Scream VI

2023 film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett

Scream VI is the sixth film in the Scream franchise about a new Ghostface killer who targets the surviving members of the "Woodsboro legacy attacks" in New York City.

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick.
New York. New rules. Taglines

Sam Carpenter edit

  • I had this secret. There's a darkness inside of me. It followed me here. And it's going to keep coming for us.
  • He's going to keep coming after us. Maybe he gets to win this time.
  • You want me? So let's finish this.

Kirby Reed edit

  • We share a certain history.
  • This isn't like any other Ghostface.

Dialogue edit

Jason Carvey: Okay, I think I'm on Hudson. Um, what color's the outside of the restaurant?
Laura Crane: I think it's red.
Jason Carvey: I don't see anything red.
Laura Crane: I, um, I could be wrong. Let me just, um, let me go and have a little look see.
Jason Carvey: Okay. Thank you.
[Laura walks out of the bar]
Laura Crane: Hang on. Yep, it's definitely red.
Jason Carvey: Yeah, I don't see anything red here.
Laura Crane: You sure you're on Hudson?
Jason Carvey: Uh...oh, crap. I'm still a block over. Oh, it looks like there's an alley I can cut through. Is the restaurant near an alley?
Laura Crane: Um... [notices a nearby alley] Yes, yes, there is an alley.
Jason Carvey: Oh, perfect. Okay. I'm coming down the alley.
[Laura looks at the alley; no one comes out]
Laura Crane: I don't see you.
Jason Carvey: Wait, really? Are you sure? [Laura crosses the road and walks into the alley] Uh, there's some dumpsters about halfway down.
Laura Crane: I see them, but I don't see you.
Jason Carvey: Yeah, I don't see you either. This is...creepy, right?
Laura Crane: Uh, a little bit.
Jason Carvey: [chuckles] 20th century slashers, huh?
Laura Crane: Yeah. Are you sure you're walking towards Hudson?
Jason Carvey: I'm sure. Oh, wait! I think I see you. Can you wave?
Laura Crane: [waves] Can you see me?
Jason Carvey: Uh, the person I'm looking at isn't waving. They're just staring at me.
Laura Crane: Are you sure?
Jason Carvey: Okay, this is weird. they're moving towards me.
Laura Crane: Are you okay?
Jason Carvey: Oh, shit. He's following me.
Laura Crane: [walks straight into the alley] I don't see anybody.
Jason Carvey: Oh, shit! He's after me!
Laura Crane: Where are you?
Jason Carvey: He's got a knife! He's got a knife!
Laura Crane: What? What?
Jason Carvey: And that isn't the worst part! The worst part is...
[As Jason speaks, his voice suddenly changes into a familiar voice...]
Ghostface: teach a class about slashers, and you still walked into a dark alley...alone.
Laura Crane: That's not funny.
Ghostface: Ha. No. [Long beat] It’s not.
[Laura suddenly gets scared at something, but it turns out to be a group of teenagers walking past the alley. Laura sighs in relief, until Ghostface suddenly appears and viciously stabs a screaming Laura several times]
Ghostface: Now I see something red!
[He delivers one last stab at Laura, killing her, then takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Jason Carvey]

[Jason is back in his apartment, having killed Laura Crane. His cell phone rings, and Jason answers it, believing it's his friend, Greg]
Jason Carvey: I'm sorry, okay? I just got massive blue balls, and I had to practice. Please don't be mad. How mad are you?
Ghostface: Oh...I'm not mad, Jason.
Jason Carvey: Dude, you said we wouldn't use the voice on each other.
Ghostface: We said a lot of things.
Jason Carvey: This is...Greg, right?
Ghostface: [chuckles] Who else would it be?
Jason Carvey: Where are you? I want to tell you about it. Oh, by the way, we should go to that frat party. Tara's going.
Ghostface: What was it like?
Jason Carvey: Not on the phone, man. And, seriously, turn off the fucking voice modulator.
Ghostface: I'm just trying to get the voice right. You got to have your practice, I get mine.
Jason Carvey: Whatever.
Ghostface: Just tell me what it felt like. Then maybe I'll come out.
Jason Carvey: Dude, I know you're not here.
Ghostface: Humor me.
Jason Carvey: All right, fine. [chuckles] It was even better than we ever could've imagined. When the knife went in here, it's like she wasn't human anymore, just an animal. And every time it went in, she was...less and less human. And then, she was...just meat.
Ghostface: But she wasn't just meat, Jason. She was a person, our film professor.
Jason Carvey: Yeah, well...fuck her. She gave me a C-minus on my Gaileo paper.
Ghostface: Is that why you killed her? Because of the C-minus? Who's next here? The grade school vice principal?
Jason Carvey: You know who's next. Why are you being like this?
Ghostface: Come on, Jason. How long have we known each other?
Jason Carvey: You tell me.
Ghostface: Eight years. We met in Junior High, in Atlanta. I just want you to tell me why you think you're doing this, in your words.
Jason Carvey: We're finishing Richie's film.
Ghostface: That's right. By killing Sam and Tara.
Jason Carvey: Why are you fucking with me? Why won't you tell me where you are?
Ghostface: Why do you keep asking me that? I already told you. I'm here. [beat] Let's play a game. Do you know Warm or Colder? Come on. Find me, and then we'll go and cut up the Carpenter sisters.
[Jason notices the apartment's cameras are switched on]
Jason Carvey: Are you using the fucking cameras? [flips the bird at a camera]
Ghostface: Yeah, the cameras. And at that moment, you're very, very cold.
Jason Carvey: All right, douchebag. Let's play.
[Jason walks around the apartment, looking for Greg. He approaches Greg's bedroom]
Ghostface: Cold. [Jason walks away from the bedroom] Heating up. [Jason approaches a closet] Warmer. Warmer.
[Jason opens the closet; it is empty]
Jason Carvey: All right, you know what? This is stupid. I'm gonna hang up now.
Ghostface: But you're getting warmer. [Jason approaches the kitchen, and starts to walk away from it] Colder. [Jason notices the fridge and slowly starts walking towards it] Warmer. Warmer. [Jason prepares to open the fridge] You're on fire!
[Jason opens the fridge, discovering pieces of Greg's body inside, to his horror]
Jason Carvey: [shocked] Fuck!
[Ghostface suddenly appears and stabs him in the back of his arm. Jason turns around to face Ghostface, who grabs him]
Ghostface: Do you feel like an animal, Jason? [Stabs him multiple times in the stomach] Like meat?
Jason Carvey: [falls to his knees] But...we have to finish the movie.
Ghostface: Who gives a fuck about movies?! [Stabs Jason one more time, killing him]

[Samantha and Tara are walking to the police station, having learned about the murders of Jason and Greg, until Sam's phone suddenly rings. Sam notices on the phone that the call is coming from the deceased Richie Kirsch]
Tara Carpenter: What the fuck?
Samantha Carpenter: I never deleted his contact. It's coming from his number.
Tara Carpenter: Don't pick that up. Just let it ring. [Sam chooses to answer the call] Sam...
Samantha Carpenter: Who is this?
Ghostface: Hello, Samantha. Did you miss me?
Samantha Carpenter: I want you to think long and hard about whether you really want to do this, because the last two people that fucked with us ended up dead.
Ghostface: You should be thanking me, Sam. Jason and Greg were gonna kill you and your sister. I gutted them before they had the chance.
[Sam notices a man carrying a phone walking past them, but sees that the man is not the one she's talking to]
Samantha Carpenter: So, what? You're protecting us now?
Ghostface: Not quite. I’m going to show the world who you really are, a liar and a killer. I’m going to punish you, Sam.
Samantha Carpenter: You shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet, asshole.
Ghostface: Don’t be cute. You’re gonna pay for what you did. And I’m not gonna stop until I butcher you, you and anyone who gets between us! You and Tara better watch your backs.
Samantha Carpenter: You better watch yours.

(Tara and Kirby are seen on top of the platform of the movie theater)

Tara Carpenter: How'd you get past what happened to you?
Kirby Reed: I almost died after I was stabbed. Technically I did die for like 4 minutes. When I recovered, I got mad. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life being afraid of monsters. I wanted the monsters to be afraid of me.
Tara Carpenter: I like that.

[The group, joined by Detective Wayne Bailey and FBI agent Kirby Reed, are attempting to track down the killer's whereabouts at Central Park. Soon, Sam's phone rings, and she answers it]
Samantha Carpenter: You're gonna die, you know.
Ghostface: No, you’re gonna die, Samantha, choking on your own blood when I hack up your sister.
Samantha Carpenter: Unless we find you first.
Ghostface: For a mastermind, you’re not very bright. Waiting for me to call, desperately hoping I’m nearby so the police can grab me? But I’m not nearby. I’m a step ahead. Be seeing you, Samantha. [hangs up]

[At Gale's apartment, the phone rings]
Gale's boyfriend: That'll be our food. [Answers the phone] Hello? [To Gale] Not the food, it's for you.
Gale Weathers: Who is it?
Gale's boyfriend: May I ask who's calling, please? [To Gale] He says it's the killer.
[Gale's eyes widen, and she quickly takes the phone from her boyfriend]
Gale Weathers: Hello?
Ghostface: Hello, Gale. Strange that you and I have never spoken on the phone. This is long overdue.
Gale Weathers: I agree. [To her boyfriend] Call the police.
[Her boyfriend leaves]
Ghostface: I figured, after all these years, you’d want an interview.
Gale Weathers: You figured right. So, what's your motive this time? You angry at the movies or are you just trying to stay relevant?
Ghostface: I could ask you the same. Don’t you know? The legacy characters are disposable now. No one cares about last century’s heroes.
Gale Weathers: Why bother with me at all?
Ghostface: Call it nostalgia. Or maybe you deserve to be punished for all that money you made off the misery of others. Maybe it’s time someone made a buck reporting your death.
Gale Weathers: You know you're, like, the tenth guy to try this, right? And spoiler alert, it never works out for the dipshit in a mask.
[Unknown to Gale, Ghostface grabs her boyfriend and pulls him away]
Ghostface: Oh, but they certainly leave a mark before they go, don’t they? Richie and Amber managed to butcher Dewey, carved him up like a Christmas goose. How does it feel to lose the only man who ever loved you?
Gale Weathers: [struggling to stay cool upon hearing Ghostface's words] Fuck you!
Ghostface: How does it feel to know that you weren’t there for him at the end? Not there to give him comfort, ‘cause he died screaming in his own guts.
Gale Weathers: [tearful] You're the one who's gonna die screaming.
Ghostface: Maybe, but you won’t be around to see it. You couldn’t stop what happened to Dewey, just like you’re not gonna be able to stop this.
[He reveals himself by throwing Gale's boyfriend's body through a shelf and destroying it. Ghostface chases Gale through the apartment, with Gale narrowly avoiding or fighting back against Ghostface's attacks, before locking herself in a room, grabbing a gun, and shooting at the locked door that Ghostface is struggling to open]
Gale Weathers: How's that for nostalgia, fucker?!
[Gale's phone rings, and she answers it]
Ghostface: You missed.
Gale Weathers: Sure I did.
Ghostface: [speaking quickly] You win. I’m in the elevator, heading for the ground floor.
Gale Weathers: Sure you are. [Fires two shots]
Ghostface: [sounding wounded] did hit me. Maybe I’m wounded. [Speaks normally] Or maybe I’m wearing a bulletproof vest.
Gale Weathers: That's why I'm gonna shoot you in the fucking head!
[She opens the door and walks out of the room, but sees no sign of Ghostface]
Ghostface: You would’ve made a good killer, Gale. Sidney never would've made sense, and Dewey was the fan favorite. But you cracking under the pressure and turning into Ghostface would’ve been a great twist.
Gale Weathers: Keep talking, asshole.
Ghostface: [chuckles] Sure. What do you want to talk about? You never got to be the leading lady, did you? It was always all about poor, sweet Sidney sucking up all the oxygen. Where did that leave you to be?
Gale Weathers: The brains and the sex appeal?
Ghostface: Sorry about your boyfriend. All those muscles didn’t help much.
Gale Weathers: They sure didn't. [Ghostface resumes chuckling] Can you hold, please?
Ghostface: [stops chuckling] Huh?
[Gale presses the hold button, causing Ghostface's own phone to make a sound, exposing his hiding place]

[At the theater, Sam and Tara are struggling to escape from two Ghostface killers, when Kirby Reed and Detective Wayne Bailey arrive with guns drawn]
Kirby: It's okay!
Sam: Stay the fuck back!
Tara: We know it's you, Kirby!
Kirby: But one of them knocked me out!
Detective Wayne Bailey: Kirby, stop! Get away from those girls!
Kirby: What are you doing here?
Detective Wayne Bailey: You killed Quinn? YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER?!
Kirby: JESUS CHRIST! [to Sam] Whatever he is saying, don't trust him! He's probably the killer!
[One Ghostface charges towards Wayne, but as Kirby attempts to warn Wayne, he suddenly shoots Kirby, revealing himself to be the primary Ghostface]
Detective Wayne Bailey: [to the Ghostface next to him] Great job. [Another Ghostface walks in and stands next to Wayne, showing that there are three killers behind the murders] Both of you.
Tara Carpenter: You?
Detective Wayne Bailey: Yeah, of course, me. Frankly, I expected more from the two of you after what you did to us.
Tara Carpenter: What do you mean "us"?
[The Ghostface on the left takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Ethan]
Ethan: Mindy was right. It was easy to juke the roommate lottery. I mean, all I had to do to meet you was room with a conceited, condescending alpha literally named Chad. Fuck, it felt good to kill him! [Shows his mask] This was your grandmother's, Sam. Nancy Loomis. Really runs in your fucking family, doesn't it? Speaking of family...wait for it. My name's not Ethan Landry. Isn't it, Dad?
[Wayne laughs]
Tara Carpenter: Dad?
Samantha Carpenter: Wait. If it's you two, that just leaves... [Looks at the Ghostface on the right] Mindy?
[Ghostface takes off the mask to reveal herself as Quinn]
Quinn Bailey: Hey, roomies. You didn't see that one coming, did you?
Tara Carpenter: Yeah, because you died!
Quinn Bailey: I kind of didn't, was a good way to get off the suspect list. Stabbed Gale Weathers, stabbed Mindy on the train, that sort of thing.
Detective Wayne Bailey: Yep, and I just made sure I was first on the scene so I could switch her body out with a fresh one. Little fake blood, a prosthetic. You'd be amazed at what a grieving father can get away with.
[Quinn and Ethan put their Ghostface masks back on their pedestals]
Quinn Bailey: [shows her mask] I got Stu Macher's mask. He was my favorite.
Detective Wayne Bailey: That's number 3. That's two. This leaves... [Reveals his own Ghostface mask] ...your father's. This is what we've been counting down to, Sam. I'm gonna need you to put it on.
Samantha Carpenter: [annoyed and angered] Fuck you!
[She throws the mask away, only for Ethan to slice her in the arm while laughing]
Tara Carpenter: You stay the fuck away from her!
Samantha Carpenter: What is this? You did this as a family?
Quinn Bailey: Oh, yeah, bitch. You should know better than anyone.
Ethan: They're still not getting it.
Samantha Carpenter: Look, I don't know what you believe, but I didn't commit those murders in Woodsboro! It wasn't me!
Detective Wayne Bailey: Oh, we know that. Of course you didn't. What do you think? This is based on some bullshit conspiracy theory? Come on. Who do you think started the rumors about you in the first place?
[Quinn raises her hand, answering Wayne's question]
Quinn Bailey: Do you know how easy it was to turn Sam from the hero of Woodsboro into the villain? How easy it is to convince the world to believe the worst in people rather than the best?
Ethan: Because it's not enough to just kill someone these days. You have to assassinate their character first. So when Dad here "discovers" your horribly mutilated bodies posed with Sam wearing her father's mask, he'll say some poor, dumb bastard read on the Internet that you're the real Ghostface and took matters into their own deluded hands.
Detective Wayne Bailey: Exactly. That's why it's a perfect alibi. And all the best lies are based on the truth. And you're a killer, just like your father.
Samantha Carpenter: No, I'm not!
Quinn Bailey: Yes, you are, you motherfucker! You killed our brother!
Samantha Carpenter: What are you talking about?
Tara Carpenter: You said your brother died in a car accident.
Ethan: No, no, no, you sweet, dumb thing. He died in Woodsboro, at the hands of your bitch sister.
[Sam looks at all the Bailey family members and becomes stunned, realizing who they're talking about]
Samantha Carpenter: You're Richie's family.
Detective Wayne Bailey: [slowly gets angry as he nods] Yeah.
[Ethan attacks Sam again, as she and Tara attempt to get away, before the family corners them again]
Ethan: Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Now she's finally starting to get it!
Detective Wayne Bailey: [angry] Now, it wasn't until I saw that photograph of what you've done to him that I knew, that I knew you had to fucking die! You had to be punished, along with anyone else who stands in our way!
[Samantha glares angrily at Quinn]
Quinn Bailey: There she is. There's the fucking killer.
Tara Carpenter: [to Wayne; sarcastically] Real great parenting job, by the way.
Quinn Bailey: [angry] Shut your whore-FUCKING MOUTH! [Pushes Tara and Sam towards Wayne]
Detective Wayne Bailey: Have I been a perfect dad? No. Have I maybe overindulged Richie's love of these little movies? Maybe. For me, they're just a little dark. But...Richie really loved them. Loved them. He even made a few of his own. Did you know? [Stares mournfully at footage of Richie playing on a damaged theater screen] There's a very special bond between a father and his first son, which is why I helped him build this collection.
Samantha Carpenter: This was all his?
Detective Wayne Bailey: Yes. He's a very passionate collector. And he inspired others. We had to kill those two wannabe film students because, well, we had to kill you first, Sam. I put the theater in their name, then good old Detective Bailey would've just stumbled on it, but I didn't have to, because, by golly, that Gale Weathers is one hell of a journalist. I built a tribute to my son, which is why this is where you have to die, Sam, surrounded by all the things he loved the most.
Samantha Carpenter: What happens next? What? After you're done with us, what? You just disappear?
Detective Wayne Bailey: No. We gotta hurry over to the hospital and make sure Mindy and Gale don't pull through. [Angrily pulls out his gun] Because everybody dies, Sam! Everyone who had anything to do with the death of my son suffers and dies! [Ethan and Quinn voice their agreement] Now put on the mask!
Samantha Carpenter: [suddenly gets an idea] He pathetic.
Detective Wayne Bailey: [realizing who Sam is talking about and gets offended] That's not true.
Samantha Carpenter: Yeah, your son. He was a manbaby who made his girlfriend do all the killing.
Detective Wayne Bailey: [in denial] He was a strong, virile young man!
Samantha Carpenter: He was a limp-dick little fuck who cried before I slit his throat.
Detective Wayne Bailey: [shocked and angered] What?!
Quinn Bailey: [enraged] SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
[She viciously attempts to attack, only for Tara to attack first by bashing Quinn on the head with a brick she was holding, then Kirby regains consciousness and shoots Wayne as he tries to dodge, allowing Sam and Tara to get away. Ethan ambushes Kirby]'
Ethan: Recognize this?
Kirby: FUCK YOU!
[Ethan stabs Kirby much like what Charlie did to her last time, but is stopped by Sam, who pushes him away]
Samantha Carpenter: Sorry, but I kinda need this. [Plunges the knife off of Kirby's stomach]
Kirby: Fuck 'em up!
Ethan: What are you gonna do about it, bitch?
[To Ethan's surprise, Sam stabs him multiple times]

[During the final fight, Tara manages to stab Ethan in the mouth. Quinn, who was about to kill Sam, becomes horrified at her brother's predicament, while Sam, holding a gun, smiles tauntingly at Quinn. Tara then twists the knife through Ethan's mouth]
Tara: Now die a fucking virgin! [Removes the knife from Ethan's mouth and cries at peace]
Samantha: [taunting a stunned Quinn] Looks like you're down another brother. [Quinn becomes enraged and desperately tries to charge at Sam, only for Sam to fire her gun and fatally shoot Quinn in the head as Detective Bailey looks on in horror] Always gotta shoot them in the head. [Tries to fire one more bullet on Bailey, but the gun is empty] Oh, fuck!
[Sam drops the gun and charges at Detective Bailey, who, having lost all of his children, loses his composure and charges at her as well. They tackle each other, slip off the railing, and crash onto the ground. When Bailey wakes up, he finds himself all alone in the room. As he desperately searches for Sam and Tara, his phone suddenly rings, and when he answers it, Ghostface's voice is heard speaking to him]
Ghostface: Hello, Detective Bailey. I’ve got one question for you.
Detective Wayne Bailey: Oh, yeah? What's that?
Ghostface: What’s your favorite scary movie?
Detective Wayne Bailey: [chuckles] "Favorite scary movie."
Ghostface: I’m asking, because you’re in one now. You’re in my movie.
[Wayne enters the room where the Ghostface costumes are and starts shooting his gun, trying to find and kill Sam. He notices one Ghostface costume is missing]
Detective Wayne Bailey: I see you've put on your true face, huh? Your birthright. Poetic that you're gonna die in it.
Ghostface: This is what you wanted, isn’t it?
[Wayne fires his gun again, but still doesn't find Sam. He starts to get angry and anxious]
Detective Wayne Bailey: Now you know the truth, huh? Murder's in your blood! Stop fucking around and SHOW YOURSELF!
Ghostface: Be careful what you wish for.
Detective Wayne Bailey: I'm a fucking police officer! How do you think this is going to go, Sam? Who do you think they're gonna believe, huh?!
Ghostface: Probably the one who’s still alive.
[Angered at those words, Wayne drops the phone in a rage, failing to realize that Ghostface is right behind him and about to attack. When he turns around and sees Ghostface, he instantly loses his nerve and becomes scared]
Detective Wayne Bailey: No! NO!!
[Ghostface immediately stabs Wayne multiple times, while Wayne screams in pain and horror. As a seriously wounded Wayne falls on his knees, Ghostface takes off his mask, revealing herself as Samantha, who is about to continue stabbing Wayne until Tara comes in and stands next to her]
Samantha: My father was a murderer. No matter what you think, I'm better than that.
Detective Wayne Bailey: [becomes relieved, thinking that Sam is gonna spare him] Thank you. Thank you.
[Samantha and Tara look at each other, then Samantha glares at Wayne again]
Samantha: But you did fuck with our family, so...
[Samantha stabs Wayne through the eye, and Wayne lets out one final scream of pain before collapsing to the ground and dying]

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  • New York. New rules.
  • It's scream time in the city.

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