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This is a summary of Wikiquote issues which are discussed on various pages.

Please discuss these issues on the appropriate page.

Outstanding issuesEdit

  • Sub-themes - whether theme pages should be broken up into headings for each sub-theme.
  • Interface and Software - Wikipedia legacy texts, that should be changed to reflect Wikiquote.

Resolved issuesEdit

  • Aims - what Wikiquote should strive for (authenticity).
  • Template - how the quotations in Wikiquote should ideally be formatted (quotes by people, Proverbs, Quotes from literary works, Themes, References to People in WikiQuote from Wikipedia, and References to Literary Works in WikiQuote from Wikipedia).
  • Anonymous - what to do with quotes where the author is unknown (use Anonymous).
  • Themes - whether or not we should have theme pages (yes).
  • Spellings - whether British or American spellings would be used (depends on author).
  • Accents - whether we should have accents in page titles. (yes)
  • Emphasis - whether or not we should add emphasis to quotations. (Emphasis should be allowed; debates can occur on an incidental basis)
  • Translations - what to do with pages that contain one quote and several dozen translations into other languages. (Where these are encountered the excessive translations can be removed)
  • Speeches and Template - how speeches are to be handled. (Speeches belong at Wikisource)
  • Themebot - whether we should have an automatic theme generator. (abandoned concept)
  • Logo - what the Wikiquote logo should be. (has been chosen)