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  • DC was my first webcomic attempt. Not too shabby, but the dialogue format is definitely useful in general, and is good policy. Must check how DC can deal with dialogue.
  • Comics usually have more strips/issues than can fit into a classic TOC easily.
 * Chapterize
 * Group
 * Custom TOC

Random stuffEdit

All quotations but 1 are sorted, all quotations follow following format:

:''[url-to-strip Month Day, Year "Strip Title"]''
:'''Character1''': Lalalla
:'''Character2''': Lolololo

Sections are by year, subsections are by month. Inside each month, quotations are separated using a half-width rule:

In the case there are two quotations from the same strip, the second time the quotation header should again have the same text, but without a link:

:''[url-to-strip Month Day, Year "Strip Title"]''
:'''Character1''': Lalalla
:'''Character2''': Lolololo
<hr width="50%"/>
''Month Day, Year "Strip Title"''
:'''Character1''': More pithiness
:'''Character2''': Heheh

Comments on the new format will be welcomed. Thanks ~ MosheZadka (Talk) 09:22, 1 December 2005 (UTC)