Transmission Meditation

Transmission Meditation is a non-denominational, "world service, group meditation... simple, potent, and always free", with "over 600 groups in 40 countries" meeting once or more per week. This group meditation was first introduced by Benjamin Creme in London, March 1974.

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Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age (1983)Edit

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  • Meditation provides a more-or-less scientific means, depending on the meditation, of contacting the soul and gradually becoming at one with the soul, so that it can manifest clearly and potently on the physical plane.
    • p. 14
  • In a Transmission group, you simply let yourself be an instrument, while the energy is put through your chakras by the Masters. You act as a positive, poised, mental channel through which the energy is sent in a highly scientific manner.
    • p. 15
  • To form a Transmission Meditation group, all you need is the intention and desire to serve, and two other people who agree to transmit with you. Of course, the more people the better, but three in itself is a group.
    • p. 15
  • The Great Invocation is a very potent prayer. By its use, any group of transmitters can invoke the energies of the Christ and the Masters, and, acting as instruments, allow these energies to pass through their chakras in a simple, pleasant and scientific manner.
    • p. 16
  • To take part in Transmission Meditation, you only have to hold your attention at the ajna centre. In practice you will find that the attention will not stay there. It will keep dropping to its usual level somewhere around the solar plexus. As soon as the attention drops and you become aware of that, you have to bring it back to the ajna centre. This is done by thinking, inwardly, the mantram OM. As soon as you think OM, you find that your attention automatically comes back to the ajna centre.
    • p. 17
  • Transmission Meditation is really a combination of two yogas: Karma Yoga, the yoga of service, and Laya Yoga, the yoga of the chakras, the energies. This is the true yoga of the coming age. By taking part in Transmission Meditation, your evolution is propelled forward at an extraordinary rate, because of the potency of the spiritual energies sent through the chakras. The energies galvanize and activate the chakras as they pass through them. The Masters register the point in evolution of any individual by looking at the state of the chakras.
    • p. 17
  • The true, fundamental purpose of Transmission Meditation is service to the world. The world needs these energies from the Masters at the level that they can be absorbed and used. These are the energies that transform life on the planet.
    • p. 18
  • The trouble-torn time in which we live is the result of the confrontation, on all levels and in every department of life, between the energies, now receding, of Pisces, and the incoming forces of Aquarius.
    • p. 19
  • It is not the place to seek individual guidance, contact with the astral planes or messages of any kind. It is simply a giving of oneself in service, acting as a positive mental channel through which the energies sent by the Masters can be stepped down.
    • p. 35

Quotes about Transmission MeditationEdit

  • It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of the work of Transmission groups – the constant channeling of energies directed by the Christ and the Masters. This is probably the most important work that all of us can easily be engaged in – whatever other activities we might have in connection with the Plan or whatever other service activity we might be involved in.
    • Maitreya’s Mission, Volume One
  • The energy coming through us in Transmission groups is utilized above all by The New Group of World Servers. It is they who, responding to that energy, make the changes in the political, economic, religious and social structures. So what we are really doing is acting as a sub-station for the energy of Hierarchy to stimulate, galvanize and keep nourished the New Group of World Servers, who are several millions strong in the world and in every country.
    • Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Two

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