This is the user account of JeffyBot, a bot program that may eventually do specific Wikiquote maintenance tasks. Like the Buffybot (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for which it was named, it is expected to be powerful but not terribly bright. Because of this, it will be closely monitored by its creator, Wikiquote sysop Jeff Q. Unlike Buffybot's amoral, megalomaniacal creator, Jeff is quite worried about what harm he may do to perfectly fine articles — or to his fellow Wikiquotians, for that matter. (Unfortunately, he can be just as annoying as Buffybot's creator, but he's working on that.)

To help Jeff Q avoid bringing about automated Armageddon, administrators are encouraged to hit JeffyBot's stop button at the first sign of trouble (or even doubt of usefulness), and to post comments or questions about its operation at User talk:Jeffq.

This bot is not yet active. The account is only being used for testing at this point.