Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure

American animated television series
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Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (originally known as Tangled: The Series in its first season) is an American animated television series developed by Chris Sonnenburg and Shane Pigmore and produced by Disney Television Animation that premiered on Disney Channel as a Disney Channel Original Movie titled Tangled: Before Ever After on March 10, 2017, with regular episodes premiering on March 24, 2017. The series is based on the 2010 film Tangled and features the returning voices of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore, alongside Eden Espinosa, Clancy Brown, and Julie Bowen.

A six-minute short film Tangled: Ever After debuted along with the premiere of the special Diamond edition of Cinderella in 2012.

Season One (2017-2018)Edit

What the Hair!?Edit

(In Rapunzel's dream-turned-nightmare)
Mother Gothel: Hello, Rapunzel. Did you think I was gone forever? What's the matter, Dear? Aren't you happy to see your mummy? And look! Your hair has returned! Isn't it wonderful? Come now, dear. Let's get back to your tower, where you will be safe and secure. RAPUNZEL!!

Queen Arianna: Fred, you haven't touched your food.
King Fredric: I touched it. Look, I moved my eggs from there to here.
Queen Arianna: It's been nearly a week. Just talk to her.
King Fredric: You remember my last conversation with Rapunzel didn't go exactly as I had hoped?
Queen Arianna: Fred, you confined Rapunzel to the walls of Corona under martial law. If that's a daddy-daughter conversation, I'd hate to see what a talking-too is.

Princess Rapunzel: Come on, Cass! Those dreams are trying to tell me something! Ever since that night-
Cassandra: Shh. Raps, I told you: We can't tell anyone about that night.
Princess Rapunzel: Um, I think the secret's pretty much out.
Cassandra: Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows the hair's back but if anyone knew I was the one who took you outside when it happened, I'd be sent to a convent. Literally, a convent.

Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, please. Just Rapunzel. I need to ask you about my hair."
Varian: Ah, yes. So, fantastical stories about your hair returning have spread throughout Corona. Some say it's magic but, personally, I don't believe that. Now as you probably guessed, I am a man of science. Not magic. Mostly alchemy.
Cassandra: Yeah, yeah. Now listen here, kid! Whatever happens here stays here! Got me!?
Varian: I understand. Now, let's see exactly what this hair is made of.

(Sings the last two lines of the Sundrop Flower's healing incantation)
Princes Rapunzel:
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine
Varian: Yes- I mean no! Ow.
Rapunzel: Huh. That used to work.
Varian: Well, silver lining. We sure acquired some mystery about your hair: It no longer possesses its legendary healing power.

(A burst of yellow light emanates from the debris, revealing an unhurt Rapunzel and Eugene, in an orbicular shield of hair)
Eugene: What the hair!?

Rapunzel: Okay. The truth? Remember when I said I woke up with long hair? Well, I didn't. Cassandra snuck me out.
Eugene: Ha! I knew it! She is gonna be in so much trouble!
Rapunzel: She showed me these black rocks that began to glow. I know it's strange, but I think they're what made my hair grow back.
Eugene: Back rocks that glow? Okay, we're back to weird.
Rapunzel: And when I touched the rocks, they started chasing us.
Eugene: Rocks chasing you? Okay, we're back to weird.
Rapunzel: And when we got far enough away from them, they stopped growing.

Rapunzel's EnemyEdit

Eugene: You don't know what "boo" means, do you?
Princess Rapunzel: Of course I do! It's a cheer like "hooray" or "yea", right? No? Then what does "boo" mean?
(Back in Rapunzel's room)
Cassandra: It means someone hates you.
Princess Rapunzel: Why wouldn't someone like me? What could I have done to this person?
Eugene: "Rapunzel, who cares? Not everyone has to like you. Its part of life."
Cassandra: "Eugene's right. I someone couldn't like you for any number of reasons. Like you have a stupid goatee that makes you look ridiculous."
Eugene: "Uh, Cass, it's hard to take your insults seriously when you're holding that thing."

Monty: "Your Majesty, you went through all of this just to win my favor?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I know, I know. It's a little crazy, but just had to know why you booed me."
Monty: "Fine. You wanna know why I booed?"
Princess Rapunzel: 'uh huh, uh huh!"
Monty: "The seal."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wait, the Goodwill seal?"
Monty: "Yes, the Goodwill seal! You redesigned a perfectly good seal."
Princess Rapunzel: "I'm sorry?"
Monty: "Since you've returned, everything's changed. I mean, come on! A royal in bare feet? Pug Thugs in the castle? The list goes no. It's like you and your free spirit have a total disregard for tradition!! And then I realized that, well, maybe that spirit and to-heck-with-it attitude aren't so bad after all. I mean, you did inspire me to achieve my life's dream."
Princess Rapunzel: "See? I told you that-"
Monty: "But then, you put on this deceitful charade and made a complete fool of me!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Wait, so are we friends again?"
Monty: "Of course not! And we never will be because I don't like you. Not everyone has to like everyone, Your Majesty."
Princess Rapunzel: "You know what? Now that I'm thinking of it, I don't think I like you so much either. No, wait, wait! I know I don't like you. Not friends?"
Monty: "Not friends."

Fitzherbert P.I.Edit

Cassandra: "FITZHERBERT!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Not again."
Eugene: "I don't know what you're so upset about. Oh, wait! Know was the wrong choice of words. I meant I don't care what you're so upset about."
Princess Rapunzel: "Hey guys. Everything okay? I thought I heard-"
Cassandra: "Not only did you take my halberd without asking, you got your disgusting hair all over it!!
Eugene: "How dare you! First of all, I did not touch your halberd! Second of all, what is a halberd? Oh, a halberd. Okay, you got me. But check out this shave. Smooth as a baby's bottom."
Cassandra: "Try a monkey's."
Princes Rapunzel: "Okay, okay. Everyone, let's take a deep, calming breath."
Eugene: "To be fair, I asked several times if I could use that thing."
Cassandra: "And I said no every single time!!"
Eugene: "which shouldn't matter because we both know I don't listen to you."

Cassandra: Listen, Raps, if you trying to find your defining activity, don't listen to this dud whose whole work history is being a two-bit hood.
Eugene: Two bit hood!? Hold the pastry! I'll have you know Cassandra, Flynn Rider was a legend.
Cassandra: Keyword being "was." And what is it you do now?
Eugene: I uh, I do many...things. You know, important things, things so important you wouldn't even understand 'em. Sometimes I don't even understand 'em. Tell her, Blondie.
Rapunzel: Hmm. What?

Rapunzel: You're gonna become a royal guard?
Eugene: It makes total sense, right? I try to have a normal job but I have trouble with authority! Being a guard I am the authority.

Captain of the Guards: Ten fingers.
Stan: Captain, that means Eugene was-
Captain of the Guards: Don't you dare finish that sentence! Now go!

Cassandra v. EugeneEdit

Cassandra: FITZHERBERT!!
Rapunzel: Ohh. Not again.
Cassandra: Not only did you take my halberd without asking, you got your disgusting hair over it!!
Eugene: How dare you! First off, I did not touch your halberd! Second off, what is a halberd!? Oh, a Halberd. Okay, you got me. But check out this shave. Smooth as a baby's bottom.
Cassandra: Try a monkey's.

Eugene: You make fun of my past, it's only fair I know something about yours. Plus we got nothing but time.
Cassandra: What do you wanna know?
Eugene: What are your hopes, your dreams? Is there a venomous cobra man in your life?
Cassandra: Cobra man? No. Besides, I don't have time for dreams.
Eugene: Don't have time for dreams? Honey, you are hanging out with the wrong princess.
Cassandra: My dad taught me at a young age to focus on the here and now.
Eugene: Yeah, wow. Being raised by the Captain of the Guards must've been a real treat.
Cassandra: He's a good man. He taught me a lot. He showed me how to defend myself, how to take on responsibility, how to earn my keep...Besides, I don't remember my real parents, so I have nothing to compare him to, anyway.
Eugene: Yeah, I don't remember mine either. I imaged they were swash-bulking explorers searching the world for treasure, and once they found it, they'd come back and get me. It's dumb, I know. What about you? I mean, you ever wonder what your parents were like?
Cassandra: You know, I really don't wanna discuss this with you, Eugene.
Eugene: Okay, fine. I'll just shut up then.

Captain of the Guards: Cassandra!
Cassandra: Dad!
Stabbington Brother: Dad? I'd call your men off if you know what's good for your precious daughter.

1st Stabbington Brother: Say sayanara.
2nd Stabbington Brother: Actually, I just got a much better idea. Let's snuff out Rider but keep the Captain's daughter as a bargaining chip. You sit there like a good, little girl. This'll just take a second.

Rapunzel: Hello? Is anybody down there!?
Eugene: Blondie?

Challenge of the BraveEdit

Eugene: Hey, Blondie, you got the deluxe seats, too, huh? You know they put you up here so can see all the action.
Rapunzel: Really? It's kinda far.

Announcer: We have a last minute surprise entry! Please welcome the fearsome follicle! The heir with the hair! The maid with the braid! Rapunzel.

Eugene: Oh, Blondie, what have you done?

Cassandra: Guys, am I the only one who has a problem with this!? The Princess is making a mockery of this competition!
Hook: Hey, it's OK, kid. When you're mad, do a dance. Give that smile a second chance.
Cassandra: Oh go eat a turkey leg, Hook!

Rapunzel: Wait! Stop! We're supposed to be friends!
Cassandra: A friend wouldn't be so oblivious, Rapunzel! You have no idea what this contest means to me! I'm mean, you're a princess! You got nothing to prove! To you this was just a fun way to blow off a Saturday, but to me it was to show everyone that I am more than just your lady-in-waiting!! And I thought that when I would get even the slightest bit of respect...Never mind
Rapunzel: Respect? Cassandra, I respect you more than you can possibly imagine. I mean, I look up to you. Why do you think I wanted to enter this thing in the first place? You are my friend and as your friend...I should have realized how important this was to you. I am so sorry.

The Return of StrongbowEdit

Eugene: You know I meant "hide in the vase", right? Princess Rapunzel, meet Lance Strongbow.
Lance: How you doin'?

Cassandra: Look, pal, I don't trust the guy.
Eugene: Look, Cassandra, I know you'd like nothing better than let an old friend of mine embarrass me. And I hate to disappoint you, but my friend Lance is not "up to" anything!

(Pins Lance against the wall)
Eugene: Okay, Lance! What are you up to?
Lance: Up to? Me? You'd think I come all this way jut to tell you- Okay. I need help with a job.

Eugene: This isn't a cave, it's a basement. We broke into somebody's house. Lance, you lied to me!

Eugene: Let's just get out of here Arnwaldo.
Lance: Don't call me Arnwaldo! Besides, don't you at least wanna know whose basement this is?
Eugene: No. No, I don't.
Lance: It's the baron's.
Eugene: The baron? The baron-baron?
Lance: You said we'd get him later.
Eugene: That was eight years ago.
Lance: Exactly. We waited eight long years for revenge. And I'm not letting till I settled the score. And now the score is settled. Let's get out of here.

Eugene: That ring we stole belonged to the Queen; the same queen who took me in as part of her family. And as soon as she sees Rapunzel wearing it, she'll put two-and-two together and be furious or heartbroken. She's a tough read sometimes. But if I ask for the ring back, Rapunzel will know I lied to her earlier, and Cassandra will get the satisfaction of being right.

Rapunzel: No. I can't let you that.
Eugene: What? Why not?
Rapunzel: Because I love you, Eugene. And I will forgive you, but I can't be sure they will.

King Fredric: I thought that ring was gone long ago.
Queen Arianna: I know. Isn't it great? Eugene found it this morning.

In Like FlynnEdit

Cassandra: You know when the King considers an idea, he always says "I'll take it under advisement."
Eugene: Ha! Shows what you know. I clearly remember him saying- Oh no! He does think I'm a nitwit.
Cassandra: And there it is.
Eugene: This changes everything! I cannot have a father-in-law that doesn't take me seriously!
Cassandra: Why? No one else does.
Rapunzel: That's not true, Eugene. My dad thinks very highly of you, though you might want to be a little more subtle about the things you suggest to him. He is the King, after all.

Eugene: Sorry. It's just...this was my big chance for you to finally take me seriously.
King Fredric: Take you seriously?
Eugene: Yes. And I was getting frustrated when I wasn't able to do that. It was dumb. I know.
King Fredric: You know there are many things I fail to take seriously. Eugene, son, you brought my daughter home to me after eighteen long years. If there's anyone in the whole world that I take very seriously, it's you.
Eugene (touched): Wow. Thank you, Your Majesty. Can I ask then, why didn't you listen to my ideas?
King Fredric: Sometimes I do let the king take over the man. I should have given your idea more consideration.

King Trevor: What you should've done was stay in your own kingdom, Fredric!
King Fredric: Trevor.

Great ExpotationsEdit

Cassandra: (muttering) Don't see why the lady-in-waiting has to help set up for this thing. Dumb science expo's for dorks, anyway."
Varian: "Who's ready for the expo?"

Varian: Hey Cassie! You wanna see my new invention? Rumor has it, it is a shoo in for the first prize in the contest. (whispers) I started the rumor.
Cassandra: Oh! Hey Varian, first off it's Cass not Cassie. Secondly, I'm slammed so.
Varian: I hear ya! Did I tell you that my invention can create an entirely new element. I call it...
Stan: Cassandra!, I thought you should know, the captain is short on guards for the expo. This could be your big chance.
Cassandra: Come on, let's go!
Rapunzel: Cassandra! Looking good! You should see some of the inventions on display. Look at these crazy goggles. Oh. Hi Varian, I haven't seen you since we...
Eugene: Since your last invention almost killed us. So glad you're here with looks like another invention.
Varian: Please, I wouldn't miss a chance to promote the merits of alchemy. And wait until you see my invention. (chuckles) Cassandra's gonna be here, right? Not that I'm doing this for Cassandra! (chuckles) But, yes, she's gonna be there, right?
Captain of the Guards: No, no, no! We'll need men here! We'll put guards here, and Does this mean we're out of real guards, too?

Pete: Um.
Captain of the Guards: Blasted! This exposition of science is just spreading our ranks too thin. We need more guards.
Pete: (clears throat)
Captain of the Guards: I'll need the room. So, you want your first guard assignment. We've talked about this, Cassandra. I just don't know that you're ready.
Cassandra: Dad, I've been training with the guards since I was six. I know castle procedures and protocol better than anyone, so if there's any other reason why you feel I'm not ready besides me being your daughter, I'm all ears.
Captain of the Guards: Very well. But.
Cassandra: There's always a but.
Captain of the Guards: Your lady-in-waiting duties come first. Only after you've finished those, including setting up for the expo, may you help. Are we clear?
Cassandra: Crystal. (Sees her long list of chores and groans)

Rapunzel: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! (gasps) Ooh. Oh, whoa. Wow. Whoa! That makes flipping flapjacks look like a piece of cake! (laughs) Or should I say pancake?
Eugene: I wouldn't. Whoa!
Stilt Inventor: Ladies and gentlemen, forget everything you know about spring-loaded stilts!
Rapunzel: Done!
Eugene: Uh, great?
Shorty: Mmm! Fresh from this goat's body and into my tummy.
(Everyone groans in disgust)
Fernanda Pizazzo: Attention, science lovers! I am the one and only Fernanda Pizazzo! Yes. Thank you, thank you. You may ask yourselves what revolutionary, stupendous invention lies behind this veil? You're about to find out when revered master scientist, and handsome morsel, Dr. Alcott St. Croix arrives to name my entry into this contest first prize!

Rapunzel: This is all so inspiring! I'm gonna go invent something right now! (squeals)
Eugene: Should've see that coming.
Varian: There you are, Cass not Cassie. We, uh, we didn't finish our conversation from earlier.
Cassandra: I did.
Varian: (chuckles) Oh, you! Seriously, I'm getting ready for the expo, and I think you'll be pretty impressed with my invention, yeah. The only thing is, when I present it to Master Dr. St. Croix, it's gonna take two people to operate it. Hey! Wanna be the assistant for my demonstration?
Cassandra: Assistant? What? Assis- N-No. Look. (accidentally spills grape juice on the tablecloth and gasps) No! I can't catch a break today (Varian spills salt and drops of water from the flowers' stems, making the stain disappear). Varian, thanks for stopping by, but I what? The stain. It's gone! But how?
Varian: Oh, simple. Grapes are acidic, by combining the alkalinity from the flowers' barley grass with rock salt, I was able to stop the stain's adhesion. Alchemy!
Cassandra: So, you've got a knack for this kind of thing! Any chance you'd want to...
Varian: Help you? Yes! I-I mean, I'd I'd love to. Hey! If-If I help you, you can help me and be my assistant! - It'll only take a minute!
Cassandra: Um, deal.
Varian: Great! We We can be, uh, co-ladies-in-waiting.
Cassandra: Aha! Let's not put a label on it.
Varian: (screams)
Rapunzel: Okay, so for my first invention, I wanted to start off with something small and simple.
Eugene: Uh, can he take his tiny little claws off my eyes now?
Rapunzel: Oh! Yeah! Pascal?
Pascal: (squeaking)
Rapunzel: I give you the Hey-Hey! When I was in the tower, I devised a way to play catch by myself using a ball and string. Now, I believe, I've perfected that design. How does it work? Glad you asked. It's powered by potential and kinetic energy. Science. Hey-Hey! Hey-Hey!
Eugene: Huh. Rapunzel, that's really amazing, but it's already been invented.
Rapunzel: Hmm. Okay. I guess I'll chalk that up to being locked in a tower for 18 years. Good thing I have lots more amazing ideas where that came from.
Cassandra: Huh, look at that. You make a pretty good co-lady-in-waiting after all.
Varian: Oh, really? You sure you wanna put a label on it?
Cassandra: Okay, so I could've been a little nicer earlier. It's just, today's kind of a big deal for me.
Varian: Oh, you're talking about getting that guard assignment from your dad. Aren't you?
Cassandra: No matter how much I want it or how hard I work, his standards for me are higher than they are for anyone else.
Varian: Yeah. My dad's kind of hard to impress too. Dads. Am I right? Huh?
Cassandra: (growls) Who am I kidding? None of it matters anyway. It's already noon and I still have to make up all the guest rooms.
Varian: Hey! I have an idea. I'll finish your chores for you, so then you can do your guard duty, and then maybe you can take a few minutes to be my assistant?
Cassandra: You sure you can get all this done?
Varian: Yeah. No problem. It's the kind of thing friends do, right?
Cassandra: Right! Friends.
Rapunzel: Carrots, celery, cucumbers. What do these have in common?
Eugene: Uh, I don't eat them. No, wait. Don't tell me.
Rapunzel: We chop them! But knives can be really dangerous! That's why I invented the Safety Slicer! Just load it up, and Slice! Voila!
Eugene: Ooh! That seems a little extreme, right? I mean, for produce? Besides, I think they have something like that already.
Rapunzel: Really? This too? Oh! How am I supposed to know everything that's ever been invented?
Eugene: I don't know, maybe something a little more practical?
Rapunzel: Practical. Okay. Sure. Automatic laundry cart?
Eugene: Now that I have not seen.
Rapunzel: Uh, Varian? What are you doing?
Varian: Ugh! Hey, Princess. I'm helping Cass with her work so she can pull guard duty.
Rapunzel: But shouldn't you be setting up your exhibit?
Varian: Oh, theoretically, but I am presenting second to last, so I figure that'll give me a few extra minutes to get ready.(laughs) Plus, I just have that one room left right there. Oh, and that room. Oh, that that one, too. Also that one.
Rapunzel: Look, Varian, I know you really like Cass but...
Varian: Don't worry, Cass agreed to be my assistant during my presentation, so, ya know, I got everything under control. On to the next room!
Rapunzel: Varian, that is not a room.
Varian: Oh, that's a (yelling) (thudding)
Rapunzel: Staircase.
Captain of the Guards: Master Dr. St. Croix, welcome! It is a pleasure to have you with us!
Master. Dr. St. Croix: I imagine it would be. I assume you are to be my personal security detail.
Captain of the Guards: Um, unfortunately, no, but I have chosen my very best man for the job.
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Mm-hmm.
Varian: (grunts, sighs)
Cassandra: Wiped out?
Varian: Who? Me? No. Just fainted. Uh, I mean, fin I finished.
Cassandra: Finished? Wow. Varian, I'm impressed.
Varian: Oh, it was no big deal. Now, um, if you'll excuse me, I have a contest to win. Assistant?
Cassandra: Remember, you said it would only take a minute, I'm on duty.
Stan: (shattering) Ow! My back! I went to get Master St. Croix a drink and slipped on the floor! What kind of monster would leave a wet floor where people could slip on it?
Captain of the Guards: Uh, Stan, what happened?
Stan: (bones crack) Oh! My back!
Captain of the Guards: We need someone to replace him as Master St. Croix's detail. Pete! On the double!

Pete: On my way! Whoa! (thuds) Ow! My back! Why is the floor so slippery?
Guard: Hey, Pete, are you okay Whoa!
Captain of the Guards: (sighs) Cassandra, are you up for this?
Rapunzel: Uh, Cassandra, don't you have somewhere to be during the judging?
Cassandra: I'll do it.
Master. Dr. St. Croix: One of you will walk away with the greatest prize in all of sciences: my approval. As for the rest of you, may the universe show mercy (crowd gasps) on your wretched souls. Good luck. (crowd murmuring) (scattered applause)
Varian: You ready? Because a certain alchemist could use his assistant.
Cassandra: Listen, Varian, I'm really sorry, but things have changed. I can't help you anymore. I'm St. Croix's personal
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Hello? Security detail? I have moved my person in this direction.(grunts)
Varian: A personal security detail. Must be a big deal. Don't worry about me. I am sure I can find another assistant in the next five minutes.
Cassandra: (sighs)
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Let the judgment begin! (cheers, applause) (goat bleats) Can it milk a cow? - No, sir! - Next! (goat bleats)
Rapunzel: Okay, Pascal, we've had some missteps, sure, but I think this one is the winner.
Eugene: You've got it in the bag, Blondie.
Rapunzel: Showtime!
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Next!
Crowd: (cheers and applause)
Rapunzel: Dangerously wet hallways. Cold, wet clothes.Wet hair that takes forever, and I mean, forever, to dry. All of those things are yesterday's problems. Say hello to the Mega Dry! Assistant?
Eugene: I'm all about the wet look.
Rapunzel: The Mega Dry uses cutting-edge equine technology to release a powerful, focused stream of air. The result? What used to take hours to dry, now takes seconds.
Crowd: (audience exclaims)
Eugene: Well, hello. Aah! - (stammers)
Rapunzel: I think I still had it calibrated for my hair.
Cassandra: (laughing) (clears throat)
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Next.
Varian: (sighs) Behold! The power of alchemy! (audience laughs)
Shorty: Where's the opening? Aha! Oh-ho! The power of ag, uh of, uh, that guy! (quietly) Go. Do the thing.
Varian: (clears throat)
Shorty: Oh, yeah!
Varian: I give you, the Elemental Remogrifier! (gasping) (cheers and applause) Assistant? Here we go. The rotation causes friction, which heats the sand, while the counter-centrifigual force promotes particle compression. The end result? Fifty pounds of sand turns into this. I call this new element Cassandrium.

Cassandra: (gasps)
Master. Dr. St. Croix: However, considering your assistant nearly lanced my nasal cavity, I've no choice but to disqualify you. Next! (crowd groans)
Varian: Flair? What does that have to do with
Cassandra: Sir, with all due respect, you can't disqualify him because of his assistant.
Master. Dr. St. Croix: You stick to guarding, I will stick to sciencing. Got it? Hmm?
Fernanda Pizazzo: Everybody at this expo make some noise! This is the momensational moment you've all been waiting for. But first! (booming) I give you chocolate! - (crowd cheering)
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Now this is science!
Fernanda Pizazzo: Jaws, prepare to drop. Larynxes, get ready to scream, and eyeballs, how about you take a good look around, because once I unveil my marveltacular creation, the world will never look the same! I give you the Fantasphere! (crowd gasps) (gasps) How'd she do it? Oh my gosh! It's awesome! (gasping) (cheers, applause)
Varian: But what does it do?
Fernanda Pizazzo: Uh The real question, kid, is, what doesn't it do? Now, here, have some chocolate and shut up.
Master. Dr. St. Croix: It's luster is glorious! (gasps) I see no need to continue this contest! (gasps) (cheers) (cheers applause)
Cassandra: You should've won.
Varian: It doesn't matter. The truth is, all I really wanted to do was impress you. I thought if I showed you what I was capable of, you might see something in me. Something special. I was just being dumb.
Cassandra: But you did impress me. Varian, you're a great kid. You're smart. You're compassionate. You're unique.
Varian: Thanks, for saying that.
Cassandra: Oh, it looks like St. Croix liked your invention after all.
Varian: Master St. Croix! No! No! Don't! You're You're building too much pressure!
Master. Dr. St. Croix: Back off, boy! I'm a scientist.
Varian: Don't!
Master. Dr. St. Croix: (grunts) Somebody do something! Double disqualified!
Varian: You chose me!
Cassandra: Don't flatter yourself, kid. Now come on, we've got a job to do!
Varian: Oh, this is bad.
Cassandra: How bad?
Varian:Introducing counter-centrifugation to the magnetism could result in well, that! Its angular momentum is rapidly approaching critical velocity. Once that happens, it'll suck up everything in sight. Us! The castle! Everything!
Shorty: You're welcome.
Cassandra: Okay, so, very bad. How do we stop it?
Varian: There's only one way to stop it. I gotta get close enough to pull the hand brake!
Cassandra: Where do you think you're going? You're gonna need an assistant!
Varian: (chuckles) Whoa! Cassandra! Help! (grunting) (zapping) (grunting) I can't get close enough! The vortex has gotten too strong. We need an equally powerful wind source to counteract it!
Rapunzel: The Mega Dry!The Mega Dry can generate that kind of wind speed and blow against the vortex!
Eugene: Yes!
Varian: He needs to create a counter-pole to the vortex's critical velocity!
Rapunzel: Max, he means you have to run backwards! (grunts) It's working!
Varian: Hold on, Cass! (grunts)
Rapunzel: Woo-hoo!
Big Nose: Yeah!
Rapunzel: We did it!
Eugene: Blondie, hands down, your best invention yet! (kisses)
Shorty (muffled): Pardon me, I believe I've been folded in half.
Master. Dr. St. Croix: (St. Croix groans) You! (whimpers) Neck hurts.
Fernanda Pizazzo: Ooh! Master St. Croix, this still counts as a win, right? No take backsides?

Cassandra: I believe this was meant for you.
Varian: And, um, this was meant for you.
Cassandra: Thanks. And, Varian, about putting my own ambition in front of our friendship, I'm sorry.
Varian: It's It's okay, Cassandra.
Cassandra: Hey, call me Cassie.
Varian: Well, I guess I should start cleaning this mess up.
Captain of the Guards: Cassandra, you helped prevent what could've been a disaster for all of us. Well done. And I have another assignment for you.
Cassandra: You know what, Dad? I'm gonna set this aside for now. I think my friend needs my help.
Captain of the Guards: Well, as Captain of the Guard, turning down an assignment doesn't bode well. But as your dad, I'm proud of you.

Varian: Wow. You turned down your dad? For me?
Cassandra: I'll find a way to make it up to him. Besides, it's not every day you get an element named after you.
Varian: I actually got the idea after discovering a cluster of these strange black rocks by my village.
Rapunzel and Cassandra: Black rocks?

Varian: It was amazing. They just kind of sprouted up here a couple weeks ago. I never seen anything like it.
(The rock spikes suddenly grow pale blue, as Rapunzel's hair glows a bright yellow)
Varian: Amazing. The rocks are demonstrating an actual physical response...to you (Points to Rapunzel).
Rapunzel: Shh. Varian, I need you to promise to keep this between you and me, okay? And them.
Varian: Why?
Rapunzel: Because my dad has forbidden me from talking about these rocks to anyone. We collectively are going to figure it out.
Varian: You can count on me.

Under RapsEdit

Cassandra: Okay, this double date needs to end now! You guys are totally embarrassing me.
Rapunzel: We are? Sorry. We didn't mean to.
Cassandra: I know, Raps. But could please stop talking about my muscles or my fighting skills? I want Andrew to see a different side of me. And when we get down I'd like to be alone with him.

Eugene: But it's mostly your fault.
Rapunzel: What?
Eugene: Okay. I'm the last person to defend Cassandra, but not everyone is as open with their feelings as you are. Cass just keeps things more to herself and if you want to be her friend, which is something I will never ever, ever understand, you're going to have to accept that and back off a bit.

Rapunzel: Cass is gonna be devastated when she learns the truth about Andrew.
Eugene: Yeah! The only guy who can mess with Cass is me!

Cassandra: Sorry, Sweetie, but the book stays here!
Andrew: How did you-?
Cassandra: I knew you were a fraud from day one. You misspelled bibliophile in your letters, dud. I was only playing along until I could see what was angle. And from where I'm standing, your angle was just so out Andrew. If that's even your real name.
Andrew: Uh...it's Hubert.

Cassandra: Great. Since the Exposition was my chance to prove to my dad I have what it takes to be a royal guard. But you messed that up, Rapunzel!
Rapunzel: Well, maybe if you had told me what you up to, I wouldn't have messed it up.
Cassandra: I couldn't count on you not letting anything slip!
Rapunzel: Hey, I can keep things to myself.
Cassandra: Oh yeah? like the time you told Eugene about the time we snuck out!?
Rapunzel: How did you...?
Cassandra: Or when your told your dad about those rocks I showed you!?
Rapunzel: I had to! He was gonna-
Cassandra: Or when you told your mom who ate her last chocolate truffle!?
Rapunzel: Hey, I had to say something. The guilt was bad enough.
Cassandra: Look, Raps, you're my best friend, but you're a sharer. It's in your nature, and I respect that. But you have to respect there are things I keep to myself!
Rapunzel: Even if those things have life-threatening consequences?
Cassandra: Okay, for the record, nobody's life was threatened until you showed up.
Rapunzel: Okay, let's make a deal: I respect you keeping things to yourself if you respect that when something's bothering you, I'm gonna wanna help.

One Angry PrincessEdit

Rapunzel: Nothing makes me happier than a dream coming true. Especially when that dream belongs to a dear friend like Attila. I am pleased to welcome Attila the Bun bakery to Corona.
Attila: My mom always said that you can only get what you want out of life by using the three Cs: Crime, Carnage and Crime. But thanks to Rapunzel, who helped make all this possible, I learned there's a fourth C: Kindness.
Cassandra: Uh, "kindness" doesn't start with-
Eugene: Shh.

Crowd: Uncle Monty!
Monty: Hiya, Kids!
Monty (coldly): Rapunzel.
Rapunzel (just as coldly): Montgomery.
Monty: I just came to wish my new neighbor "Good luck." Had to be one of his first customers.

Princess Rapunzel: I was up all night, and I think I found some neat, bell-free ideas to help Attila the Bun.
Eugene: Wow, You are really committed to this.
Princess Rapunzel: I'm just tired of cutting ribbons, and hosting parties, and making appearances.
Eugene: Well, Blondie, a state person's work is never done.
Princess Rapunzel: Being a state's person is fine, Eugene, but I want to do things that really matter to the people of Corona, like helping Attila.

Princess Rapunzel: "Now, to get people's attention."
Attila: "Rapunzel no! Not bells!!"
Big Nose: "Milton hates bells."

King Fredric: "Rapunzel, I'm proud of how you represented Corona today."
Princess Rapunzel: "Thanks, Dad."

Pascal's StoryEdit

(Casts the healing incantation of the Sundrop Flower via her hair)
Young Princess Rapunzel:
Flower gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine
Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fates' design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine
Young Princess Rapunzel: "Don't be afraid, Mr. Frog. You're safe now. Here. It's yours. It's a gift."
(Hands little Pascal a purple button)
Young Princess Rapunzel: "All alone, huh? So am I. Most of the time. If you want, you can stay with me, then neither of us will be alone ever."
Princess Rapunzel: "Hmm. Perfect. Good night, Pascal. You'll always be my best friend."

Princess Rapunzel: Nice move, Pascal. I didn't even see that coming.
Cassandra: What was that?
Princess Rapunzel: What was what?
Cassandra: Congratulating your opponent? Chess is war, Rapunzel. And your opponent is the enemy. First rule of a game of Chess is getting in your opponent's head. Now give me your game face!
Princess Rapunzel: Game face!
Cassandra: I don't know, Pascal. That's more confused face.
Princess Rapunzel: Game face!
Cassandra: We'll work on that later. Now I want you to look at this board with only one strategy: No mercy.
Princess Rapunzel: Not now, Pascal. I'm "no mercy-ING" my opponent.

Princess Rapunzel: How's this?
Eugene: It's a good likeness, but why does he look so terrified?
Princess Rapunzel: Because he's so lost, and alone, and frightened without me. He ran away and it's all my fault. I been so busy with other things that I've neglected our friendship.
Eugene: Come on, Blondie. You'll find him. He couldn't have gotten far. He's tiny.

Cassandra: Where are going!?
Princess Rapunzel: The tower!
Eugene: The tower! The tower-tower!? Okay, we have to start voting on decisions like these!

Cassandra: Whoa. So this is where it all happened.
Rapunzel: Yeah. This is the first time I've been back since...
Eugene: Rapunzel, you don't have to go up there alone.
Princess Rapunzel: Yes, I do. I owe it to Pascal.
Eugene: Yeah, it's probably good I stay down here. I have a strict rule about dying in the same place twice.

Princess Rapunzel (to herself): Okay, you got this. Don't be afraid Rapunzel. It's just a tower.

Princess Rapunzel: Oh, buddy. I know why you came here. Life was so simple when it was just the two of us, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. That will never change. No one could ever take your place in my heart...or on my shoulder.

Princess Rapunzel: It wasn't the same without you here. Good night, Pascal. Uh uh, I don't think so. Here is better; right by my side.

Big Brothers of CoronaEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Everyone is so terrified of this Silent Striker. So, Pascal and I have found a fun way to help catch him."
Cassandra: "Uh, Raps, maybe you should leave it to the pros."

Captain of the Guards: "They're...children?"
Fredric: "We can't put children in jail."

Angry: "We have enough money to get out of Corona. We can start over."
Red: "Everyone turned their backs on us- Everyone. Everyone but them."

Lance: "You sure about letting them go?"
Eugene: "They'll be back. When they're ready."

The Wrath of Ruthless RuthEdit

King Fredric: I'm afraid Rapunzel has a knack for getting into trouble.

Ruth's Spirit: Listen up! The legend's wrong, Rapunzel. We all have dreams. All I wanted was for them to hear my song.
Rapunzel: So you weren't a barbarian?
Ruth's Spirit: Oh no, I was a barbarian, but I never disappeared to go on rampages. I was hiding away in here, practicing my music. My only dream was to write a rabble, rousing shintae, and sing loud at the pub. But I was afraid no one would listen.
Rapunzel: "Listen up" means "listen to your song."
Ruth's Spirit: It ain't just a club, Rapunzel.

Rapunzel: Guys, Ruth wasn't as bad as we thought. This isn't just a club. It was her secret song, but she was afraid to show it. And so we all have to play it.

King Fredric: Rapunzel!
Rapunzel: Dad.
King Fredric: I was so worried about you. I love you so much. You mean everything to me.
Rapunzel: I love you, too, Dad.

Max's EnemyEdit

Princess Rapunzel: Is this were for a popularity contest, you would come in first place.

Captain of the Guards: Meet the newest horse of the Royal Guard.

Princess Rapunzel: Those two are partners!

The Way of the WillowEdit

Willow: There's my older sister!
Queen Ariana: Willow. I didn't know you were coming.
Willow: And miss your birthday?
Queen Ariana: Well, you have missed the last six, but who's counting?
Willow: Has it really been that many? (to her brother-in-law) Big Fred! You're looking smart. So, where's my long-lost niece?

Princess Rapunzel: You never wear shoes, either?
Willow: I've always said: "How can you know your way in the world if you can't feel the ground beneath your feet?" Oh, my. Rapunzel, these are amazing!
Princess Rapunzel: Huh. Thanks, Aunt Willow.
Queen Ariana: Yes. Rapunzel is quite the artist.
Willow: Obviously, Ari. But his one says so much.
Princess Rapunzel: Sometimes when I paint, I tell myself I'm not painting a picture, I am-
Princess Rapunzel and Willow: Painting a story!
Princess Rapunzel: Right! My gosh, yes!

Willow: But the most dangerous thing that happened to Ari and me-
Shorty: Ooh. "Ari."
Willow: I had this idea to build a cape/kite. I was 98% sure it was gonna work.
Attila: What about the other 4%?
Willow: That's what big sisters are for.

Queen Ariana (frustrated): Would you just give it a rest!?
(Throws the rattle down the cliff)

Princess Rapunzel: Mom! Aunt Willow!
Queen Arianna & Willow: What!?
Princess Rapunzel: We've got a problem.

Willow: Are you sure this doesn't hurt?
Princess Rapunzel (strained): No. I'm OK. Just hurry. Eugene and Lance are down there!

Princess Rapunzel: Goodbye, Aunt Willow. Please come back soon.
(Willow turns to her elder sister)
Willow: That was a heck of a plan, Dariana.
Queen Ariana: It wouldn't have worked without your harebrained cape kite.

Princess Rapunzel: She did promise to take care of that Umlaut for us.
Queen Ariana: WILLOW!

Queen for a DayEdit

Princess Rapunzel: I am so excited for you guys. Take good care of them, Max.
Fredric: Maybe we should stay here. We have plenty of anniversaries to come, you know.

Princess Rapunzel: People of Corona got a problem? Consider it solved.

Rapunzel: Loyal subjects of Corona! As your temporary queen, I officially declare today...a "Snow Day"!

Princes Rapunzel: How am I ever gonna do this?
Eugene: Relax. Your parents will be back soon.

Varian: Rapunzel! My dad's in danger, you...you're the only one who can help! Please! You have to come to Old Corona with me! Now!
Rapunzel: Varian, what's wrong?
Varian: Please, please, the rocks...they're--they're encasing my dad!
Princess Rapunzel: Encasing? Wh--what are you saying?
Varian: Come! Come! See for yourself. You can help! I I know you can! You have a connection to these rocks!!
Princess Rapunzel: Varian, it's a state of emergency here! I'm sorry...I-I-I can't help you! Not right now.
Varian: No! No, no, no, no! Listen to me, my dad doesn't have much time! You are the only one who can help...Rapunzel, please!
Guard: Your Majesty, please. Whatever the boy's problem, it must be set aside. The storm's growing stronger by the second.
Varian: No!
Guard: We need you to make a decision.
Varian:No, no, no, please! Please, Princess, you--you promised you'd help me! You promised! Rapunzel! (panicky) Princess! My dad needs help!
(He gets dragged out by the guards.)
Princess Rapunzel: No! Don't hurt him!
Varian: Rapunzel! You promised! You promised!!!!

Princess Rapunzel: Maximus! What happened!? Are you okay!!? Where...? Maximus, where are my parents?
Captain of the Guards: There's been accident on the mountain.
Princess Rapunzel: Accident?
Captain of the Guards: Rapunzel, I think your parents are in grave danger.

Princess Rapunzel: I hope I'm making the right decision.
Cassandra: You're not, Raps. You're making the only decision.

King Fredric: Eugene, please. Take good care of Rapunzel.
Eugene: We are going to get you out of here! Besides, you should know by now that Rapunzel doesn't need anyone to take care of her!

Eugene: Hey! Celebratory cupcake, huh?
Rapunzel: No. Uh, no, thank you.
Eugene: Hello? Blondie? Come on. You kicked butt and saved the day. What are you upset about?
Rapunzel: Eugene, today, I turned my back on a desperate friend in need. I sent the man I love to face possible death, and then did the same to my oldest friend. I entrusted the entire welfare of Corona to a fairytale. In a lot of ways, today was the most difficult day of my life.
Eugene: Sweetheart, what are you saying?
Rapunzel: I'm not sure I want to be queen.
Eugene: Hey, Rapunzel, I know today was overwhelming and I can't say I wouldn't be feeling the same way. But you becoming queen is a long time away. Just know that when that time comes, no matter what you decide, I will be right here with you.
Rapunzel: (smiles, hugs him) "Thank you for bringing my parents home."
Eugene: "Hey, you got it."

Painter's BlockEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Dad, what's going on? What's with all this art?"
King Fredric: "I have a little surprise for you: The gallery of the seven kingdoms!"
Princess Rapunzel: Wow. Really!? You're actually doing this?"
King Fredric: "We already have. And in the spirit of artistic expression, I asked the citizens of Corona to contribute their art work as well."
Princess Rapunzel: This is amazing."
King Fredric: But first, I would like to demonstrate a mural from Corona's most celebrated artist: Princess Rapunzel!
Princess Rapunzel: Dad, I'm speechless.
King Fredric: Oh, it was nothing. After the events of the great storm, and the judgement you demonstrated, I'm ready to let this kingdom know more of your good ideas. Now get painting!

Cassandra: sounds like painter's block.
Princess Rapunzel: Painter's block? You mean like writer's block?
Cassandra: Yeah. You're just having a hard time being creative, is all.
Lance: What the Princess needs is a way to punch through the painter's block.
Eugene: Or what she needs is a little inspiration.
Princes Rapunzel: That's it! Come on, Pascal! Let's go find some real inspiration.

Not in the MoodEdit

Xavier: "What? I was only trying to help Max and Pascal teach you all a lesson."
Princess Rapunzel: "So that's why I'm less cheery, Eugene's a wimp and Cassandra-"
Cassandra: "Best opposite day ever!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Dad, no!! you're not thinking clearly!! This is all a huge mistake!!"
King Fredric: "Guards! Take the princess and her friends and throw them in dungeon!"

Varian: "Wow. What do we have here?"

The Quest for VarianEdit

Princess Rapunzel: It was just like the dream I had after my coronation, only more intense. It was like it was trying to tell something.
Cassandra: Tell you what?
Princess Rapunzel: I don't know. The rocks, my hair, Varian- It's like they're all connected and I need to find out how.
Eugene: Sorry to interrupt here, but is anyone else a little concerned as to how Rapunzel woke up suspended in midair?
Princess Rapunzel: Eugene, was I saw meant something.
Eugene: OK, let's say it did. But what if it was a warning? Telling you to stay in the castle, where you're safe? We got it pretty good here, right? Why don't you leave the mystery behind these rocks alone.
Rapunzel: No, I can't. I need answers and I think I know where to start looking.

King Fredric: I made it clear that we were not to discuss magic or glowing rocks.
Princess Rapunzel: Has anyone ever been to Old Corona recently? I'm worried Varian is in trouble.
Nigel: Your Highness, Varian is dangerous. Have you forgotten the boy attacked you during the storm?
King Fredric: Nigel. (to his daughter) Come with me.

Princes Rapunzel: The kite! It's just like the one from my dream! There's a note- from Varian:
Rapunzel, I need you help now more than ever
I may discovered the mystery of the rocks
Find the bronze graph-tic in my lab
But be careful
They are watching and will do anything to stop you
Cassandra: Who are "they"?
Eugene: It's always something with that kid.
Eugene: What do you wanna do?
Princess Rapunzel: I'm sorry, Dad. We gotta go to Old Corona.

Rapunzel: So far, everything in my dream has come true- there's no question now. These rocks- they hold a secret and somehow...I- I'm connected to it, maybe even responsible for it.
Eugene: What do you wanna do?
Princess Rapunzel: I'm sorry, Eugene. I've already let Varian down once. He wants us to get that graph-tic and that's what we're gonna do.

Princess Rapunzel: Oh no. It's Varian's father.
Eugene: Blondie, you OK?
Princess Rapunzel: Maybe you were right. Maybe my dream was telling me to stay in the castle, where I belong.
Casandra: Rapunzel, what are you talking about?
Princess Rapunzel: I touched those rocks and now this.
Eugene: Oh, come now. We don't know if any of this is your fault.
Princess Rapunzel: We don't know that it's not.

Cassandra: Slow down, Rapunzel! Your hair touches these things and we're goners!
Eugene: Yeah! What she said.
Princess Rapunzel: We don't have much time before he gets free!
Cassandra: Who was that?
Princess Rapunzel: I don't know, but it must have been who Varian was trying to warn us about. Whoa!
Eugene: Is there any way to stop this guy!?

Eugene: And this is where Mother Gothel fell to her doom. Um, guys, we have company.
Princess Rapunzel: You have got to be kidding me!!

Princess Rapunzel: Sorry, Eugene. Frying pans are great and all, but it's time for an upgrade.
Cassandra: Rapunzel, what are you doing!?
Princess Rapunzel: Letting down my hair.

(The three are protected by Rapunzel which has again erected a glowing orbicular yellow shield of hair)
Cassandra (impressed): Did anyone see that!? Is that new?
Eugene: Let's just say, it's really complicated.

(Revealed to be none other than her adopted father)
Cassandra: Dad?
Captain of the Guards: Princess, we had orders to take the scroll, to keep it from you.
Princess Rapunzel: Who? Who ordered you?
Cassandra: Answer her!
Captain of the Guards: Your father.
(Shocked, Rapunzel looks at the scroll, which reveals that the mystical golden flower was made from a single drop of pure sunlight, and that the sinister rock spikes were made of from one single drop of moonlight)
Eugene: Why would your father wanna keep this from you?
Princess Rapunzel: I don't know. (firmly) But I'm gonna find out.

The Alchemist ReturnsEdit

Princess Rapunzel (coldly): You lied to me.
King Fredric: Rapunzel, I just heard what happened in Old Corona. I assure you, my only intent was to protect you.
Princess Rapunzel: From what!! Your own men!! It's time for answers, Dad!! I wanna know why you lied about Old Corona, and why you are covering up the fact that our kingdom is being destroyed by these back rocks!! What are you trying to hide!!?
King Fredric: I'm sorry, my dear, I did not want to lie to you. But you are not ready for the truth.
Princess Rapunzel: Dad, we are beyond what I am and not ready for!! People are in danger!!
King Fredric: Rapunzel, I am the King and I have the situation under control!
Princess Rapunzel: You know, you are not the first person to lie to me and tell me I am not ready for the real world.

Varian: Now, it took me awhile to translate this ancient language, but from what I can tell: Those black rocks are part of some ancient darkness. Its destructive power can only be stopped by its counterpart- the Sundrop. Rapunzel, the- the flower!
Princess Rapunzel: You mean the flower? The one that healed my mom, and gave me my hair? But, my dad said it was long gone.
Varian: Hmm. Would you say your dad is some reliable source of information, lately?
Princess Rapunzel: Well, no.
Varian: It's still here! I'm sure of it! Your dad wouldn't throw something away that could wield that kind of power. A single petal from that could solve all our problems.
Princess Rapunzel: Maybe, but it's not like we can just ask my dad to hand it over.
Varian: Oh, I know. That's why we have to steal it.

Rapunzel: There it is- the flower.
(Both step up; Varian steals the flower whole)
Rapunzel: Varian? Wait- Wait! I thought you said you were gonna take just one petal?
Varian: But what if one petal's not enough to harvest what I need!?
Princess Rapunzel: Varian--
Varian: What difference does it make!!? It's just sitting here, rotting anyway!!
Princess Rapunzel: (Sees the empty bottle that held Xavier's mood tonic in his backpack) That flacon. That had Xavier's mood potion in it. Varian, that potion is dangerous, You shouldn't be fooling with it!
Varian: There was just one drop left, but it was enough for me to replicate and modify. I had to be sure the flower was here.
Rapunzel: So, you made a truth serum and gave it to everyone?
Varian: Heh. You'd surprised what people will tell you for a cookie.
Princess Rapunzel: Pete? Stan? How could you?
Varian: Oh, do you honestly expect me to be concerned about the welfare of Corona!!?
Princess Rapunzel: But you said you-
Varian: Rapunzel, I used you!! I begged you and this kingdom for help!! Everyone turned their back on me!! It has to be this way!!
Rapunzel: I defied a direct order from my father, the King, because I trusted you! We both broke the law! Give me the flower, Varian. We can find a way to fix all of this- the rocks, your dad, everything. I promise you. I promise. Just this is not the way. Please.
Varian (cold and sarcastic): Sorry, Princess, but I know firsthand how well you keep promises.

Eugene: "The royal medics say the effects of the potion will wear off on their own eventually. Everything's gonna be OK."
Princess Rapunzel: "Really? I broke the law, I stole from my own father, and committed treason. And you know what the worst part is? I let the most powerful object in all of the land fall into the hands of...I don't even know what he is anymore! But I know we haven't seen the last of him."

(Upon learning that the petals of the golden flower no longer possess any healing magic)
Varian: No. No! No!! No!! NO!! This is useless!! It- It's like it no longer holds the Sundrop's power!!
(Recalls what Rapunzel had told him earlier)
Varian: "The Sundrop isn't the flower anymore."
(Crushes the flower to bits and dusts of an illustration of Rapunzel)
Varian: "It's Rapunzel"

Secret of the SundropEdit

Stan: Move it to the left.
Pete: Wait, your left or mine?
Stan: Mine. No, yours. No, wait a minute they're the same.
Eugene: Princess, Happy birthday! Hey. How are you doing?
Princess Rapunzel: (sarcastically) How am I doing? OK. Let's see: I found out my dad has been lying to me for months...a secret squad of guards hunted us down in the dead of night -- Oh! I destroyed my childhood home, and most recently, I committed treason by helping an extremely unstable alchemist steal the most powerful object in the seven kingdoms!! (pause) But enough about me! Let's talk about you! How are you doing? Sorry.
Eugene: I know what will cheer you up: Present room.
Princess Rapunzel: Are all these for me?
Eugene: The people love you! Ooh. I am good at this! It's a set of paintbrushes! Somebody got a new necklace. And this is clearly something that shouldn't been shaken. Oh, that one next? Come on, socks, she doesn't wear shoes people.

Princess Rapunzel: Wind me? Kinda creepy. Oh, hi! Friedborg, you startled me. Wait, is it time for my fitting? Where's Cassandra?
Eugene: I haven't seen her all day. See, things aren't so bad after all.
Princess Rapunzel: No, come on we should find her.
Eugene: Friedborg, keep up the. Keep it up.

Princess Rapunzel: Cass? What are you doing?
Cassandra: Haven't you heard? This is my new assignment.
Princess Rapunzel: What are you talking about?
Cassandra: Seems, like your found out that I was the one that snuck you out of Corona before your coronation. And well, here we are.
Princess Rapunzel: That's impossible. How would he even know? The only possible way, he could found out is...He read my journal. Okay don't worry Cass, I am going to get you out of this.
Eugene: Hey, but in the meantime at least you have stable employment. Okay, not a great time but different rule different circumstances, that would've killed.
Cassandra: Don't waste your time, Raps. This is just temporary. I'm being sent to a convent tomorrow.

Princess Rapunzel: My dad has gone too far. You shouldn't be punished for something I-
Eugene: Friend of yours?
Princess Rapunzel: An automaton? Varian and I fought one like- Varian!!
Cassandra: How did it get past the guards?
Eugene: That's a good question, but I'm guessing it's not here for the party. (SHOUTS)
Princes Rapunzel: Eugene, wait, wait, wait, wait! He's incredibly (METAL THUDS) (GROANS) Strong.
Eugene: Nope, got it. No need to finish that thought. (THUDS) (EUGENE GRUNTS)
Princess Rapunzel: Cass! Pascal, the banner. Hey, Tick-Tock! Over here!
Cassandra: No, no! This way! Come get it!
Princess Rapunzel: Cass!
Eugene: Wait, wait, wait! No, step this way!
Princess Rapunzel: And push!
Eugene: Heads up!
Shorty: Congratulations! You win a magical fish. Oh, that's right. I forgot I ate the magical fish.

Captain of the Guards: Our first priority is getting to bottom of who was responsible for this attack.
Princess Rapunzel: There's no question who's behind it! The question is: What was Varian after?
King Fredric: That boy is dangerous. I assure you he will pay dearly.
Princess Rapunzel: Listen, Dad! He is up to something. And we need to get the bottom of-
King Fredric: We needn't do anything. The situation is being handled, Rapunzel.
Princess Rapunzel: You can see I might have a little trouble taking you at your word, "Your Majesty."
King Fredric: Rapunzel, I know these past days have been...strained, to say the least. But more important than our disagreements, more important than anything at all, is your safety. So in light of this vicious assault, it is with heavy heart that I my decision: Until the threat of Varian has been neutralized, you are to remain under constant surveillance, in the most secure room in the castle.
(Rapunzel is shocked)

Eugene: How is what you're doing to Rapunzel any different than what was done to her for the first eighteen years of her life!!?
Nigel: Remember yourself, Fitzherbert, you are-
King Fredric: Nigel. Eugene, son, I realize how this situation might appear, but you must trust that I have no choice.
Eugene (indignant): Of course you have a choice!! You're the king!! You cannot keep her up there!!
King Fredric: I'll do whatever I must to keep Rapunzel safe from harm!
Eugene: And so will I.

Princess Rapunzel: Mom!
Queen Arianna: I'm so sorry! I tried to talk him out of it, but you know your father can be... immovable.
Princess Rapunzel: What is Dad so afraid of? Why is he doing this to me?
Queen Arianna: Rapunzel, in the two decades you were gone, not once did your father sleep through the night. Your absence haunted him every minute of every day.
Princes Rapunzel: Are you saying that makes this right?
Queen Arianna: I'm asking you to consider that despite how rash and drastic his actions may seem, or how much you disagree with them, they come from a place of love. But I agree with you. This isn't right.

Captain of the Guards: You should know the decision to send you off brings me no pleasure. Perhaps after this threat has been quelled, and some time has passed, we can revisit the arrangement. Until then, of course I'll come to see you when I can.
Cassandra: Dad, all I ever wanted was to be like you. I wanted to be a royal guard, and serve my kingdom. I-I-I wanted to make you proud.
Captain of the Guards: Honey, There was a time in my life where I would have done anything, gone to any lengths to keep from disappointing you.
Cassandra: The last thing I ever expected was for you to be the one to disappoint me.

Eugene: Uh, quick question. I'm not sure that I see the part of Rapunzel's escape plan that specifically says I have to be the one who gets launched from a catapult.
Cassandra: Keep lookin' fly boy. It's there.
Eugene: I'm sorry. Weren't you supposed to be halfway to a convent by now?
Cassandra: Yeah. Just my luck. Must've taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Lance: Present delivery for the Princess!
Pete: Oh, okay. Whoa. Sorry. No one goes in or out.
Stan: Lance, I know what you're trying to do. Frankly, I don't blame you. We don't wanna see the princess locked up either.
Lance: (GASPS) Wait! Are you insinuating that I am trying to break the princess out? Well! I'm just embarrassed for both of you.
Pete: Stan said it, so
Lance: I assure you, there's nothing but gifts in these packages. Have a look.
Pete: (GASPS) An accordion? I have always wanted to play one of these.
Lance: Well, what's stopping ya?
Pete: Stan, wasn't I just saying
Stan: He was just saying that
Pete: I was just saying We want to start a band called "The En Gardes. You know? Do you get that?
Cassandra: That's our signal.
Eugene: Ha! I knew it! There's nothing here that says I have to
Cassandra: Oops! My mistake!
Eugene: Wait! No! (SCREAMING) (THUDS) - Are you ready?
Hook foot: Nope. Not in any way.
Eugene: I'll take that as a yes.
Lance: (COUGHING) You sure you haven't accordion-ed before?
Pete: (LAUGHS) Right? It's just coming out of me!
Stan: Sounds great, Pete!
Eugene: (STRAINED) That was a lot more painful than I expected. Hook?
Hook Foot: Hook. Seriously? This is the whole reason you needed me? Couldn't you have just used a regular hook?
Eugene: Um, possibly, but probably best not to overthink it.
Hook Foot: (SCREAMS)
Stan: Wait, do you hear something?
Lance: Only musical genius. (LAUGHING)
Shorty: I got him, I got him. I got him. I'm the winner!

Eugene: Hey, Blondie.
Rapunzel: (GASPS) Eugene!
Eugene: I've come to rescue you from a tower again.
Rapunzel: You ready? Thanks, guys!
Lance: Well, listening to Pete play for that long wasn't easy, but, uh, ha! I took one for the team.
Hook Foot: Oh, man. That sounds really rough. I feel sorry for you. By the way (SHOUTING) I fell out of a tower!
Rapunzel: Okay, everyone, I'm not sure what Varian is planning
Eugene: What is this?
Shorty: I do beg your pardon. I must be magical fish intolerant.
Varian: (over speaker) Hello, Corona.
Rapunzel: It's Varian!
Eugene: Where is his voice coming from?
Varian: Something dark is coming for you! Our king has refused to acknowledge it. In the hopes of keeping his secret, he has lied to you and vilified me.
Frederic: Captain! Get more men!
Captain: On it, sir. Three details from the West Hall are on their way.
Varian: In a matter of days, Corona, this island, and the castle itself, will be overcome by this growth. It has already taken over the outskirts of the kingdom. The key to stopping this destruction is Princess Rapunzel herself. I have asked for help and have been ignored -- I will not be ignored any longer! And to make sure I have your attention, I've developed a new serum, and created something special for you all...

Varian: Hello Cassandra, I always knew I can sweep you off your feet.
Queen Arianna: Let her go, Varian!
King Frederic: Arianna!
Princess Rapunzel: Mom!
Varian: "It's not enough until you endure the same amount of pain and agony I have!!

Eugene: "Rapunzel! Blondie?"
Princess Rapunzel: [kisses Eugene] "Hi."
Eugene: "We have got to find better ways to spend your birthdays."

Princess Rapunzel: Don't be too hard on him, Dad.
King Fredric: I promise I will do whatever I can to get him help. As for Quirin, I'll not give until I find a way to free him.
(Rapunzel turns to look at the opening the rock spikes have made in the brick wall)
Princess Rapunzel: "It's like the rocks want us to...follow them."
King Fredric: I believe you're right. At first I thought the rocks were meant to destroy Corona. But now I see they are pointing in a direction, pointing you in a direction. Rapunzel, when you were returned to us, I vowed I would never let anything happen to you again.
Princess Rapunzel: But, Dad, we talked about this and I-
King Fredric: I know. You're right. For the past year, you've shown me that there is so much more in you than could have ever believed. I've just been too afraid to let you go, but this path is yours to follow. And if you ever lose your way...
Eugene: I'll take care of her, Your Majesty.
King Frederic: Eugene, you should know by now, Rapunzel doesn't need anyone to take care of her.
Eugene: (CHUCKLES) Touché.

Season Two (2018-2019)Edit

Beyond the Corona WallsEdit

(Twenty-five years ago, in a unknown kingdom, where the back rock spikes seem to have originated from)
King Edmund: "I can't take it anymore! This stone has claimed too many lives!!"
Qurin: "Your Majesty!! You are not thinking clearly!"
King Edmund: "I was a fool. The Stone cannot be destroyed."
Adria: "But, Your Majesty!"
King Edmund: "You must leave this castle, keep anyone from finding it. Anyone who seeks out this opal must be stopped."

Princess Rapunzel: Come on, Eugene! It's my first trip outside of Corona! It's like a whole new chapter of our lives has just begun. I mean, aren't you excited to see where these rocks are taking us?
Eugene: Excited? To follow a bunch of creepy rocks out to who knows where?

Cassandra: Not that I don't think you can handle yourself, but you got to exercise caution. Trust me, Raps, the real world isn't all fun and games. I want to make sure we're not losing sight of what we're doing out here.
Princess Rapunzel: I know. Believe me, Cass, I want answers more than anyone. I have a feeling that whatever is waiting at the end of this road is only part of why we're out here.

Princess Rapunzel: "Enough!!"
Adria: "I thought we covered this. I don't like being touched!! It didn't cut."
Princess Rapunzel: "It didn't break. It must be made of-"

Princes Rapunzel: "You were right Cass- the real world isn't all fun and games."
Cassandra: "Ha! Are you kidding me? This is fun!"

Princess Rapunzel: Brace yourselves! It's about to get rough around here!
(Nothing whatsoever happens with the rock spikes)

Cassandra: "Raps, what's your Plan C?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I don't have a Plan C. I thought these rocks would react like they did back in Corona."
Adria: "They're not reacting because they found the Sundrop. That would be you."

Rapunzel: "Where is it taking us, Pascal?"
Adira: "To fulfill your destiny.
Princess Rapunzel:" Adria, who are you?"
Adira: "Look, I am a friend. And I am here to make sure you get to the end of this journey you're embarking on. Listen, I don't have all the answers. But now that I've seen all that I have, I have no doubt these rocks were looking for you. And you must follow them...to the Dark Kingdom."

The Return of QuaidEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "You know, I keep hearing how great this city used to be. Well, greatness does not go away. It may get beaten down or hide itself from fear or doubt, but it does not go away. You, of all people, should know that sometimes all that's needed to find the best of what's inside of you is a little help."

Eugene: "You wanna do this in four days?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Do you think it will work?"
Cassandra: "If we told you "not in a million years", would it still change your mind?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Probably not."

Rapunzel: "Captain Quaid?"
Quaid: "Who's asking?"
Princess Rapunzel: It's Rapunzel. Princess Rapunzel of Corona."
(Quaid slams the door in her face)
Vex: "Told you everyone hates you."

Eugene: "Ah, family."
Lance: "There's nothin' like it. "

Princess Rapunzel: "I have a feeling that beneath all the grime and gunk and dirt is a beautiful city just waiting to shine."

Goodbye and GoodwillEdit

Cassandra: "It's great you wanna do this, Raps, but this town isn't like Corona. They don't feel the need to celebrate something every six seconds."
Vex: "You should really listen to Cass.Vardaians aren't really the goodwill kind of crowd."
Female Townswoman: "I hate goodwill, ya clod."
Princess Rapunzel: "I know people here are a little rougher around the edges, but they deserve to have a good time."
Cassandra: "Are you sure everyone shares your idea of what makes a good time? Look, not one person has even signed up for the gopher grab, which might not be a bad thing since we don't have a gopher."
Eugene: "Hey, hey, Don't worry about that. I got my two best gopher-hunters on the job."

Princess Rapunzel: "Actually that's not a bad idea. I mean, I know party stuff isn't your thing, but it would be fun to work together. What do you say? Wanna be my party-planner?"
Cassandra: "Yeah, why not?"
Vex: "Can I help?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Of course you can."
Vex: "I was asking Cass."

Forest of No ReturnEdit

Adira: "I had no idea people from Corona were such quitters.You know what I say: If you can't go through something, go over it."

Cassandra: "Rapunzel, we talked about this. I don't trust this woman. She keeps popping up out of nowhere and I don't like it."
Eugene: "Yeah, I second that. Plus, we don't need her. Another person would slow us down."
Adria: "Uh, I think you're gonna need her. She's the only one who can lead you through the deadly Forest of No Return."

Adria: "I know exactly where we are, but I'm not sure about the others. The map can only point its user to the exit.""
Eugene: "Then maybe they made it out! Come on!"
Adria: "I wish I could say they had, but you need the map or me to get to the exit. And, as you can see, both of those things are right here."
Eugene: "Adria, I'm sorry for the mess I've gotten us into. It's just, before I met Rapunzel, being an adventurous, daredevil rogue was the one thing definite my life. It was just nice to be in charge like that again. But, I guess I'm not that guy anymore."
Adria: "You're right. You're not who you used to be. As you may be aware, I been observing you and your friends. And it's clear, because of the Princess, you've become much more than just a swashbuckler. You're also a friend. You bring laughter and warmth. You're the fish skin that holds this group together."
Eugene: "Hold up. Did you just say...?"
Adria: "It's a compound for making glue. I use it to repair the soles of these boots."
Eugene: "So 'fish skin' is a compliment?"
Adria: "Sure."

Princess Rapunzel: "I've never been so happy to see those black rocks."

Princess Rapunzel: "Uh, Eugene, is that the sunset in front of us? We're supposed to be heading east."


Princess Rapunzel: Look, Cass, I know we have to get to...wherever these rocks are leading us. But aren't you afraid that if you focus too much on the road ahead you might miss the fun at your feet?
Cassandra: Don't worry about me, Raps. If I want fun, I know where to find it.

Shorty: Take a hike? Fine. I know when I'm not wanted.

Rapunzel: Who knows what we might find with a little exploring?
Cassandra: I don't know.
Rapunzel: Or we could just stay out there.
Cassandra: Explore it is.

Rapunzel: I know this is weird.
Cassandra: Having seventy feet of magical hair is weird. This? This is full-blown wacko.
Rapunzel: Yes, it's wacko. But when are we every gonna get this chance? And Cass, we can fly.
Cassandra (sighs): I am so gonna regret this.

Rapunzel: Cass, I should have listened to you. I just wanted to show you-
Cassandra: How do to "seize the moment"? Here's where the moment got us! I know you take a lot of pride in your irrepressible carefree spirit. It's what makes you you. But did you ever stop to think that maybe that attitude can be a bit selfish sometimes!?
Rapunzel: I'm sorry.
Cassandra: This trail of black rocks is your destiny, but I dropped everything to make sure you get to the end of it! I'm taking this seriously!! Why aren't you!?
Rapunzel: Because I'm scared. You're right, Cass. These rocks are my destiny and that's terrifying. What if they lead to...somewhere I'm never supposed to come back from?

Cassandra: Raps!
Rapunzel: Huh. Am I the only one craving worms?

Cassandra: Raps, what you said before about being afraid. I want you to know that it's okay. I'd be afraid, too. But I want you to remember that whatever you have to face at the end of this road, you're not going to face it alone.

Vigor the VisionaryEdit

Princess Rapunzel: I am so excited to see what you have planned for our date.
Eugene: Don't you worry, Your Royal Blondness, Eugene's got it covered. I've entrusted Max here to lead us to the most ingenious, the most romantic spot around. You'll see. I'm talkin' dinner for two, the stars twinkling above- the works. Now I'm not saying it'll top our crown-stealing, lantern-watching first date. But...I kinda am.

Eugene: An apple tree? Seriously? That's the best you got? Should have asked the frog to come along. Even he could come up with something better than this.
Princess Rapunzel: It's okay, Eugene. Landing a date is hard when you're in the middle of nowhere. We can just play it by ear.

Princess Rapunzel: Did you hear that?
Eugene: You mean those out-of-place mystical chimes in the middle of the forest? Yeah.

Princess Rapunzel: "We have seen some pretty unusual things, Eugene. Why are you being so cynical?
Eugene: "Cynical? Blondie, I believe in a lot of things. You know I do: Life-saving hair- believe it! Magical rocks, sword-carrying horses."

Keeper of the SpireEdit

Eugene: "They been at it for hours. What could they be talking about?"
Casandra: "I'm trying to eavesdrop."
Lance: "You know I can read lips, right? Follow your dust knee."

Princess Rapunzel: "Follow my destiny? How is this supposed to tell my destiny if I can't read it?"
Adira: "Find the next scroll piece at the Spire, and the Keeper will lead you to it."

Calliope: "We made it! Oh, right. I lied to you. Now, I can explain."
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah, I'm sure you can, in twelve languages, no doubt!! Listen, I don't know who you are, but I trusted you!! And I had to endure your condescension and insults, and I went against my better judgement all because you said you were the Keeper of the Spire!!"
Calliope: "It's Spire. Sorry."
Princess Rapunzel: "Who are you!?"
Calliope: "I'm the Keeper's assistant or, at least, I used to be. Before that, I was an incredibly talented street magician. I would perform my tricks in front of hundreds of people. Not really. It wasn't always appreciated. Then, one day the Keeper, the real Keeper, came up to me and asked me to be his apprentice. I had purpose and I didn't want to mess it up. I wanted to learn everything there I could about the Spire. I had to! It was going well or, at least, I thought it was. But a few months ago, the Keeper just disappeared and once again, I had no purpose. That is until you came along. Seeing you with such a clear purpose inspired me. Maybe I could be the Keeper, maybe I could help you to that scroll."
Princess Rapunzel: "Why didn't just tell us you weren't the Keeper?"
Calliope: "Would have accepted help from an apprentice? Especially if you knew she had been abandoned by her own master?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I don't know, but we probably wouldn't be up this tree right now."
Calliope: "That's actually a really good point."
Princess Rapunzel: "Calliope, I still need that scroll piece."
Calliope: "And there's still one key I haven't tried!"

Princess Rapunzel: "The third scroll piece. And you got us here. You did it!"
The Keeper: "And I couldn't be more proud."
Calliope: "Keeper!"
The Keeper: "Calliope, you are now the Keeper of the Spire. You passed my test. Congratulations!"
Calliope: "What? I don't understand."
The Keeper: "I'm sorry for leaving you, but I had to remind you why I choose you in the first place."
Calliope: "Why did you chose me?"
The Keeper: "Your perseverance. This is the skill the Keeper of such great artifacts must call upon in the face of adversity. And you did it. Not only with the Ker-lock but you performed in front of a, uh, repressively different crowd."
Calliope: "Their minds were too blown to clap.That's all."
The Keeper: "You persevered, Calliope."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wait! There had to be an easier way to teach her that lessen! That beast thing almost killed us!"
The Keeper: "The Kerlock is actually a loyal pet, as you'll see when you train your own. Please keep him away from the furniture."

Princess Rapunzel: "We went through a lot of trouble for this."
Lance: "It better be one fancy scroll piece. That's all I'm saying."
Princess Rapunzel: "Let's see what we got."
Eugene: "A guy in a hood? All this for a guy in a hood?"
Cassandra: "Who do you think he is?"
Princess Rapunzel: I not sure, but I have a feeling we're going to find out."

King PascalEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Pascal, is there anything better than the sun on your face, and the wind blowing through your hair? Well, blowing through your scales?"
Eugene: "You know, I gotta admit: When I saw the black rock trail was leading us across the water, I had my doubts about converting the caravan into a boat. And, as it turns out, those doubts were not completely unfounded."
Cassandra: "Storm!!"
Lance: "Don't worry. By my calculations, we should just miss it."

There's Something About Hook FootEdit

Eugene: "She's a..."
Princess Rapunzel: "Serafina's a mermaid?"
Hook Foot: "So? You're a woman with seventy feet of hair."
Serafina: "And you don't see me staring."
Princess Rapunzel: "Got me there."
Serafina: "Lookin' forward to our date, Honey. See ya tonight."

Eugene: "You think at some point, you'd mention that she's half fish!"
Hook Foot: "I don't care if she's half fish! She's got a heart and I got a heart. And in my heart, it burns; sometimes 'cuase I eat too fast. Also it burns with loneliness. Serafina is the only person I know who can put out my burns and warm it up at the same time."
Princess Rapunzel: "How romantic."

Male Sea Urchin: "You are under arrest for abiding Serafina, wanted thief of the deep."
Princess Rapunzel: "Thief!?

Eugene: "Sorry about the way things turned out."
Hook Foot: "Sometimes you gotta the one you love swim away. Mermaid tears."
Eugene: "You were right: Love does have a way of happening."
Princess Rapunzel: "And love does have a way of finding itself."
So when you find that special someone, treasure every moment.

Happiness Is...Edit

Princes Rapunzel: "Pascal, this lantern is decorated with my father's crest. It's from my dad."
My Dearest Rapunzel,
It's been seven years since I last held you in my arms
In that seven years, not a moment passes that I don't think of you
About how I would give anything to hold you just one more time
Though I still imagine you as the baby we lost
I know, wherever you are, you've grown
But no matter how long you are away or how far you go
Know that Corona will always be your home
Princess Rapunzel: Oh, Dad. I miss them, Pascal."

Cassandra: "I had no idea Lance was graceful."
Eugene: Wait for it."
Lance: "Anyone smell burning?"

Princess Rapunzel: "These lanterns, all the celebrating- they remind me of home. I guess I was so excited to see the world, I never really thought about how much I'd miss everyone."
Eugene: "You're just a little homesick but tomorrow, you'll be just fine."

King Fredric (in a hallucination): "Rapunzel, if you destroy the idol, you will never be happy again!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Happiness doesn't come a thing!! It comes from inside my heart!!
Eugene: "How are you feeling?"
Princess Rapunzel: Homesick. But I think I have a way to deal with it.
Princess Rapunzel's Voice:(In a letter to her parents)
I'm still sad to be so far away from home
And there's nothing wrong with that
I can be independent and see the world and still miss home
That's just part of life
Nobody can be happy all the time
And if I'm sad, it's a reminder that I love my family
When I miss you the most, I have my friends to lean on
Until I see you again, you are always in my heart
Love, Rapunzel

Peril on the High SeasEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Captain, we have to find that barge."
Sea Captain: "I told you! I got a schedule to keep."
Princess Rapunzel: "We can do this the Rapunzel way or the Pascal way."

Princess Rapunzel: Avast ye, Mate-ys!!"
Cassandra: "Avast ye Mate-ys?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I was in the moment. Fire!!"

Eugene: "Man, do I love that girl."
1st Sabbington Brother: "Going somewhere, Eugene?"

Princess Rapunzel: "Hope you're not picky, 'cuase there's only one thing on the menu! (whispers to the Captain) We'll pay you back, I promise. There's more where that came from!! Fire!!"
Lady Cain: "Oh, come on. Even you can do better than that, Princess."
Princess Rapunzel: "I plan to. Lance, Foot, now!!"
Lady Cain: "What are you gonna do now?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, I'm not doing anything. He is. "

Stabbington Brother: "Your friends are gonna make us angry."
Eugene: "A couple of sunny guys like you? Come on."
Stabbington Brother: "Take 'em down!!"

Lady Cain: "Who'd expect that, one day, I'd be free and you be the prisoner."
Princess Rapunzel: "That is pretty funny, although here's the thing: You may have the sword, but I got your feet."
Lady Cain: "Huh?"

Princess Rapunzel: "I gotta say, that was not how I expected this trip to go."
Eugene: "Hey, Foot, stay off the railings."
Hook Foot: Or what?"
Eugene: "Or else that. Rules are made for a reason. Isn't that right, Buddy?"


Eugene: "There's no such thing as curses."
Princess Rapunzel: "You know what? I agree. It's absurd. I don't believe in bad luck curses, Hook Foot. The world is full of things you can't explain."
Eugene: "She's right. Where does the wind come from? Why are monkeys so creepy? Why is 'Peggy' short for 'Margaret'? Who knows, really? But, just because you can't explain it, doesn't mean that it's sorcery."
Princess Rapunzel: "Precisely. Now, let's get back to camp and have a nice warm dinner before we..."

Eugene: "I get why you think you're cursed, Blondie, I do. When strange things happen to us, we want to believe it's for a reason. But remember what you said about making your own luck? The best way to predict the future is to create your own."
Princess Rapunzel: "Maybe you're right. Eugene, look! The river receded!We can cross it in the morning!"
Eugene: "See? Bad luck, sh-mad luck."
Princess Rapunzel: "I guess I was being kind of silly."
Eugene: "Yeah, well, I didn't wanna say it, but silly's the right word."

Eugene: "Rapunzel, look at me. Think about it- Bad things only started to happen once you thought you were cursed, and good things started to happen once you thought you found the counter curse. Look, someone once told me that they don't believe in bad luck curses. "
Princess Rapunzel: "And someone once told me that the best way to predict the future is to create your own."
Eugene: "Did I say that? Wow. That is very poetic. I didn't-"
Princess Rapunzel: "My luck is no worse or no better than anyone else's. What matters is what I choose to focus on. And I'm choosing the fact that we've almost made it across this bridge without a scrape. And there's no reason to stop now."
Lance: "That's right, Princess! Show that bridge whose boss!"
Cassandra: "You got this, Raps! Tap into that optimism!"
Shorty: "Ain't that the tooth?"
Lance: "Good one, Shorty."
Princess Rapunzel: "Okay, guys. Drop your heads and engage your hawks."
Eugene: "Yes! That's the Raps I know!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Just two more towers to go."
Cassandra: "We're gonna need a lot of momentum to make it across both of them to get to the other side."
Princess Rapunzel: "Then let's make a run for it."

The Eye of PincostaEdit

Stalyan: "Wow. Didn't think Princess Sunshine could find me in a place as shady as this."
Princess Rapunzel: "Well, maybe you're not the judge of character you thought you were."
Stalyan: "Let me guess: Rider's in trouble and you want my help to save him."
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah. I need to find the Eye of Pincosta, and you two stole it together."
Stalyan: "We stole a lot of things together. Yeah, I know where it is. But why would I help you?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Because I'm charming? Worth a shot. I think you'll help because you still care about Eugene. And there's good in everybody."
Stalyan: "Ha! And you are a terrible judge of character. I want nothing to do with Rider. And doing the right thing never had been a priority of mine."
Princess Rapunzel: "I'll pay you.This unlocks a trunk back in our caravan, a trunk full of gold. Not to mention, the darts you and that guy were playing with-Gosh! His are a lot heavier than yours for some reason. It's almost like you cheated."
Stalyan: "Heh. Guess we got jewel to find."

Stalyan: "You have so much to learn about the world, Princess."
Princess Rapunzel: "Just because I want to see the best in people, doesn't make me naive."
Stalyan: "Yeah, about that."
Princess Rapunzel: "What!?"
Stalyan: "Sorry, Frog."
Princess Rapunzel: "You're going to free Eugene and try to win him back, aren't you?"
Stalyan: "A thief belongs with a thief. Told you, you are a bad judge of character, Princess."

(Stalyan reading Rapunzel's note)
If you are reading this note
It means you probably betrayed me
But remember, there is good in everybody. Even you
And I hope you will make the right decision in the end

Stalyan: "You know, now I know why he went for you."
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene?"
Stalyan: "I looked at him and I saw a thief. You looked at him and saw a good person, which made him want to be a good person. And it worked on me, too.Tell Eugene, I said hi."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wait. You're not going to come and get your payment?"

Eugene: "I'm sorry you had to deal with Stalyan."
Princess Rapunzel: "She's not half bad. She didn't even take the payment I offered. Where's my key?"
Hook Foot: "We been robbed!"
Stalyan's Voice (in a note to Princess Rapunzel):
You guys are a really good match
And I'm not gonna say
That's easy for me to deal with
But the gold will help

Rapunzel and the Great TreeEdit

(Twenty-Five Years Ago, in the dark kingdom)
Qirian: "The Stone and its destructive power must be kept secret from the world. It is the Brotherhood's duty to keep that secret. It is King Edmund's dying wish."
Adria: "There is another way. If we could go out and find the Sundrop, we may-"
Hector: "Enough! The Sundrop is a myth, Sister."
Adria: "It's real, Hector, and its power could neutralize the Moonstone."
Hector: "Go, go, chase empty legends like a fool. But just know: If you come back, you ain't my fellow brethren. You're a traitor. Sundrop or not, I'll end you."

Cassandra (not thrilled): "Adira."
Adria: "I see you gotten yourselves into another situation from which I must recuse you."
(Sees her battling Hector in the caravan)
Lance: "Adria! Yo, how's my hair?"
Hector: "You can't protect them, Adria!"
Cassandra: "You know this guy?"
Princess Rapunzel: "What does he want!?"
Hector: "None shall enter the Dark Kingdom!!"

Eugene: "Two years ago, I'd call fighting jackle monsters from the back of a speeding carriage while a rinoaosuarus chases the woman I love absolutely bonkers. Now I call a Tuesday."
Cassandra: "Time to get some answers."
Lance (to Adria): "You probably didn't hear me, but I'm the one who told the Princess to run the caravan off the cliff. So really I saved us.Don't feel like you have to thank me. You can if you want."
Princess Rapunzel: "Adria, wait! Who was that man that attacked us?"
Cassandra: "And don't give us any of your cryptic runaround talk."
Adria: "His name is Hector, and I don't think I appreciate your tone."
Cassandra (sarcastically): "Oh! I'm sorry I gave you the impression I care about the things you appreciate!"
Princess Rapunzel: "All, right, all right! Who is Hector?"
Adria: "He's a member of the Brotherhood, a group of warriors sworn to keep any and all away from the Dark Kingdom."
Princess Rapunzel: "Dark Kingdom? That's where we're headed."
Cassandra: "How many are in this Brotherhood?"
Adria: "Not many. But you've encountered one before today- Qirian, father of Varian. But none of the Brothers' is as dangerous or sadistic as Hector. And this is his domain: The Great Tree. He's sworn to stay here to ensure no one crosses these mountains."
Cassandra: "And how do you know so much about all this?"
Adria: "Lets just say, some of us in the Brotherhood disagree on a couple of things."

Princess Rapunzel: "Okay, we should circle back and-"
Hook Foot: "What does it mean?"
Adria: "No one knows for sure, but many have perished trying to unravel its history."
Cassandra: "Well, some have translated some of it."
Princess Rapunzel (reads from the scroll):
Flower gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Princess Rapunzel: "It's the healing incantation for the Sundrop. This must be where it came from!"

Princess Rapunzel: "I don't believe it! "
Hook Foot: "What? What is it?"
Princess Rapunzel: "It's another incantation!"
Cassandra: "Another Sundrop incantation?"
Princess Rapunzel: "No, not the Sundrop. The Moonstone."
Cassandra: "The Sundrop's power was to heal. What's the Moonstone's?"
Princess Rapunzel (reading from the scroll):
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
The spirit free
Cassandra: "Uh, Raps?"
Hook Foot: "Princess!!"
Cassandra: "Okay, Raps, you can stop now. Rapunzel!!"
Princess Rapunzel (sings the destructive Moonstone incantation):
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
The spirit free

(Princess Rapunzel continues to recite the Moonstone incantation)
Cassandra: "Raps, stop! Please."
Adria: "AGH!!"
Cassandra: "Rapunzel!! Raps!? No, no, no! Please!"
Princess Rapunzel: "That was unexpected."
Cassandra: "You're okay. I'm sorry, Raps. I'm supposed to protect you."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's OK, Cass. Thank you, Adria."

Adria: "I suggest we camp out here for the night."
Cassandra: "No way! We are getting out of this Tree as soon as possible!"
Adria: "I'm not sure that's your call, Kid."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, we could use the rest."
Cassandra: "Rapunzel, this place almost got us killed an hour ago!"
Adria: "And thankfully I was there to prevent it."
Cassandra: "You stay out of this, Adria!!"
Adria: "I think you should calm down."
Cassandra: "You know what I think? I think you're playing us. I think, you led us here on purpose and for some sick reason, you wanted Rapunzel to find that incantation and read it!!"
Princes Rapunzel: "Come on, Cass. Listen to yourself."
Cassandra: "Rapunzel, I'm telling you: We need to get out of this tree, but more importantly, we need to lose Adria before she gets us all killed!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I can't do that, Cass."
Cassandra: "What do you mean you can't do that? Of course you can! Are you that obliviously naive that you can't see-"
Princess Rapunzel: "Enough, Cassandra!! No one is getting rid of anyone!! Is that clear!!?
Cassandra: "Yes, Your Highness. I'll keep first watch."

Hector: "You guys couldn't take a hint. Now I gotta finish-"
Adria: "Let her go, Hector!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Adria!"
Hector: "And just so we won't be interrupted. Now then. It's sad to see the once mighty Adria waste her life on a fool's brig!!"
Adria: "Talk about wasting lives! You and the Brothers' spent yours hiding something no one was even looking for!!"
Hector: "The Moonstone has the power to destroy the world! Keeping its existence secret was the King's wish, and to do anything otherwise is treason!!"
Adria: "I've seen the Sundrop's power firsthand, Hector! And so will you when we return to the Dark Kingdom."
Hector: "That'll never happen!! I'm sorry it came to this, Sister. And now for the so-called Sundrop."

Cassandra: "Leave her alone!"
Hector: "Brave child. Stupid but brave."
Cassandra: "You want the Sundrop? You gotta go through me first!!"
Hector: "'Kay. You wanna try that again? C'mon. Tell me, lady-in-waiting? What are you waiting for?"
Cassandra: "Funny you should ask."

Cassandra: "Raps, wait! You can't do that incantation again!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I don't have a choice, Cass."
Cassandra: "Please, Raps! That spear can kill it! Let me try and grab it! Trust me!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene!! I have to do this."
Cassandra: "NO!!"
Princess Rapunzel (chants the dark Moonstone spell, causing her hair and eyes to turn back once again):
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
Eugene (weakly) : "Rapunzel!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Lance, go!!"
Lance: "But, Princess!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "NOW!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "I got this, Cass! GO!!"
Adria: "You heard her!! Let's go!!"
Cassandra: "No!! I'm not leaving her!! Raps, let go!!"
Princess Rapunzel (continues chanting the dark Moondrop spell):
Break these earthly chains
And the set the spirit free
Cassandra: "What are you waiting for!!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I- I can't! I can't control it!! Cass, no!!"
Cassandra: "I could've stopped it. You should have let me try."
Hector: "Listen! Your friend is right! Adria's lying to you! She may have you think she's helping you to find your destiny!! But if you go to the Dark Kingdom, you're doomed!!"
Adria: "Rapunzel, stay on the path. All of our destines lie within you."
Princess Rapunzel: "ADIRA!!"

Eugene: "So what now?"
Cassandra: "It's your call, Raps."
Princess Rapunzel: "This path has been laid out for me. There is no turning back. I am going to the Dark Kingdom."

The Brothers HookEdit

Cassandra: "That's our last apple!"
Eugene: "If it's our last apple, why are you using it for target practice?"
Cassandra: "I use these breaks to stay sharp."

Princess Rapunzel: "Great news, everybody! We are going to see Hook Hand in concert! Not only will seeing real life entertainment give us a chance to unwind, and get our mind off the road! And each other. It will be a Hook brothers' reunion!"
Hook Foot (not enthusiastic): "Wow. Thanks, Princess. Seeing my big bro preform sounds delightful. Oh, crackers. This concert's tomorrow and it's all the way in West Dismal. That's at least three days on foot. We'll never make it in time. Oh, well. What's for dinner?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Don't worry, Foot. I already have it figured out. We have plenty of time. All we have to do is leave now, not stop to eat or drink, and walk twice as fast as we normally do. Oh, and no seats."
Everyone: "Aw."
Princess Rapunzel: "Come on, guys! We have a show to catch."

Princess Rapunzel: "That was incredible!"
Eugene: "I mean you only got to hear two notes."
Princess Rapunzel: "And they were incredible! Hook Foot, you must be so proud of your brother.Foot? Are you OK?"
Hook Foot: "OK? Yeah, I'm better than OK. I'm thrilled!! Just, uh, tired from all the walking. I got a...walk leg."

Hook Hand: "Alright, who's knocking!!? Hey, Rapunzel!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Hook Hand!"
Hook Hand: "I can't believe you came all this way, just to see my show."
Princess Rapunzel: "Of course! We wouldn't miss it!"
Eugene: "Hey, Hookie. I gotta admit, I kind of miss seeing you around Corona."
Hook Hand: "Oh yeah? How about a shin?"
Eugene: "Oh! I forgot. That's right. You hate me, and you have a really sharp hook hand.So I'll just wait from over here."
Hook Hand: "Wait a sec. Razzle Dazzle? Is that you?"
Eugene and Lance: "Razzle Dazzle?"
Hook Hand: "Bring it in, Little Bro!"
Hook Foot: "You know it still hurts when you use the hook."
Hook Hand: "You still dazzling everybody with that silly dancing?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Whoa, hold on a second! Dancing? Hook Foot, you're a dancer?"
Hook Foot: "No."
Hook Hand: "Yeah right. Dancing was this guy's dream. You believe that?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Seriously? How did I not know this!?"
Hook Foot: "All right! Actually dancing was my dream, but not anymore."
Hook Hand: "Well, probably for the best, right? Now, who wants a tour of my new gig?"

Princess Rapunzel: "Hook Foot, you coming?"
Hook Foot: "Why!? So I can I can listen to the jerk who crushed my dreams brag about how he's living his!!? Sorry, Princess. It's just, when I was a kid, dancing was my everything. It was my dream! But not everyone was happy to let me have that dream. Then I find out he had a fancy dream of his own. And when I asked him if I could join him, he just laughed in my face. That's when I gave it all up."
Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, Hook Foot. That sounds awful."
Hook Foot: "It's ancient history, I guess. This little visit is over and the Brothers Hook can go our separate ways yet again."
(Door suddenly opens)
Hook Hand: "Got some good news for ya. Turns out, we're headed in the same direction. You guys are riding with me!"

Princess Rapunzel: "I have had it with bullies!!"
Eugene: "Blondie, I know you're upset, butt this is a dispute between Hook and his employer. And you're already going off the interfere. That's nice."

Princess Rapunzel: "King Trevor, I don't believe we've met."
King Trevor: "Who do we have here? Let's see. Impossibly long golden locks, a green-shouldered slug. Princess Rapunzel, I presume? Oh and your felonious boyfriend! You're still wanted in Equis, you know! But I shall spare your necked noose. For it was your thievery what led Trevor Jr. to the flippers of his true love: Lucy."
Princess Rapunzel: "Those two seals are getting married? This is a seal wedding? Most adorable thing ever!! This is not over! Congrats, you two."
King Trevor: "Listen well, Buffoon. This is the most important performance of your measly career. Do you understand me? When the ceremony is ended, I will gift the happy couple with a dance, representing the glory of their love. For as you know, I am regarded as world-class dancer. So if one foul note finds its way into my Trevor Jr.'s ear flaps, it is back to the Stinky Weasel with you. Is that that clear? Not one foul note!!"

Hook Foot: "Not one foul note, huh?"
Clown: "Revenge."

Princess Rapunzel: "Recognize this?"
Hook Hand: "That old thing? It's what I wore when I was a nobody."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's your old hook, and you wore when all you had was a dream. Of all people, you should know what it feels like to hide your dream. Why would you do that to somebody else?"
Hook Hand: " 'Cuase dancin' is dumb."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wrong an- Pascal. Wrong answer, Bub!! Just because you're bigger than someone, it doesn't mean you should look down on them. You should support your brother. If it weren't for us supporting your dream, you'd still be wearing this."

Princess Rapunzel: "It was so great getting to see you again, Hook Hand."
Hook Hand: "You, too, Princess. Thanks for everything."
Hook Foot: "I'm really gonna miss you, Big Bro."
Hook Hand: "Well, I ain't gonna miss you. I mean, how I am gonna miss you if you're on the road with...me?"
Hook Foot: "Really!? You mean it? But, my friends. I have to leave them."
Princess Rapunzel: "Hook Foot, we love having you with us. Butt his your chance to follow your own destiny. Go. Live your dream."
Hook Foot: "Thank you. I don't think I've ever been more happy."
Eugene: "Okay! I thought this moment brought on an emotional hug. My bad."
Lance: "Gonna miss that guy."
Cassandra: "Me, too. Maybe."
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah. Underneath their rough exterior, the Hook Brothers are really sweet and thoughtful guys. Except for the fact that they left us in the middle of nowhere without transportation. No groaning, people! We got a destiny to discover. Now move out!"

Rapunzel: Day OneEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "It's just, I've never walked on grass before."
Cassandra: "I'm sure you'll do great. Come on, we- "
Princess Rapunzel: "There's no lava round here, right?"
Cassandra: "No, you're good. Lava free. Now come on, let's keep moving. Rapunzel!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "It's so cute! Look at this! Oh my gosh, look at this one!"
Cassandra: "Whoa! Poison ivy."
Princess Rapunzel: "This is so fun!! Woo hoo! Best. Day. Ever!! What's that?"
Cassandra: "It's a cook book. I'm making soup. A really super special soup."
Princess Rapunzel: "I love soup, too! Mother always makes it for my birthday! Oh, we need to get you the special spice Mother uses called min! It has this bright blue flower and it's so good."
Cassandra: "No, no, no. That'd be to much trouble. I don't want my soup to hold you up from going back to your tower. You do wanna go back as soon as possible, right?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Of course I do."

Eugene: "Look, Sunshine, Pascal is with us, he's actually looking for you."
Princess Rapunzel: "You're lying!! Mother said everyone is a thief and a liar and she was right!!"

Cassandra: "All right! You're right, Rapunzel! I did lie. I did use magic on you and this potion can bring back your memories!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Memories?"
Cassandra: "I erased some of your memories! I didn't mean to!! Look, I'm not big on talking about feelings. And I didn't wanna tell you how mad I really was about what happened at the Tree, so I kept it all in until I lost my temper."
Princess Rapunzel: "How do I know you're not just lying again?"
Cassandra: "Friends just have a way of knowing."

Cassandra: "And I could have beaten the Tree without the decay spell if you had just trusted me! So that's why I'm still angry Rapunzel. But still, I never should have even touched that wand."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's okay, Cass. I get it."
Cassandra: "But, Raps, I won't always be mad at you. I'll get over it. It's what friends do."

Mirror, MirrorEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Well, it's official- We are stuck."
Cassandra: "Guess we'll have to wait out the storm in here."
Princess Rapunzel: "Or maybe not."
Cassandra: "Raps, I know what you're thinking, but that place creeps me out."
Eugene: "Hang on! I wanna have a look."
Cassandra: "Ugh, could you be more annoying!?"
Eugene: "Hmm, let me see."
Cassandra: Ow!!"
Eugene: "Ah ha! Would you look at that? I can be."
Cassandra: "Look, Raps, I can see where this is going."

Cassandra: "Something's not right."
Princess Rapunzel: "What do you mean?"
Cassandra: "I mean why is this huge place just sitting here in the middle of nowhere? And that guy or innkeeper or whatever he is just takes us in, offers us food, and a place to stay for the night without even asking for a single coin?"

Cassandra: "I'm telling you, it just doesn't make sense."
Princess Rapunzel: "Look, Cass, I know this is weird. But you gotta admit, this isn't the weirdest thing we've seen on the road."
Eugene: "What are you two waiting for? Dinner's ready."
Cassandra: "Fine."

Princess Rapunzel: "What are you!?
Mirror Eugene: "Rapunzel, don't run from us."
Mirror Cassandra: "It's so much better this way."
Mirror Lance: "No annoying qualities."
Mirror Shorty: "No bickering."
Mirror Reflections: "We share the same mind. It's bliss."
Princess Rapunzel: "Pascal, run!!"

Mirror Eugene: "With no left to oppose us, we will remain free forever."
Mirror Cassandra: "What of the lizard?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Leave the lizard to me."

Eugene: "You are not Rapunzel!!"
Lance: "Yeah, what are you!!?"
Mirror Rapunzel: "I could tell you, but it would probably be better to show you!!" (changes her hands to claws, and cracks her neck)
Lance: "Exactly how is showing us better than telling us?"

Eugene: "I'd never though I'd see a mirror I didn't want to see."
Cassandra: "Is it too late to trade him for the evil version?"

Eugene: "Well, I don't know about all of you, but I'd take my night in that rainy caravan over one in this inn any day."
Cassandra: "I'm with you, Fitzherbert. Let's go!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Let's get out of here!!"
Matthews: "Must you leave so soon? Oh, did you see the people in the mirror? Should have warned you about them. Oh, well, live and learn or just live. The good news is, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like. You might even grow to enjoy it."
Princess Rapunzel: "Enjoy it? Uh, no thank you. We'll take our chances...in the rain."
Cassandra: "I'll take first watch?"

Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, eight. Quill. Sorry."
Cassandra: "Actually, go ahead.What's a little scratching noise among friends?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Thanks. But I can write about the mirror later. Something tells me, I will remember it."

You're Kidding Me!Edit

Princess Rapunzel: "Good Morning, Pascal. You know, aside from the fact we were replaced my evil doppelgangers last night, the House of Yesterday's Tomorrows offers a pretty good night's sleep."
Eugene: "Well, it's certainly the coziest seashell-shaped inn I ever slept in."
Shorty: "I stayed in a cozier one. No wait, that was a cozy seashell shaped like an inn. I'm starved."
Princess Rapunzel: "Uh, wait a minute! The door!"
Cassandra: "It was right here yesterday."
Lance: "Everyone relax. There's a solution to every problem. It's no use!! We're trapped!! It's all over!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Come on, guys! There's gotta be another way out of here. Except in this case. Cass!!"
Cassandra: "That's not an exit."
Eugene: "Dog kennel! And why not, right?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Well, at least we get to cross that door of the list."
Shorty: "Hey, I found a way out."

Cassandra: "Now come on. Enough messing around. We gotta find an exit. (sees a spinning top) No way! I used to have a top just like this! I loved this thing!"
Lance: 'Uh, Cassandra? You like tops?
Cassandra: "Got a problem with that?"
Lance: "No, by all means. It's a bit weird."
Cassandra: "Whoa, look at it go!"
Shorty: "Does this seem weird to anybody else?"

Eugene: "Still no way out? And it's gonna take us forever to check this whole place.
Princess Rapunzel: "Well, I guess we'll have to stay here another night.Today was really tough. But, you know, even though we didn't always agree on everything, I think our different approaches ended being complimentary in a weird way."
Eugene: "Blondie, I completely agree. And if we ever do decide to have kids, a assertiveness compassion."
Princess Rapunzel: "And a whole lot of love. Let's get out of here."

Matthews: "The mirror failed, the top failed. But I promise you, Master: I will keep the Sundrop in this house...forever."


Matthews: "Magnifique! The power of the Sundrop is nearly in Zhan Tiri's grasp."
Lance: "How did we not see this bad guy coming? We're usually pretty good at this sort of thing."
Eugene: "Wait until I'm free!!"
Matthews: "That's just it, mon amie. You never shall be free. And in a few moments, nor shall she!"

Matthews: "Time's almost up. I will start getting nervous. "
Eugene: "Rapunzel, please wake up!! Rapunzel!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Other me! I could really use your help right now! Where am I when I need me?"
Dream Rapunzel: "Hi. Need a little help to wrap this up?"
Princess Rapunzel: "If you wouldn't mind?"
Dream Rapunzel: "I like how polite you are. Dream-fighting is easy."

Mother Gothel: "Hello, Rapunzel. Oh, I've missed you, my precious flower. When will you realize I will always get the better of you? Whether you're trapped in a tower (whispers) or trapped in your own mind."
Princess Rapunzel: "My own mind. You're right! This is my mind! I'm in control."
Mother Gothel: "How many times must you hear before you understand that Mother knows-" (Rapunzel cuts her off by knocking her out with her signature frying pan
Princess Rapunzel: "I have always wanted to do that."
Mother Gothel: "I have had..." (transforms into Matthews)
Matthews: "ENOUGH!! You will not escape my control!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "You have no power over me here!! You thought by dangling an easy life in front of me, I would follow you into oblivion. Well, you were wrong!! (teleports them both to the black rocks)) I am a lot tougher than you think. From now on, the only thing that I follow is my destiny!!" (touches a black rock, turning her hair yellow again and escaping from the dream)
Matthews: "NOOO!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Max, Fidella! It's so good to see you two! Has anyone seen Cass?"
Lance: "Wait a second."
Eugene: "Get ready, guys! There's no telling what kind of souped-up human monster might come through that door. It's even worse than I thought."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, thank goodness your okay! Where were you?"
Cassandra: "I'm fine. Let's get moving, huh?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Time to hit the road. Destiny calls."

Lost and FoundEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Just another day's travel and we are at the Dark Kingdom. Hope we packed our touches! Because the kingdom is dark. Is where I was going with that. Are you okay, Eugene? You seem distracted."
Eugene: "Huh? Oh! Uh...I didn't wanna make light of it? Now that we're so close to the Dark Kingdom, it all feels more real, you know? I mean, crazy Rhino Man said if we went there we're doomed, and we have no idea what we're in for. The only clue that's waiting for us is on three stupid pieces of a torn scroll that we can't even read!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I know it's scary, Eugene, but we cannot turn back now. Besides, you and I have other plans. Or at least, we should have other plans. Birthday plans."
Eugene: "Oh, my gosh! I forgot your birthday."
Princess Rapunzel: "How could you forget, Eugene!?"
Eugene: "Sorry! I'm pretty sure that firefly scorched my date book."

Eugene: "The Path of Demanitus."
Princess Rapunzel: "Demanitus was that engineer-inventor guy who built that thing that stopped the blizzard in Corona."
Eugene: "Whoa, hello. Vigor? Monkey? Wanna banana? Vigor? It's a...a..."
Princess Rapunzel: "Amazing! This is great! I've always wanted to go through a giant maze."
Eugene: "I'm happy for you, I am. But look at that! It would've been nice if Demanitus left us a- I don't know- map or something!"
Vigor (deep male voice): "You require no map. For I am Demanitus!"

Princess Rapunzel: "If this guy really is Demanitus, it is a huge honor."
Eugene: "If this guy is Demantius. How do we know he's not another one of Zhan Tiri's cronies?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I hear you, I hear you. Cautious optimism. Emphasize on the caution."

Princess Rapunzel (reads the inscription):
Remove a piece
And I increase
Eugene: "Wait!"
Princess Rapunzel: "The fourth piece of the scroll! We did it!"
Eugene (reading on the plaque):
Before thou claim thy glory
Have faith the crystal bridge
Shall lead to thy quarry
Use the key to unlock
After thy faithful walk
Eugene: "It's really not your best work."
Vigor: "Yes, but look. A mon...key!"
Eugene: "Now denied!"
Vigor: "Here!"
Eugene: "Why did you do just that!?"
'Vigor: "You were supposed to catch it!"
Eugene: "I wasn't ready! You gotta warn me!!"
Vigor: "I said 'here!'"
Eugene: "That is not-"
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene, you can pick the lock."
Eugene: "Fine. Rapunzel, bobby pin me."

Lord Demanitus: "I'm running out of time. Listen. One must unite the Sundrop and Moonstone to summon the ultimate power. The fourth piece of the scroll contains instructions to wield that power."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wield the power?"
Lord Demanitus: "In the right hands it can be used for good. In the wrong hands, it could be inconceivably deadly. Now you know why I tested your faith: To ensure that the purest of hearts controls the power."
Eugene: "Then what if we just leave the Moonstone alone, right?"
Lord Demanitus: "If the Sundrop does not join with the Moonstone, the black rocks will awaken and seek you out forever.It will destroy everything in your path!"
Eugene: "Ooh, yes. Let's not do that. I have a question: How do we get out of this miserable labyrinth!!?"
Lord Demanitus: "The Moon cannot be seen without the sun's light. She gives you light. Now you must return the favor with your faith."
Eugene: "Demanitus, I don't think I have it."
Lord Demanitus: "It's not that you need to have faith. It's that you need to find the faith you already have!"

Eugene: "I do have faith. I have faith in Rapunzel."
Lord Demantius: "No! Oh no!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Please stay, Demanitus! I have so many questions! How does my hair work!!? What does the Moonstone do!!?"
Lord Demanitus: "Questions you must answer yourself. I waited millennium in this monkey to meet the Sundrop. I have faith in you."

Princess Rapunzel: "And then Vigor says, 'For I am Demantius.' Now this is a monkey talking, by the way. He took us to a giant maze. Pascal, do the face again!!"
(Eugene reads the impending warning left for him)
Lord Demanitus' Voice
At the end of Rapunzel's journey
One of her party shall turn against her

Destines CollideEdit

(Twenty-Five Years Ago)
King Edmund: "Everyone must leave!! Now!!"
Quirin: "Your Majesty."
King Edmund: "I said...everyone."

Princess Rapunzel: "The Dark Kingdom. We finally made it."
Eugene: "We just need to figure how to get the caravan over there."
Lance: "It served us well."
Shorty: "All my clean clothes!"
Lance: "Shorty, you never had any clean clothes."
Shorty: "Not with that attitude I didn't."

Cassandra: "Your destiny awaits, Princess."
Eugene: "You sure you're ready for this?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I just wish I knew what this is. I mean, Demanitus said that if I don't grab the Moonstone, the black rocks will destroy everything. But I have no idea what to expect what will happen to me when I do."
Cassandra: "I don't know. But whatever happens, you won't be facing it alone."

Princess Rapunzel: "No one is gonna turn against me. Demanitus must be wrong. Everyone's had my back this far. They're not gonna stop now."
Eugene: "Unless they think they're protecting you. After all, that's how Cass injured her hand."
Princess Rapunzel: "You don't think that Cass...?"
Eugene: "Look, I love Cass. She's become like a sister to me. Granted, an annoying sister you only put up with because you have to. But maybe we should keep an eye on- What is that bird doing here?"
Cassandra: "Try asking his friends."

Cassandra: "Where did she come from?"
Lance: "Like an angel. She fell from Heaven."
Eugene: "And now Adira's here. Because why wouldn't she be?"

Adira: "The Brotherhood, which I always thought was a bit odd because, well, one of us is a woman. I refused to believe such darkness could exist without a light of equal power somewhere in this world. As usual, I was right. After years of searching, I found the Sundrop. Only you, Rapunzel, can restore balance to all things."
Princess Rapunzel: "If you've known this all along, why have you been so cryptic?"
Adira: "Well, I'm certain bringing the Sundrop to the Moonstone will neutralize its threat. I'm not sure what will happen to you."
Cassandra: "You mean if Rapunzel touches the Moonstone, she could...?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I did not come this far to stop now."

Princess Rapunzel: "Your Majesty, please! The Moonstone knows I'm close. I have to go!!"
King Edmund: "No!! No one may enter that room!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I'm going in and you don't want to get in my way!!"
King Edmund: "You're not getting past me."
Eugene: "Yes she is!! Let her in!! She's the Sundrop!!
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene!!"
Eugene: "Rapunzel, I am so sorry! I just thought-"
Princess Rapunzel: "There's no time for that! We have to get to that stone! This place is crumbling down around us!"
King Edmund: "But the Moonstone must be destroyed, Son!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Son?"
Cassandra: "Son?"
Lance: "You finally got adopted!"
Eugene: "Look, I'll fill you all in later. That means I'm a prince. Probably."

Cassandra: "You can't go alone! Who knows what's in there?"
Adira: "Rapunzel should go in alone. Only the Sundrop can access the Moonstone's great power."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass and I will go. Adira, you're with Lance."

Princess Rapunzel: "Look, I know these last few months haven't been easy. But I want to thank you for everything."
Cassandra: "Okay, Rapunzel. It's time."
Eugene: "This is it, Rapunzel. Now go get your destiny."
Princess Rapunzel: "I love you.
(She walks up to the Moonstone Opal and reaches for it, but Cassandra suddenly reaches out her left hand and snatches the almighty Opal away)
Princess Rapunzel: (shocked) Cassandra!? What are you doing!!?"
(Her hair stops glowing and drops in reaction)
Cassandra: "I'm fulfilling my destiny!!
(Breaks the Moonstone Opal in her hand, causing raw evil power to emanate from it and transform her entire being)
Cassandra: "Heh. I tried to warn you, Rapunzel: You have to be careful who you trust."

Season Three (2019-2020)Edit

Rapunzel's Return, Part 1Edit

  • The reason for Cassandra's sudden betrayal and coveting the all-powerful Moonstone Opal is revealed, as is what she had seen in the door in the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow in "Rapunzeltopia"

Princess Rapunzel: "You saw all of this in the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow?"
Cassandra: "I saw everything, Rapunzel!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass if what you are saying is true,that means..."
Cassandra: "IT means that I'm Gothel's daughter, and your destiny belongs to me."

Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, we're friends. In fact, being Gothel's daughter makes us closer than friends! It makes us sisters."
Cassandra (full of scorn): "Sisters?! My own mother chose you over me!! My whole life I've been cast aside for you!! No more."

Princess Rapunzel: "Cassandra, please. Let me help you."
Cassandra: "Stay back!!"
Princess Rapunzel: Cassandra, you've got to give me the Moonstone! It is too dangerous! The whole world is at-"
Cassandra: "I said stay back!!"
Eugene: "Cassandra!!"
Adira: "Release the Moonstone, Short Hair. You don't know what you're dealing with."
Cassandra: "Neither do you!!!"
Lance: Adira!! Breathe easy. Your Lance is here."

Eugene: "Oh no, you don't!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene, no!! Casandra!! Wait!! Cass!!"

King Frederic: "Ah, Varian, my most trusted advisor."
Princess Rapunzel: "Varian? Mom! Dad! Don't you remember what he's done?"
Varian: "No. No they don't."
Princess Rapunzel: "They don't remember? That's a Saporian wand of Oblivium! You have erased their memories!!?"

Rapunzel's Return, Part 2Edit

Varian: "You need to get off the ship. Rapunzel, I gotta clean up my own mess."
Princess Rapunzel: "No! You do not have a shield of magic hair that will protect you when this thing explodes!"
Varian: "What are you doing?"
Princess Rapunzel: "It's your mess, but it's my kingdom."
Varian: "No! Rapunzel!"

Eugene: "I knew you'd make it. It's over."
Princess Rapunzel: " Not yet. There's still one promise I need to keep."

Princess Rapunzel: "Once I start this incantation, I won't be able to stop it. And it could seriously harm you and your father so I'm trusting you to snap me out of it once your father is free."
Varian: "You can trust me, Rapunzel."
Princess Rapunzel (casts the first portion of the decaying spell)
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
Varian "It's working. (excited) "It's working!!"
(Princess Rapunzel remains in half of the Moonstone Opal's spell)
Varian: "Dad! (To Rapunzel) Wake up! Ahh! Rapunzel! Snap out of it! (genuinely concerned) Rapunzel. Rapunzel? You didn't give up on me. I'm not giving up on you."
(The link between the decaying spell and Princess Rapunzel is severed)
Varian: "Are you okay? Thank you. Dad! Dad, you're alive!"
Qurin: "Oh, son."
Varian: "Dad, the note. What did it say? I need to know."
Quirin: "All it said was: I'm so proud of you, Varian. I always have been."
Varian: "I love you, Dad."
Quirin: "I love you, too, son."

Eugene: " The number one reason I'm glad to be back in Corona, you ask? Why, the cupcakes. I'm glad you were able to keep your promise to Varian.

You know, it feels good to trust that little guy again, right?

Princess Rapunzel: "It does. And Eugene I think I'm ready to talk about Cass."
Eugene: "Well, then I'm all ears, Sunshine."
Princess Rapunzel: "At first, I felt so betrayed. After all, Cass is my best friend."

Return of the KingEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Still thinking about your dad?"
Eugene: "First of all, he's not my dad. He's a strange man who can't keep his thoughts to himself. Secondly, he abandoned me as a child, and he didn't even try to stay in touch with me! and now this."
Princess Rapunzel: "Edmund's only company is crow who could get lost in a boot. He's lonely."

Eugene: "Did you just call me Horace?"
King Edmund: "Indeed. Horace is your given name. Did I not mention that before?"
Eugene: "No. No you didn't! How is it that my real name is worse than Eugene!!?"

King Edmund: "Horace, you're alive!! and you came to rescue me!!"
Eugene: "Well, what do you expect?"

Eugene: "You called me Eugene!!"
King Edmund: "You called me Dad!!"

Cassandra: "Just...focus!!
Ghostly Girl: "Cassandra."

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?Edit

  • This is Angry and Red's third appearance in the show, whose real names are revealed to be "Kiera" and "Catalina"
  • The enchanted Ghostly Girl, who had lead Cassandra to ultimately betray her best friend, and attain the ancient almighty Moonstone Opal for herself, reappears to help Gothel's biological daughter in fully wielding and mastering the evil powers of the Stone to their highest levels

Eugene: "It's okay, Kid. You're almost there."
Kiera: "Please, Red! You have to."
Red: "I don't want to!! Maybe I like being the Wolf!! Maybe I'm tired of everyone telling me what to do!! And I'm sick of people assuming I'm okay, just because I won't say I'm not!! And another thing, I don't even like the name Red!! I only went along with it because everyone expected me to!!"
Lance (to Eugene): "Told you you shouldn't have given them nicknames."
Catalina: "What if I wanted to be the angry one!!? Just once, I wanted to call the shots!! Being the Wolf lets me do that"
Kiera: "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be so bossy. We can figure this out, together. But let's just finish this."
Captain Criegton: "Doesn't matter if you finish!! This whole ritual is bunk. I added it to the book, so I'd know when and where the Wolf would be. Thanks, Princess."
Princess Rapunzel: "Leave the girl alone!!"
Capt. Criegton: "She ain't a girl anymore!! She's a monster, and the sooner you realize that the better."

Kiera: "Catalina, stop!! It's me- Kiera. Please don't hurt her. She may be a jerk, but you're not a monster. I'm sorry I didn't listen better. I promise I'll try harder. Please, let her go."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's okay to feel angry and frustrated. But this?!! This is not how you deal with those feelings."
Lance: "We'll all help, Catalina. I promise."
Kiera: "Please. I love you."

Eugene: "If you need any help with the... you know, managing the(growl) just ask for it."
Catalina: "I promise."
Princess Rapunzel: "Because the last thing we want is for you to bury your anger again. That never helped anyone."

Ghostly Girl: "You're doing it wrong."
Cassandra: "You! What are you doing here?!"
Ghostly Girl: "I'm here to help you learn how to master the Moonstone's power. It responds to hatred and anger. If you truly want to wield the Moonstone, you mustn't be afraid to tap into the depths of your deepest rage. Remember what she put you through, and use that fury, Cassandra."

The Lost Treasure of Herz Der SooneEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Okay everyone. After the Saporians attacked, this kingdom could use a real pick-me-up. And what better way to bring everyone together than with a community project?"
Citizens of Corona: "Woo hoo!! Right!!"
Princess Rapunzel:Because through hard work and a whole lot of Corona spirit, we can rebuild this kingdom!! So let's do it!"
Eugene: Ha, ha!!"
Varian: Okay!!"
Lance: "Let's do this thing."

Princess Rapunzel (to her loyal subjects and friends): "And so it is my honor to present to you...our brand-new throne room. The treasure hunt didn't go quite how I planned, but it did bring everyone together."
Eugene: "You know, Sunshine, I think it all kind of turned out well for everyone."

No Time Like the PastEdit

Princess Rapunzel: "Cass' sparring dummy?"
Eugene: "Oh, that's great. Cass isn't even here and she still finds a way to annoy me."
Princess Rapunzel: "Mrs. Crowley, what are you doing with Cassandra's things?"
Mrs. Crowley: "She's gone. So now it's junk."
Princess Rapunzel: "Now just a minute! I have faith that Cass will return, so kindly put her things back where you found them."

Princess Rapunzel: "It' Cass' things, alright. Her mace, her shield, her lucky halberd head."
Eugene: "Look, I know you love Cass. And I can totally understand why you want her back in your life. But, don't forget that she betrayed you."
Princess Rapunzel: "She's still a friend."
Eugene: "I just don't want to see you get hurt again.It's time to put yourself first and let her go."
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene, friends don't leave friends behind. I need you to understand that."
Eugene: "Rapunzel, she's the one who left you."

Teenage Eugene: "What are ya staring at, Burnsie?"
Teenage Lance: "Am I finally growing facial hair?"
Teenage Eugene: "Not him again. Lance, Apple Pie!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene, what are you doing?"
Eugene: "I'm bringing the last of Cass's things from the vault."
'Princess Rapunzel: "But I thought you said I should leave Cassandra in the past."
Eugene: "Very funny. Oh, wait! You're serious. Sunshine, did you forget: I'm the one who told you that Crowley was stashing away Cass' stuff."
Princess Rapunzel: "You did?"
Eugene: "Yes! I mean, look. As much as I dislike Cassandra's taste, you gotta put friends first. Especially if it's a friend like Cassandra."
Princess Rapunzel: "Really."
Eugene: "It's like I always say: Friends don't leave friends behind."


Ghost Girl: "I sense your guilt, Cassandra. After all, Rapunzel was your best friend and you betrayed her. But one could argue that she deserved it."
Cassandra: "Maybe."
Ghostly Girl: "Oh yes. More than you know. For she has already taken a piece of your newfound power."

Cassandra: "What do you mean Rapunzel stole some of my power?"
Ghost Girl: "When Rapunzel touched the Moonstone's black rocks, they gave her their protective power. This kept the Sundrop safe until she made her way to the Dark Kingdom."
Cassandra: "So that power that she took belonged to the Moonstone."
The Ghost Girl: "And the Moonstone belongs to you. So you see? Even the power of the Moonstone is not completely yours."

The King and Queen of HeartsEdit

  • King Trevor of Equis makes a third appearance
  • King Frederic and Queen Arianna's memories are fully restored

Day of the AnimalsEdit

  • Ruddiger, Hamuel, Pascal and Maximus all team up for the very first time

Be Very Afraid!Edit

  • Princess Rapunzel and Varian team up for the fourth time; the others being in "The Alchemist Returns" and "Rapunzel's Return"

Cassandra: "I can't control it!!"
Ghostly Girl: "You will, Cassandra. In time time."
Cassandra: "I thought by taking the Moonstone, my destiny would become clear. But...what if I don't even have a destiny?"
Ghostly Girl: "Of course you do. It is to destroy Rapunzel."
Cassandra: "Destroy Rapunzel? But, I couldn't... What's happening!?"
Ghost Girl: "You're connected the Rocks. They respond to your feelings. Even fear."

Princess Rapunzel: "That’s true, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m seeing other things. I see Corona- It is covered in black rocks. And I see...Cassandra. She's conquered the kingdom, destroyed it forever. And you know what the weird part is? What I'm most afraid of is losing Cassandra as a friend. Forever."
Varian: "I had no idea."
Princess Rapunzel: "I guess we both have trouble talking about what scares us."

Cassandra: "There must be another way."
Ghost Girl: "You once questioned why you had no destiny. Now that you have one, don't question it. You must wield the power of the Moonstone and the Sundrop. But you cannot do that without destroying Rapunzel."

Ghost Girl: "Do you see now? Rapunzel can strip you of your power, Cassandra. If you do not destroy her, she will destroy you."

Eugene: "So Cass is attacking Corona now? Oh, that's delightful."
Princess Rapunzel: "She wasn't. I don' know how to explain it. But when I touched touched the rocks- and stay with me on this- I sensed her. And she wasn't attacking us. She was just as afraid as we are, as I am."
Eugene: "So then that means...?"
Princess Rapunzel: "There's still a chance to save her."

Pascal's DragonEdit

  • The title is a play on Pete's Dragon
  • The is the first time a dragon appears in the show
  • This is the first episode to air in 2020
  • A bit of Nigel's background is revealed

Eugene: "You can change colors?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I've read about this. Dragons can adopt the attributes of someone they love. They can also share theirs as well. Pascal!! You have horns and wings! Twinsies!"

Nigel: "I had a dragon as a child. He was only a baby when I found him. People told me I couldn't keep him, that dragons were dangerous. But I didn't understand. Until the dragon's family came looking for it. They destroyed everything. It was only through sheer luck that no one was seriously hurt. That was a mistake I'll never make again. Believe me when I say: That dragon is a threat to us all; a threat that must be eliminated."

Islands ApartEdit

  • Princess Rapunzel and Eugene meet up with the Captain of the Royal Guards, who learns what his adopted daughter has chosen to become
  • This marks the fifth and final appearance of Terapi Island and the Lorbs
  • It is revealed that some of the very powerful incantations and spells from the scrolls within the remains of the Great Tree would have sufficed in unleashing the destructive and deathly power of the Moonstone, in addition to the scroll made and hidden away by Lord Demantius himself

Captain of the Royal Guard: "It's my only hope!! Rapunzel, when I said I stopped looking for Cassandra...I lied. I traveled tirelessly in search of my daughter and then...I found her."
(Flashes back to several months ago, in the maze of Lord Demanitus, when he encountered his now corrupt daughter)
Captain of the Guards: "Cassandra, why have you turned your back on the Princess!!?"
Cassandra: "How dare you ask me that!! You knew all along how much was taken from me!! You knew who my mother was, and you kept it from me!!"
Captain of the Royal Guard: "Cassandra, I did what I-"
Casandra: "You only did what was best for yourself!! That's all what anyone in my life has ever done!! Well, now, that's what I'm doing!! This is mine!! This is my destiny!!"
Captain of the Guards: "I command you to surrender!!"
Cassandra: "Never!!"
Captain of the Guards: "Cassandra, no!!"
(Returns to the present, with the Captain explaining his failure as a father to Eugene and Princess Rapunzel)
Captain of the Royal Guard: "She was filled with a rage I had never seen. That person wasn't Cassandra."

Cassandra: "I told you. This this all that's left of the Great Tree.The incantations were destroyed."
Enchanted Girl: "Those incantations were our only hope of unlocking the power of the Moonstone; aside from the Demantius Scroll. But that was destroyed millennium ago"
Cassandra: "Did you say, Demanitus Scroll? Huh. Looks like our next stop is Corona."

Cassandra's RevengeEdit

  • Originally, this was stated as the premiere of Season 3, but was ultimately replaced by the two-part special "Rapunzel's Return"
  • A second incantation of the Moonstone is revealed, with which Cassandra utilizes to make herself an unbreakable stronghold out of the black rocks and to have complete control over them entirely, right in the place where her late birth mother had lived with Rapunzel for two years ago
  • The Demanitus Scroll is destroyed but not before revealing the second Sundrop Flower incantation
  • A second, even stronger spell of the reborn Sundrop Flower is revealed which Princess Rapunzel uses against Cassandra which, in turn, causes the Moonstone to loose one single fragment
  • The Enchanted Girl is revealed to be a borrowed form of Zhan Tiri himself, who is now released from the prison Lord Demantius has put him him all those centuries ago

Cassandra: "Swell, party. I'm guessing my invitation got lost in the mail? If you don't mind, I'm going to help myself to a slice of this cake."
Lance: "Is she here to apologize or fight? She's here for a fight!"
Eugene: "Quiet!"
Princess Rapunzel: "It's...Where have you been?"
Cassandra: "Helping myself, you might say. It's about time I helped myself, don't you think?"
Lance: "I think she wants to fight."
Cassandra (sarcastic) "I thought a lot about how we left things, and it makes me sad."
Princess Rapunzel: "It makes me sad, too. I miss you, Cassandra. I want us to be friends again."
Cassandra: "Yeah. We both have things the other wants, which brings me to why I'm here: I want you to give me the scroll."
Eugene: "I wouldn't do that. The scroll has the instructions to the wield the power of the Moonstone and the Sundrop."
Cassandra: "Stay out of this, Fitzherbert!! Blondie can think for herself. Hmm. Give me the scroll, and I'll leave Corona in peace."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cassandra, I don't think-"
Cassandra: "Oh, I know! It's hard making decisions when the only friends and advisors you have are ex-convicts and losers."
Eugene: "Hey, we are not ex-convicts!!"
Lance: "Technically, we have never been convicted of anything."
Cassandra: "I'll give you some time to decide. Enjoy your party, Fitzherbert."

Varian: "But I was able to use this key to translate the text in its entirety."
Princess Rapunzel: "Varian, you're a genius! What's it say?"
Varian: "This is the healing incantation, this is the decay incantation, and this- this is a third incantation! It will allow whoever possesses the Moonstone to wield complete control over the black rocks."
Princess Rapunzel:"That's why Cassandra wants the Scroll."
Varian: "Yes, yes, but there's more! I found there are four incantations, not three! But I can't seem to find it anywhere on the Scroll."
Lance: "Uh, guys, you might wanna stop talking about the secret of the Scroll."

Cassandra: "Don't stop on my account."
Princess Rapunzel: "Varian, don't get any closer. Hide the scroll!! We can't let her get her hands on that incantation!"
Cassandra: "Give me that scroll, Rapunzel!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, let's just talk."
Cassandra: "Oh, sure! Let's have another chat about how my mother chose you over me!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, Gothel took me and held me against my will. It wasn't my decision, Cassandra. You know that."
Cassandra: "Well, was it your decision to push her out a window!!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "You weren't there. You have no idea."
Cassandra: "Then why don't you make me understand!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Look at me!! You know me, Cassandra!! I have always supported you! Whatever this anger is, come on, let's face it together!! Cass, somewhere inside, you know this isn't right. Just come back home with us. We can figure this out."
Enchanted Girl: "Questioning your path, are you?"
Cassandra: "No, I wasn't."
Princess Rapunzel: "Who are you talking to? Cass, I'm not gonna fight you."
Enchanted Girl: "She's trying to trick you!"
Cassandra: "Don't wanna fight!!? Don't fight!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, no!!"
Lance: She took him.
Princess Rapunzel: Cassandra!! Varian!!

Enchanted Girl: "So this is your plan? Running away?"
Cassandra: "No one is running-"
Enchanted Girl: "One would think that now that you have the power of the black rocks, you wouldn't feel the need to hide."
Cassandra: "I don't hide from anything!!"
Enchanted Girl: "I don't need to remind you that defeat is not an option. And when Rapunzel comes for you, you must be prepared to protect what is rightfully yours. What you need is-"
Cassandra: "A stronghold. And I know just where to build one."

Varian: "Where are we?"
Cassandra: "I need that third incantation, Varian."
Varian: Never."
Cassandra: "I knew you'd say that. That's why I went through your little bag of tricks. I found something in here that might change your mind. Recognize this?"
Varian: "Ha! No. Uh...yes! It's a truth serum of my own invention designed to compel the drinker to tell the truth and answer any question asked!! Wait! But I never drank that."
Cassandra: "Lucky for me, you sleep with your mouth open. So let ask you: What's the third incantation?"
(Varian reluctantly speaks part of the second Moonstone spell)
Crescent high above
Evolving as you go
Raise what lies beneath
And let the darkness grow
Let the darkness grow
Crescent high above
Evolving as you go
Raise what lies beneath
And let the darkness grow
Bend it to my will
Consume the sunlight's glow
Rise into the sky
And let the darkness grow
Let the darkness grow
Varian: "What is that?"
Cassandra: "Home sweet home."

Kiera: "It's even bigger than the castle."
Princess Rapunzel: "Casandra knows we're here. She wants me to know that everything that once was mine will belong to her."

Cassandra: "I could watch them do this all day"
Enchanted: "Let them in."
Cassandra: "What?"
Enchanted Girl: "Defeating her isn't enough. You must take away who she is, break her spirit, finish this now. You're held back long enough"
Cassandra: "Fine."

Princess Rapunzel: "I'm going up there."
Eugene: "Rapunzel, wait! What if you can't convince her to come back? What if the only what is to-"
Princess Rapunzel: "This is Cassandra, not some monster. She'll come around. I have to believe that."
Eugene: "And if you believe it, then so do I."

Princess Rapunzel: "Pascal!?"
Cassandra: "He's here. You made a mistake coming here."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, I am not leaving this tower until this resolved!"
Cassandra: "Then I guess you're not leaving"

Cassandra: "You do realize I have complete control over the rocks now, and you know what this tower is made of"
Enchanted Girl: "Show her how powerful you have become."
Princess Rapunzel: "I'm not going to fight you."
Cassandra: "Then this will be very easy."
(Casts the new Moonstone spell again to manipulate the rocky spikes to attack)
Crescent high above
Evolving as you go
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, don't!! Maybe it won't be as easy as you think!!"
Cassandra: "Now that's more like it! But there are some things your hair can't block."

Princess Rapunzel: "Sorry, Cass, but you are not going to get rid of me that easily. Cass, please!! This is not who you are!!"
Cassandra: "Wrong!! I finally know who I am!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I will never stop trying to get through to you!! I won't fight you, I won't justify your hatred, and there's nothing you can do to change that; nothing!!"
Cassandra: "Oh, there isn't!!? 'Cause I kind of think there is."

Cassandra: "Welcome back, Boys. Let me help you out."
Cassandra: "You may not want to fight me, but will you fight for...him?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, leave him alone!!"
Enchanted Girl (to Cassandra): "Break her spirit."
Cassandra: "I just realized I forgot to give my birthday present, Eugene."
Eugene: "Don't give in to her!! Don't do anything she says!!"
Varian: "Rapunzel, I have the final incantation! You have to use it!!"
Cassandra: "Final incantation!? What is he talking about!?"
Enchanted Girl: "Never mind that!! You are more powerful. Finish this!"
Crescent high above
Evolving as you go
Varian: "Rapunzel!! Use it."
Princess Rapunzel:
Power of the sun
Gift me with your light
Shine into the dark
Restore our fading sight
Rise into the dawn
Blazing star so bright
Cassandra: "Impossible!!"
Princess Rapunzel:
Burn away the strife
Let my hope ignite
Let hope ignite
Princess Rapunzel: "Let him go, Cassandra!!"
Cassandra: "I don't follow your orders anymore!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I said...LET HIM GO!! LET...HIM...GO!!!"

Enchanted Girl: "Finally! The clash of sun and moon has released me from my prison. It's good to be back."

Race to the SpireEdit

  • This marks the second and final appearance of Calliope from "Keeper of the Spire"
  • The Enchanted Girl reveals herself as a form of Zhan Tiri herself
  • Hector, Adira and Quirin makes cameos as they fall under the dark power of Casandra

Varian: "I chemically treated these thrusters so the flames will burn hotter and longer than any natural flame, you're gonna fly like the wind. Don't touch that. Or that. OH MY, DON'T TOUCH THAT! IT'S GONNA BLOW! Ha, ha, gotcha! Just messing with you."
Eugene: "I knew that and you're on my list, Frog."
Princess Rapunzel: Guys, focus. Look at this, it took us weeks to get to the Spire on foot but thanks to Varian's speed balloon and this direct route we'll make it in a day.
Eugene: "Good job, Buddy. "
Varian: "Oh wait, this takes you over Kresten Loch. Uh, Kresten Loch, the frozen sea miles and miles of deadly wintry expanse?"
Princess Rapunzel: "That's the one."
Varian: "Well, if it were for anybody other than you, I'd be worried. (falls) Whoa! Who glued my boots to the ground?
Eugene: That's for your little balloon prank earlier. (holding a paintbrush and a bucket of glue) Eugene Fitzherbert never forgets."

Cassandra: " It's no use. I can't get to the Mind-trap talisman!!"
Enchanted Girl: "Then it looks like we'll need that key after all."
Cassandra: "Calliope gave it Rapunzel, and something tells me she won't just hand it over."
Enchanted Girl: "To us, no. But we may have other methods at our disposal."

Enchanted Girl: "Let's speed this us. Yes! Cassandra, the Brotherhood of the Dark Kingdom is yours to command."
Princess Rapunzel: "What do you want with the Brotherhood?"
Cassandra: "You can't have a war without soldiers, Princess."
Eugene: "Except we're in a room full of magical artifacts, and I have no idea what any of them does!!"

Enchanted Girl: "I believe Cassandra promised us a proper introduction, but she failed to deliver. Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't guessed who I am, seeing as we've already met; in a way. You see, over the centuries, I've taken the form of whatever suits my needs- A warlock, a demon, even a blizzard."
Princess Rapunzel: "You're Zhan Tiri! But that doesn't make any sense. Cass knows how evil Zhan Tiri is. Why would she team up with-"
Enchanted Girl: "Cassandra knows only what I want her to know. I'm playing her, Rapunzel. She has no idea but she is under my complete control. Prepare yourself, Sundrop. An eclipse is coming! And when it does, Corona will become nothing more than dust."

Eugene: "Hey Blondie, look, I know today didn't pan out the way we hoped, but you did what you had to do. We'll get Cass back."
Princess Rapunzel: "Actually, Eugene. At the moment, I'm starting to think Cass is the least of our worries."

A Tale of Two SistersEdit

  • Once Upon a Time's fourth season has the same title, as does a Korean horror movie
  • Eugene, King Frederic, Queen Arianna and King Edmund are all absent
  • The ultimate intention of the dark sorcerer Zhan Tiri during the eclipse is revealed
  • It is revealed that Gothel had a diary of sorts, in the form of magic mirrors that replayed her narcissist moments and far from loving motherly affection towards her four-year-old daughter Cassandra

Enchanted Girl: "Hello again, Old Friend. My dear Demanitus, I wanted you to know: You've lost.
When the eclipse comes, I shall draw the powers of the Sundrop and Moonstone to myself. And as for their human hosts, to ensure that their once inseparable bond does not interfere, I have set a plan in motion to cement their rift."

Princess Rapunzel: "Clearly someone wanted people to think Gothel or her ghost was back. The question is-"
Cassandra: "Why?"
Princess Rapunzel: "What are you doing here?"
Cassandra: "My friend told me there were suspicious things going on."
Princess Rapunzel: "Your friend!? Listen, Cass, that little friend-"
Cassandra: "You don't belong here!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Whoa. I knew she was vain, but..."
Cassandra: "What is this stuff?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Look! The Sundrop. The sun incantation! Gothel was alive a long time."
Gothel (via mirror diary): "Good morning, Beautiful."
Princess Rapunzel and Cassandra: "Mother!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "And she's talking to herself. Looks like these can trap images and play them back, like a diary or something."
Cassandra: "And I thought your journal was-"
Princes Rapunzel: Uh, uh, uh!"
Cassandra: "Less annoying than this. Happy now?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Yes I am."

Princess Rapunzel: "Well, that's typical Gothel for you."
Cassandra: "What do you mean?"
Princess Rapunzel: "She wasn't exactly the nurturing type, when she was around, I mean."
Cassandra: "Funny, she was never around for me. I wonder why."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's not like I asked to be taken from my parents by a madwoman. And the only thing Gothel ever wanted from me was my hair. She didn't love me. She didn't love either of us. Cass, the only good thing Gothel ever did was bring us together."
Cassandra: "Only good thing!!? You really think this is a good thing?"
Princess Rapunzel: "It was."
Cassandra: "For you maybe."

Cassandra: "The missing mirror! You took it!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "What!!? No!! I have no idea how that got in my bag!"
(The hand mirror reveals another memory of Gothel, one showing her giving her young daughter her blue-and-gold music box)
Gothel: "Turn the key like this, so whenever you hear this tune, you'll think of your dear sweet mother and the love I have for you."
Young Cassandra: "I love you, Mama."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass! I have never seen that."
Cassandra: "Really!? The one mirror that showed that Mother- my mother- had a shred of affection for me and it just happens to be in your bag!!? (Coldly) Out of my way."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass."
Cassandra: "Goodbye, Rapunzel."
Princess Rapunzel: What!? No!! Cassandra!! CASS!!!"

Cassandra: "You were right. Rapunzel knew that Gothel loved me."
Enchanted Girl: "You poor thing. But now you know, and that knowledge will only make you stronger."

Gothel "Turn the key like this, so that whenever you hear this tune, you'll think of your dear sweet mother and the love I have for you."
Young Cassandra: "I love you, Mama."
Gothel: "Hopefully that'll keep her out of my hair for awhile; lousy little pest."


  • Cassandra appears as a nightmare of her adopted father
  • The Captain of the Guard decides to retire, as he cannot bring himself to fight his own adopted daughter and he appoints Eugene as the new Captain of the Guard as his successor.
  • Varian has a new "Rooster" invention that will protect Corona from Cassandra and any other danger that threatens the kingdom by firing a glowing mortar to warn everyone of Corona.

Cassandra: "It doesn't matter how many of you there are!! Each of you will fall!!"
Captain of the Guard: "Cassandra, stand down!"
Cassandra: "You're the one who should stand down, Father!"
Captain of the Guard: "I can't do that."
(Throws his sword at her chest, where the Moonstone rests and manages to easily shatter it)
Cassandra: "My power!! I don't need my powers to defeat you!!"
Captain of the Guard: "I won't fight you."
Cassandra: "Then you will never be able to protect Corona!!"

Captain of the Guard: "King Frederic, Queen Arianna, I have severed Corona faithfully to stop any threat. But as a father, I cannot fight my own daughter. Therefore it is with a heavy heart that I resign from my post."
King Frederic: "Captain, you have served Corona well all these years."
Queen Arianna: "We respect your decision."

Brock: "Is this hair? Oh, this is your hair?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah. It gets the job done."

The Baron: "When I'm through, you're gonna wish he stayed with my Stalyan."
Princess Rapunzel: "Stalyan has moved on. Why can't you?"
The Baron: "'Cause I got nothing to move on to!!"

Once a Handmaiden...Edit

  • The title is a part of a well-known quote, as is "Happiness Is..."
  • Cassandra casts the full destructive powers of the decay spell since a fraction of its magic was cast in "Rapunzel and the Great Tree" by Princess Rapunzel

Enchanted Girl:

Princess Rapunzel:

Plus est en Vous, Part 1Edit

  • The title is French for "More in You" which was written inside Princess Rapunzel's journal by her birth mother Queen Arianna, as an early coronation gift in the two-part movie premiere

Plus est en Vous, Part 2Edit

Plus est en Vous, Part 3Edit




  • King Fredric
  • Queen Arianna
  • Captain of the Guards
  • Stan
  • Pete
  • Lance Strongbow (Season 1)
  • Varian (Season 1; antagonist)
  • Quirin
  • Cassandra (Season 3)
  • Pug Thugs of the Snugly Duckling
    • Shorty (Season 1 and 3)
    • Attila Buckethead
    • Hook Foot
    • The Mime
    • Vladimir
    • Big Nose


  • Mother Gothel (nightmares,flashbacks & as a ghost/spirit)
  • The Stabbington Brothers
  • Lady Caine (3 Episodes)
  • Uncle Monty
  • Mrs. Crowley
  • Ruthless Ruth ("The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth")
  • Princess Willowmina "Aunt Willow" ("The Way of the Willow")
  • Hook Foot
  • Vex (4 Episodes)
  • Captain Quaid ("The Return of Quaid" and "Goodbye and Goodwill")
  • Hook Hand ("The Brothers Hook")
  • King Fredric (Season 2-3)
  • Queen Arianna (Season 2-3)
  • Adira (Seasons 2-3)
  • King Edmund (Seasons 2-3)
  • Hector ("Rapunzel and the Great Tree")
  • The Baron ("Beyond the Walls of Corona")
  • Stalyan ("Beyond the Walls of Corona" and "The Eye of Pincosta")
  • Serafina the Mermaid ("There's Something About Hook Foot")
  • Calliope & The Keeper("Keeper of the Spire" & "Race to the Spire")
  • King and Queen of Ingvarr ("Beginnings"; flashbacks)



  • Corona
  • Equis
  • Pittsford
  • Igvarr
  • The Dark Kingdom


  • The Tower
  • Corona Castle
  • The Throne Room
  • Old Corona
  • The Village
  • The Sea
  • Varian's Home
  • Varian's Laboratory
  • Demanitus Chamber
  • Janius Point
  • The Dark Castle (Seasons 2 & 3)
  • Moonstone Chamber (Season 2)
  • Vardaros (3 Episodes)
  • Spire Vault ("Keeper of the Spire" & "Race to the Spire")
  • Tiropi Island (6 Episodes)
  • Zhan Tiri's Prison (Season 3)
  • Cassandra's Stronghold (Season 3)


  • Floating Lanterns
  • Eugene's Sword
  • Princess Rapunzel's Journal
  • Princess Rapunzel's Satchel
  • Princess Rapunzel's Crown
  • Demanitus Scroll

Objects of Supreme PowerEdit

  • Magic Blonde Hair
  • Black Moon Rocks
  • Sundrop Flower (pictures on Demanitus Scroll, flashbacks)
  • Shadow Blade
  • Moonstone Opal (Seasons 2 & 3)
  • Wand of Oblivium (3 Episodes)
  • Cassandra's Armor (Season 2 finale & Season 3)
  • Hourglass ("No Time Like the Past")
  • Shapeshifting Cloak (Season 3)
  • Mind-Trap Stone (Season 3)
  • Ultimate Power of the Heavens (3-part series finale)

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