Hello, JMK, and welcome to the English Wikiquote, a free compendium of quotations written collaboratively by people just like you!

To ask for advice or assistance feel free to drop by the Village Pump or ask on my talk page. Happy editing! And again, welcome! --Somerwind 14:04, 21 July 2010 (UTC)Reply



Good evening, JMK, take a look at fi-WQ! There are lists for subjects (Sitaattien aiheet), for persons (Siteerattujen elinvuodet) and for quotations in alphabetical order (Käsitteiden määritelmiä).--Risto hot sir (talk) 21:38, 5 March 2018 (UTC)Reply

Hello! I've created the site Most notable people. Do You think it's useful?--Risto hot sir (talk) 12:27, 26 March 2018 (UTC)Reply
Yes I do find it useful and necessary. When the Finnish comments are translated to English, it would be very fitting for this project. JMK (talk) 11:40, 25 April 2018 (UTC)Reply



Hi JMK, You've written excellent articles! Paul Kruger is still missing - and I haven't quotes in English.--Risto hot sir (talk) 13:28, 3 July 2018 (UTC)Reply

Appreciated. Will see if I can find something. JMK (talk) 13:30, 3 July 2018 (UTC)Reply



Hiǃ I'd appreciate Your opinion at vfd-voting of Most notable people at en-Wikiquote.--Risto hot sir (talk) 11:31, 14 January 2019 (UTC)Reply