* I love to quote things - movies, TV shows, songs, plays, people, even books! So of course, I completely love this site.
* I have really varied tastes, so there's no telling what I may be obsessed with or post about next. :)
* Fair warning, I can get nit-picky on spelling and grammar (but apparently I'm okay with making words up), and I can get lost in Clean-Up World for a while.


Well, yet again, here I am talking about how long it's been since I've done any work here. (I still come here all the time, but I haven't had a chance to edit anything.) :P Here's some highlights of what's happened since I've been gone...
  • I have a new job that has been absolutely sucking up most of my time, and two beautiful nieces who I run over to see whenever I can. (SO thrilled to be an auntie!!!)
  • I'm still incredibly random at heart, and have found lots of new things to love and obsess over (some of which I can hopefully add or update here on Wikiquote); and I'm dying to get into some categories I haven't really touched before (books and literary characters, mostly).
  • Regardless of what else I may do, I will always love Broadway and all things theater(/theatre ;). Some of my favorite theater pages I've contributed to are Wicked, Into the Woods, and The Last Five Years.
  • Also, I helped create a template for Theatre articles, which you can check out here: Wikiquote: Templates/Theatre. PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTIONS! Do you like it or not? Does anything need to be added or changed? If you see pages that could use this format, please use it, and spread the word to others!

If anyone is interested, here's a quick list of new pages I've added:

For a complete run-down of everything I've done, go to My Contributions

Thanks for reading, hope to see you around! --S*E*A* (talk) 00:40, 5 February 2013 (UTC)