Scream (TV series)

2015 American horror television series

Scream (2015–2019) is an American horror television series, that aired on MTV and VH1. In this television adaptation of the popular horror movie franchise, the series centers on a group of teenagers being stalked by a killer after a certain video becomes viral and leads to problems that will open up the troubled past of the town of Lakewood.

Season 1 (2015) edit

"Pilot" [1.01] edit

Seth Branson: Kieran's right. The gothic genre is all over TV right now. American Horror Story, Hannibal, Bates Motel.
Jake Fitzgerald: What about Texas Chainsaw or Halloween?
Noah Foster: Those are slasher movies. You can't do a slasher movie as a TV series. [everyones turns to Noah, Mr Branson then motions him to continue]
Noah Foster: Think about it. Girl and her friend arrive at the dance, the camp, deserted town, whatever. Killer takes them out one-by-one. Ninety minutes later, the sun comes up and survivor girl sits in the ambulance watching her friends' bodies being wheeled past.

Riley Marra: It's just crazy that we were talking about slasher movies in Language Arts. And then Nina gets slashed.
Noah Foster: Well technically she was already dead when we started that conversation. So there's no direct correlation.

Noah Foster: Gotta remember that the whodunit may not be as important in our story... You need to figure that it's a horror story, that someone might die at every turn. You have to care if the smokin' hot lit teacher seems a little too interested in his female students. You have to care if the team wins the big game. You have to care if the smart, pretty girl forgives the dumb jock.
Riley Marra: Sounds like Friday Night Lights.
Noah Foster: Exactly. You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts.

Noah Foster: The socially awkward Catholic school film geek is your lesbian lover and I have to find out on YouTube? I call a best friend foul.
Audrey Jensen: I didn't make the video.
Noah Foster: [chuckling] Oh, yeah. Lack of production value made that pretty clear, but if we could just move right on back to the whole lesbian thing.
Audrey Jensen: Okay. Not a lesbian, not discussing it.

"Hello, Emma" [1.02] edit

Noah Foster: It's the age of Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. I mean, we need to share the things we do or it's like it never happened.

Noah Foster: Oh, jeez! You're like a ninja!
Riley Marra: That's racist.

Jake Fitzgerald: Who could resist a murder selfie?
Noah Foster: Which is what the killer is counting on.
Seth Branson: Alright Will Graham, what is this killer's design?
Noah Foster: Well, murder is a lonely game, you know. I mean say you're the killer, OK, you sneak into Nina's house, skulk around, scare her and then you kill her. Boom. But then what? Take a victory lap around the pool? You just stand watching the blood spread out in the water, thinking crazy guy stuff.
Brooke Maddox: Creepy monologue alert.
Riley Marra: So maybe it's no good if he's the only one watching.
Noah Foster: Exactly, yeah, uh, it's the age of Instragram, YouTube and Tumblr. I mean we need to share the things we do or it's like it never happened. [Riley gets a text on her phone and takes her phone out to read it]
Seth Branson: Riley, phones off.
Riley Marra: Sorry Mr. B. But my friend from St Mary's texted, a girl who goes there died! [everyone is shocked, especially Audrey, who immediately checks her phone]
Brooke Maddox: No way! Who was it?
Jake Fitzgerald: How'd it happen?
Riley Marra: It doesn't say.
Seth Branson: I'm sorry to hear that. But why do we get back to...
Audrey Jensen: [while gets up from her seat] I've, uh... [starts to run out of the room and leaves] got to go to the bathroom!
Seth Branson: Actually, we could all use a minute.

"Wanna Play a Game" [1.03] edit

Jake Fitzgerald: Christian Grey's Red Room of Pain awaits you!
Brooke Maddox: Ew. That would literally be like doing my brother.
Jake Fitzgerald: Ah, so Game of Thrones? I'm cool with that!

Riley Marra: Still haven't heard from Noah. Everything was going great on the football field, then he raced off like the McRib was back.
Brooke Maddox: He's clearly afraid to make a move, and you're too gorg' for these romantic Special Olympics.
Riley Marra: Don't be mean.
Brooke Maddox: Not mean. Brutally honest. It's a different shade of mean.

Riley Marra: [dying words] I can see our stars.

"Aftermath" [1.04] edit

Audrey Jensen: Drinking on the job is a new thing for you.
Noah Foster: They can't fire me. I'm the only one who knows how to reset the router.

Audrey Jensen: Is that a pig? God, I'm never eating bacon again.

Audrey Jensen: Hey, we could team up: Bi-curious and the Virgin.
Noah Foster: That's the world's saddest crime-fighting duo.

Noah Foster: Holy Christmas! Oh, I knew it. It's a genuine killer's lair.
Emma Duvall: That's a thing?
Audrey Jensen: Please don't get him started.
Noah Foster: A lair is an extension of the killer's psychosis: the root cellar in Psycho, Kevin Spacey's apartment in Se7en, Hannibal Lecter's kitchen. I mean, every fictional killer has one.
Emma Duvall: So he's been living here?
Noah Foster: I highly doubt it. No, this looks staged. I mean, you see lairs on TV, not in real life. Take Pretty Little Liars. They're always chock-full of bloody little clues and creepy, unrealistic icons. I mean, seriously, how would 'A' get her hands on four Victorian dolls that look just like the main characters? Where do you shop for that?
Audrey Jensen: Evil American Girl doll store?
Noah Foster: I can't believe you two came here without me.
Emma Duvall: Yeah, you're right. After you.

"Exposed" [1.05] edit

Noah Foster: Audrey, you can't just invade a guy's laptop.
Audrey Jensen: Oh, please. He's invading everyone's everything.

Brooke Maddox: So before I say what I have to say, how hot is your coffee?
Emma Duval: Well, it is coffee, so... hot.

Will Belmont: This is my worst nightmare.
Jake Fitzgerald: Mine's the one where you realize all your teeth are loose, but yeah, having your junior high sex moves, like, all going viral is way worse.

"Betrayed" [1.06] edit

Noah Foster: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful mutual tolerance.

Audrey Jensen: Nice resting-creep-face.
Noah Foster: Back atcha.

Piper Shaw: See, the problem with being a nice guy is that screw ups look so much worse on you because you're decent.

"In The Trenches" [1.07] edit

Jake Fitzgerald: On a scale of one to ten, exactly how mad are you at me?
Brooke Maddox: Eleventy.

Jake Fitzgerald: This place is big. We should split up finding Will.
Noah Foster: Said no one who survived a horror movie ever.

Emma Duval: [thinking it's Will] Hey!
Ghostface: [using Will's voice] Hey, where are you?
Emma Duval: I just got here. I brought, um, really expensive candy for the full on theatrical experience.
Ghostface: [using Will's voice] Change of plans. Come and find me.
Emma Duval: Will, this isn't funny! Will? What did we have to eat on our second date?
Ghostface: [using Will's Voice] You know, I can't recall. [switches back to Ghostface's voice] But this is going to be a date to remember.
Emma Duval: No!
Ghostface: YES! Game still on, and we're in the bonus round!
Emma Duval: I played by your rules. I did everything that you wanted. Where is he!?
Ghostface: I wanted you to have a little pride... instead you forgave his life, just like Daisy did all those years ago. I don't forgive so easily.
Emma Duval: What did you do to him?
Ghostface: It's what you're gonna do, that's the real bitch. I suggest you run!

"Ghosts" [1.08] edit

Piper Shaw: I, uh, know that I said I would respect your privacy, but can I offer you some advice from someone whose dad is never coming back? Second chances are rare. Don't waste them.

Emma Duval: Noah, you have to stop doing that.
Noah Foster: Well, I would walk backwards, but there's lots of broken glass.

Noah Foster: [finding the killer's hiding place] Holy Dexter's air conditioner!

"The Dance" [1.09] edit

Noah Foster: Could we just go back to the part where your mom, who wears cardigans and drives an SUV, had a baby with Brandon James?

Emma Duval: Look, Audrey, I know you want the truth. So let's find it.
Audrey Jensen: Let's just prove it beyond a doubt.
Noah Foster: Bi-curious and the Virgin are on it.

Emma Duval: She's having an after party.
Jake Fitzgerald: Thank God, because this drink is undrinkable.

"Revelations" [1.10] edit

[Piper Shaw has just unmasked herself as the killer]
Piper Shaw: Hey, sis. Surprise!
Emma Duval: [shocked] Piper?!
Piper Shaw: Ah, seriously, I wish you could see your face right now. Hashtag mindblown!
Emma Duval: You can't be...
Piper Shaw: I can!

Emma Duval: Okay, I get it. You hate us! But why did you kill my friends? They had nothing to do with this!
Piper Shaw: To watch you suffer, Emma. Although, they did help a lot after all. What did your BFFs do? They filmed your first time. I mean, the day your video accidentally went viral and I was right there to see it happen... Priceless.

Piper Shaw: So I'm gonna stumble out of the blood bath and I'm gonna broadcast to the world that the Lakewood Slasher is dead!
Emma Duval: You're right. She will be-- [Piper slashes Emma's stomach]
Maggie Duval: NO!!!
Piper Shaw: Ugh, you're SO predictable!

Emma Duval: They always come back.

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