Azumanga Daioh

Japanese manga series

Azumanga Daioh (2002) (Japanese: あずまんが大王) is a Japanese anime series about the passage of a group of girls through a prestigious Japanese high school.


Season 1


Miss Yukari [1.1]

Yukari: Damn you, [bicycle] chain. I'll show you one day.

Yukari: Hey, I said you could ask anything, but my measurements are top secret! Not that I'm ashamed, of course. In fact, I dare say they're pretty spectacular. Oh, you impetuous boy! Look what you made me say on the first day!
Male Student: What I meant is that your class is next door. This is Class 4. [Yukari slithers away]

Chiyo: I like that in high school we get to bring our own lunches. But it's hard getting up early to make it.
Kaorin and Female Student: She makes it herself?
[Chiyo opens her bento box.]
Kaorin and Female Student: And it looks delicious!
Kaorin: What is she? Miss Perfect? Superwoman?

Female Student: Miss Sakaki is really cool, isn't she!
Kaorin: Yeah, she's way better than any of the boys in our class!
[Kaorin catches a glimpse of Sakaki's panties and the kitty on the back]
Female Student: Kaorin?
Kaorin: I just saw something cute...

Tomo: Hold on! Sakaki, your boobs are 8cm bigger than mine, so step back 8cm!
Kaorin: Hey! That's cheating!
Yomi: Eight centimeters...

Osaka's Day [1.2]

[Something seems to have caught Osaka's attention and she follows it around the classroom]
Kaorin: Osaka, what are you doing?
Osaka: You know those tiny bubbles inside your eyes you sometimes catch?
[Kaorin sits patiently waiting for the answer]
Osaka: Yeah, I'm trackin' them down as we speak.

Tomo: Sensei.
Yukari: What? What's wrong?
Tomo: I smashed that cockroach just now with my textbook.
[Tomo's holds up her textbook which shows the smashed cockroach and walks closer to Yukari]
Tomo: What should I do?
[Yukari screams out of disgust]
Yukari: Get away from me! GET AWAY! [She continues to scream]

Nyamo [1.3]

Yukari: BASKETBALL! Now is the basketball era! Come sweat with your teacher and live out your youth to its fullest potential!

Yukari: We're Team Yukari!
Tomo & Yomi: [unenthusiastically] Yay.
Osaka: We're Team Sea Slug!
Chiyo & Kaorin: What?!
Chiyo: Osaka?
Kaorin: But sea slugs are so... [pause]
Osaka: Go Team Sea Slug!
Chiyo & Kaorin: [even less enthusiastically] Yay.

Pool, Pool, Pool [1.4]

Tomo: Kimura-sensei, why did you become a teacher?

Mr. Kimura: Several of the water pipes that run through my house have been leaking quite a bit lately.
Nyamo: Oh?
Mr. Kimura: The rubber backing has probably grown very brittle and dried out. It tends to do that when it gets old you know.
Nyamo: Sure, I Guess so.
[long pause]
Mr. Kimura: Have you grown brittle and dry...?

Tomo: Uh huh! Yomi's crazy flexible 'cause her body's made of almost nothing but fat!
[Yomi hits Tomo over the back of the head]
Yomi: Quit being so damn RUDE!
[Tomo runs away, chased by Yomi]
Tomo: Flabby! Hey, it jiggled!
Tomo: Ooow...
Nyamo: You two, quit messing around!

Summer Break [1.5]

Tomo: That's right! We're stylin' and profilin'!
Osaka: But don't you have boyfriends to show off your style to?
[Tomo heaves a heavy sigh]

Nyamo: So, I'll take three and Yukari will take two.
Chiyo: Um... since Yukari-sensei's car looks a bit more spacious, why not put three people over there?
Nyamo: Isn't it better for fewer people to die? [The girls gasp.]

[After they arrive at Chiyo's sumer home]
Yukari: We're here!
[Yomi opens the door of the Yukari-mobile]
Yomi: We were watching.
[Osaka and Chiyo are trembling, visibly traumatized]
Osaka: We're not afraid of rollercoasters anymore...after know...

Tomo: So, it's Nyamo's turn. Share some of your vast array of adult experiences.
Nyamo: [very uncomfortable] Well, I'm single too, so i really don't have any of those stories.
Tomo: Darn.
Yukari: You weren't single last year. [Nyamo shakes a little]

Sports Fest [1.6]

Yukari: Listen up, everyone! I have one word that I want to say to all of you. And that word is... FIRST PLACE!

Chiyo and Osaka: [lined up for the three-legged race] Let's do it!
[starting gun fires; the girls fall over]
Chiyo: Let's take our time and count our steps, okay?
Osaka: Okay, nice and slow.
Chiyo and Osaka: One --! [they fall over again]

Culture Fest [1.7]

Girl: Oh, Ms. Kurosawa!
Nyamo: Tell me, how's it holding up?
Girl: Well the thing is...
Nyamo: Huh?
[cuts to Kagura and Mr. Kimura]
Mr. Kimura: What is going on here!
Kagura: Going on, what do you mean!
Mr. Kimura: This is inexcusable!
Nyamo: Something wrong?
Kagura: Yeah, this guy...
Mr. Kimura: Oh, Ms. Kurosawa, I'm so glad you're here!
Nyamo: Okay!
Mr. Kimura: Please talk some sense into your girls Ms. Kurosawa. I mean don't you find it rather odd? This is the swim team's booth and no one's in a swim suit!
Kagura & Nyamo: Uh...
Mr. Kimura: Ugh... okay, I'll let the swimsuits go.
Kagura: Yes sir!
Mr. Kimura: I think I'd like a glass of pool water!
Kagura: Sir?
Kagura: WHAT! We don't have any of that!
Mr. Kimura: [deep sigh]

New Year's Dream Special [1.8]

Osaka: Chiyo-chan, why are you flying?
Chiyo: I'm ten years old!

Sakaki: Excuse me, that thing we were talking about, where can I go to find a real cat?
Chiyo's dad: A real cat? [He starts to glow, turning blue, purple and red.] Are you saying then that I am a fake cat?
Sakaki: I'm sorry please forgive me.
[He stops glowing.]
Chiyo's dad: No, it is not that I am angry. I am not a fake. [He quickly glows red again and thrashes around in his chair] But do you mean to say that there are cats that are real AND ONES THAT ARE NOT?!
Sakaki: Are you sure you're not angry?

Miss Sakaki [1.9]

Osaka: Sakaki is absorbing something from you!
Chiyo: Sakaki, did you take my height?
Chiyo: You took it, right? You took it, right? You took it, right?...Give it back!

Second Year [1.10]


[Sakaki walks over to a black cat, trying to pet it]
Kagura: [leaping in front of Sakaki's face] STUPID FURBALL!!! [the cat runs away] [laughing] That was great!
[Sakaki slowly turns her head to face Kagura, her eyes hidden beneath her hair]

Kagura And Sakaki [1.11]

[after the two guess names of flowers by the sidewalk]
Kagura: Hey, Sakaki. That just now; was that a contest?
[Sakaki looks at Kagura as if to say "no"]

Chiyo's Day [1.12]

Chiyo: [narrating] Whenever I go to school, sometimes Sakaki joins me on my walks because she lives in the neighborhood.
[Sakaki looks around and sees a kitty, then she chases after it without Chiyo noticing]
Chiyo-chan: [Looks to where Sakaki was. Thinking to herself.] But sometimes she just disappears all of a sudden and I don't know where she went. It's a mystery....

Exams [1.13]

Tomo: Hey, what are you guys acting so cool for?
Osaka and Kagura: Huh?
Tomo: Come on you two, say something back at her!
Osaka and Kagura: Huh? [Pointing to Tomo] Knucklehead.
Tomo: [Pronouncing with "s"] Knuckleheads.
Osaka and Kagura: Oh. [To Yomi] Who you calling knucklehead?!

Entire Class: It's not here.
[camera cuts to Tomo, sitting wide-eyed; she drops her pencil]

The Ocean, Summer Kimonos, And A Party [1.14]

[After Chiyo and Sakaki help everyone put their kimonos on.]
Yukari: An adult being dressed by a child...
Nyamo: You don't know how to put one on either!
Tomo: I thought for sure you'd be able to, Nyamo.
Yukari: [to the group] Isn't strange that Ms. Kurosawa here, who can tie a man's necktie, cannot put on her own kimono?
Tomo: You can tie a necktie?!
Yukari: The story begins long ago, when Ms. Nyamo was madly in love. This she-beast here used to practice doing neckties using me as her guinea pig!
Nyamo: So what?!
Yukari: Unfortunately, they broke up before she could show off her new skill. So her next ambition was-
[Nyamo starts fighting with her before she can finish her sentence]

Osaka: When you think about it rationally, you don't really need turtles.

[After Sakaki wins the Nekokoneko.]
Kagura: Wow, you totally killed that Nekokoneko! You hunter! You crazy sniper, you!
Sakaki: [in tears] It's not dead... It's not dead...

[The Morning After the Night Before, Nyamo style]
Chiyo: That was interesting, but I'm a little confused. what did you mean by.... [the soundtrack goes silent as Chiyo mimes out certain very odd sexual references]
Nyamo: What? Chiyo, who told you about that?
Yukari:You did
[The other girls walk in, Sakaki blushes awkwardly, and the other three bow in deep respect.]
Tomo: Thank you very much, sensei!
Osaka: That was very informative.
Kagura: [worshipfully] I'm so proud of you, Coach.

Sports Fest, Second Year [1.15]

[The girls wonder who would marry a man like Kimura.]
Tomo: I bet if she married Kimura she has a really bad personality.
Yukari: On the contrary! I hear that Kimura's wife is so sweet and gentle that she is willing to put up with that!
Tomo: [awestruck] Is she some kind of angel?
[Tomo, Yumi, Yukari and Chiyo look up as the background turns white and watches Kimura's Wife fly around as an angel.]

Culture Fest, Second Year [1.16]

Osaka: There will be lots of cute cats and dogs in the Cafe... and they're all dead. [The other girls groan.]

Kagura: I'm Kagura! The fact that I'm 156 centimeters tall has nothing to do with the Culture Fest!
Sakaki: I'm, Sakaki... [The on-screen picture indicates that Sakaki is 174 cm tall, an unusual height for a Japanese girl]

Osaka's Scary Stories [1.17]

Yukari: Listen up! I'm tired of just being an English teacher, so today I'm teaching you kids Math!
Yomi: Math, huh?
[Yukari leafs through the Math textbook, can't find a lesson she understands, and screams.]
Yukari: We're doing P.E.! Everybody outside.

Yukari: We're playing soccer!
Yomi: Sure, but do you even know the rules?
Yukari: I'm Nakata! [a player on Japan's national team -- the dub uses American women's international Mia Hamm.]
Yomi: What?
Yukari: My position is Nakata!

Yukari: [ecstatic at having scored] GOAL! GOAL! GOOOOAL!
Yomi: Sensei, that was our goal.
Yukari: Actually, I'm a spy for the other team.
Yomi: Whatever.

Kagura: Hey, does Chiyo-chan...
Tomo: Huh?
Kagura: ...Still believe in Santa Claus?
Tomo: Well, should I ask her?
[Tomo Walks over to Chiyo]]
Tomo: Chiyo-Chan, are you one of those people that still believes in Santa Claus?

Chiyo: I know that Santa is my father.
Sakaki: Santa... is her father?
[Sakaki's imagination overwhelms her and we get to see the results.]
Chiyo-chichi: Merry Krismasu!
Chiyo: Yay! My father is Santa!
Chiyo-chichi: Yes. The government pays me to deliver presents to all the children in Japan!
Chiyo: Amazing!
Chiyo-chichi: And I can fly at Mach 100!
Chiyo: Amazing, amazing!

Kagura: Now, if we accept that Santa doesn't exist -- do reindeer exist?
Tomo: [after a bout of explosive laughter] This girl believes in reindeer! [Continues laughing, the other girls gasp.]
Yomi: Reindeer do exist.

Osaka: I think that when Christmas time comes...
Chiyo: Yes?
Osaka: There's a red-nosed reindeer. That's mean. "Your shining nose is useful in the fog..." The way he said it doesn't help at all. If you tell a bald man his head is useful in the dark, you'd get punched in the face. Santa Claus says such cruel things.
Chiyo: [Has no idea what Osaka is talking about.] Uh, yeah...

Koyomi's Ordeals [1.18]

[Tomo tells Yukari about Yomi eating all you can eat snow crab]
Yukari: In Hokkaido?! Snow Crab??!! ALL YOU CAN EAT???!!!
Tomo: [crying] It was all Yomi. All Yomi.
Yomi: [To Tomo] You actually got her...
[Yukari slaps Yomi with a notebook]

[Tomo stands in front of a vending machine and buys a milk-tea]
Tomo: [looking into the vending machine, which pours the tea with no cup] Oh, no! The cup! My-my milk tea!
[seconds later]
Yomi: [holding a cup of milk-tea] What the... two cups...?
[Tomo looks on in shock, then bawls and runs around in circles]

One Spring Night [1.19]


Third Year [1.20]

Kagura: Chiyo-Chan's studying abroad! Amazing!
Tomo: Amazing!
Chiyo: No... really...
Tomo: Mm. She's gonna die.
Chiyo: Ahh!
Osaka: Mm. You know, 'cause your family's rich and you're so tiny. [she suddenly grabs Chiyo by the pigtails] And you're easy to catch!

School Trip [1.21]

Yukari: Our school trip is coming up next month. You look excited, Chiyo-chan.
[Chiyo giggles merrily]
Yukari: Actually, it's been canceled.

[Taking roll at the airport, Yukari style.]
Yukari: All right, is everybody here? If you're not here, raise your hand! Just kidding!
Tomo: I'm not here!
Yukari: But you are!

Tomo: [holding up a box of cookies]. Chinsuko.
[She holds the box in front of Yomi proudly.]
Tomo: It's chinsuko! it's chinsuko!
[Yomi blushes, annoyed. The way Tomo is saying it makes it sound like "penis" (Chinpoko)]

Osaka: [Pointing at a mounted Iriomote cat at a museum.] Yamapikarya! [Points to a real Iriomote cat] Yamapikarya!
Chiyo: I guess he'll look like that when he grows up too, huh.
Osaka: And then he'll look like that.....
[Sakaki and Chiyo's expressions change to open-mouthed horror as Osaka points at a skeleton.]
Osaka: Nice and bony.

Entrance Exams Study Camp! [1.22]

[while running a red light]
Tomo: Hey! What are you stopping for?
Yukari and Tomo: [Tomo stretches her face and sticks out her tongue as Yukari motions as if honking her horn] Loser! Loser!
Kaorin: [pointing ahead with a horrified expression] IT'S RED!!!
[Yukari, Tomo, and Kaorin scream offscreen]
Osaka: Ooh. They're flyin'.

Tomo: [jumps in front of Kaorin's camera] Cheese!
[long pause]
Kaorin: [jumping off the deck] Dammit! Whoa. [screams offscreen]
Osaka: Whoa. She's flyin'.

Last Sports Fest in High School [1.23]


Yamamaya [1.24]

Osaka: The Frenchman Mr. Tadakichi and the Japanese Chiyo-chan coming to America. It'll be hard to tell who's the foreigner there.
Chiyo: Miss Osaka sure is interesting.

Tomo: Are you sure it's safe to leave that cat alone with Mr. Tadakichi? He might get eaten!
Chiyo: It's not a problem. Mr. Tadakachichi is much too big to --
Kagura: [reading a guidebook] Iriomote cats have been known to kill and eat wild boars.
Chiyo: [panicked by this sudden revelation] We've got to hurry!

Onwards, Entrance Exams! [1.25]

Osaka: What ya'll doin'?
Tomo: Just quizzing Chiyo-chan here. What kind of bird is always avoiding the police?
Osaka: A Rook. [in the japanese, it is a heron, which is a pun on the Japanese word for "fraud"]
[Tomo and Chiyo are both taken aback she got it so quickly]
Tomo: All right then -- who built Osaka Castle?
Osaka: The carpenter.
Tomo: If Nihongo is Japanese, what is Eigo?
Osaka: Still Japanese. [Eigo is the Japanese name of English]
Tomo: An eggplant, a watermelon and a radish are on a truck which takes a steep curve. What drops?
Osaka: The speed.
Tomo and Chiyo You're amazing!!
Osaka: Did I say something?

Graduation Ceremony [1.26]

[Kagura picks up a desk.]
Kagura: Would it be bad if I took one of the desks home?
Yukari: Yes, it would be bad.

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