Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (season 2)

season of television series

Season Two (2018-2019) edit

Beyond the Corona Walls edit

(Twenty-five years ago, in a unknown kingdom, where the back rock spikes seem to have originated from)
King Edmund: "I can't take it anymore! This stone has claimed too many lives!!"
Quirin: "Your Majesty!! You are not thinking clearly!"
King Edmund: "I was a fool. The Stone cannot be destroyed."
Adira: "But, Your Majesty!"
King Edmund: "You must leave this castle, keep anyone from finding it. Anyone who seeks out this opal must be stopped."

Princess Rapunzel: Come on, Eugene! It's my first trip outside of Corona! It's like a whole new chapter of our lives has just begun. I mean, aren't you excited to see where these rocks are taking us?
Eugene: Excited? To follow a bunch of creepy rocks out to who knows where?

Cassandra: Not that I don't think you can handle yourself, but you got to exercise caution. Trust me, Raps, the real world isn't all fun and games. I want to make sure we're not losing sight of what we're doing out here.
Princess Rapunzel: I know. Believe me, Cass, I want answers more than anyone. I have a feeling that whatever is waiting at the end of this road is only part of why we're out here.

Princess Rapunzel: "Enough!!"
Adira: "I thought we covered this. I don't like being touched!! It didn't cut."
Princess Rapunzel: "It didn't break. It must be made of-"

Princes Rapunzel: "You were right Cass- the real world isn't all fun and games."
Cassandra: "Ha! Are you kidding me? This is fun!"

Princess Rapunzel: Brace yourselves! It's about to get rough around here!
(Nothing whatsoever happens with the rock spikes)

Cassandra: "Raps, what's your Plan C?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I don't have a Plan C. I thought these rocks would react like they did back in Corona."
Adira: "They're not reacting because they found the Sundrop. That would be you."

Rapunzel: "Where is it taking us, Pascal?"
Adira: "To fulfill your destiny.
Princess Rapunzel:" Adira, who are you?"
Adira: "Look, I am a friend. And I am here to make sure you get to the end of this journey you're embarking on. Listen, I don't have all the answers. But now that I've seen all that I have, I have no doubt these rocks were looking for you. And you must follow them...to the Dark Kingdom."

The Return of Quaid edit

Princess Rapunzel: "You know, I keep hearing how great this city used to be. Well, greatness does not go away. It may get beaten down or hide itself from fear or doubt, but it does not go away. You, of all people, should know that sometimes all that's needed to find the best of what's inside of you is a little help."

Eugene: "You wanna do this in four days?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Do you think it will work?"
Cassandra: "If we told you "not in a million years", would it still change your mind?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Probably not."

Rapunzel: "Captain Quaid?"
Quaid: "Who's asking?"
Princess Rapunzel: It's Rapunzel. Princess Rapunzel of Corona."
(Quaid slams the door in her face)
Vex: "Told you everyone hates you."

Eugene: "Ah, family."
Lance: "There's nothin' like it. "

Princess Rapunzel: "I have a feeling that beneath all the grime and gunk and dirt is a beautiful city just waiting to shine."

Goodbye and Goodwill edit

Cassandra: "It's great you wanna do this, Raps, but this town isn't like Corona. They don't feel the need to celebrate something every six seconds."
Vex: "You should really listen to Cass. Vardaians aren't really the goodwill kind of crowd."
Female Townswoman: "I hate goodwill, ya clod."
Princess Rapunzel: "I know people here are a little rougher around the edges, but they deserve to have a good time."
Cassandra: "Are you sure everyone shares your idea of what makes a good time? Look, not one person has even signed up for the gopher grab, which might not be a bad thing since we don't have a gopher."
Eugene: "Hey, hey, Don't worry about that. I got my two best gopher-hunters on the job."

Princess Rapunzel: "Actually that's not a bad idea. I mean, I know party stuff isn't your thing, but it would be fun to work together. What do you say? Wanna be my party-planner?"
Cassandra: "Yeah, why not?"
Vex: "Can I help?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Of course you can."
Vex: "I was asking Cass."

Forest of No Return edit

Adira: "I had no idea people from Corona were such quitters. You know what I say: If you can't go through something, go over it."

Cassandra: "Rapunzel, we talked about this. I don't trust this woman. She keeps popping up out of nowhere and I don't like it."
Eugene: "Yeah, I second that. Plus, we don't need her. Another person would slow us down."
Adria: "Uh, I think you're gonna need her. She's the only one who can lead you through the deadly Forest of No Return."

Adria: "I know exactly where we are, but I'm not sure about the others. The map can only point its user to the exit.""
Eugene: "Then maybe they made it out! Come on!"
Adria: "I wish I could say they had, but you need the map or me to get to the exit. And, as you can see, both of those things are right here."
Eugene: "Adria, I'm sorry for the mess I've gotten us into. It's just, before I met Rapunzel, being an adventurous, daredevil rogue was the one thing definite my life. It was just nice to be in charge like that again. But, I guess I'm not that guy anymore."
Adria: "You're right. You're not who you used to be. As you may be aware, I been observing you and your friends. And it's clear, because of the Princess, you've become much more than just a swashbuckler. You're also a friend. You bring laughter and warmth. You're the fish skin that holds this group together."
Eugene: "Hold up. Did you just say...?"
Adria: "It's a compound for making glue. I use it to repair the soles of these boots."
Eugene: "So 'fish skin' is a compliment?"
Adria: "Sure."

Princess Rapunzel: "I've never been so happy to see those black rocks."

Princess Rapunzel: "Uh, Eugene, is that the sunset in front of us? We're supposed to be heading east."

Freebird edit

Princess Rapunzel: Look, Cass, I know we have to get to...wherever these rocks are leading us. But aren't you afraid that if you focus too much on the road ahead you might miss the fun at your feet?
Cassandra: Don't worry about me, Raps. If I want fun, I know where to find it.

Shorty: Take a hike? Fine. I know when I'm not wanted.

Rapunzel: Who knows what we might find with a little exploring?
Cassandra: I don't know.
Rapunzel: Or we could just stay out there.
Cassandra: Explore it is.

Rapunzel: I know this is weird.
Cassandra: Having seventy feet of magical hair is weird. This? This is full-blown wacko.
Rapunzel: Yes, it's wacko. But when are we every gonna get this chance? And Cass, we can fly.
Cassandra (sighs): I am so gonna regret this.

Rapunzel: Cass, I should have listened to you. I just wanted to show you-
Cassandra: How do to "seize the moment"? Here's where the moment got us! I know you take a lot of pride in your irrepressible carefree spirit. It's what makes you you. But did you ever stop to think that maybe that attitude can be a bit selfish sometimes!?
Rapunzel: I'm sorry.
Cassandra: This trail of black rocks is your destiny, but I dropped everything to make sure you get to the end of it! I'm taking this seriously!! Why aren't you!?
Rapunzel: Because I'm scared. You're right, Cass. These rocks are my destiny and that's terrifying. What if they lead to...somewhere I'm never supposed to come back from?

Cassandra: Raps!
Rapunzel: Huh. Am I the only one craving worms?

Cassandra: Raps, what you said before about being afraid. I want you to know that it's okay. I'd be afraid, too. But I want you to remember that whatever you have to face at the end of this road, you're not going to face it alone.

Vigor the Visionary edit

Princess Rapunzel: I am so excited to see what you have planned for our date.
Eugene: Don't you worry, Your Royal Blondness, Eugene's got it covered. I've entrusted Max here to lead us to the most ingenious, the most romantic spot around. You'll see. I'm talkin' dinner for two, the stars twinkling above- the works. Now I'm not saying it'll top our crown-stealing, lantern-watching first date. But...I kinda am.

Eugene: An apple tree? Seriously? That's the best you got? Should have asked the frog to come along. Even he could come up with something better than this.
Princess Rapunzel: It's okay, Eugene. Landing a date is hard when you're in the middle of nowhere. We can just play it by ear.

Princess Rapunzel: Did you hear that?
Eugene: You mean those out-of-place mystical chimes in the middle of the forest? Yeah.

Princess Rapunzel: "We have seen some pretty unusual things, Eugene. Why are you being so cynical?
Eugene: "Cynical? Blondie, I believe in a lot of things. You know I do: Life-saving hair- believe it! Magical rocks, sword-carrying horses."

Keeper of the Spire edit

Eugene: "They been at it for hours. What could they be talking about?"
Casandra: "I'm trying to eavesdrop."
Lance: "You know I can read lips, right? Follow your dust knee."

Princess Rapunzel: "Follow my destiny? How is this supposed to tell my destiny if I can't read it?"
Adira: "Find the next scroll piece at the Spire, and the Keeper will lead you to it."

Calliope: "We made it! Oh, right. I lied to you. Now, I can explain."
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah, I'm sure you can, in twelve languages, no doubt!! Listen, I don't know who you are, but I trusted you!! And I had to endure your condescension and insults, and I went against my better judgement all because you said you were the Keeper of the Spire!!"
Calliope: "It's Spire. Sorry."
Princess Rapunzel: "Who are you!?"
Calliope: "I'm the Keeper's assistant or, at least, I used to be. Before that, I was an incredibly talented street magician. I would perform my tricks in front of hundreds of people. Not really. It wasn't always appreciated. Then, one day the Keeper, the real Keeper, came up to me and asked me to be his apprentice. I had purpose and I didn't want to mess it up. I wanted to learn everything there I could about the Spire. I had to! It was going well or, at least, I thought it was. But a few months ago, the Keeper just disappeared and once again, I had no purpose. That is until you came along. Seeing you with such a clear purpose inspired me. Maybe I could be the Keeper, maybe I could help you to that scroll."
Princess Rapunzel: "Why didn't just tell us you weren't the Keeper?"
Calliope: "Would have accepted help from an apprentice? Especially if you knew she had been abandoned by her own master?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I don't know, but we probably wouldn't be up this tree right now."
Calliope: "That's actually a really good point."
Princess Rapunzel: "Calliope, I still need that scroll piece."
Calliope: "And there's still one key I haven't tried!"

Princess Rapunzel: "The third scroll piece. And you got us here. You did it!"
The Keeper: "And I couldn't be more proud."
Calliope: "Keeper!"
The Keeper: "Calliope, you are now the Keeper of the Spire. You passed my test. Congratulations!"
Calliope: "What? I don't understand."
The Keeper: "I'm sorry for leaving you, but I had to remind you why I choose you in the first place."
Calliope: "Why did you chose me?"
The Keeper: "Your perseverance. This is the skill the Keeper of such great artifacts must call upon in the face of adversity. And you did it. Not only with the Ker-lock but you performed in front of a, uh, repressively different crowd."
Calliope: "Their minds were too blown to clap. That's all."
The Keeper: "You persevered, Calliope."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wait! There had to be an easier way to teach her that lessen! That beast thing almost killed us!"
The Keeper: "The Kerlock is actually a loyal pet, as you'll see when you train your own. Please keep him away from the furniture."

Princess Rapunzel: "We went through a lot of trouble for this."
Lance: "It better be one fancy scroll piece. That's all I'm saying."
Princess Rapunzel: "Let's see what we got."
Eugene: "A guy in a hood? All this for a guy in a hood?"
Cassandra: "Who do you think he is?"
Princess Rapunzel: I not sure, but I have a feeling we're going to find out."

King Pascal edit

Princess Rapunzel: "Pascal, is there anything better than the sun on your face, and the wind blowing through your hair? Well, blowing through your scales?"
Eugene: "You know, I gotta admit: When I saw the black rock trail was leading us across the water, I had my doubts about converting the caravan into a boat. And, as it turns out, those doubts were not completely unfounded."
Cassandra: "Storm!!"
Lance: "Don't worry. By my calculations, we should just miss it."

There's Something About Hook Foot edit

Eugene: "She's a..."
Princess Rapunzel: "Serafina's a mermaid?"
Hook Foot: "So? You're a woman with seventy feet of hair."
Serafina: "And you don't see me staring."
Princess Rapunzel: "Got me there."
Serafina: "Lookin' forward to our date, Honey. See ya tonight."

Eugene: "You think at some point, you'd mention that she's half fish!"
Hook Foot: "I don't care if she's half fish! She's got a heart and I got a heart. And in my heart, it burns; sometimes 'cuase I eat too fast. Also it burns with loneliness. Serafina is the only person I know who can put out my burns and warm it up at the same time."
Princess Rapunzel: "How romantic."

Male Sea Urchin: "You are under arrest for abiding Serafina, wanted thief of the deep."
Princess Rapunzel: "Thief!?

Eugene: "Sorry about the way things turned out."
Hook Foot: "Sometimes you gotta the one you love swim away. Mermaid tears."
Eugene: "You were right: Love does have a way of happening."
Princess Rapunzel: "And love does have a way of finding itself."
So when you find that special someone, treasure every moment.

Happiness Is... edit

Princes Rapunzel: "Pascal, this lantern is decorated with my father's crest. It's from my dad."
My Dearest Rapunzel,
It's been seven years since I last held you in my arms
In that seven years, not a moment passes that I don't think of you
About how I would give anything to hold you just one more time
Though I still imagine you as the baby we lost
I know, wherever you are, you've grown
But no matter how long you are away or how far you go
Know that Corona will always be your home
Princess Rapunzel: Oh, Dad. I miss them, Pascal."

Cassandra: "I had no idea Lance was graceful."
Eugene: Wait for it."
Lance: "Anyone smell burning?"

Princess Rapunzel: "These lanterns, all the celebrating- they remind me of home. I guess I was so excited to see the world, I never really thought about how much I'd miss everyone."
Eugene: "You're just a little homesick but tomorrow, you'll be just fine."

King Fredric (in a hallucination): "Rapunzel, if you destroy the idol, you will never be happy again!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Happiness doesn't come a thing!! It comes from inside my heart!!
Eugene: "How are you feeling?"
Princess Rapunzel: Homesick. But I think I have a way to deal with it.
Princess Rapunzel's Voice:(In a letter to her parents)
I'm still sad to be so far away from home
And there's nothing wrong with that
I can be independent and see the world and still miss home
That's just part of life
Nobody can be happy all the time
And if I'm sad, it's a reminder that I love my family
When I miss you the most, I have my friends to lean on
Until I see you again, you are always in my heart
Love, Rapunzel

Max and Eugene in Peril on the High Seas edit

Princess Rapunzel: "Captain, we have to find that barge."
Sea Captain: "I told you! I got a schedule to keep."
Princess Rapunzel: "We can do this the Rapunzel way or the Pascal way."

Princess Rapunzel: Avast ye, Mate-ys!!"
Cassandra: "Avast ye Mate-ys?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I was in the moment. Fire!!"

Eugene: "Man, do I love that girl."
1st Sabbington Brother: "Going somewhere, Eugene?"

Princess Rapunzel: "Hope you're not picky, 'cuase there's only one thing on the menu! (whispers to the Captain) We'll pay you back, I promise. There's more where that came from!! Fire!!"
Lady Cain: "Oh, come on. Even you can do better than that, Princess."
Princess Rapunzel: "I plan to. Lance, Foot, now!!"
Lady Cain: "What are you gonna do now?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, I'm not doing anything. He is. "

Stabbington Brother: "Your friends are gonna make us angry."
Eugene: "A couple of sunny guys like you? Come on."
Stabbington Brother: "Take 'em down!!"

Lady Cain: "Who'd expect that, one day, I'd be free and you be the prisoner."
Princess Rapunzel: "That is pretty funny, although here's the thing: You may have the sword, but I got your feet."
Lady Cain: "Huh?"

Princess Rapunzel: "I gotta say, that was not how I expected this trip to go."
Eugene: "Hey, Foot, stay off the railings."
Hook Foot: Or what?"
Eugene: "Or else that. Rules are made for a reason. Isn't that right, Buddy?"

Curses! edit

Eugene: "There's no such thing as curses."
Princess Rapunzel: "You know what? I agree. It's absurd. I don't believe in bad luck curses, Hook Foot. The world is full of things you can't explain."
Eugene: "She's right. Where does the wind come from? Why are monkeys so creepy? Why is 'Peggy' short for 'Margaret'? Who knows, really? But, just because you can't explain it, doesn't mean that it's sorcery."
Princess Rapunzel: "Precisely. Now, let's get back to camp and have a nice warm dinner before we..."

Eugene: "I get why you think you're cursed, Blondie, I do. When strange things happen to us, we want to believe it's for a reason. But remember what you said about making your own luck? The best way to predict the future is to create your own."
Princess Rapunzel: "Maybe you're right. Eugene, look! The river receded! We can cross it in the morning!"
Eugene: "See? Bad luck, sh-mad luck."
Princess Rapunzel: "I guess I was being kind of silly."
Eugene: "Yeah, well, I didn't wanna say it, but silly's the right word."

Eugene: "Rapunzel, look at me. Think about it- Bad things only started to happen once you thought you were cursed, and good things started to happen once you thought you found the counter curse. Look, someone once told me that they don't believe in bad luck curses. "
Princess Rapunzel: "And someone once told me that the best way to predict the future is to create your own."
Eugene: "Did I say that? Wow. That is very poetic. I didn't-"
Princess Rapunzel: "My luck is no worse or no better than anyone else's. What matters is what I choose to focus on. And I'm choosing the fact that we've almost made it across this bridge without a scrape. And there's no reason to stop now."
Lance: "That's right, Princess! Show that bridge whose boss!"
Cassandra: "You got this, Raps! Tap into that optimism!"
Shorty: "Ain't that the tooth?"
Lance: "Good one, Shorty."
Princess Rapunzel: "Okay, guys. Drop your heads and engage your hawks."
Eugene: "Yes! That's the Raps I know!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Just two more towers to go."
Cassandra: "We're gonna need a lot of momentum to make it across both of them to get to the other side."
Princess Rapunzel: "Then let's make a run for it."

The Eye of Pincosta edit

Stalyan: "Wow. Didn't think Princess Sunshine could find me in a place as shady as this."
Princess Rapunzel: "Well, maybe you're not the judge of character you thought you were."
Stalyan: "Let me guess: Rider's in trouble and you want my help to save him."
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah. I need to find the Eye of Pincosta, and you two stole it together."
Stalyan: "We stole a lot of things together. Yeah, I know where it is. But why would I help you?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Because I'm charming? Worth a shot. I think you'll help because you still care about Eugene. And there's good in everybody."
Stalyan: "Ha! And you are a terrible judge of character. I want nothing to do with Rider. And doing the right thing never had been a priority of mine."
Princess Rapunzel: "I'll pay you. This unlocks a trunk back in our caravan, a trunk full of gold. Not to mention, the darts you and that guy were playing with-Gosh! His are a lot heavier than yours for some reason. It's almost like you cheated."
Stalyan: "Heh. Guess we got jewel to find."

Stalyan: "You have so much to learn about the world, Princess."
Princess Rapunzel: "Just because I want to see the best in people, doesn't make me naive."
Stalyan: "Yeah, about that."
Princess Rapunzel: "What!?"
Stalyan: "Sorry, Frog."
Princess Rapunzel: "You're going to free Eugene and try to win him back, aren't you?"
Stalyan: "A thief belongs with a thief. Told you, you are a bad judge of character, Princess."

(Stalyan reading Rapunzel's note)
If you are reading this note
It means you probably betrayed me
But remember, there is good in everybody. Even you
And I hope you will make the right decision in the end

Stalyan: "You know, now I know why he went for you."
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene?"
Stalyan: "I looked at him and I saw a thief. You looked at him and saw a good person, which made him want to be a good person. And it worked on me, too. Tell Eugene, I said hi."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wait. You're not going to come and get your payment?"

Eugene: "I'm sorry you had to deal with Stalyan."
Princess Rapunzel: "She's not half bad. She didn't even take the payment I offered. Where's my key?"
Hook Foot: "We been robbed!"
Stalyan's Voice (in a note to Princess Rapunzel):
You guys are a really good match
And I'm not gonna say
That's easy for me to deal with
But the gold will help

Rapunzel and the Great Tree edit

(Twenty-Five Years Ago, in the dark kingdom)
Quirin: "The Stone and its destructive power must be kept secret from the world. It is the Brotherhood's duty to keep that secret. It is King Edmund's dying wish."
Adira: "There is another way. If we could go out and find the Sundrop, we may-"
Hector: "Enough! The Sundrop is a myth, Sister."
Adira: "It's real, Hector, and its power could neutralize the Moonstone."
Hector: "Go, go, chase empty legends like a fool. But just know: If you come back, you ain't my fellow brethren. You're a traitor. Sundrop or not, I'll end you."

Cassandra (not thrilled): "Adira."
Adira: "I see you gotten yourselves into another situation from which I must recuse you."
(Sees her battling Hector in the caravan)
Lance: "Adira! Yo, how's my hair?"
Hector: "You can't protect them, Adira!"
Cassandra: "You know this guy?"
Princess Rapunzel: "What does he want!?"
Hector: "None shall enter the Dark Kingdom!!"

Eugene: "Two years ago, I'd call fighting jackle monsters from the back of a speeding carriage while a rinoaosuarus chases the woman I love absolutely bonkers. Now I call a Tuesday."
Cassandra: "Time to get some answers."
Lance (to Adira): "You probably didn't hear me, but I'm the one who told the Princess to run the caravan off the cliff. So really I saved us. Don't feel like you have to thank me. You can if you want."
Princess Rapunzel: "Adira, wait! Who was that man that attacked us?"
Cassandra: "And don't give us any of your cryptic runaround talk."
Adria: "His name is Hector, and I don't think I appreciate your tone."
Cassandra (sarcastically): "Oh! I'm sorry I gave you the impression I care about the things you appreciate!"
Princess Rapunzel: "All, right, all right! Who is Hector?"
Adira: "He's a member of the Brotherhood, a group of warriors sworn to keep any and all away from the Dark Kingdom."
Princess Rapunzel: "Dark Kingdom? That's where we're headed."
Cassandra: "How many are in this Brotherhood?"
Adira: "Not many. But you've encountered one before today- Quirin, father of Varian. But none of the Brothers' is as dangerous or sadistic as Hector. And this is his domain: The Great Tree. He's sworn to stay here to ensure no one crosses these mountains."
Cassandra: "And how do you know so much about all this?"
Adira: "Lets just say, some of us in the Brotherhood disagree on a couple of things."

Princess Rapunzel: "Okay, we should circle back and-"
Hook Foot: "What does it mean?"
Adira: "No one knows for sure, but many have perished trying to unravel its history."
Cassandra: "Well, some have translated some of it."
Princess Rapunzel (reads from the scroll):
Flower gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Princess Rapunzel: "It's the healing incantation for the Sundrop. This must be where it came from!"

Princess Rapunzel: "I don't believe it! "
Hook Foot: "What? What is it?"
Princess Rapunzel: "It's another incantation!"
Cassandra: "Another Sundrop incantation?"
Princess Rapunzel: "No, not the Sundrop. The Moonstone."
Cassandra: "The Sundrop's power was to heal. What's the Moonstone's?"
Princess Rapunzel (reading from the scroll):
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
The spirit free
Cassandra: "Uh, Raps?"
Hook Foot: "Princess!!"
Cassandra: "Okay, Raps, you can stop now. Rapunzel!!"
Princess Rapunzel (sings the destructive Moonstone incantation):
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
The spirit free

(Princess Rapunzel continues to recite the Moonstone incantation)
Cassandra: "Raps, stop! Please."
Adira: "AGH!!"
Cassandra: "Rapunzel!! Raps!? No, no, no! Please!"
Princess Rapunzel: "That was unexpected."
Cassandra: "You're okay. I'm sorry, Raps. I'm supposed to protect you."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's OK, Cass. Thank you, Adria."

Adira: "I suggest we camp out here for the night."
Cassandra: "No way! We are getting out of this Tree as soon as possible!"
Adira: "I'm not sure that's your call, Kid."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, we could use the rest."
Cassandra: "Rapunzel, this place almost got us killed an hour ago!"
Adira: "And thankfully I was there to prevent it."
Cassandra: "You stay out of this, Adria!!"
Adira: "I think you should calm down."
Cassandra: "You know what I think? I think you're playing us. I think, you led us here on purpose and for some sick reason, you wanted Rapunzel to find that incantation and read it!!"
Princes Rapunzel: "Come on, Cass. Listen to yourself."
Cassandra: "Rapunzel, I'm telling you: We need to get out of this tree, but more importantly, we need to lose Adria before she gets us all killed!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I can't do that, Cass."
Cassandra: "What do you mean you can't do that? Of course you can! Are you that obliviously naive that you can't see-"
Princess Rapunzel: "Enough, Cassandra!! No one is getting rid of anyone!! Is that clear!!?
Cassandra: "Yes, Your Highness. I'll keep first watch."

Hector: "You guys couldn't take a hint. Now I gotta finish-"
Adira: "Let her go, Hector!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Adria!"
Hector: "And just so we won't be interrupted. Now then. It's sad to see the once mighty Adria waste her life on a fool's brig!!"
Adira: "Talk about wasting lives! You and the Brothers' spent yours hiding something no one was even looking for!!"
Hector: "The Moonstone has the power to destroy the world! Keeping its existence secret was the King's wish, and to do anything otherwise is treason!!"
Adira: "I've seen the Sundrop's power firsthand, Hector! And so will you when we return to the Dark Kingdom."
Hector: "That'll never happen!! I'm sorry it came to this, Sister. And now for the so-called Sundrop."

Cassandra: "Leave her alone!"
Hector: "Brave child. Stupid but brave."
Cassandra: "You want the Sundrop? You gotta go through me first!!"
Hector: "'Kay. You wanna try that again? C'mon. Tell me, lady-in-waiting? What are you waiting for?"
Cassandra: "Funny you should ask."

Cassandra: "Raps, wait! You can't do that incantation again!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I don't have a choice, Cass."
Cassandra: "Please, Raps! That spear can kill it! Let me try and grab it! Trust me!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene!! I have to do this."
Cassandra: "NO!!"
Princess Rapunzel (chants the dark Moonstone spell, causing her hair and eyes to turn back once again):
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
Eugene (weakly) : "Rapunzel!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Lance, go!!"
Lance: "But, Princess!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "NOW!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "I got this, Cass! GO!!"
Adira: "You heard her!! Let's go!!"
Cassandra: "No!! I'm not leaving her!! Raps, let go!!"
Princess Rapunzel (continues chanting the dark Moondrop spell):
Break these earthly chains
And the set the spirit free
Cassandra: "What are you waiting for!!?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I- I can't! I can't control it!! Cass, no!!"
Cassandra: "I could've stopped it. You should have let me try."
Hector: "Listen! Your friend is right! Adria's lying to you! She may have you think she's helping you to find your destiny!! But if you go to the Dark Kingdom, you're doomed!!"
Adira: "Rapunzel, stay on the path. All of our destines lie within you."
Princess Rapunzel: "ADIRA!!"

Eugene: "So what now?"
Cassandra: "It's your call, Raps."
Princess Rapunzel: "This path has been laid out for me. There is no turning back. I am going to the Dark Kingdom."

The Brothers Hook edit

Cassandra: "That's our last apple!"
Eugene: "If it's our last apple, why are you using it for target practice?"
Cassandra: "I use these breaks to stay sharp."

Princess Rapunzel: "Great news, everybody! We are going to see Hook Hand in concert! Not only we'll seeing real life entertainment give us a chance to unwind, and get our mind off the road! And each other. It will be a Hook brothers' reunion!"
Hook Foot (not enthusiastic): "Wow. Thanks, Princess. Seeing my big bro perform sounds delightful. Oh, crackers. This concert's tomorrow and it's all the way in West Dismal. That's at least three days on foot. We'll never make it in time. Oh, well. What's for dinner?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Don't worry, Foot. I already have it figured out. We have plenty of time. All we have to do is leave now, not stop to eat or drink, and walk twice as fast as we normally do. Oh, and no seats."
Everyone: "Aw."
Princess Rapunzel: "Come on, guys! We have a show to catch."

Princess Rapunzel: "That was incredible!"
Eugene: "I mean you only got to hear two notes."
Princess Rapunzel: "And they were incredible! Hook Foot, you must be so proud of your brother. Foot? Are you OK?"
Hook Foot: "OK? Yeah, I'm better than OK. I'm thrilled!! Just, uh, tired from all the walking. I got a...walk leg."

Hook Hand: "Alright, who's knocking!!? Hey, Rapunzel!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Hook Hand!"
Hook Hand: "I can't believe you came all this way, just to see my show."
Princess Rapunzel: "Of course! We wouldn't miss it!"
Eugene: "Hey, Hookie. I gotta admit, I kind of miss seeing you around Corona."
Hook Hand: "Oh yeah? How about a shin?"
Eugene: "Oh! I forgot. That's right. You hate me, and you have a really sharp hook hand. So I'll just wait from over here."
Hook Hand: "Wait a sec. Razzle Dazzle? Is that you?"
Eugene and Lance: "Razzle Dazzle?"
Hook Hand: "Bring it in, Little Bro!"
Hook Foot: "You know it still hurts when you use the hook."
Hook Hand: "You still dazzling everybody with that silly dancing?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Whoa, hold on a second! Dancing? Hook Foot, you're a dancer?"
Hook Foot: "No."
Hook Hand: "Yeah right. Dancing was this guy's dream. You believe that?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Seriously? How did I not know this!?"
Hook Foot: "All right! Actually dancing was my dream, but not anymore."
Hook Hand: "Well, probably for the best, right? Now, who wants a tour of my new gig?"

Princess Rapunzel: "Hook Foot, you coming?"
Hook Foot: "Why!? So I can I can listen to the jerk who crushed my dreams brag about how he's living his!!? Sorry, Princess. It's just, when I was a kid, dancing was my everything. It was my dream! But not everyone was happy to let me have that dream. Then I find out he had a fancy dream of his own. And when I asked him if I could join him, he just laughed in my face. That's when I gave it all up."
Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, Hook Foot. That sounds awful."
Hook Foot: "It's ancient history, I guess. This little visit is over and the Brothers Hook can go our separate ways yet again."
(Door suddenly opens)
Hook Hand: "Got some good news for ya. Turns out, we're headed in the same direction. You guys are riding with me!"

Princess Rapunzel: "I have had it with bullies!!"
Eugene: "Blondie, I know you're upset, butt this is a dispute between Hook and his employer. And you're already going off the interfere. That's nice."

Princess Rapunzel: "King Trevor, I don't believe we've met."
King Trevor: "Who do we have here? Let's see. Impossibly long golden locks, a green-shouldered slug. Princess Rapunzel, I presume? Oh and your felonious boyfriend! You're still wanted in Equis, you know! But I shall spare your necked noose. For it was your thievery what led Trevor Jr. to the flippers of his true love: Lucy."
Princess Rapunzel: "Those two seals are getting married? This is a seal wedding? Most adorable thing ever!! This is not over! Congrats, you two."
King Trevor: "Listen well, Buffoon. This is the most important performance of your measly career. Do you understand me? When the ceremony is ended, I will gift the happy couple with a dance, representing the glory of their love. For as you know, I am regarded as world-class dancer. So if one foul note finds its way into my Trevor Jr.'s ear flaps, it is back to the Stinky Weasel with you. Is that that clear? Not one foul note!!"

Hook Foot: "Not one foul note, huh?"
Clown: "Revenge."

Princess Rapunzel: "Recognize this?"
Hook Hand: "That old thing? It's what I wore when I was a nobody."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's your old hook, and you wore when all you had was a dream. Of all people, you should know what it feels like to hide your dream. Why would you do that to somebody else?"
Hook Hand: " 'Cause dancin' is dumb."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wrong an- Pascal. Wrong answer, Bub!! Just because you're bigger than someone, it doesn't mean you should look down on them. You should support your brother. If it weren't for us supporting your dream, you'd still be wearing this."

Princess Rapunzel: "It was so great getting to see you again, Hook Hand."
Hook Hand: "You, too, Princess. Thanks for everything."
Hook Foot: "I'm really gonna miss you, Big Bro."
Hook Hand: "Well, I ain't gonna miss you. I mean, how I am gonna miss you if you're on the road with...me?"
Hook Foot: "Really!? You mean it? But, my friends. I have to leave them."
Princess Rapunzel: "Hook Foot, we love having you with us. Butt his your chance to follow your own destiny. Go. Live your dream."
Hook Foot: "Thank you. I don't think I've ever been more happy."
Eugene: "Okay! I thought this moment brought on an emotional hug. My bad."
Lance: "Gonna miss that guy."
Cassandra: "Me, too. Maybe."
Princess Rapunzel: "Yeah. Underneath their rough exterior, the Hook Brothers are really sweet and thoughtful guys. Except for the fact that they left us in the middle of nowhere without transportation. No groaning, people! We got a destiny to discover. Now move out!"

Rapunzel: Day One edit

Princess Rapunzel: "It's just, I've never walked on grass before."
Cassandra: "I'm sure you'll do great. Come on, we- "
Princess Rapunzel: "There's no lava round here, right?"
Cassandra: "No, you're good. Lava free. Now come on, let's keep moving. Rapunzel!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "It's so cute! Look at this! Oh my gosh, look at this one!"
Cassandra: "Whoa! Poison ivy."
Princess Rapunzel: "This is so fun!! Woo hoo! Best. Day. Ever!! What's that?"
Cassandra: "It's a cook book. I'm making soup. A really super special soup."
Princess Rapunzel: "I love soup, too! Mother always makes it for my birthday! Oh, we need to get you the special spice Mother uses called min! It has this bright blue flower and it's so good."
Cassandra: "No, no, no. That'd be too much trouble. I don't want my soup to hold you up from going back to your tower. You do wanna go back as soon as possible, right?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Of course I do."

Eugene: "Look, Sunshine, Pascal is with us, he's actually looking for you."
Princess Rapunzel: "You're lying!! Mother said everyone is a thief and a liar and she was right!!"

Cassandra: "All right! You're right, Rapunzel! I did lie. I did use magic on you and this potion can bring back your memories!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Memories?"
Cassandra: "I erased some of your memories! I didn't mean to!! Look, I'm not big on talking about feelings. And I didn't wanna tell you how mad I really was about what happened at the Tree, so I kept it all in until I lost my temper."
Princess Rapunzel: "How do I know you're not just lying again?"
Cassandra: "Friends just have a way of knowing."

Cassandra: "And I could have beaten the Tree without the decay spell if you had just trusted me! So that's why I'm still angry Rapunzel. But still, I never should have even touched that wand."
Princess Rapunzel: "It's okay, Cass. I get it."
Cassandra: "But, Raps, I won't always be mad at you. I'll get over it. It's what friends do."

Mirror, Mirror edit

Princess Rapunzel: "Well, it's official- We are stuck."
Cassandra: "Guess we'll have to wait out the storm in here."
Princess Rapunzel: "Or maybe not."
Cassandra: "Raps, I know what you're thinking, but that place creeps me out."
Eugene: "Hang on! I wanna have a look."
Cassandra: "Ugh, could you be more annoying!?"
Eugene: "Hmm, let me see."
Cassandra: Ow!!"
Eugene: "Ah ha! Would you look at that? I can be."
Cassandra: "Look, Raps, I can see where this is going."

Cassandra: "Something's not right."
Princess Rapunzel: "What do you mean?"
Cassandra: "I mean why is this huge place just sitting here in the middle of nowhere? And that guy or innkeeper or whatever he is just takes us in, offers us food, and a place to stay for the night without even asking for a single coin?"

Cassandra: "I'm telling you, it just doesn't make sense."
Princess Rapunzel: "Look, Cass, I know this is weird. But you gotta admit, this isn't the weirdest thing we've seen on the road."
Eugene: "What are you two waiting for? Dinner's ready."
Cassandra: "Fine."

Princess Rapunzel: "What are you!?
Mirror Eugene: "Rapunzel, don't run from us."
Mirror Cassandra: "It's so much better this way."
Mirror Lance: "No annoying qualities."
Mirror Shorty: "No bickering."
Mirror Reflections: "We share the same mind. It's bliss."
Princess Rapunzel: "Pascal, run!!"

Mirror Eugene: "With no one left to oppose us, we will remain free forever."
Mirror Cassandra: "What of the lizard?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Leave the lizard to me."

Eugene: "You are not Rapunzel!!"
Lance: "Yeah, what are you!!?"
Mirror Rapunzel: "I could tell you, but it would probably be better to show you!!" (changes her hands to claws, and cracks her neck)
Lance: "Exactly how is showing us better than telling us?"

Eugene: "I'd never thought I'd see a mirror I didn't want to see."
Cassandra: "Is it too late to trade him for the evil version?"

Eugene: "Well, I don't know about all of you, but I'd take my night in that rainy caravan over one in this inn any day."
Cassandra: "I'm with you, Fitzherbert. Let's go!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Let's get out of here!!"
Matthews: "Must you leave so soon? Oh, did you see the people in the mirror? Should have warned you about them. Oh, well, live and learn or just live. The good news is, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like. You might even grow to enjoy it."
Princess Rapunzel: "Enjoy it? Uh, no thank you. We'll take our chances...in the rain."
Cassandra: "I'll take first watch?"

Princess Rapunzel: "Oh, right. Quill. Sorry."
Cassandra: "Actually, go ahead. What's a little scratching noise among friends?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Thanks. But I can write about the mirror later. Something tells me, I will remember it."

You're Kidding Me! edit

Princess Rapunzel: "Good Morning, Pascal. You know, aside from the fact we were replaced by evil doppelgangers last night, the House of Yesterday's Tomorrows offers a pretty good night's sleep."
Eugene: "Well, it's certainly the coziest seashell-shaped inn I ever slept in."
Shorty: "I stayed in a cozier one. No wait, that was a cozy seashell shaped like an inn. I'm starved."
Princess Rapunzel: "Uh, wait a minute! The door!"
Cassandra: "It was right here yesterday."
Lance: "Everyone relax. There's a solution to every problem. It's no use!! We're trapped!! It's all over!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Come on, guys! There's gotta be another way out of here. Except in this case. Cass!!"
Cassandra: "That's not an exit."
Eugene: "Dog kennel! And why not, right?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Well, at least we get to cross that door of the list."
Shorty: "Hey, I found a way out."

Cassandra: "Now come on. Enough messing around. We gotta find an exit. (sees a spinning top) No way! I used to have a top just like this! I loved this thing!"
Lance: 'Uh, Cassandra? You like tops?
Cassandra: "Got a problem with that?"
Lance: "No, by all means. It's a bit weird."
Cassandra: "Whoa, look at it go!"
Shorty: "Does this seem weird to anybody else?"

Eugene: "Still no way out? And it's gonna take us forever to check this whole place.
Princess Rapunzel: "Well, I guess we'll have to stay here another night. Today was really tough. But, you know, even though we didn't always agree on everything, I think our different approaches ended being complimentary in a weird way."
Eugene: "Blondie, I completely agree. And if we ever do decide to have kids, a assertiveness compassion."
Princess Rapunzel: "And a whole lot of love. Let's get out of here."

Matthews: "The mirror failed, the top failed. But I promise you, Master: I will keep the Sundrop in this house...forever."

Rapunzeltopia edit

Matthews: "Magnifique! The power of the Sundrop is nearly in Zhan Tiri's grasp."
Lance: "How did we not see this bad guy coming? We're usually pretty good at this sort of thing."
Eugene: "Wait until I'm free!!"
Matthews: "That's just it, mon amie. You never shall be free. And in a few moments, nor shall she!"

Matthews: "Time's almost up. I will start getting nervous. "
Eugene: "Rapunzel, please wake up!! Rapunzel!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Other me! I could really use your help right now! Where am I when I need me?"
Dream Rapunzel: "Hi. Need a little help to wrap this up?"
Princess Rapunzel: "If you wouldn't mind?"
Dream Rapunzel: "I like how polite you are. Dream-fighting is easy."

Mother Gothel: "Hello, Rapunzel. Oh, I've missed you, my precious flower. When will you realize I will always get the better of you? Whether you're trapped in a tower (whispers) or trapped in your own mind."
Princess Rapunzel: "My own mind. You're right! This is my mind! I'm in control."
Mother Gothel: "How many times must you hear before you understand that Mother knows-" (Rapunzel cuts her off by knocking her out with her signature frying pan
Princess Rapunzel: "I have always wanted to do that."
Mother Gothel: "I have had..." (transforms into Matthews)
Matthews: "ENOUGH!! You will not escape my control!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "You have no power over me here!! You thought by dangling an easy life in front of me, I would follow you into oblivion. Well, you were wrong!! (teleports them both to the black rocks)) I am a lot tougher than you think. From now on, the only thing that I follow is my destiny!!" (touches a black rock, turning her hair yellow again and escaping from the dream)
Matthews: "NOOO!!"

Princess Rapunzel: "Max, Fidella! It's so good to see you two! Has anyone seen Cass?"
Lance: "Wait a second."
Eugene: "Get ready, guys! There's no telling what kind of souped-up human monster might come through that door. It's even worse than I thought."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, thank goodness your okay! Where were you?"
Cassandra: "I'm fine. Let's get moving, huh?"
Princess Rapunzel: "Time to hit the road. Destiny calls."

Lost and Found edit

Princess Rapunzel: "Just another day's travel and we are at the Dark Kingdom. Hope we packed our touches! Because the kingdom is dark. Is where I was going with that. Are you okay, Eugene? You seem distracted."
Eugene: "Huh? Oh! Uh...I didn't wanna make light of it? Now that we're so close to the Dark Kingdom, it all feels more real, you know? I mean, crazy Rhino Man said if we went there we're doomed, and we have no idea what we're in for. The only clue that's waiting for us is on three stupid pieces of a torn scroll that we can't even read!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I know it's scary, Eugene, but we cannot turn back now. Besides, you and I have other plans. Or at least, we should have other plans. Birthday plans."
Eugene: "Oh, my gosh! I forgot your birthday."
Princess Rapunzel: "How could you forget, Eugene!?"
Eugene: "Sorry! I'm pretty sure that firefly scorched my date book."

Eugene: "The Path of Demanitus."
Princess Rapunzel: "Demanitus was that engineer-inventor guy who built that thing that stopped the blizzard in Corona."
Eugene: "Whoa, hello. Vigor? Monkey? Wanna banana? Vigor? It's a...a..."
Princess Rapunzel: "Amazing! This is great! I've always wanted to go through a giant maze."
Eugene: "I'm happy for you, I am. But look at that! It would've been nice if Demanitus left us a- I don't know- map or something!"
Vigor (deep male voice): "You require no map. For I am Demanitus!"

Princess Rapunzel: "If this guy really is Demanitus, it is a huge honor."
Eugene: "If this guy is Demantius. How do we know he's not another one of Zhan Tiri's cronies?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I hear you, I hear you. Cautious optimism. Emphasize on the caution."

Princess Rapunzel (reads the inscription):
Remove a piece
And I increase
Eugene: "Wait!"
Princess Rapunzel: "The fourth piece of the scroll! We did it!"
Eugene (reading on the plaque):
Before thou claim thy glory
Have faith the crystal bridge
Shall lead to thy quarry
Use the key to unlock
After thy faithful walk
Eugene: "It's really not your best work."
Vigor: "Yes, but look. A mon...key!"
Eugene: "Now denied!"
Vigor: "Here!"
Eugene: "Why did you do just that!?"
'Vigor: "You were supposed to catch it!"
Eugene: "I wasn't ready! You gotta warn me!!"
Vigor: "I said 'here!'"
Eugene: "That is not-"
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene, you can pick the lock."
Eugene: "Fine. Rapunzel, bobby pin me."

Lord Demanitus: "I'm running out of time. Listen. One must unite the Sundrop and Moonstone to summon the ultimate power. The fourth piece of the scroll contains instructions to wield that power."
Princess Rapunzel: "Wield the power?"
Lord Demanitus: "In the right hands it can be used for good. In the wrong hands, it could be inconceivably deadly. Now you know why I tested your faith: To ensure that the purest of hearts controls the power."
Eugene: "Then what if we just leave the Moonstone alone, right?"
Lord Demanitus: "If the Sundrop does not join with the Moonstone, the black rocks will awaken and seek you out forever. It will destroy everything in your path!"
Eugene: "Ooh, yes. Let's not do that. I have a question: How do we get out of this miserable labyrinth!!?"
Lord Demanitus: "The Moon cannot be seen without the sun's light. She gives you light. Now you must return the favor with your faith."
Eugene: "Demanitus, I don't think I have it."
Lord Demanitus: "It's not that you need to have faith. It's that you need to find the faith you already have!"

Eugene: "I do have faith. I have faith in Rapunzel."
Lord Demantius: "No! Oh no!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Please stay, Demanitus! I have so many questions! How does my hair work!!? What does the Moonstone do!!?"
Lord Demanitus: "Questions you must answer yourself. I waited millennium in this monkey to meet the Sundrop. I have faith in you."

Princess Rapunzel: "And then Vigor says, 'For I am Demantius.' Now this is a monkey talking, by the way. He took us to a giant maze. Pascal, do the face again!!"
(Eugene reads the impending warning left for him)
Lord Demanitus' Voice
At the end of Rapunzel's journey
One of her party shall turn against her

Destines Collide edit

(Twenty-Five Years Ago)
King Edmund: "Everyone must leave!! Now!!"
Quirin: "Your Majesty."
King Edmund: "I said...everyone."

Princess Rapunzel: "The Dark Kingdom. We finally made it."
Eugene: "We just need to figure how to get the caravan over there."
Lance: "It served us well."
Shorty: "All my clean clothes!"
Lance: "Shorty, you never had any clean clothes."
Shorty: "Not with that attitude I didn't."

Cassandra: "Your destiny awaits, Princess."
Eugene: "You sure you're ready for this?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I just wish I knew what this is. I mean, Demanitus said that if I don't grab the Moonstone, the black rocks will destroy everything. But I have no idea what to expect what will happen to me when I do."
Cassandra: "I don't know. But whatever happens, you won't be facing it alone."

Princess Rapunzel: "No one is gonna turn against me. Demanitus must be wrong. Everyone's had my back this far. They're not gonna stop now."
Eugene: "Unless they think they're protecting you. After all, that's how Cass injured her hand."
Princess Rapunzel: "You don't think that Cass...?"
Eugene: "Look, I love Cass. She's become like a sister to me. Granted, an annoying sister you only put up with because you have to. But maybe we should keep an eye on- What is that bird doing here?"
Cassandra: "Try asking his friends."

Cassandra: "Where did she come from?"
Lance: "Like an angel. She fell from Heaven."
Eugene: "And now Adira's here. Because why wouldn't she be?"

Adira: "The Brotherhood, which I always thought was a bit odd because, well, one of us is a woman. I refused to believe such darkness could exist without a light of equal power somewhere in this world. As usual, I was right. After years of searching, I found the Sundrop. Only you, Rapunzel, can restore balance to all things."
Princess Rapunzel: "If you've known this all along, why have you been so cryptic?"
Adira: "Well, I'm certain bringing the Sundrop to the Moonstone will neutralize its threat. I'm not sure what will happen to you."
Cassandra: "You mean if Rapunzel touches the Moonstone, she could...?"
Princess Rapunzel: "I did not come this far to stop now."

Princess Rapunzel: "Your Majesty, please! The Moonstone knows I'm close. I have to go!!"
King Edmund: "No!! No one may enter that room!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "I'm going in and you don't want to get in my way!!"
King Edmund: "You're not getting past me."
Eugene: "Yes she is!! Let her in!! She's the Sundrop!!
Princess Rapunzel: "Eugene!!"
Eugene: "Rapunzel, I am so sorry! I just thought-"
Princess Rapunzel: "There's no time for that! We have to get to that stone! This place is crumbling down around us!"
King Edmund: "But the Moonstone must be destroyed, Son!!"
Princess Rapunzel: "Son?"
Cassandra: "Son?"
Lance: "You finally got adopted!"
Eugene: "Look, I'll fill you all in later. That means I'm a prince. Probably."

Cassandra: "You can't go alone! Who knows what's in there?"
Adira: "Rapunzel should go in alone. Only the Sundrop can access the Moonstone's great power."
Princess Rapunzel: "Cass and I will go. Adira, you're with Lance."

Princess Rapunzel: "Look, I know these last few months haven't been easy. But I want to thank you for everything."
Cassandra: "Okay, Rapunzel. It's time."
Eugene: "This is it, Rapunzel. Now go get your destiny."
Princess Rapunzel: "I love you.
(She walks up to the Moonstone Opal and reaches for it, but Cassandra suddenly reaches out her left hand and snatches the almighty Opal away)
Princess Rapunzel: (shocked) Cassandra!? What are you doing!!?"
(Her hair stops glowing and drops in reaction)
Cassandra: "I'm fulfilling my destiny!!
(Breaks the Moonstone Opal in her hand, causing raw evil power to emanate from it and transform her entire being)
Cassandra: "Heh. I tried to warn you, Rapunzel: You have to be careful who you trust."