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certain higher being in theosophy
For for the Buddhist concept, see Maitreya.

In Theosophy, Maitreya or the Lord Maitreya is the leader of the esoteric Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom who oversee the evolution of all life forms on our planet.

Many await My Coming with reverence and also with some fear. This is inevitable. My Coming will mean the end of the old order of things. All that is useless, no longer serving the purposes of man, can now be discarded. (Maitreya's Message No. 4)
As this Bodhisatva is said “ to assume any form he pleases ” from the beginning of a Manvantara to its end... He will appear as Maitreya Buddha, the last of the Avatars and Buddhas, in the seventh Race. ~H.P. Blavatsky
Maitreya is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar of the Brahmins — the last Messiah who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle. ~H.P. Blavatsky
The Lord Buddha and His great Brother, the Lord Maitreya, long ago together made the great resolve swiftly to attain to Buddha-hood, and for the sake of humanity, to renounce that Nirvana... These Great Ones turn back and say, ‘Not until all my brothers can follow me onwards will I accept this bliss’. ~Geoffrey Hodson
Profoundly interesting is this world-tragedy of conflict to those who see in it a necessary preparation, a clearing of the ground, for the coming of the World-Teacher and for the new civilisation. ~Annie Besant
Every new cosmic cycle — we are entering a new one now, the Age of Aquarius — brings into the world a teacher. People like Hercules and Hermes, Rama, Mithra, Vyasa, Zoroaster, Confucius, Krishna, Shankaracharya, the Buddha, the Christ, Mohammed — these are all Masters who have come from... the Spiritual, or Esoteric, Hierarchy... ~Benjamin Creme
No name will provoke so many attacks as that of Maitreya, for it is bound up with the future. Nothing provokes so much fear and irritation in people as thinking about the future. ~Agni Yoga
The opposing forces of entrenched evil must be routed before He for Whom all men wait... can come. ~The Master Djwhal Khul via Alice Bailey
Ask those people who feel offended because the coming epoch is being called the epoch of Maitreya and not the epoch of Christ whether they really understand the significance of these Names. If they knew more, they would not feel offended... The New Epoch... will bring the renaissance of woman. ~Helena Roerich

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  • I have not come to found a new religion. I have come to teach the art of Self-realization... I come to you 'like a thief in the night', so that you will not become too excited. Slowly, as you become aware, you can 'digest' what is 'eaten'. In awareness you will know Me. In 'isms' you will fight against Me.
  • I have not come to create followers... Each of you should continue to develop within your own religious tradition. A real disciple is one who will respect the traditions. Respect your own religions, your own ideologies, in brief, your own thoughtform, and you will experience the Master. Even when you see me, do not run after me. If you run after me, you will lose me. I cannot be monopolized – I belong to everyone...
  • If you personify Me, He warns, you will create nothing but confusion, chaos, destruction. If you parade Me, you do not know who I am. Even My signs create only momentary happiness. The happiest moment is when you see Me within your heart.
    • As quoted in The Art of Self-realization, Share International, (April 1999)
  • I have not come to puzzle or startle people. When people experience Me, for the first time they will know the purpose of life... You will not feel you are leading a futile life, but one in which the Master is within you, guiding you. This sense of inwardness will give you another perspective in life. You will feel you are enjoying life. Fulfillment will take place within. Everything is within you. When this happens you will not react in anger. With a sense of detachment you will experience the power of God. God is behind everything... I do not want you to believe in Me. First experience Me within you.
    • As quoted in The Art of Self-realization, Share International, (April 1999)

Leaves of Morya’s Garden: Book One: The Call (1924) edit

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  • Into the New World my first message. You who gave the Ashram, And you who gave two lives, Proclaim. Builders and warriors, strengthen the steps. Reader, if you have not grasped — read again, after a while. The predestined is not accidental, The leaves fall in their time. And winter is but the harbinger of spring. All is revealed; all is attainable. I will cover you with My shield, if you but tend to your labors. I have spoken. (i)
  • By holiness in life, guard the precious Gem of Gems. Aum Tat Sat Aum! I am thou, thou art I—parts of the Divine Self. My Warriors! Life thunders—be watchful. Danger! The soul hearkens to its warning! The world is in turmoil — strive for salvation. I invoke blessings unto you. Salvation will be yours! Life nourishes the soul. Strive for the life glorified, and for the realization of purity. Put aside all prejudices—think freely. Be not downcast but full of hope. Flee not from life, but walk the path of salvation. You and We — here together in spirit. One Temple for all—for all, One God. Manifold worlds dwell in the Abode of the Almighty, And the Holy Spirit soars throughout. The Renovation of the World will come — the prophecies will be fulfilled. People will arise and build a New Temple. (1)
  • Those who are obsessed with matters of the earthly world can receive no answers from the Heights. Fate can be overcome if you manifest the Christ, Who sacrificed Himself for Truth. (3)
  • My Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of Humanity. Put aside all prejudices and, summoning your spiritual forces, aid mankind. Direct the unsightly towards the path of beauty. As the tree renews its leaves, so shall humanity flourish on the path of righteousness. (4)
  • Beware of venomous vibrations. Strive for the future and succumb not to the spell of the present. Follow the simplest path as you ascend the mountain. Powerful, exalted visions require pure surroundings, and prana. Christ’s deeds were consummated amidst the beauties of nature. Never did He dwell for long in cities. (51)
  • The Teacher suffered for His words of Truth. Man resists the path to Light. Darkness is more pleasing to the eyes of moles, But love and knowledge will conquer all. Your spirit will ascend and you will pass by the uncomprehending ones swiftly, as you would mileposts on the way. Smile at the difficulties upon your path. I vouch, you will conquer! (116)
  • My Children, you are unaware of the battle that rages around you. Both secretly and openly do the dark forces fight. Your spirit, like a dam, is lashed by the waters. Your heart unfolds and will be flooded with knowledge. Fear not, O heart, you will conquer! (117)
  • It was after the time of Origen’s disciples that the false religion of the priesthood began to spread.(268)
  • Be resourceful—act! (291)
  • We speak but once. Do not repeat your questions. What is not understood or is unheard is lost to Earth. You may find new ways of understanding and ascent, but by new steps. Therefore be alert. Tiredness is not dangerous. But levity and callousness are banes to mankind. Like a householder in constant action, be not afraid of a few drops of labor’s perspiration. Even a misguided action is better than passivity. Attain the port. For each one is a ship provided. (292)
  • I perceive the enemies will be destroyed by miraculous fire. The time for action is but begun. Comprehend devotion, faith, and courage. I will safeguard you with a helmet of faith, an armor of devotion, and a shield of victory. And on the banner will be inscribed: Love, the Conqueror. (299)
  • My children, children, dear children. Do not think that Our Community is hidden from humanity by impregnable walls. The snows of Himalaya that hide Us are not obstacles for true seekers, but only for the curious ones. Mind the difference between the seeker and the dry, skeptical investigator. Immerse yourselves in Our labor, and I will lead you on the path to the Yonder World. (313)
  • Avoid those who will not hear. Pass by those who will not see—yes. Behold! (316)
  • Whose knocking do I hear? It is you, fugitive! Now I shall tell you, You have been fleeing from Me with the same persistence you manifested before, when building My Abodes. You fled, attempting to hide yourself within the sanctuaries of the world’s temples. Behind the steps of thrones did you conceal yourself. Changing your appearance, you did secrete yourself beneath the folds of tents. You tried to lose yourself in earthly sounds of flute and strings. To where did you flee? Now you stand before Me, And I say: you have returned to Me, You have found My door. You saw how your mind had lost its light, how dispersed was your joy. And you now understand that the knocking one will be admitted. And the admitted one will be forgiven. And you have now found the better door, and have come, seeing the futility of your flight. And I will admit you who knock and say to you: I have preserved for you your joy. Take up your chalice, and work. You, Avirach, You know now that flight is in vain. You stand there now, approaching the door, And your chalice awaits you. (338)
  • Thus it is, when the spirit comes to realize service: New wings grow, and the surrounding air sings at night. The pathway of light is revealed to the amazed sight. And the mind’s resolution builds the steps of the temple of the One Truth. Improve the brain, cleanse the ears, bathe the lips. Else you will be the witnesses of your own madness. (355)
  • Respect the principle of Hierarchy. In Brotherhoods great and small, all actions are given through the Elders. There may be teachings and inspirations, but actions originate from One Source. (395)
  • One must forgive people their failure to understand. Good people are often guilty of faulty judgment. It is essential to be lenient with beginner’s mistakes. (414)
  • Avoid places where anger and disunity are displayed. Beclouded is the people’s imagination. Learn to rise above the hands that drag one downward. Seated in the boat, one thinks not about one’s house-key. (415)
  • Wisely We will turn everything for the good. (448)
  • I will gather the daughters. Let them help lay out the garden of beauty. Let them fill the garden to overflowing with new blossoms. I perceive that one can expect a rapid sprouting of life in the New World (449)

Messages from Maitreya the Christ (1981) edit

  • In this coming time, I shall show you beauties and wonders beyond your imaginings, but which are your birthright as sons of God. My children, My friends, I have come more quickly, perhaps, than you expected. But there is much to do, much that needs changing in the world. Many hunger and die, many suffer needlessly.
    • Message No. 1
  • My Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, are scheduled to make Their group return to the everyday world. As Their Leader, I, as one of Them, do likewise. Many there are throughout the world who call Me, beg for My return. I answer their pleas. Many more are hungry and perish needlessly, for want of the food which lies rotting in the storehouses of the world. Many need My help in other ways: as Teacher, Protector; as Friend and Guide. It is as all of these I come.
    • Message No. 2
  • I come to take you with Me into the New Country -- the Country of Love, the Country of Trust, of Beauty and Freedom. I shall take you there if you can follow Me, accept Me, let Me lead and guide. And, if this be so, together we shall build a New World: a world in which men can live without fear, without mistrust, without division; sharing together the Earth's bounty, knowing together the Bliss of Union with our Source... Allow Me to help you. Allow Me to show you the way -- forward, into a simpler life where no man lacks; where no two days are alike; where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men.
    • Message No. 3
  • Many await My Coming with reverence and also with some fear. This is inevitable. My Coming will mean the end of the old order of things. All that is useless, no longer serving the purposes of man, can now be discarded. This will cause many to grieve but so it must be. My friends, My children, I am here to show you that there exists for man a most marvelous future.
    • Message No. 4
  • My plan is to release into the world a certain Teaching, which will show men that there exists a new approach to living, a new way forward into the future time.
    • Message No. 5
  • When the world is ready to receive Me, I shall speak to men everywhere as the One Who is awaited, the One they have called, the One Who comes to lead them into the New Age... When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty.
    • Message No. 8
  • I am the Stranger at the Gate. I am the One Who knocks. I am the One Who will not go away. I am your Friend. I am your Hope. I am your Shield. I am your Love. I am All in All.
    • Message No. 10
  • My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere.
    • Message No. 11
  • Man's problem today, as always, is of his own making... By the misuse of his divine freewill, man has placed his future, and that of all the kingdoms, in jeopardy. Many today are beginning to realise this and are taking such steps as they can to avert catastrophe. This is good. But not all men see the danger which faces mankind in increasing potency. Time is short indeed for the reconstruction of our world along lines more befitting man's true role and purpose.
    • Message No. 12
  • Mankind has lost its way, has strayed far from the path prepared for it by God. Many there are now in the world who know this, who search and pray, and work towards the light; but many more are blind and would rush towards disaster. My plan is to halt this headlong plunge and to turn the tide. My Presence, already, is effecting changes in men's thinking, in men's hearts, and causing them to wonder... Throughout the world there are men, women and little children who have not even the essentials to stay alive; they crowd the cities of many of the poorest countries in the world. This crime fills Me with shame. My brothers, how can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men? My plan is to save these, My little ones, from certain starvation and needless death. My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere...
    • Message No. 13
  • Will you be among those who pave the way? Will you take part now in this Great Work and fulfil the world’s need? There is no higher call than that to serve the world. There is no greater commitment than to serve your brother.
    • Message No.14
  • Many will see Me soon and at first may be surprised at My appearance, for I am not the Preacher of Old, but have come simply to point the way, to show the path which must be trodden, back to the Source and into Harmony, Beauty, and Justice. My task is a simple one: to show you the way. You, my friends, have the difficult task of building a New World, a New Country, a new Truth; but together we shall triumph.
    • Message No. 15
  • My plan and My duty is to reveal to you a new way, a way forward which will permit the divine in man to shine forth. Thus do I speak gravely, My friends and brothers. Hearken well to My words. Man must change or die: there is no other course. .. My Teaching is simple: Justice, Sharing and Love are divine aspects. To manifest his divinity, man must embrace these three.
    • Message No. 81
  • My task will be to show you how to live together peacefully as brothers. This is simpler than you imagine, My friends, for it requires only the acceptance of Sharing. Sharing, indeed, is divine. It underlies all progress for man. By its means, My brothers and sisters, you can come into correct relationship with God; and this, My friends, underlies your lives. When you share, you recognise God in your brother. This is a truth, simple, but until now difficult for man to grasp. The time has come to evidence this truth. By My Presence, the Law of Sharing will become manifest. By My Presence, man will grow to God. By the Presence of Myself and My Brothers, the New Country of Love shall be known. Take, My friends, this simple Law to your hearts. Manifest Love through Sharing, and change the world. Create around you the atmosphere of peace and joy, and with Me make all things new.
    • Message No. 82

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  • They will ask, "Can the time of Maitreya create a New Era?" Answer, "If the Crusades brought a new age, then truly the Era of Maitreya is a thousandfold more significant." In such consciousness should one proceed.
  • No name will provoke so many attacks as that of Maitreya, for it is bound up with the future. Nothing provokes so much fear and irritation in people as thinking about the future.... Sitting under one particular tree, one may think that it is the center of the world. But, expanding the essence of one's spirit through the entire world, one becomes like Fire, all-pervading. (336)
  • Understand once again that the time of changes of continents is approaching. Maitreya is coming, in the vanguard of science, addressing its new frontiers. All the problems of science and of the evolution of all that exists are of concern to the Teacher.
    Once a woman stopped between images of the Blessed Buddha and Maitreya, not knowing to Whom to offer her reverence. And the image of the Blessed Buddha uttered these words, “According to My Covenant, revere the future. Standing in defense of the past, direct your gaze toward the dawn.” (344)
  • The prayer uttered by Christ when leaving Earth was not heard by people. The prayer uttered by Buddha was not heard by people. The prayer that will be uttered by Maitreya knocks like lightning at the gates of the human spirit. Thus is Earth stratified and the consciousness of the spirit created.
  • You are correct in speaking of humanity’s lack of insight. When we approach the ominous hour, all forces must be strained for the mighty step. It has already been told that the Epoch of Maitreya is approaching, and the signs are strewn as fiery seeds; hence, the ominous hour will be one of Light for those who are in step with the Cosmic Magnet. Hence, the ominous hour will be as a future Light for those who battle for the significance of the Epoch of Maitreya. Hence, cooperation with Us brings the predestined victory. Therefore, the co-workers who walk in self-denial will be victors. (55)
  • The heart of an Arhat is like the Heart of Cosmos. The heart of an Arhat is like the fire of the sun. Eternity and the motion of Cosmos fill the heart of the Arhat. Maitreya is coming, radiant with all fires. His Heart is aflame with compassion for destitute humanity. His Heart is aflame with the affirmation of the new Covenants. (3)
  • Each Lord has his keynote. The Epoch of Maitreya proclaims woman. The manifestation of Maitreya is linked with the confirmation of the Mother of the World, in the past, present, and future. The “Book of Life” is so beautiful. (13)
  • The World Teacher is that Great Being Whom the Christian calls the Christ; He is known also in the Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is the One looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Iman Mahdi. He it is Who has presided over the destinies of life since about 600 B.C. and He it is Who has come out among men before, and Who is again looked for. He is the Great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as His predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom. . . . He is the World Teacher, the Master of the Masters, and the Instructor of the Angels, and to Him is committed the guidance of the spiritual destinies of men, and the development of the realisation within each human being that he is a child of God and a son of the Most High.
  • He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, composed of the disciples of all faiths. He recognises and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to their Founders – the Buddha, Mohammed and others. He cares not what the faith is, if the objective is love of God and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago, they will fail to recognise the Christ Who is in the process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may call himself.
    • Alice Bailey in The Reappearance of the Christ, Lucis Trust (1948)
  • Profoundly interesting is this world-tragedy of conflict to those who see in it a necessary preparation, a clearing of the ground, for the coming of the World-Teacher and for the new civilisation... The terrible lesson now being taught, the widespread suffering, the devastation by sword and fire, the poverty caused by the dislocation of trade, the tension, the bankruptcies... But through this Armageddon the world will pass into a realm of peace, of brotherhood, of co-operation, and will forget the darkness and the terrors of the night in the joy that cometh in the morning...
  • And so, looking over the world at the moment, there seems little likelihood that when He comes He will be welcome. A few will recognise Him as they ever have done, and maybe, as the characteristics of the coming race are those of spirituality, there will be more to welcome Him, for the spiritual life is spreading to-day, and those who are of the Spirit will know the law of the Spirit; and I would fain leave you with the thought tonight that that is a truth, that the Supreme Teacher will again ere very long be incarnate upon earth, again made manifest as Teacher, again walking and living amongst us as last He walked in Palestine. Splendid as is the hope, mighty as is the inspiration, there is nothing too glorious to be possible for the ever-unfolding Spirit in man, and the hope of to-day is that that spirit is spreading, despite the characteristics of our time; that men are becoming more liberal, more tolerant, more ready to recognise that which is true and just.
  • It may well be that we have reached such a time of evolution that the popular mind of the day will be transcended by large numbers of the more spiritually minded, and that when He comes again He will be able to stay amongst us more than the three brief years that marked His last ministry. That, then, is the word, the thought I leave with you: to develop in yourselves the Spirit of the Christ, and then at His coming you shall recognise His beauty. Learn compassion, learn tenderness, learn good thoughts of others rather than evil, learn to be tender with the weak, learn to be reverent to the great; and if you can develop those qualities in you, then the coming Christ may be able to number you among His disciples, and the welcome that the earth shall give Him shall not again be a cross.
    • Annie Besant, in The Changing World and Lectures to Theosophical Students, Lecture VI, The Coming Christ, (May, June, and July 1909)
  • Maitreya is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar of the Brahmins — the last Messiah who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle.
  • As this Bodhisatva is said “ to assume any form he pleases ” from the beginning of a Manvantara to its end... He will appear as Maitreya Buddha, the last of the Avatars and Buddhas, in the seventh Race.
  • In the Vishnu Purâna—which is certainly the earliest of all the scriptures of that name—we find, as in all the others, Brahmâ assuming as the male God, for purposes of creation, “ four bodies invested by three qualities.”* It is said : “ In this manner, Maitreya, Jyotsnâ (dawn), Râtri (night), Ahan (day), and Sandhyâ (evening twilight) are the four bodies of Brahmâ ” . . (Vishnu Purâna, p. 81, Vol. I., Wilson’s translation).
  • The Vishnu Purâna contains a reply, which has forced certain Orientalists to open their eyes very widely. “The Sun is stationed, for all time, in the middle of the day, and over against midnight, in all the Dwipas (continents), Maitreya! But the rising and the setting of the Sun being perpetually opposite to each other—and in the same way, all the cardinal points, and so the crosspoints, Maitreya ; people speak of the rising of the Sun where they see it ; and where the Sun disappears, there, to them, is his setting. Of the Sun, which is always in one and the same place, there is neither setting nor rising, for what is called rising and setting are only the seeing and the not seeing the Sun.” (Vishnu Purâna, Book II., ch. viii.)
  • All the great religions posit the idea of a further revelation to be given by a future Teacher. Christians hope for the return of the Christ, the Buddhists look for the coming of another Buddha (the Lord Maitreya), while Moslems await the appearance of the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus a reincarnation of Krishna, and the Jews the Messiah. Students of the esoteric tradition know these as different names for one and the same individual, the World Teacher, the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, and they look for His imminent return now. According to esoteric teaching, the Christ manifested Himself 2,000 years ago in Palestine by ‘overshadowing’ His disciple Jesus, now the Master Jesus. This time Maitreya (the personal name of the Christ) comes Himself, as World Teacher for the Aquarian Age. From an astronomical viewpoint, we are now in the transitional phase between the Age of Pisces and that of Aquarius. To guide us safely through this difficult period, Maitreya has taken the extraordinary step of entering the modern world.
  • Many people await the return of the Christ with trepidation and fear. They sense that His appearance will promote great changes in all departments of life. His values, they rightly assume, will necessarily alter their ways of thinking and living and they blanch at such a prospect. Besides, so mystical has been the view of the Christ presented down the centuries by the churches that many fear His judgement and omnipotent power; they await Him as God come to punish the wicked and reward the faithful.
    It is sadly to be regretted that such a distorted vision of the Christ should so have permeated human consciousness. No such being exists. In order to understand the true nature of the Christ it is necessary to see Him as one among equal Sons of God, each endowed with full divine potential, differing only in the degree of manifestation of that divinity.
  • Maitreya is not going to interfere and make sure that we do not destroy ourselves. He is going to present us with these alternatives: carry on as we are today in the old, greedy, selfish, competitive ways of the past and destroy ourselves, or else accept that we are one, accept the Principle of Sharing; implement it, create justice in the world, and therefore peace, and begin the construction -- under his inspiration, of a most brilliant and wonderful civilization such as this world has never known.
  • Maitreya will present to the world a choice: to continue as we are, in the old, greedy, selfish, very human ways, and destroy ourselves, or to demonstrate at last the divine potential in every person by grasping the realities of life: the fact of the oneness of the soul; of the oneness, therefore, of humanity as a group of souls in incarnation. This will be a revelation for most of humanity.
  • He will talk about the needs of the world: the fact of the starving millions, “a blasphemy in men’s midst”, as the Master calls it. He will show that problem to be the first priority awaiting a renewed and regenerated humanity. He will show that without addressing the problem of hunger and starvation in the midst of plenty we will never take one step forward in the demonstration of the divinity of which He is giving people a sense, perhaps for the first time.
  • The book details the planned return of our planetary Hierarchy and the descent of Maitreya from His Himalayan retreat in July 1977 and of His work in the world, albeit behind the scenes, since then. It speaks too of the enormous changes that His presence has brought about; of His plans and projects, and His priorities and recommendations in the immediate future time. It shows Him as a great and powerful Avatar and, at the same time, as a friend and brother of humanity.
  • First to go will be the world’s stock markets. They are, as Maitreya has said, about to crash. They will come down because they stand in the way of right relationship. They really bear no relation to the needs even of trade between countries. They are an anachronism, what Maitreya calls, very accurately, “gambling casinos” which have no part to play in the future time, at least in their present form. When the world stock markets collapse — as soon as it is obvious that they are on their final plunge — Maitreya will emerge. He will take up an invitation to appear on a major television network in the United States. The invitation has already been issued, but Maitreya will determine the timing... After the initial interview, all the networks will want to interview Him. However, He will not be introduced as Maitreya or the Christ, but simply as a man of extraordinary wisdom and love.
  • There is an interplanetary parliament of which our Spiritual Hierarchy and Maitreya is the expression of this planet. All the planets have their representatives in the interplanetary parliament. At that parliament, Maitreya focused for the other planets, the aims and the problems of Earth. It was concluded that an extraordinary movement of succor of help for the Earth had to be mounted by as many of the planets as wished to. It is not without reason the first evidence of what came to be called flying saucers, UFOs... happened soon after the end of the war. (43:36)
    This planet is a conscious part of a solar system which acts together, which has a parliament for all the planets... (56:37)
    • Benjamin Creme in A new civilization dawns. The emergence of the World Teacher and the role of UFOs Lecture in Tokyo, Japan. Full video (8 May 2010)
  • Followers of other Religions will here substitute the name used in their Faiths for the Source of healing life and power, whether universal or individual, solar or planetary. Buddhists and Hindus may decide, for example, to invoke the aid of “The Lord of Loving Kindness”, known in both Faiths as the Lord Maitreya, the Supreme Teacher of Angels and of Men the Bodhisattva. (Footnote elaborating on "The Lord Christ")
  • The Lord Buddha and His great Brother, the Lord Maitreya, long ago together made the great resolve swiftly to attain to Buddha-hood, and for the sake of humanity, to renounce that Nirvana. Standing on the threshold of bliss ineffable and peace eternal, these Great Ones turn back and say, ‘Not until all my brothers can follow me onwards will I accept this bliss’. We may presume from certain of his spoken words, that he who has now left us physically, has also made that irrevocable resolve and that supreme renunciation, promising to stay with us as our great teacher and leader to the end of this world period and on to the world to which humanity will go when it leaves this Earth for a time.
    • Geoffrey Hodson, The American Theosophist, Vol. 41, Issue 8, August 1953, p. 147
  • The problems confronting us should be faced with courage, with truth and understanding; as well as with the willingness to speak factually, with simplicity and with love in the effort to expose the truth and clarify the problems which must be solved. The opposing forces of entrenched evil must be routed before He for Whom all men wait, the Christ, can come.
    The knowledge that He is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must we endure, struggle and fight? The reply comes with clarity: He will come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house. Then He can and will come; then the Kingdom of God will be publicly recognised and will no longer be a thing of dreams and of wishful thinking and orthodox hope.
    • Djwhal Khul, in The Reappearance of the Christ, Lucis Publishing, p. 164 (1947)
  • Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ are not one and the same person. This is one of the most difficult claims for many Christians to accept in connection with Maitreya, the World Teacher, and it therefore needs some further explanation. In fact, the title Christ does not refer to an individual at all. It is the name of a function in the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom, that group of advanced beings who guide the evolution of humanity from behind the scenes. Whoever stands at the head of this Hierarchy automatically becomes the World Teacher, known in the East as the Bodhisattva, during the term of his office.
    Maitreya, who embodies the energy we call the Christ Principle, has held that office for over two millennia, and in Palestine he manifested himself as the Christ to inaugurate the Age of Pisces, then beginning. The method he used is called spiritual overshadowing, that is, his consciousness informed and guided the actions and teachings of his disciple Jesus. It was, therefore, the consciousness of the Christ, Maitreya, which was seen and experienced by those around Jesus.
  • The events from Jesus' life and his words have been greatly misinterpreted due to this little-understood connection between his work and that of Maitreya the Christ. This has given rise to the age-old theological point of contention -- namely, whether Jesus was God or man, or perhaps both together. The answer is that Jesus was a man who, as a result of the process of evolution, became a Son of God -- as does everyone eventually...
    With the emergence of Maitreya, the Master Jesus is playing a major role for the second time... This open collaboration, which will be visible to all, will end any lingering doubts concerning the true relationship between Maitreya the Christ and his disciple, the Master Jesus. Thus the seemingly paradoxical claim that Jesus and the Christ are not the same person, in the literal sense of the word, is more reasonable than it would appear. Those Christians who find it difficult to accept that 'their' teacher is not the highest leader of all humanity may, however, take solace in a second paradox: Jesus and Maitreya the Christ were (and are) one, in the sense that they, each on his own level, work together in perfect concord to further the Divine Plan.
  • Are there religions and communities in the East which accept the Teaching about Maitreya? The Bodhisattva Maitreya was promised to the world as the coming Buddha by Gautama himself. This is the reason why the Hinayana also accepts this one Bodhisattva. Maitreya corresponds to the Kalki Avatar in Hinduism (the "White Horse Avatar"—see the Revelation of St. John), and to the Messiahs of all nations.
    All the Messiahs are inevitably Avatars of Vishnu. Statues in honor of the Bodhisattva Maitreya were erected in India and Tibet at the very beginning of our Christian Era, and there is not a single Buddhist temple where there is not now an Image of this Bodhisattva.
  • The whole East believes in the Advent of the Lord Maitreya... The Teaching of the Lord Maitreya will be spread all over the world and it will proclaim the era of the awakening of the Spirit, which is also called the era of woman... We shall salute those who consider only Christ as their Teacher, in the same manner that we shall salute the followers of Lao Tze, Confucius, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, and Maitreya. But we shall ask them to truly study the Teaching of Jesus Christ and practice it in life. Then there will be no place for discord, for, verily, all great Covenants come from One Source. Remember what was said in the Teaching, "People will ask, 'Who is greater, Christ or Buddha?' Answer, 'It is impossible to measure the far-off worlds. We can only be enraptured by their radiance.'
  • Likewise, ask those people who feel offended because the coming epoch is being called the epoch of Maitreya and not the epoch of Christ whether they really understand the significance of these Names. If they knew more, they would not feel offended.
    • Helena Roerich, Letters of Helena Roerich, Volume II: 1935-1939, (31 July 1937)
  • The New Epoch... will bring the renaissance of woman. The Epoch of Maitreya is the Epoch of the Mother of the World.
    • Helena Roerich, Letters of Helena Roerich, Volume II: 1935-1939,
  • Almost weekly, Maitreya appears miraculously 'out of the blue' at fundamentalist, orthodox religious meetings around the world, always in a form that the group can recognize – if they are Hindus, as the people's idea of what Krishna will look like; if Jews, as their idea of the Messiah; if they are Muslims, as their idea of the Prophet, the Imam Mahdi or the Messiah; if Buddhists, their idea of Maitreya Buddha. He can change His appearance at will. He can be old or young, man or woman, fair or dark. In this way, everyone can identify with Him. He speaks to the gatherings in their own language, and then disappears again.

The Inner Life, by C.W. Leadbeater (1917) edit

(full text, multiple formats)

  • When the time came at which it was expected that humanity would be able to provide for itself some one who was ready to fill this important office, no one could be found who was fully capable of doing so. But few of our earthly race had then reached the higher stages of adeptship, and the foremost of these were two friends and brothers whose development was equal. These two were the mighty Egos now known to us as the Lord Gautama and the Lord Maitreya, and in His great love for mankind the former at once volunteered to make the tremendous additional exertion necessary to qualify Him to do the work required, while His friend and brother decided to follow Him as the next holder of that office thousands of years later. p. 9
  • In those far-off times it was the Lord Gautama who ruled the world of religion and education; but now He has yielded that high office to the Lord Maitreya, whom western people call the Christ—who took the body of the disciple Jesus during the last three years of its life on the physical plane; and those who know tell us that it will not be long before He descends among us once again, to found another faith. Anyone whose mind is broad enough to grasp this magnificent conception of the splendid reality of things will see instantly how worse than futile it is to set up in one’s mind one religion as in opposition to another, to try to convert any person from one to another, or to compare depreciatingly the founder of one with the founder of another.... The Lord Maitreya had taken various births before He came into the office which He now holds, but even in these earlier days He seems always to have been a teacher or high-priest. p. 10
  • You ask about the Great One whom we call the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, and about His work in the past and in the future... there is what we may call a department of the inner government of the world which is devoted to religious instruction—the founding and inspiring of religions, and so on. It is the Christ who is in charge of that department; sometimes He Himself appears on earth to found a great religion and sometimes He entrusts such work to one of His more advanced assistants. We must regard Him as exercising a kind of steady pressure from behind all the time, so that the power employed will flow as though automatically into every channel anywhere and of any sort which is open to its passage; so that He is working simultaneously through every religion, and utilizing all that is good in the way of devotion and self-sacrifice in each. The fact that these religions may be wasting their strength in abusing one another upon the physical plane is of course lamentable, but it does not make much difference to the fact that whatever is good in each of them is being simultaneously utilized from behind by the same great Power. p. 19
  • What is desired in order to promote the work of the great plan is that all these races should be drawn into much closer sympathy. This has already been achieved to a great extent in the case of England and America; it is very much to be regretted that it cannot be done in the case of Germany also, but for the present that great country seems disposed to hold aloof from the desired coalition, and to stand out for what it considers its own private interests. It is much to be hoped that this difficulty may be overcome. The great purpose of this drawing together is to prepare the way for the coming of the new Messiah, or, as we should say in Theosophical circles, the next advent of the Lord Maitreya, as a great spiritual teacher, bringing a new religion. The time is rapidly approaching when this shall be launched—a teaching which shall unify the other religions, and compared with them shall stand upon a broader basis and keep its purity longer. But before this can come about we must have got rid of the incubus of war, which at present is always hanging over our heads like a great spectre, paralyzing the best intellects of all countries as regards social experiments, making it impossible for our statesmen to try new plans and methods on a large scale. Therefore one essential towards carrying out the scheme is a period of universal peace. p. 151

Initiation, The Perfecting of Man, by Annie Besant, (1923) edit

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  • As He stands there, across the exquisite music which surrounds Him there sounds a sob of pain, a wailing from the earth that lies behind. He hears the cry of humanity in bondage; He sees the gropings of the ignorant, the helpless, and the blind. He sees the suffering that He has transcended, the weakness that in Him has turned to strength, the helplessness that in Him has been crowned into power. His race has cast around Him the only fetters that still have power to bind the enfranchised, the liberated Spirit; they are the fetters of compassion; they are the bonds of love; the old sympathy for the humanity of which He is the flower; for those who still lie in darkness and the shadow of death while Light Eternal is radiant around Him. And then He turns backward to the world that He had left. Then, instead of casting away the burden of the flesh. He takes it up and bears it still, in order that He may help mankind. p. 105
  • The Teaching Department, that from which all religions come which inspire and color civilizations: at the head of that department, two grades above the grade of a Master, stands the Supreme Teacher, the Teacher of angels and of men, Whom in the East they call the Wisdom, or Bodhisattva, Whom in the West they call the Christ. His the duty of watching over the spiritual destinies of mankind; of guiding, blessing, maintaining the various religions of the world, founded in outline by Himself. His the duty of appointing one Master or another as the special Guide and Protector of a special religion, while His own benediction flows ever upon the whole of the living religions of the time. His the great duty of appearing from age to age to inspire a new religion, to strike a keynote, until all the notes shall have been struck that make up the great religious chord of our humanity, varied but all harmonious, giving out different tones but forming one mighty chord. p. 110
  • Looking backwards over the past of our race, we see how He came from time to time, the Bodhisattva of the past, the Christ of the past, Who gave the earlier religions to the great Aryan Race; Who built up the fabric of Hinduism for the Aryan root-stock; Who taught as Thoth in Egypt, later known as Hermes, the mighty Revealer; Who came as Zoroaster to the great Persian Empire, thirty-one thousand years ago; Who came as Orpheus to the Greeks, founding the Orphic Mysteries from which all other Mysteries in Greece were gradually successively derived; Who spoke as the Sun in India, as Light in Egypt, as Fire in Persia, as the exquisite Beauty of Music and Sound in Greece; Who gave to each great nation in turn its own religion, laid in each the foundation of the civilization which that religion was to color and to inspire; and Who, then, having done His work, came forth for the last time in Hindustan, there to reach the Illumination of the Buddha, and with Buddhism closed the ancient cycle, and left to His Successor the opening of the new.
  • Thus in Buddhism that great cycle of antiquity found its ending; in that great religion the last word of the ancient world was spoken, and He Who had taught. He Who had illuminated, the Christ of that elder world. He passed away. His Work for humanity completed, His task accomplished. His Successor ready to take His place. Then opened the new cycle, the new age of racial life. The old was closed, the new was to open, and with the fifth sub-race, the Teutonic sub-race that now is leading the nations of the earth, a new cycle was to open, and to it there came the new Bodhisattva, the new Christ, to be the builder of a yet greater civilization. He came among the Jewish people to give out His message and to meet His destiny, to be rejected by His contemporaries, murdered by the people from whom He took His body. p. 111
  • Chapter VI, Why we believe in the coming of a World Teacher
  • The Theosophical conception, as widely put forward among thoughtful people, asks them to consider the coming of World Teachers as normal, not as abnormal; as under a certain definite law, and not as a breach of continuity; as part of the Divine plan working out in human evolution, by which these Teachers form a long succession, appearing at quite definite intervals, and accompanied by certain definite signs or conditions in the civilization of the world to which they come.
  • Theosophists, looking back over the world's religions, pointed out that each religion had such a great Teacher as its Founder; that no matter where you searched in the past, you found some magnificent figure at the commencement of a new era alike of religion and civilization; that you could trace a definite order; that you could recognize a quite intelligible sequence of world religions, rising one after another and appearing in the world when the previous civilization and religion was beginning to show signs of failing in its power, and of no longer being able thoroughly to cope with the conditions surrounding it. p. 126
  • Is it likely, we say, that what has happened over and over again — is it likely that, when looking back over our own great race, we see how the Teacher has come with each of these offshoots that we can trace in the past, that, as we see the beginning of a new vista when another type is developing, then the sequence of Teachers will be broken, and that one type for the first time will be left unguided, with none to shape its spiritual aspirations, with none to lay the foundation of the civilization that it will be its destiny to build?
  • And we put that on one side as one of the proofs — a very important proof when you realize that it is dealing with physical things that every one of you can judge about for yourselves. And we look to see if there are other reasons why we should expect a World Teacher; and the next thing we notice is that now, as in the time when the Christ came to the earth, you are face to face with a great civilization which has become strong, luxurious, and dominant, but which is carried on side by side with an enormous amount of misery and of wretchedness; which, while on one side it is undoubtedly magnificent, is on the other side as undoubtedly miserable, downtrodden, and depressed. How is our civilization to progress further along the lines on which it is going today? Take the social conditions as you see them around you now. Look on the terrible unrest in every country in the civilized world. You cannot take up a newspaper without seeing in one column after another references to labor troubles... where millions are being driven to the very verge of starvation in the frightful labor war that is desolating our land today. p. 139
  • It is impossible to have those convulsions in the labor market without driving thoughtful men to consider the question of new departures, of re-organization, of a change in a system which is palpably breaking down before our eyes. And there is a strange indication, that comes from that American country where our new subrace is arising, of a possibility of an organization of industry, which, though at the moment it be on distinctly anti-social lines, has yet in it the possibility of growing into an organization that would serve society. I mean that flowering of the competitive system into trusts, in which you destroy a large amount of competition, in which one great trade is organized — granted for the benefit of those, a few, who have the control of it... we are beginning to feel the need of a new organization, of a new type of civilization, and that exactly fits in with the coming of a new sub-race, and demands by all the testimony of the past the coming of a World Teacher. p. 140
  • And it is not only in the labor world that we feel that this deadlock is seen. Along many other lines of human thought and human activity there is the same feeling that we have worn out our old methods and need a new departure in order that progress may be continued. You see it in the world of Art where the old ideals are fading away, and efforts in every direction are being made to body out new forms of art, new conceptions of the beautiful for the growing longings of man. You see it not only in the world of industry and art but in the world of science — the same demand for a new departure because the old methods are beginning to be outworn, and along these lines no further progress seems possible. Endings in every direction! p. 141
  • That wide-spread expectation which now is spreading among the great religions of the world, in all the great religious organizations of the world, is literally a prophecy of the event which is to crown these expectations with realization, the thought - heralds of the coming Teacher preparing His way before Him. But it is not only the world's expectation; it is the world's need.
  • That view, perchance, will appeal only to those who believe that the world is guided, helped, protected by higher powers than humanity, by mightier Beings than ourselves; Who look on the world as the huge field of evolution in which Spirits are unfolding, and which exists for the very purpose of their unfoldment; Who realize that the world has a mighty Architect Who plans out the progress of humanity, and that that plan is worked out stage by stage by His agents, His subordinates, who build slowly along the lines of the plan that He has designed and conceived. Then all those, when they see the terrible need of the world of to-day, feel that they need some Master to voice and to bring down the help of which the world feels the sore necessity. And those social problems to which I alluded mark out the need of our world.
  • We need a leader, one greater than ourselves, who, seeing these mighty problems that to us are insoluble, will point us to the road along which we may walk to their solution, one who will apply to the tangle of earthly life these fundamental truths of morality which are unchanging and eternal, but which have never yet been thoroughly applied to human society, or to the organizing of men on the principles there laid down.
  • The great Teachers have all spoken with one voice. They have told us: 'Love one another.' They have told us that hate ceases not by hatred at any time, that hatred ceases but by love; but although that was taught by the Lord Buddha twenty-five centuries ago, although the Christ in His exquisite Sermon on the Mount pressed that same eternal teaching in words familiar to you all, where do we find one nation that puts these principles into practice, where is a single organization which is built according to that moral law? p. 145
  • Those who are willing to work, those who are willing to toil, those who are willing to sacrifice, they shall be the peaceful army that He shall lead to the conquest of the great ideal Society, which they shall build under His direction and make practicable under His inspiration; and they, perhaps more than any other proof, are the sign of the new departure, are the welcome and the heralds of the coming Teacher. p. 148
  • If glancing back to the history of the past, you are able to see there something of the promise of the future; if you realize something of the changing world around you, the physical earth showing signs of alteration; if you see the beginnings of the new type, of the new sub-race; if you understand something of the problems around us and the hopelessness of trying to solve them along lines previously used; if you realize the growing expectation, the looking for the coming of One to lead and to guide, and then you realize that while He is preparing for His coming, His children are preparing to welcome Him and are getting ready to march under His banner and to carry out His will; then I think that... to some of us, there will rise up the hope, nay, the certainty, that we are on the eve of mighty changes to be carried out under a World Teacher, Who shall come to our help. Who shall act as our Guide; and as that thought grows strong in your hearts, life will grow full of hope, full of joyful expectation. p. 148
  • You will realize that the world is not left alone, that the troubles of the present are but the birth-pangs out of which a new civilization shall be born; and that just as in the coming of a longed-for son the pain is forgotten in the joy of welcome, so, the troubles of our time, menacing and terrible as they are, are but that hour that precedes the dawning, are but the sufferings that precede the birth; and that we also shall ere very, very long realize that change is upon us, that the Teacher is with us, that hope has changed into realization, and that the longing for the coming has altered into the delight of the come. p. 149

The Masters and the Path, by Charles W. Leadbeater, Ch. XIV...The Bodhisattva Maitreya, (1925) edit

(Full text online)

  • The Bodhisattva Maitreya. The Lord Maitreya, whose name means kindliness or compassion, took up the office of Bodhisattva when the Lord Gautama laid it down, and since then He has made many efforts for the promotion of Religion. One of His first steps on assuming office was to take advantage of the tremendous magnetism generated in the world by the presence of the Buddha, to arrange that great Teachers should simultaneously appear in many different parts of the earth; so that within a comparatively short space of time we find not only the Buddha Himself, Shri Shankaracharya and Mahavira in India, but also Mithra in Persia, Laotse and Confucius in China, and Pythagoras in ancient Greece.
  • Twice He has Himself appeared-- as Krishna in the Indian plains, and as Christ amid the hills of Palestine. In the incarnation as Krishna the great feature was always love... in Palestine, love was the central feature of His teaching.
  • What is now called Christianity was undoubtedly a magnificent conception as He originally taught it, sadly as it has fallen away from that high level in the hands of ignorant exponents since. It must not be assumed, of course, that the teaching of brotherly and neighbourly love was new in the world.
  • The identical thing that we now call the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and has not been lacking from the beginnings of the human race until the coming of Christ in the flesh, from which moment on the true religion, which already existed, began to be called Christian.
  • The Bodhisattva also occupied occasionally the body of Tsong-ka-pa, the great Tibetan religious reformer, and throughout the centuries He has sent forth a stream of His pupils, including Nagarjuna, Aryasanga, Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya, and many others, who founded new sects or threw new light upon the mysteries of religion, and among these was one of His pupils who was sent to found the Muhammadan faith.
  • He is thus the Head of all the faiths at present existing, and of many others which have died out in the course of time, though He is of course responsible for them only in their original form, and not for the corruption which man has naturally and inevitably introduced into all of them as the ages have rolled by.
  • He will attain the great Initiation of the Buddha, and thus gain perfect enlightenment; at that time these pupils of His, without physically knowing or remembering Him, will all be strongly attracted towards Him, and under His influence great numbers of them will enter the Path, and many will advance to the higher stages, having already in previous incarnations made considerable progress.

“On Eastern Crossroads,” by Josephine Saint-Hilaire (AKA: Helena Roerich) (1930) edit

(Full text online)

  • Then an old sage turned to the King saying, “Reverend Mother, and thou, Lord, command me to combine your wishes. Command me to bring unto you her whom we call the daughter of the Great Nag, whom we have sheltered in our house. And for seven years have we marveled at her wisdom and the strength of her bow. Verily she is worthy of the hand which has inscribed the wisdom of the Vedas.” “Let her be brought here,” commanded the King. The wise councilor brought a young being, saying, “Maitri, send the worthiest greeting to our King.” Unheard of was it to see a seven-year-old girl in a white garment, her bow and arrow in hand and a dagger in her girdle. The crown of heavy dark hair was not restrained by the fillet of the Nag and the eyes peered out sadly and sternly...
    • A Page from the Sacred History of the Lord Buddha, the Predestined Maitreya
  • The King commanded Maitri to be companion to the Prince and greatly admired the wisdom of her who was found on the shores of the lake... Many years did the Prince spend with Maitri, calling her at times Stern One, or Glowing One, or Warrior, or Seeress of the Wisdom of Nagi. Maitri opened before him the door of the Path. When the powerful Lion returned and with the roar of Truth mantled the mountains, Maitri guarded for Him his best pupil and pronounced, “She shall glorify the sight of Thy labors.” The Lord of Truth answered, “Maitri, manifested Councilor and Keeper. Thou who hast hidden thy wisdom from the crowd. Thou shalst assume My place as the Lord of Compassion and Labor. Maitreya shall lead the nations towards Light. And the arrow of achievement shall bestow the apple of Knowledge.” (A Page from the Sacred History of the Lord Buddha, the Predestined Maitreya)
  • The Treasure is returning from the West. On the mountains the fires of jubilation are kindled. Behold the road! There walk those who carry the Stone. Upon the Shrine are the signs of Maitreya. Out of the Sacred Kingdom is given the date when the carpet of expectation may be spread. By the sign of the seven stars shall the Gates be opened. “By fire shall I manifest My messengers. Gather the prophecies of your happiness.” Thus are fulfilled the prophecies of the ancestors and the writings of the wise ones... The approaching Maitreya is symbolized with His feet set upon earth—the symbol of haste. (Prophecies of Shambhala and Maitreya)
  • It is predicted that the manifestation of Maitreya will come after the wars. But the final war will be for the True Teaching. But each one rising up against Shambhala shall be stricken in all his works. And the waves shall wash away his dwelling. And even a dog will not answer to his call. Not clouds but lightning shall he see on the final night. And the red messenger shall rise up on pillars of Light. The teaching indicates that each warrior of Shambhala shall be named the invincible. The Lord Himself hastens and His banner is already above the mountains! (Prophecies of Shambhala and Maitreya)
  • The Blessed Buddha bestowed upon you the cherished Maitreya to approach the New Era. Thy Pastures shall reach the Promised Land. When thou tendest thy flocks, dost thou not hear the voices of the stones? These are the toilers of Maitreya who make ready the treasures for thee. When the wind murmureth through the reeds, dost thou understand that this is the arrows of Maitreya flying in protection? When lightning illumineth thy camps, knowest thou that this is the light of thy desired Maitreya? To whom shall the watch upon the first night be entrusted? — To thee! (Prophecies of Shambhala and Maitreya)
  • The Tashi Lama shall ask the Great Dalai Lama: “What is predestined for the last Dalai Lama?” “The denier shall be given over to justice and shall be forgotten. And the warriors shall march under the banner of Maitreya... “Those rising against Shambhala shall be cast down. To the obscured ones the Banner of Maitreya shall flow as blood over the lands of the new world. To those who have understood, as a red sun.” (Prophecies of Shambhala and Maitreya)

The World Teacher for All Humanity by Benjamin Creme (2007) edit

(Full text online)

  • Maitreya’s advice will bring humanity to a simple choice between two lines of action: to ignore His recommendations and continue in our present mode of life, and so face self destruction; or to accept gladly His counsel to inaugurate a system of sharing and justice which will guarantee a peaceful and prosperous future for humanity, and the creation of a civilization based on the inner divinity of all men. Maitreya is in no doubt of the choice we will make and looks forward to the open continuation of His mission on our behalf. Preface
  • The coming of Maitreya was foretold 2,600 years ago by Gautama Buddha, Who said that at this time would come another great teacher, a Buddha like Himself by the name Maitreya Who, by dint of His colossal spiritual stature, would galvanize and inspire humanity to create a brilliant golden civilization based, as He put it, on righteousness and truth. p.7
  • Every manifestation of a Teacher that has occurred from the earliest times has been a disciple overshadowed by the Teacher. Historically they are known as Hercules, Hermes, Rama, Mithra, Vyasa, Confucius, Zoroaster, Krishna, Shankaracharya, Gautama, Jesus and Mohammed. These have all been disciples overshadowed by the teacher Himself. Just as the Buddha worked through the Prince Gautama, so in Palestine Maitreya worked through Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Maitreya is the head and leader of His group of disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, and holds the office of World Teacher. He has held this office for the last 2,000 years, appearing through Jesus, and will be the World Teacher for this coming age, the age of Aquarius, which is now beginning and will last about 2,350 to 2,500 years.
  • Maitreya’s plans are to awaken humanity to the perils before it and show humanity how to avoid self-destruction. Maitreya says it is really very simple for humanity if we could take the first step.
  • Humanity needs above all to establish peace. Without peace there will be no future for humanity because we have the nuclear capacity to destroy the world and all life, human and subhuman alike. How do we get peace? That is the essential question. p. 9
  • Only one thing will create peace and the end of terrorism — the creation of a just world. If there is no justice, there will never be peace. If there is no justice, there is no hope for any of us because everybody in the world will die unless we establish justice in the world. There is only one way to establish justice and that is to share the resources of the world more equitably. It is so simple and yet we refrain from doing it. Without sharing there will never be justice. Without justice there will never be peace. Without peace there is no future for us.
  • The developed nations have to realize that the world’s food and resources belong to everyone, are given by divine providence for all the peoples of the world, not just the developed nations who have the money to buy the food and resources. p. 10
  • The Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy have plans for the redistribution of the world’s resources, which will be presented as soon as humanity says: “You are right. We believe that the only way is by sharing better the resources. How do we do it?” It is simple to do. Probably the most simple thing to do is that first step into sharing... It will be done at national and international levels... Each nation will be asked to make an inventory of what it has and what it needs, what it produces and what it imports. Then each nation will be asked to make over in trust for the world as a whole into a common pool that which it has in excess of its needs. Out of that common pool the needs of all can be met. Will that end terrorism in the world? Probably not at first. But it is the first step into the creation of justice in the world, and will create the essential for that correct relation that we call trust. When we create trust we can do marvels. We can do what is impossible without it. When countries trust each other, they can talk to each other without fear. With the creation of trust through sharing of resources, we can begin to solve all the world’s problems one after the other. They become approachable and easily solvable and the world can be changed very quickly indeed. p. 10
  • Maitreya’s teachings demonstrate and affirm the interconnectedness of everything in the world. This is the rationale of the Law of Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect. p. 11
  • Maitreya will give a short history of the long history of the world, and show the height from which humanity has fallen into the materialism of today. He will introduce the fact of His group, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters. He will show the future, and outline some of the extraordinary scientific marvels that will open up new life for humanity. He will make His appeal for justice, for sharing as the only way to justice, and so to peace in the world. While this is taking place His energy, the energy of Love, will flow out in tremendous potency through the hearts of all. This will invoke an intuitive, heartfelt response to the message. He has said: “It will be as if I embrace the whole world. People will feel it even physically.” On the dense-physical plane there will be hundreds of thousands of spontaneous miracle healings, cures throughout the world. p. 15
  • In these three ways you will know that that Man and, of course, only that Man, is the World Teacher awaited by the Christians as the Christ, by Muslims as the Imam Mahdi, by Jews as the Messiah, by Hindus as Krishna or Kalki Avatar, by Buddhists under His name, Maitreya Buddha, by people of no religious affiliation who simply wish for a better life for all. p. 16
  • If you knew Maitreya better than you in fact do, you would know that He believes that He has returned. He really believes that all this talk of when is He going to come out is a nonsense. He has already done it. When He visits groups — of course, not dressed or looking like Maitreya (but in various disguises) — they know Who He is because He has been confirmed by my Master to have been Maitreya. Then He comes again looking just like the same gentleman and they ask Him questions and He replies — and then they say: “But oh, it takes so long! What gets me is the state of the world, and it is so long a wait. How do I explain to people that it has to take time?” He says: “What are you talking about? You can be as anxious as you like, but it is foolish. There is nothing to be anxious about.” “The world is fine, full of promise. Maitreya is here. He has returned. You do not have anything to wait for; it is done — the plan is working well.” p. 17/18
  • Highly placed and influential, there are those in varied walks of life who know Him to be here, know His plans and priorities, have listened to His words and believe them to be true. From diverse backgrounds and many countries do these prepared ones come, alike in their desire to serve Maitreya and the world. With their detailed knowledge of His plans they will speak for Him, awakening their colleagues and citizens to the task ahead. In this fashion will He work through them, pointing the way to a better future.” (‘The emergence of Maitreya’)... Despite His readiness for spontaneous action, everything that Maitreya does, as with all the Masters, is done with meticulous care. They spend years and tremendous amounts of directed energy to make sure that a plan works out... p. 20
  • Maitreya has created a huge body of men and women who have met Him, with whom He has spent time, outlined His priorities, and talked about the needs of the world; people in all walks of life, royalty, people of power and prestige, heads of government, the diplomatic corps all over the world, people who have influence with government, special envoys, and soon; religious leaders, household names in industry and heads of corporations. There is now a huge group of people who are absolutely familiar with the thoughts, ideas and plans of Maitreya. When He becomes more open, when people actually see Him (although He will not be announced as Maitreya), these people will emerge and talk and agree that it is true: the great Teacher, a World Teacher, is here. They may not point to Him but will say: “He is here. I know. This is His idea.” These people have among them individuals of great following, so that when they speak they will be believed by the masses who just follow a leader; for them they are leaders, of thought, of fashionable ideas, who write for newspapers and magazines, high level media people who have met Maitreya, who know His ideas, His thoughts, His analysis of the requirements for change and for peace. In this way He is building up a huge body of opinion on His side. p. 20/21
  • Among Maitreya’s priorities, He has stated: enough food, shelter, healthcare and education. These are the essentials for all peoples as a matter of course, as a human right. That is also in the United Nations Charter, which was largely written by President F. D. Roosevelt. p. 74
  • Maitreya says that no nation can work on one wheel. If you see a nation as a cart, it must have two wheels; otherwise it will not go. If one wheel alone is capitalism, it will not move. If one wheel alone is socialism, it will not move. The only thing that will make the cart, that is your political/economic structure, work properly is to have the best of socialism and the best of capitalism. p. 74
  • At first, of course, there may be much opposition to His views and the nature of His advice. This is only to be expected, so far from the prevailing thinking is His thought. Gradually, however, Maitreya’s incisive mind will cut through and expose the flaws in present beliefs about the environment and on matters social, economic and political. The logic and wise understanding of His words will convince many to listen and contemplate further, while His Ray will penetrate the hearts of millions and turn His simple words into revelations of Truth. No one, as yet, knows the loving power of Maitreya, nor can men fathom His inscrutable wisdom. p. 98
  • As millions rally to His cause, demanding peace and justice through sharing and understanding, men will be swept up and galvanized by new hope and a longing for brotherhood and right relationship. They will demand change on a scale hitherto unknown. The governments and men of power will be forced to respond to the demands, and bit by bit, the edifice against change will crumble before the onslaught of a now empowered voice of public opinion. Thus, by logic, revelation and the trust engendered by His love, will Maitreya harness the goodwill which exists, even if unknown, in every heart. p. 98
  • Of course, there will be those who feel threatened by His ideas, and who will attempt to stop His progress but, more and more, the beauty and good sense of His words will inspire the people of all the nations to see Him as their spokesman and leader. Thus will it be. The people will call for Him to speak on their behalf to the world at large, and the Day of Declaration will be announced. p. 99
  • As the friend and teacher of all who need His help will He present Himself; as a simple man Who knows the pain and suffering of men and seeks to ease their lot, Who loves all totally, without condition, and Who has come to show us the steps to joy. Such a one is about to step before the world and give His advice to all. We may have heard the words before. Now, with His blessing, we shall understand their meaning, and act. p. 99

Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion, Volume: 20, Chapter 12, Maitreya, Crop Circles, and the Age of Light: Benjamin Creme’s UFO Thought, by Lukas Pokorny (22 Feb 2021) edit

full text

  • Benjamin “Ben” Creme (1922–2016)... is particularly remembered as chief populariser of the esoteric Maitreya narrative... "The Hierarchy responsible for human evolution consists of sixty-three highly evolved spiritual masters (i.e., the Masters of Wisdom), all of them being fifth- or sixth-degree initiates, under the lead of Maitreya, the World Teacher and a seventh-degree initiate (Creme 2001a: 74)... p. 295
  • Moreover, it.. [vested] Creme with the power to heal...commencing, albeit unknowingly, his work towards the emergence of Maitreya and the externalisation of the Hierarchy. p. 296
  • The spreading of the “information” would ultimately come to fruition through radio and television broadcasts of Maitreya’s speeches. This last stage, the “revelatory phase” which would be imminent, has been heralded by Creme... Of the many Theosophists—his three “predecessors” aside—Creme has been especially intrigued by Charles Webster Leadbeater (1847–1934; a 2.4-degrees initiate), whose contributions were significant for both the expansion of the Maitreya narrative and the formation of the religious UFO current (Rothstein 2013: 226–228). p. 297
  • From mid-1974, in addition to the messages delivered by his own Master, Creme became the “overshadowed” mouthpiece for Maitreya. In early 1975, he was then commissioned to finally turn to the wider public, spreading the Plan and announcing the imminence of Maitreya’s dense-physical emergence. Two years later, Creme solemnly disclosed that Maitreya was in fact beginning his mission, for he now left his dwelling place in the Himalayas and moved to London where he arrived on 19 July 1977; there Maitreya is held to be residing within the Indian-Pakistani community. His mission would culminate on the Day of Declaration from when the new age’s materialisation would gain tremendous pace with the Hierarchy now having been fully externalised. p. 298
  • Leadbeater, and Bailey, Creme’s teachings centre on the reappearance of the Christ (cf. Bailey 1978). “Christ” refers to the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness or Christ Principle, the energy of spiritual evolution, which navigates the human soul — a “spark of the Almighty” (Creme 2005: 38)—on a trajectory to the Universal Logos or God. Through his action, the Christ or World Teacher awakens this energy in humans, therefore unleashing a general commitment for spiritual progress, that is, fostering self-realisation... after World War II the Christ had announced to descend in the flesh in 1950; however, the burgeoning Cold War kept him from doing so until 1977. Since 1982, he would be ready at any given time to come forth from his London abode... and via TV and radio broadcast addressing humankind globally on the Day of Declaration... Creme now identified the Christ to be an individual named Maitreya, the leader of our Planetary Hierarchy. p. 299
  • Multiple times already the Day of Declaration was delayed owing to the Forces of Darkness, which persistently attempt to thwart the dissemination of the Plan. The Plan refers to the truth of our own divinity, the way how to unravel it, and its implications for creation. As the central facilitator of the Plan, the head of the Forces of Light (i.e., the Hierarchy), Maitreya, is thus sought to be stopped by evil from fully reaching out to humankind. For if Maitreya succeeds, salvational change would accelerate effecting the consummation of the new age, a borderless world of bliss and peace. As Maitreya has it:
    My plan is to take you on a journey into a New Country,
    a new approach to living in which all men can share […;]
    to realise within you that which you truly are,
    to show you that you stem from the Godhead Itself,
    and to that Divine Source you must return […;]
    to show the path which must be trodden […]
    into Harmony, Beauty, and Justice. p. 299-300
  • The Master of Masters, Maitreya can seemingly count on many helping hands in his salvific mission—the Hierarchy; adepts of the Ageless Wisdom such as Creme himself, of which some of them deliberately spiritually “fell on” Earth from other planets;6 a range of extraterrestrial Avatars, twenty-four of which were living on Earth as of 2008; and the Space Brothers in general. p. 300
  • All of the Space Brothers’ action is viewed to be driven by one all-pervading purpose, namely to assist humankind in its spiritual evolution. Born out of great love and service for Earth and the solar system at large, their overall activities establish a spiritual platform to receive Maitreya. p. 304
  • The rising number of nuclear powers — Creme counts twenty-eight — is considered the very reason for Maitreya to have descended at this point in time.
  • Creme assures to have truly first-hand knowledge that the British Ministry of Defence pays farmers to cut down the crop circles on their properties. With London being Maitreya’s present-day “point of focus,” the south of England has become the hub of crop circle appearances... Parallel to this, a rising accumulation of other signs are heralding the Day of Declaration such as the emergence of wells of healing water, wondrous salvific light signs put in place all over the world since 1997/1998 by Maitreya and the Space Brothers, and, more recently (i.e., since late 2008), the appearance of the Maitreya Star... actually four “stars,” which are no stars after all but gigantic (about 500 metres long) shape-shifting, mostly appearing as rounded diamond-like space ships — two from Mars, and one each from Venus and Jupiter — called in by Maitreya and hoovering in the four cardinal directions. Their purpose is to symbolically reenact the Star of Bethlehem, that is, the heralding of the Christ.
  • Creme stated that Maitreya possesses his own UFO, the Light-Ship. He frequently takes people there to give them glimpses of future events. Creme even recalled that, upon being tasked to work on behalf of Maitreya, the latter brought him to his ship to show him a panorama of time involving the past and the future (this is how Masters would perceive time, both past and future being steadily present) as well as his own future spreading the Plan... p. 308 footnotes
  • In Creme’s thought, Jesus was not Christ (or Maitreya) himself, but he was overshadowed by him starting when he was twelve years old. When he passed away he was a fourth degree initiate. Since 1991, Master Jesus lives in Rome. p. 308 footnotes
  • To him [Creme], most self-professed encounters, experiences, or channelling messages of Space Brothers, the Masters (including Maitreya), or spirits and deities, were either deliberate falsehoods or based on overheated astral-imaginations... Working through the vast corpus of esoteric literature he likened to a veritable minefield; the seeker had to be very cautious in knowing his/her way around. Creme saw his own role exactly at this juncture. Following in the footsteps foremostly of Blavatsky, Roerich, and Bailey, he would be relating the voice of truth in our times. Empowered by his Master and Maitreya, he would point to... the Plan, guiding the seekers on the right path... Together with Maitreya, the Space Brothers, and their many aides, they would be the spiritual builders of the Age of Light. p. 309

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