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The ridiculous comments "I am God. … I Rule Wikiquotes. Welcome to my world ;)" which were posted from this IP have been removed from the God article. Currently the only people who are allowed to behave as if they were God here, and regularly pretend it is their right absolutely rule over others at Wikiquote as if they were, are a few arrogant and presumptive admins and checkusers who are ready to ignore many actual policies and facts in promotion of the interpretations or assumptions about a few which they favor and find convenient and useful, and are wont to insist or imply others should abjectly agree with, or suffer severely for doing otherwise. Even they are not so extremely witless as to actually claim they are God, or that it is entirely their world, as many dimwitted vandals are inclined to do.

I am quite sure that there is no one who is entirely witless, not even those dimwitted fascists and bullies of the world who must most chafe at the brilliantly liberating wit and will of others — though many might wish to presume others entirely witless or unworthy of any respect, so that they might persist in various forms of major or minor evils which satisfy their personal or partisan inclinations. I persist in promoting what I believe is the good of this project and others with such wit and will as can be maintained among many who are deficient in will to honor either good humour, good wit, or good will. Unfortunately deliberate vandals are not the most dangerous or damaging of foes one must face in such efforts. One does grow weary of many such confrontations with injustices though, and sometimes it is appropriate to either vent one's frustrations honestly, or honestly explode — amidst many who are quite complacent with all manner of foul dishonesties, and hypocrisies.

Previously, I would probably have already done a temporarily block of this account, and many others in recent months, and have been prepared for longer term blockage of them, if such vandalism were persisted in — but people caught up in various forms of short-sighted suspicions and complex forms of hypocrisy were responsible for the removal of such abilities from the tools available to me here. Such facts have reduced my inclination to monitor things here so regularly as I previously did, but I still seem to have a far more regular and active presence here than many of those who have presumed to judge me as someone unworthy of respect or trust — and have seemed at times to be quite willing and eager to inflict extreme penalties on me and others with little or no concern for actual justice of matters, by promoting and nurturing many forms of extreme distortion, deliberate deceits and outright slanders, in promoting such views and making attempts to minimize or erradicate my presence here.

I do expect that such declarations as these might not immediately be much noticed or heeded... but they are honest statements of opinion and will by one who is generally patient and tolerant of other's opinions and will — and promotes the proper rights of all people to express their opinions and will in many ways — to the extent that they are not innately intolerant and arrogant in unjustly oppressing or restraining the opinions and wills and proper rights of others. Some people are habitually prone to ignore or even deny the importance of such distinctions as exist in the types of opinions and wills as can exist — and what often seems to matter most to them is whether or not some specific will is one of their own or that of their allies or adversaries. The only freedoms from fear, oppression and injustice which many ever seek to defend are their own or those of their closest cronies — and those of others are something of little or no importance in their schemes of concerns. They fail to realize that in the patterns of Eternity, their acts of deliberate injustice or negligence towards others in many ways insure far fouler fates and dooms upon themselves. I too must often seem negligent to many — but quite often it is because I actually quite caught up in concerns far greater than they can discern. Thus I can usually forgive those who assail me in their ignorance and confusion — but I cannot pretend I am not sometimes angry and indignant at many of their most ignorant and presumptive acts of impositions and injustice.

Some will no doubt believe my minor essay here in response to a vandal's remarks, activities, and other frustrations, are in many ways excessive — and no doubt in many ways they are — and in other ways they are far from extensive enough in explicating many situations of concern to me and others. I, of course, must often digress from such matters as they think primary — such as their conveniences, comforts and powers to do what they think right — and I must often insist upon focussing on such things as they find trivial — such as my ability to do what I think right, and the abilities and rights of all people to attempt to do what they think right — until convinced by fair and proper reasons that what is right or best is otherwise than they had supposed — but I am a very odd person who, far more than most, is aware that many things, and perhaps ALL things are connected in ways both direct and indirect — and has faith in the truth that there is nothing hidden that shall not eventually be revealed — to the extent it MUST be. Such are some of the forms of knowledge and opinion which have often given me immense strength, fortitude, persistence and survival relative to those who place faith in lies and distortions — and often seem to have a ridiculous faith that those situations they most favor will endure with strength and honor forever, even if such strength and honor depends upon delusions and lies. So it goes. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 16:44, 17 February 2011 (UTC) + tweaks ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 16:53, 17 February 2011 (UTC); 17:17, 17 February 2011 (UTC); 17:55, 17 February 2011 (UTC) …Reply