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Organization random, not by episodes, no clear separators between quotation, non-standard fmt. of context lines ~ MosheZadka (Talk)

All rules referred to here can be found in the GtL, and exemplified in the relevant template. TV shows, by convention, are organized by season/episode -- which has not been done here. Quotations are seperated by half-width rules, which has not been done here. "Context lines" (non-quotation information intended to clarify the quotation) have a specific format, depending whether it "describes an action" or is a "stage direction". Again, for more details, consult links above. ~ MosheZadka (Talk) 21:13, 3 December 2005 (UTC)

Sports Fest quoteEdit

I've removed the weird Yukari quote that was there originally ("The only thing I did is A WINNER!"). I had been wondering about it for a while, but I thought it might be in the dubbed version; I've now checked and it isn't. No wonder, since I now see that the original editor was just a drive-by nonsense poster, and this is the only bit that didn't get caught. I've replaced it with a similar line that is in the episode, and I threw in the three-legged race scene too. ~ Zeke 05:27, 24 April 2008 (UTC)

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