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Show Title (startyear–endyear) followed by a brief explanation of the show's premise and notable facts about it. Don't go overboard, though; those wanting more information can always follow the Wikipedia link provided in the first sentence. In this and other commentary locations one can optionally provide pertinent links to other locations within Wikiquote, Wikipedia, or other Wikimedia projects.

Season n


Episode Name [n.m]

[This is an explanatory note; it gives some context, using a full English sentence.]
Character: This is the first time I show up in this episode.
Minor Character Without a Wikipedia Page: I'm here, too.
Character: Second time I show up, I don't need a link to Wikipedia.
Unnamed Character: My attribution uses a brief description with title-casing.

Character: This works well for a long monologue, about life, the universe and everything, too.

Another Episode [resonant.m+1]

Character: In this episode, my first appearance again calls for a Wikipedia link.

Unidentified episode

Minor Character: [meekly] Nobody remembers where this quote is from.


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