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Teen Wolf was an American television series which aired on MTV. It is a supernatural drama series about a teenager named Scott McCall, who is bitten by a werewolf and must cope with how it affects his life and the lives of those closest to him.

Season 6Edit

Memory Lost [6.01]Edit

Stiles: Okay, what-what does your Banshee intuition say this is?
Lydia: [sighs] That you don't have to figure it out right this second?
Stiles: But this kid-- this kid's got no one, you know? And... There's a reason. There's gotta be.
[Suddenly, Lydia begins to get another Banshee premonition similar to those she experienced several times earlier in the day; she can hear the sound of thunder rumbling and rain falling heavily, along with an unknown feminine voice singing through the sounds of the storm]
Feminine Voice: ...Killer on the road...
[Lydia listens to the premonition for a long moment before muttering to herself under her breath]
Lydia: "Give this man a ride, sweet family will die... Killer on the road..."
[Stiles frowns in confusion]
Stiles: Riders on the Storm?
[Lydia suddenly snaps out of her trance]
Lydia: What?
Stiles: That's the song-- Riders on the Storm.
[Lydia's eyes widen as she gets a dawning realization]
Lydia: That's it!
Stiles: What's it?
Lydia: The Ghost Riders. The Wild Hunt! They come by storm, riding horses, and they take people.
[Stiles looks at her in awe]
Stiles: Lydia, you're so smart, I could kiss you right now.
Lydia: [sternly] Do not kiss me.
[Stiles quickly leans in and kisses her on the cheek before running away and shouting behind him]
Stiles: Did it anyway!
[Lydia smiles despite herself]

[Stiles has just rushed away from Natalie and runs into Liam, Mason, and Hayden, which causes him to be relieved as he addresses Liam and Hayden due to their encounter with the Riders the previous evening]
Stiles: You two, you two have to listen to me right now-- Alex is gone, just like his parents, okay? The Ghost Riders took him, so you guys, you can't be alone. You gotta stick with Scott or with me, because I can see them.
[Liam, Mason, and Hayden all look at Stiles as though he is crazy, and Stiles' is clearly impatient with them]
Stiles: Why the hell are you looking at me like that?
[Hayden turns to whisper in Liam's ear]
Hayden: Do we even know him?
Liam: [whispers back] I don't even know if he goes here...
[Mason looks at Stiles with a kind and patient expression]
Mason: Do you go to this school? What's your name?

[Stiles and Lydia, both of whom have been running around looking for each other, finally find one another outside of the school near the parking lot]
Lydia: [frantically] Stiles!
Stiles: Lydia? You know me. Oh, thank God. You know me!
Lydia: [nods quickly] I know you! But I think everybody else is forgetting...

[Lydia and Stiles are in the Jeep, and when she sees that he has decided not to turn on the car, she looks at him in alarm]
Lydia: What are you doing? We need to go!
Stiles: [grimly] There's no time. Lydia, I'm going to be erased, okay? Just like Alex. You're gonna forget me.
Lydia: [frantically shakes her head] I won't! No, I won't! I won't!
Stiles: [sadly] Lydia, you will. Just try to find some way to remember me, okay? Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year... sophomore year... junior year. Remember how you saved my life?
Lydia: You saved my life, too.
Stiles: Just remember... Remember I love you.
[The Ghost Riders yank Stiles out of the Jeep before they all disappear, and Lydia gasps in horror. After a moment, she struggles to hang on to her memories of Stiles]
Lydia: Remember... Remember... Remember...

[The next day, Lydia walks into the school, but after a moment, she stops in the middle of the hall and frowns as she starts to search her mind for something. Seconds later, Malia sees her standing silently and walks over to look at her with concern]
Malia: You okay?
Lydia: I have this feeling that I was supposed to do something.
Malia: [confused] Do what?
Lydia: I don't remember....

Superposition [6.02]Edit

[Liam and Scott are practicing lacrosse on the field late at night and are unable to sense the invisible Ghost Riders riding their horses nearby]
Scott: All right, let's keep going.
Liam: [impatiently] Or we could call it.
Scott: We gotta work on your backshots.
Liam: [balks] Why?
Scott: Liam, they suck.
Liam: [offended] What are you talking about?
[Scott gives him a look]
Scott: Your backshots... which suck.
[Liam, eager to prove him wrong, makes nearly a dozen backshots that fly right past Scott and into the goal, and Scott frowns in confusion for a moment before he speaks, not knowing that he's missing memories of Stiles]
Scott: I must've been thinking of someone else.

[Mason and Corey have just met up in the school library to discuss their encounter with the Ghost Riders the previous night]
Mason: I've read everything about the Wild Hunt. You know, how they come in by storm, collecting souls, riding lightning... But, I just don't know why they're here. You know, they're Ghost Riders-- what were they doing in a school library? What are they doing here?
[Mason suddenly gets an idea]
Mason: I just had a feeling.
Corey: [frowns] About what?
Mason: We only saw them because of your power. What if you have some kind of special ability no one knows about?
[Corey looks alarmed by this theory]
Mason: So, what do you feel?
Corey: [sighs] When the Ghost Riders were up there... I think they were holding something. Why can't we remember what happened?
Mason: What if they weren't holding something... But someone.

[Scott is sitting on a bench in the locker room when Liam walks in, looking guilty and apologetic]
Liam: I blew it, didn't I?
Scott: [sighs] You blew it off. You'd have to be trying in order to blow it.
Liam: [anxiously] Maybe someone else can be captain. With all of the schoolwork-- [He lowers his voice]-- and all the other stuff we have to deal with...
Scott: Devenford Prep started practice three week before us. Riverside, two weeks. We're behind before we even start. Half our team can't even cradle the ball, let alone score.
Liam: Why can't you stay captain?
Scott: I'm graduating. You know, I'm not gonna be here next year. Someone's gotta step up and fill the gap. It should be you.
Liam: [bitterly] Yeah? Well, Coach doesn't want me. I don't know if the team wants me.
Scott: [firmly] It's not up to them-- it's up to you. You have to want this, because they're gonna keep coming at you. They're gonna keep knocking you down. And you have to get back up. You have to show them that you can get back up. Leaders don't run!

[Mason and Corey are in the administrative office of the high school, attempting to look at the list of absent students, when Natalie catches them and pulls the clipboard out of their hands]
Natalie: You want to see the absentee list?
Mason: Yes...
Natalie: May I ask why?
[Mason makes a face and hesitates for a moment before replying]
Mason: ...Werewolf stuff.
[Natalie's eyes widen in frustration and annoyance]
Natalie: I thought I made it clear that Beacon Hills High School is a dedicated safe space? I had to convince twenty-three students that what they saw in the library last semester was a large bear, and that the fangs on Scott McCall were the result of acute teenage hallucination syndrome.
Corey: [confused] What is teenage hallucination syndrome?
Natalie: I have no idea!

[After failing to get answers from Natalie, Mason and Corey have gone to the Sheriff's station, where they're talking to Parrish as he puts away files]
Mason: No one's unaccounted for?
Parrish: [impatiently] You can reword the question as much as you like-- the answer's still "No."
Mason: [sighs] Does your Hellhound intuition sense something wrong with the supernatural?
Parrish: [rolls his eyes] I'm a harbinger of death, not a harbinger of kidnapping. I'm also a Sheriff's deputy working on an unsolved murder that, for once, doesn't involve shapeshifters, resurrected 18th-century serial killers, or me. It's just a straightforward robbery-homicide.
[Mason and Corey both look appalled by this assessment]
Mason: "Straightforward?" He was bludgeoned to death and stuffed in a high school air duct!
Parrish: [sarcastically] And I already have your statement. Have a great day, Mason. You, too, Corey.

Sundowning [6.03]Edit

Relics [6.04]Edit

Radio Silence [6.05]Edit

Ghosted [6.06]Edit

Heartless [6.07]Edit

Blitzkrieg [6.08]Edit

Memory Found [6.09]Edit

Riders on the Storm [6.10]Edit

Said the Spider to the Fly [6.11]Edit

Coach Finstock: [to Scott] I swear to God, McCall, if you don't get Dunbar out here in three, this will be your last day as assistant coach.
Scott: This is my last day as assistant coach.
Coach Finstock: I can still dock your pay.
Scott: I'm a volunteer. [reaches down to grab the whistle hanging around his neck] Do you want my whistle?
Coach Finstock: Who gave you a whistle?

Coach Finstock: [to Scott] Assistant coach! What exactly are you doing?
Scott: Drills?
Coach Finstock: You're giving them hope! When did I ever give you hope?
Scott: Never.
Coach Finstock: Exactly! Nothing motivates more than withering criticism.

Coach Finstock: Who is that kid? He's spectacular!
Scott: Coach, that's Liam.
Coach Finstock: Well, how the hell am I supposed to tell them apart? They're all wearing the same thing!
Scott: They've got numbers on their jerseys.

Scott: [to Liam] You just need to remember your mantra. What three things cannot long be hidden?
Liam: Look, I haven't had to use that in...
Scott: What are three things cannot long be hidden?
Liam: [sighs] The sun, the moon, the truth.
Scott: [nods his head] Again.
Liam: The sun, the moon, the truth.

Scott [to Coach Finstock about Liam] He's the backbone of this team. He's stepped it up in every way possible. A born leader who can handle anything you throw at him.
[Scene cuts to Liam in the locker room, lying down on the bench]
Liam: I can't handle this.

TBA [6.12]Edit

TBA [6.13]Edit

Face-to-Faceless [6.14]Edit

[When Scott is trying to get Liam out of bed to go to school]
Scott: Liam...
Liam: No, I'm...I'm sick. I'm sick.
Scott: You're not sick.
Liam: Yeah, I'm, like, deathly ill. It's serious. I think... I think it's the flu.
Scott: It's not flu season.
Liam: Uh, then I probably have pneumonia.
Scott: Liam, you're a werewolf. You can't get pneumonia.

Liam: I don't think I should go to school. Or outside. Or anywhere. Ever again.
Scott: It doesn't matter what you think, okay? Because you gotta go. Now, all you do is pretend like nothing happened.
Liam: Pretend? I'm just supposed to pretend?
Scott: Think of it like when Superman gets caught with his glasses off. You know, he doesn't give up. He puts them back on and says, "I'm still Clark Kent."
Liam: You want me to wear glasses?
Scott: No. I want you to go to school, okay? And be Liam Dunbar. Just like how Superman has to be Clark Kent, like Spiderman, and Captain America...
Liam: Captain America is just Steve Rogers. He doesn't have to pretend. Everyone already loves him unlike us, who everyone hates. They hate us for trying to save their lives.
Scott: You're right. We are trying to save our lives. Which is why you're gonna get up and go to school and pretend like nothing happened because if you don't, more people could die.

Liam: I have to get out of here.
Mason: No! If you leave, these rumors never stop. You've gotta just convince them that you're a regular kid.
Liam: I'm not a regular kid!
Mason: Look, remember what Scott said? Be Clark Kent.
Liam: Clark Kent turns into a guy in a red and blue outfit and a cape. I turn into a monster with claws and fangs!

Mason: So our guidance counselor is a werewolf hunter? I'm never asking for guidance again.

TBA [6.15]Edit

Triggers [6.16]Edit

Theo: [to Liam] I had to knock you out.
Liam: Yeah, how many times?
Theo: [smiles] Five.

Liam: [while talking on the phone with Mason] Did it work?
Mason: Yup. Nolan's right behind me. Like, literally right behind me. He's driving a bright red car. He's actually terrible at this.

[After Liam and Theo start a fake fight to distract the hunters]
Liam: You ripped my t-shirt.
Theo: Yeah, you broke my nose. Twice. It healed. You broke it again. Two times.
[Liam punches Theo in the face]
Liam: Three times.

Theo: [to Liam] You still working on that anger?
Liam: I'm fine.
Theo: Well, you can be angry at Nolan and stay alive.

Werewolves of London [6.17]Edit

Theo [when he sees Liam attacking Gabe] You're really gonna kill him? I mean, I don't care if you do, but have you thought this through? Any idea where you're gonna dump the body? But no one saw you grab him, did they? 'Cause that could be a problem.
Liam: I don't care.
Theo: I don't care, either, but at least let me help. I'm the one with experience here. If we kill him, we'll have to find the witnesses and kill them too which means we're gonna need shovels, some plastic bags, maybe a chainsaw...
Liam: You've made your point.
Theo: And you didn't kill him. That's progress.

[When Liam shoves Gabe's face into the mirror]
Liam: Maybe you haven't noticed lately, but I've been having trouble controlling my anger. When things happen to my friends, I just can't seem to help it.

Deucalion: You know my fighting days are over.
Scott: That's hard to believe. You once said you'd kill any living thing that got in your way.
Deucalion: I said a lot of things, but eventually, the bodies pile up so high that even a blind man can't ignore them.

TBA [6.18]Edit

Broken Glass [6.19]Edit

[Speaking about a mass murder of werevolves]

Police Captain: We started an investigation, bringing in every available man to find the killers. But we weren't the only ones looking. Someone else wanted to know who had done this. Someone who wanted to find the killers more than we did. Someone angry... very angry. He came in broad daylight. Attacking in silence. They said he moved with impossible speed. His teeth as sharp as razors. He stood more than eight feet tall.
Chris Argent: Eight feet!
Police Captain: Small towns, big superstitions.
Chris Argent: What happened next?
Police Captain: It came at them with incredible strength. And what happened then, was desumano. They said his eyes glowed.
Chris Argent: Blue?
Police Captain: You've seen them?
Chris Argent: Up close.
Police Captain: So you believe it, too? You believe in werewolves?
Chris Argent: I believe, in Derek Hale.

[While teaching Malia and Scott how to fight blind]

Deucalion: Yeah. I didn't think it was possible but I'm...I'm actually starting to wish I was blind again.

Wolves of War [6.20]Edit

Gerard: Blood and destruction and dreadful objects so familiar. All pity choked with custom of fell deeds. And Caesar's spirit, raging for revenge with Ate by his side come hot from hell. Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice... Do you know the rest, Scott? Do you know your Shakespeare?

Derek: Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war...

Gerard: War indeed. Welcome back, Derek. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic. Are you pleased with the little family reunion I've gathered around you, Scott?

Scott: Yeah, why don't you come join us, and I can thank you in person.