin to join his new team of X-men.
Colossus: You want me to go with you... to America? But if I possess such power as you say - does it not belong to the state?
Xavier: Power such as yours belongs to the world, Peter - to be used for the good of all. And believe me - your powers are needed!
Colossus (to his parents): Then come, we will talk of this with my parents... and so this professor wants to take me with him - to teach me how to deal with me... my mutant powers. Th-there is wisdom in his words, Papa - but I am happy here. Tell me, Papa - what should I do?
Mr. Rasputin: Do as your heart tells you, my son. It will not betray you.
Colossus: My heart tells me to stay, Papa - but my conscience tells me otherwise. I must go, Papa.
Mr. Rasputin: Then it is right that you do.

X-men Graphic Novel - God Loves, Man Kills

Illyana Rasputin (quoting Peter Rasputin): If not for the depths of grief, how could we truly measure the heights of joy.

Marvel Age Issue 39

In a joke cartoon. A man has arrived at Xavier's School and Angel has answered the door.
Man: Good afternoon, sir. I am looking for a Miss Jean Grey.
Angel: She's dead. Come back next week.

X-treme X-men


Annual 2001

Shadowcat has been defending herself and the mutant community on an anti-mutant online bulletin board run by 'The Pride'.'
Shadowcat (reading computer screen): Your presence on this forum is disruptive and will no longer be tolerated.
Shadowcat: Give me a break! When did Professor Xavier's dream become such a nightmare? Maybe Magneto was right? Maybe we should learn to hate 'em back. Maybe it's time we accepted there really isn't room on this planet for us to share. Maybe it's time to do something about it.

Alpha Flight vol. 3 #1

Sasquatch: I offer you a place on my team, but you will have to protect a world that hates and fears you.
Yukon Jack: Why would I want to protect a world that hates and fears me?
Sasquatch: Well, ummm... Hey, where'd he go?
Sasquatch: Miss, I need your help to save a world that hates and fears us.
Zuzha Yu: Get out of here, eh? I have a bar to run.
Sasquatch:(monologue) I need to work on my sales pitch.

Gambit, and the X-ternals

Jubilee: So, what's her power? Sides the ability to stick out her chest.

Juggernaut One-Shot

[D'Spayre has magically stripped away Juggernaut's flesh and internal organs, leaving nothing but a crimson skeleton]
Juggernaut: But I been feelin' despair my whole life. And I learned how to deal with it. I got mad!
D'Spayre: He still stands? He moves?
Juggernaut: Cause life is pain. Pain leads to despair. An' the only way to beat despair is through rage. And rage feeds the Juggernaut. Once the Juggernaut feels rage...nothing...of this or any world... NOTHING CAN STOP THE JUGGERNAUT!!
D'Spayre: Impossible! How are you even moving?!? There's nothing left-- nothing but--
Juggernaut: Nothing but hate.

X-Men Unlimited #11: 'Adrift'

Narrator: Eloise has lived her entire life in this town; drew her first paycheck and Jones' Hardware on 3rd; married Frank in the registrar's around the corner; delivered Stevie in Doctor Henshaw's across the street. The registrar's is still there - knock on wood - but Jones sold out to a chain store a few years back, and the Doctor's been buried three plots down from Frank for over five years now. But change is good, she tells herself. Unless and until it threatens Stevie.

Trask: Shoot... to kill.
(Helicopter launches rockets at Rogue and an amnesiac Magneto. Magneto catches the rockets in a magnetic field and prepares to throw them back)
Rogue: No. No, Mag - Joseph, don't. If you do this -it ain't worth the cost of your soul, and you know it.
Narrator: Time stops around Joseph and Trask. And two men, each fighting to escape the shadows of their past, each prepared to kill for their place in an even darker future, finally find the one thing they have in common. Fear.
(Magneto tears the warheads off the rockets and flies away)
Narrator: Fear of change.

X-Men:Schism Vol 1

Wolverine: What?
Idie: That's why they want to kill us. You can't blame them. They have every right to be afraid.
Wolverine: Look at me, Idie....you are 'not a monster, you hear me?
Idie: It's okay. It doesn't bother me anymore. I've made my peace with what I am.
  • Aaron, Jason (w), Cho, Frank (a),X-Men Schism #2, (September, 2011), Marvel Comics.

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