MÄR: Marchen Awakens Romance

Japanese manga series

MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance (2005–2007) is an anime series shown on Toonami Jetstream that follows a young boy named Ginta Torimizu on his journey's through the world of MÄR. Ginta is a nerd at his school who is constantly made fun of for his dreams of another world, until he is magically transported there. Ginta finds himself in MÄR-Heaven, a world in turmoil under the oppressive reign of a sinister group called the Chess Pieces. With the help of powerful magical items called ÄRMs, people in the land of MÄR-Heaven are able to fight, using the magical artifacts as weapons. Ginta finds a legendary ÄRM called Babbo, and together with Team MÄR, a group they form of seven youths, they fight to free the world of MÄR.

Season 1


ytp: Ginta calls MAR "trash" [1.1]


Babbo: The Legendary ÄRM! [1.2]


Ginta is gay [1.3]


Lost and Found Babbo! [1.4]


Alviss, the Mysterious, Young Man! [1.5]


Alviss: It's same as Bell's Report. Babbo seal has been released.

Ginta: (To Alviss) That voice.. You can't be..

Jack: Who is it?

Alviss: Darkness ÄRM, Caged Bird.

Jack: (Turn into a bird in a cage) Pi?

Ginta : (Shocked) J-Jack?

Belle: (Laughing)You can't get out right? (Laughing)

Alviss: (To Belle) Belle.

Belle : (Stop laughing)

Alviss: (To Ginta) My name is Alviss. As you've guessed, i'm the one who called to to this world. Nice to meet you.

Ginta: Alviss, you're the one who called me to this world. That's means, you're the one who makes my dreams come true! I have to thank you! But, before that, i have something to ask to you. Why you do that to Jack?

Jack: Pi! Pi! Pi!

Belle: Quiet! Dont' say 'Pi! Pi!'

Ginta: Return him to normal please.

Alviss: (Stare at Ginta and then Babbo) Babbo..

Babbo: What? Staring at someone you've just met.

Alviss: The gamble.. may have failed..

Ginta and Babbo: Huh?

Alviss: Guardian ÄRM, 13 Totem Pole!

Jack: Pii!

Belle: (Laughing)

Ginta: Wow.. What a nice view!

Babbo: G-G-G-GINTA! This is not the time for saying that!

Alviss: Do you even realize what you've done?


Alviss: I'm asking you about that ÄRM! (Ginta and Babbo looking each other)

Ginta: Huh? I don't know! I just got here! Besides, if it's about Babbo, he doesn't even have memories from the past! And, let me down!

Alviss: (Snap fingers)

Ginta and Babbo: (Falling down screaming)

Snow: the Young Girl Inside the Ice [1.6]


Awaken: Meet the Other Ed! [1.7]


Phantom: The Undead Knight! [1.8]


The Training Gate - Merilo and Bumoru [1.9]


The Second Great War Begins [1.10]


Babbo: Version 2! [1.11]

[Chess Piece Ian attacks Alan, who can't fight back while activating his dimension ÄRM. Just as he can no longer protect himself, Ginta and Princess Snow return from the training gate, and Ginta has a surprise for Ian - Babbo's new form!]

Ian: (to Alan) Gig's up, fido.

Ian: (to Alan) I wanna see you in tears!

Alan: Dimension ÄRM: AIR HAMMER! Special Ability: AIR FREEZE TECHNIQUE!

Ian: *laughs* Wow. You can't even keep track of these with your sixth sense, can you?

Ian: Lucky for you, I've got a weapon ÄRM Octopus this time. *laughs* That's EIGHT limbs.

Ian: Now tell me, (‘’lowers voice’’) where's Ginta.

Ian: You're familiar with our class system, aren’t you, Rover? I assume you remember it from the war and stuff? In case you didn’t know, I’m a Rook. I’m trying for the higher classes, but… that takes time, so, no dice so far. Given your strength, with your magical power, you’d be a Knight in our system. I’m told you fought off Halloween six years ago. That’s pretty impressive. Which… begs the question, why are you too weak to even anticipate a lowly Rook’s attack? Of course, there are a number of clues: you’ve been standing in that same place for several days now. You haven’t eaten, haven’t taken a drink, you haven’t even slept. Even the CrossGuard is human, Alan. If your health deteriorates anymore, you won’t be able to concentrate or even synchronize with your ÄRM. Naturally, if your sixth sense is worn down then your magical power is weakened as well. I’d say your current level… *attacks Alan furiously* …is Rook class. So why don’t you tell me something, dog boy: why won’t you even try fighting back? Or maybe it’s not that you won’t. It’s that you can’t. You’re protecting something, right? That’s it. Those doors behind you, hmmm? Of course. *smiles*

Alan: Congratulations, anyone with half a brain could’ve figured that out! Why don’t you try openin’ ‘em, smart guy? That is, if you can get past an old man who can’t even move!


Boss: The only question is, what should we do next?
Young Alan: Stop messing around! I didn’t call you to the world of MAR so you could take a vacation. (thinking) *I told you the legend: in our time of need, someone from another world--*
Boss: Don’t worry about it. I remember, Alan, the Chess Pieces and their leader are no problem.


Ian: Enough. Now it’s time I FINISH YOU!!!

Princess Snow: (after Ginta appears and stops Ian's attack) We’re back, Ed!
Alan: You are?
Ginta: That's 180 days of training. Completed.

Ginta: (to Alan) What’s the deal, old man? That punk shouldn’t be able to beat you up this badly.

Nanashi: Chief of Luberia! [1.12]

[Ginta and his friends name themselves Team MÄR, and Princess Snow shares a prophecy that she would find 7 comrades to protect her and save the world of MÄR Heaven. But when they meet Luberia, a group that's not connected to the Cross Guard or the Chess Pieces, have they found a new ally? Or a new enemy?]

Koyuki: (to Ginta's mother) 'Scuse me, ma'am, I made you some fried chicken today.

Ginta's Mother: (talking about fairy tales) I don’t want to believe in them anymore! They took my husband from me, and now… Ginta’s gone too. Ginta!

Koyuki: Yes, but I see Ginta every day. Every day in my dreams, I mean. You see, I’m the princess of a large kingdom, but the bad guys were after me, so I locked myself in a huge block of ice. That’s where I waited for someone to come rescue me. It was cold, and I felt lonely and worried and scared, but Ginta saved me!

Koyuki: My dreams are kind of like, an ongoing story, like a good TV show or something.

Ginta's Mother: Maybe I will believe just a little.

Ginta: (after Jack asks about his dog tag) What do you think? Snow made it for me, pretty cool, huh? *laughs*
Jack: (trying to hide how jealous he is) Sweet, looks good.
Dorothy: Ginta, you can have my dagger ring, here!
Ginta: I already have Babbo’s dagger ÄRM, so I don’t need it!
Dorothy: (crushed) Waaaahhh!!!
Babbo: *laughs* They modeled that dog tag after me, an excellent decision, in my opinion. Look at its circular perfection, its stately nose, its well-groomed facial hair! Couldn’t be more perfect.

Princess Snow: There are three main powers fighting in the world of MÄR: the Chess Pieces, who are trying to gain control of the world of MÄR; the Cross Guard, who fight them; and well, then there’s the Thieves’ Guild, known as: Luberia!


Castle Oracle: Leave the castle quickly, Princess, start a new army, find seven comrades who will serve as your protectors, as well as heroes for the world of MÄR. If you fail, it will mean dark times for us all.


Ginta: Counting Snow, that makes us an army of 8, right? Once we’re complete, we’re going to need a name, though, and my vote is for Team MÄR, huh? What do you guys think?

Ginta: Alright! Next stop, the Hild Continent!
Dorothy: (activating her broom ÄRM) I think I’ll fly solo.

Ginta: (thinking) *Just you wait, Koyuki, I’m going to tell you all about this adventure when I get back home! Even though you might not believe it.*

Halloween: Was it worth it, Ian? You disobeyed orders, and even worse, you returned here after that kid beat you. What you did was foolish, and believe me, you will be punished.

Ian: I thought Ginta would be a little more entertaining. Whatever, just torture me already.
Halloween: *laughs* Oh, we’re not doing a thing to you, Ian. What was that pawn’s name? …Gido, wasn’t it?
Ian: Hey… no, come on… Halloween… Please, I was the one who dragged her into this! Why don’t you just punish me, it’s not her fault! ...Punish me, Halloween, leave her alone!!!
Halloween: Why are you so worked up over a lowly pawn? You’re getting off easy here, Ian, you’re just being held here for a little while. *laughs* I wonder who’ll enact the punishment. Candace and Weasel are bad enough, but just imagine how bad it would be if we chose Chimera? *laughs*
Halloween: I’m looking forward to the day you can, Ian, believe me.
Gido: -FLASHBACK- I love you, Ian. -END FLASHBACK-
Ian: NOOOO!!!!!

Ginta: (on magic carpet) Isn’t this great?
Babbo: Joy.

Ginta: It’s just like Aladdin!
Princess Snow: What’s Aladdin?
Ginta: Uh… it’s a story about flying carpets!

Edward: (About Dorothy) That girl is a witch, isn’t she?
Ginta: That’s right.

Edward: The witches of the world of MÄR keep to themselves, and they have built a settlement in the islands of Chaldea just Northeast of Lestava. They don’t have relationships with any other countries, and no outsiders are allowed in their territories. In fact, they’re seldom seen outside of Chaldea.

Edward: …But even among witches the one called Dorothy has a bad reputation.
Ginta: Reputation?
Edward: I’ve heard she’ll do anything to steal, snatch, or take any ÄRM she can. Instead of Dorothy, you should think of her as Doro-THIEF!
Dorothy: What was that, did you say somethin’ dog?
Edward: Ah! It was, uh, nothing! I just mentioned how beautiful you looked in the breeze!
Dorothy: Oh, thanks! Aw, what a cute little poochie you are!

Babbo: (after their Magic Carpet is shot down by Luberia) That was extremely rude.

Ginta: (thinking) *Are they Chess?* (to Nanashi) What do you want with us?
Nanashi: You are Chess Pieces, aren’t you? Prepare to die.
Ginta: (storms up to Nanashi) We’re Team MÄR, buddy! You guys are the Chess Pieces!!! Look what you did to our Magic Carpet! You better fix it! And I mean fast, mister!
Nanashi: *thinking*
Ginta: Fess up, ya jerk! Come on, say something!
Nanashi: *still thinking* … Wait a sec! Have I made a mistake here?!?
Ginta: Yeah, hello! WE’RE fighting against the Chess Pieces!

Nanashi: We’re not the Chess Pieces, either, we’re members of the Thieves’ Guild, of Luberia.
Ginta: Luberia.
Nanashi: I’m in charge here, I’m sorry there’s been some confusion. You can call me Nanashi. *laughs* I guess it’d be unlikely for kids like you to be in the Chess Pieces, huh? *continues laughing*
Ginta: We’re not all children, ya jerk!

Nanashi: (after seeing Princess Snow and Dorothy) How could I have missed these two hotties? I could never steal from such hot babes! No way! I’d rather take them to dinner!

Nanashi: Okay. Let’s take our guests home, men. Dimension ÄRM Ondata: Activate. Transport all humans in the area to Luberia Fortress!
Babbo: (as he’s left behind) Humans? Wh-wh-what about me? Oh, no! (is transported)
Jack: Wh-what happened?
Dorothy: We were instantly teleported.
Ginta: Whoa, I want one of those!
Babbo: (after being teleported) Oh, good. They didn’t forget about me.

Nanashi: So, the princess of Lestava, a kid from another world, a strange ÄRM once used by Phantom. No wonder they’re after you guys. But, instead of running you establish Team MÄR to fight them.

Nanashi: Buried here are my Luberian comrades. I will never forget them. But I’m not the only one. People are digging graves all across the world of MÄR, now that the Chess Pieces have declared war.

Jack: Well, then what comes after this?
Edward: War games. After destroying much of the world, and fostering fear and hatred among the people of MÄR, they will offer up a competition. This way, they can kill those who might rebel against them and acquire their ÄRM, eliminating the strong and forcing the weak to live in fear. In the games six years ago, Boss and Alan entered to lead the Cross Guard to victory. Having lost in the previous war, the Chess Pieces will most definitely want revenge. It shouldn’t be long before it happens again, just like it did six years ago!
Ginta: (punches the mountain beside him, cracking it) A game? (The cracked area crumbles, leaving a large hole around Ginta’s fist) They found a way kill even more people, and they call it a game?!?!? Now I understand, now I understand… why everyone is trying to stop the Chess Pieces. We have to stop them, they have to be destroyed completely!

Ginta: What do you think, Snow?
Princess Snow: And he would be… the sixth person, wouldn’t he?
Ginta: *smiles* Okay, Nanashi, we’re going with you to Vestry.
Nanashi: Alright. Dimension ÄRM Ondata: Activate now. Transport everyone here… to VESTRY!

Nanashi Vs. Orco at the Underground Lake! [1.13]

[Nanashi's ÄRM, Ondata, brings them to the beautiful lake town of Vestry, which isn't so beautiful after a Chess Piece attack. Can Team MÄR beat 2 Chess Pieces who destroyed a whole village by themselves?]

Babbo Version 3: Gargoyle [1.14]

[Ginta must battle Girom, a Bishop-class Chess Piece who underestimates him at first. What powerful techniques will Ginta reveal in this fight?]

John Peach: The Seventh Team Member? [1.15]

[John Peach mistakes Team MÄR for Chess Pieces, and swears to defend Vestry against them! But when he discovers the truth, Snow asks him to join the team. There's only one thing he has to do first: defeat Ginta!]

The War Games Commence! [1.16]

[As the start of the War Games is announced, Team MÄR and other warriors meet at Regenleif Castle. From there, they find out they will be tested to see if they are worthy to fight in the games. When they agree to the trial, they are all transported... to another dimension! Separated from each other, who will make it back to fight again?]

Babbo: Well, then, if it’s okay with the rest of you, shouldn’t we get back to what’s really important?
ALL: Banquet time!!!

Jack: (after being praised for growing so much food for the villagers in Vestry) It’s nothing, it’s nothing!
Ginta: How can you say that, Jack? It’s hardly nothing, no matter how you look at it, those fields are completely overgrown!
Jack: I suppose so. I surprise even myself sometimes. Dorothy’s earth nature stone really did the trick. Because of that and my training I’ve increased my magical power! You know, Ginta, I think I’ve grown up quite a bit!

Princess Snow: Eeed…
Edward: Huh?
Princess Snow: (loudly) Let’s cut loose, tonight we’re gonna have fun!!! (laughs)
Edward: Oh, Princeeeess!!! You drank the Buffula Nut juice, didn’t you, Princess?
Princess Snow: ehh… Uh-huh! *laughs*
Edward: That’s potent stuff, alright, once you start laughing you won’t be able to stop for an hour.

Vestry Village Leader: (going through the list of Team MÄR and thanking them) Not to mention… Dorothy.
Dorothy: I don’t know, I didn’t really do very much.

Ginta: Uh, you came from the country of witches, isn’t that right, Dorothy? Well, why’d you leave your home, anyway?
Dorothy: I needed to search for powerful ÄRM, and…
Witch Leader: Dorothy, you must gather every ÄRM you can find. We are going to destroy… THAT WOMAN!!!
Dorothy: There’s a woman… that I’m looking for. So I can destroy her.
Ginta: *laughs* Haa, that’s a good one, Dorothy! Heh heh… heh. I mean, uh… you were just kidding about that, right?
Princess Snow: (after kicking Ginta in the back of the head) Snoooow KICK! *lands and laughs hysterically*
Ginta: What’s wrong with you, why’d you drop kick me?!?!?
Princess Snow: You’re always talking with Dorothy, what about me, what about meeee???
Edward: Well, I must say it’s good to see the Princess so spirited again! After all the running and fighting, she must have been very stressed.
Jack: You mean, you mean THAT’S how she really is?

Nanashi: (totally sauced) I like it here, I guess saving others isn’t such a bad racket. (sees something and sobers up immediately) Ginta!
Ginta: Huh?
Nanashi: Take a look at the moon.

First Battle: Alviss vs. Leno! [1.17]

[The War Games begin with a 3-on-3 battle at Reginleif Field. Ginta, Jack and Alviss face the Chess Pieces' first team: the Rodkin Family. First up is Alviss vs. Leno.]

Alviss: (calmly) 13-totem pole. (a giant totem rises out of the ground, lifting Leno into the air, then shoots back into the ground, causing Leno to fall from a dizzying height)

First Battle 2! Jack vs. Pano!! [1.18]

[The second match is up, with Jack against Pano, the daughter in the Rodkin family. Back home, Jack's mother watches the games, but is upset about Jack's involvment because his father participated six years ago, and never returned.]

Jack: So.. they’re a family. (thinking) Oh, Mom… How have you been doing? I hope you’re okay.

Jack: (thinking) So that girl’s our next opponent, huh? It’s hard to believe… (looks at Garon) that a total tough guy like that could have such a pretty daughter.

Pano: So who am I going to flatten?
Jack: (thinking) Time to do my thing!
Ginta: YEAH! I’M the next challenger!
Jack: WHOOOOA! (grabs Ginta to keep him from stepping onto the field) Whoa, Ginta, hold on a minute!

Crowd Person: (to Dorothy) Hey, uh, Miss Witch.
Dorothy: Huh?
Crowd Person: That kid, he doesn’t seem to be very strong at all. He looks really weak!
Dorothy: Hahaha. (has flashback of Jack’s progress in the training gate) Don’t worry.
Crowd Person: (to Other Crowd Person) Well, if she’s so sure about it…
Other Crowd Person: Let’s hope for the best!
Dorothy: Although… he is the weakest member of our group, y’know.
Crowd Person: How can we not worry if he’s weak?!?
Other Crowd Person: Yeah, which is it?!?

Nanashi: I don’t know. I’ve never seen Jack fight. Is he really bad at it? Should I be worried?

Referee: It’s time for our second match! Pano of the Chess Pieces. Jack from Team MÄR!

Jack: Mom, I’ve come so far from our farm, now that I think about it, I worked hard on our little island of Pazurika. Those Rogalu wolves always picked on me, and nothing would’ve changed, except… Ginta showed up from another world and brought his talking ÄRM, Babbo! They both rescued me. Then we both went on a journey together! Can you see me mom? I’m here, right now, on this important stage! And now… all of MÄR is watching me!

Jack's Mother: (thinking) Is this what you wanted?
(Jack’s Dad is leaving home)
Jack's Dad: Oh, and uh, one more thing. When Jack’s ready to become a man, I need you to give him a push in the right direction for me. You’ll know when the time comes.
Jack's Mother: (thinking) Jack is walking down the same path you walked. Is this what you wanted, for him to fight? (sees an image of Jack's Dad) Oh, my dear… You’ve grown to be so strong, Jack.

Pano: You’re not too impressive compared to that last dud. And now that I have a closer look at you, your face kind of looks like a monkey.
Jack: What? I won’t let you talk to me like that! Weapon ÄRM, BATTLE SHOVEL!
(Jack’s battle shovel appears, the spade dug into his foot. Jack starts yelling and jumping around, holding his foot.)
Pano: (thinking) If you’re trying to catch me off-guard it isn’t going to work.

Pano: Weapon ÄRM, BALL HAMMER!!! (attacks Jack with a flurry of hits, all but the first of which he dodges) You’re pretty good at avoiding attacks… however, (the ball of her Ball Hammer detaches from the staff) you won’t dodge this! (fires ball at Jack, he dodges it, then the ball comes back around to hit him from behind)
Ginta: Jack! No!
Pano: The Ball & Hammer’s end is detachable, and the ball can also home in on its target. You were out classed.

Alviss: Oh, It’s over.
Bell: It’s over!
Alviss: It’s better if he gives up before she kills him. He’s out of his league.
Ginta: You take that back! You know Jack trained just as hard as I did while we were in the Training Gate! You say something like that again, and I’ll make sure you regret it!

Bell: It doesn’t matter how long he was in the training gate, there’s no way he can keep fighting if he’s passed out on the ground like that!
Babbo: Silence, sprite! You have no grounds to say such things.
Bell: Waah! (hides behind Alviss) That bowling ball scared me!

Jack's Mother: You’re right. Jack is strong. I should be cheering him on. (yelling at the image of the fight) GET UP, JACK! You’re strong and you can do this, just like your dad!!!

Referee: Since Jack is unable to continue, Team MÄR will have to forfeit the battle! Huh?
Jack: Wait! (grabs shovel and stands) I don’t give up that easily. This isn’t over!

Jack: (pulls beans from his pocket and scatters them on the field) GROW!!! (jumps up, then drives his Battle Shovel into the field) Grow, earth beans! (magic stones glow, then beans glow, then they sprout and send huge vines towards Pano, wrapping her up tight) Alright, let’s see you try and move now.

Ginta: (to Alviss) Ya see that, jerk! Don’t underestimate Jack!

Jack: She’s stuck and helpless. And now it’s time to put an end to this round. (Climbs up the beanstalk to Pano)
Pano: (screams) Aah, jerk! Keep your hands off my innocent body!
Jack: Huh???
Pano: Pervert!
Ginta: Did she just call him a pervert? What’d Jack do?
Babbo: I don’t know, I couldn’t see from here.

Pano: PERVERT!!!
Jack: (climbs down the stalk immediately) But I didn’t, I didn’t touch her, I swear!
Pano: Pervert, pervert, PERVERT!!!
(crowd begins chanting “Pervert”)
Jack: STOP IT!!! Why are you calling me that, I didn’t touch her! I swear I didn’t! I’m not a pervert!
Pano: Pervert, PERVERT!!! (accidentally shoots the ball from her Ball Hammer at Jack, where it hits a… sensitive place)

Referee: He’s down! The winner is the Chess Piece Pano!
Crowd: No! What? She won?

Pano: I did it, Daddy!
Garon: Yes. Leave the rest of this to me.

Princess Snow: Oh, Jack.
Nanashi: Just let the rescue squad take care of him now.
Princess Snow: But Nanashi, is that really an effective attack? Does it hurt?
Nanashi: …yeeeah. A lot.

Edward: That makes the score for this round one to one. The last match will be Ginta’s. I can see you’re taking these events very seriously, Dorothy.
Dorothy: No, I just don’t know how to react.

Referee: Remember, kids, since Ginta is the captain, if he loses this one you ALL lose.
Babbo: Listen, here! That’s no way to be talking before the next match has even started!

Jack: I’m sorry, Ginta! You take care of the rest.
Ginta: You sit back and relax. We’ve got it covered, Jack. We’ll be moving on to the next match in no time! So, Babbo, you ready to show ‘em what we’ve got?
Babbo: Mmm. (yes)

Captain Ginta! Gargoyle vs. Garon!! [1.19]

Ginta: Babbo, version 3! Gargoyle!!

Pano: STOP IT!!! (standing between Gargoyle and Garon) We can accept father's loss, just spare his life!

Back to the Training Gate! Learn How to Really Fight! [1.20]


Jack: Babbo's third version is AWESOME!

Babbo: What about me?
Snow: You did wonderfully as well, Babbo!
Babbo: laughs Well, it's a little bit embarassing to be praised by a Princess, but I'll take it!

Dorothy: GIIIIIIIIIIINTAAAAAAA!!! (tackles Ginta and gushes as he struggles to get away) Gargoyle was just amazing, Ginta! (kisses him on the cheek) I've never seen anything like it! He's an amazing guardian! (kisses him again)
Princess Snow: (watching this with flames behind her) Oooo, Dorothy you witch! oo, you move quickly!
Edward: Oh, Princess! Not again!

Referee: Congratulations on victory in the first round of our competition. And now, we need to decide the finer details of tomorrow's matchup. Princess Regindlief! (motions to balcony from where the Princess throws two dice)

(Ginta sits looking at the night sky, with Babbo standing by looking worried)

Jack: (comning outside with two big drumsticks) Hey, Ginta! What are you doin', the Princess got dinner all ready for us, let's go chow down! Come on, or you'll miss it!
Ginta: I can eat later, Jack.
Jack: (shocked) What's wrong, Ginta?!? You NEVER turn down a meal!
Babbo: He's been like this for a while. I've tried talking to him, but no matter what I say, he just kinda grunts! Talk about rude. You could try punching him...
Ginta: I've just been thinking about my dad.
Jack: Really? Your dad?
Ginta: Yeah.


Ginta's Dad: Hey, Ginta, I've got a story for you if you wanna stay up.
Young Ginta: Yeah! Tell me the story!
Ginta's Mom: Ugh! You're not reading my book again, are you?!?!? Come on, stop it, you know I get embarassed!
Ginta's Dad: Hey, that's your problem! We have to educate our son, right? If you don't like it, go sit in the other room or something!
Ginta's Mom: UGH! You're a pain in the butt sometimes, you know that?
Ginta's Dad: You're mom talks a mean game, but she's actually happy we read this, y'know? Okay, now listen up, Ginta. There are lots of cool things out in the world. Like, uh, legendary monsters, spooky ghosts, and even aliens from space. It's true. There are even whole other worlds that are totally different than this one. Never forget about dreams you have like that, even when you're grown up and boring, heh. That way you'll always have lots of fun. *laughs*


Ginta: That gives us both another reason to keep on fighting.
Ginta and Jack: We have to avenge our dads!
Gaira: Well done, boys! That's what I like to hear!

Gaira: (to Ginta and Jack) You do look quite a bit like The Boss, and I do remember a Cross Guard who fought with a shovel.

Gaira: Dimension ÄRM, Training Gate!

Gaira: (to Ginta) And you call yourself a team captain.

Jack: Hey, Ginta! I just fought the guy who killed my dad and I won!
Ginta: You too?

The Desert Field and the Fighting Princess [1.21]


[As Ginta and Jack continue to train under Gaira, Snow enters her first battle in the War Games against Fugi of the Chess Pieces. It's the first battle of the Second Match, how will it end?!?!?]

Koyuki: (sleeping in class, is woken up by her classmate and jumps to her feet) Ginta! I'm going to do my very best! ...(sees big, angry teacher standing next to her)
Teacher: Maybe... you could help Ginta out right away by running his LAPS!

Koyuki: (to her classmates) ...lately, I keep having the same dream. It takes place in a whole different world, and I'm different too but just like me, the different girl in that world is waiting for Ginta to come back safely.

Koyuki: (thinking) I'm still waiting for you, Ginta...
Snow: (thinking) Don't worry about me.

Alviss: What? You'll be fighting in tomorrow's match?
Snow: Yes, Dorothy, Nanashi and I will do the fighting.
Edward: Princess...
Nanashi: You already had a turn to show your stuff, Al. Tomorrow's our turn to have a little bit of fun, okay? Come on.
Dorothy: Since Ginta and Jack are gone anyway, now's the perfect time to switch members, don't you think?
Nanashi: This'll be perfect, a girl on each arm! Hahahaha!
Alviss: Are you certain about this?
Snow: Of course I am! My magical powers are stronger, just like Ginta's! Right, Ed?
Edward: I suppose.

Bell: Mr. Doggy?
Edward: Yes?
Bell: If you're worried about Princess Snow, why don't you just sub in for her?
Edward: (crying) Well, of course that would be the best solution! But if I tried to fight like this I wouldn't last 5 seconds! They'd fry me to a crisp! But that doesn't matter 'cause I didn't take the test anyway. I'm just so useless!
Bell: Just 5 seconds? Aren't you ashamed of that? Anyway, don't you turn into that cool warrior if you fall asleep three times or something? So why are you still hanging out here as a dog anyway?
Edward: (still crying) Actually, I've had a bout of insomnia. Last night I was so worried that I stayed up all night! I didn't get a wink of sleep at all! WAAAAAAHHHH!!! Why must I have such a good-for-nothing body!!!
Bell: Oh-- there, there, don't cry!!

Referee: If everyone's finished getting ready, I will now take you to today's arena! Is everyone set? Ondata, take us to the Desert Field!

Nanashi: (after they are transported) Oh, man, this place is huge! Are we really fighting here today?!?
Dorothy: (with red eyes and wicked grin) There's enough room here to really let loose! laughs evilly

Referee: Show yourselves, Chess Pieces! Maira! Loco! Fugi! These are the three opponents you will be fighting!

Snow: (after Nanashi says he'll go first) Hold on, Nanashi! (stretches and takes a few deep breaths) I'm ready, I'll go first!
Nanashi: Uh, okay.
Snow: WOOHOO!!! (skips off across the sand)
Nanashi: (thinking) No use arguing if she's already off in her own little world.

Phantom: So, you have been watching, haven't you? Princess Snow has stepped forward. Until now, all she's done is run away. Who would've imagined she'd join the games? How does that make you feel... Queen?
Queen: (laughs) It's perfect. (thinking) The one I wanted to find, the one who wanted to find me. Thank you, Phantom. This time, it seems the War Games will turn out to be quite interesting.

Ginta: Listen, Snow, um, I know I shouldn't be talking like this right before the War Games start, but I just wanted to let you know, you don't have to participate in the fighting. You know you could get really hurt out there.
(Snow slaps him)
Snow: (smiling) Listen up, Ginta. If you ever say that again, I'm going to freeze you solid.

Nanashi vs. Loco and her Straw Doll!! [1.22]

Dorothy: Why are you want to fight that one?
Nanashi: Why? Because i like girls! Gyaha!
Dorothy: What's 'Gyaha?'
Nanashi: Gyaha! Gyahahahaha!

Nanashi: Hey wait, what will you do with that stuff?
Loco: You say 'Ladies First'
Nanashi: You didn't mean to...
Loco: [hammering spike]
Nanashi: [screaming]

Dorothy: [To Nanashi] Admit your defeat! Snow already won her match! I'll do the rest!
Nanashi: Maybe, I will admit defeat.. if Dorothy-chan gets naked
Snow and Dorothy: [blushing/face turning red]
Dorothy: I will not do it!

Dorothy! A witch to be feared!! [1.23]


Phantom of Secrets Enjoyment [1.24]


The Man Who Arrived Late! Alan!! [1.25]


Jack Can See the Man! Magic Mushrooms!! [1.26]


Girom Counterattacks: Egola vs. Gargoyle!! [1.35]

Jack: That's our friend Ginta, alright.
Alviss: ... proving that a simple mind and pure panic can do wonders.

Unidentified episode

Ginta: No problem! ‘Cause in this world, I’m a hero!

Ginta: I’m going to defeat each and every one of you Chess Pieces! and I’m going to save MÄR!