Scream 2

1997 film directed by Wes Craven

Scream 2 is a 1997 film, the second part of the Scream trilogy. As with the other films in the trilogy, Scream 2 combines straight-forward scares with dialogue that satirizes conventions of slasher films, in this case slasher film sequels.

Directed by Wes Craven. Written by Kevin Williamson.


  • Phone Voice: Hello, Sidney. Remember me?
  • Phone Voice: [to Randy referring to Dewey and Gale] I'm not interrupting anything, am I? You three look deep in thought. Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?

  • Mickey Alteri: You should really deal with your trust issues, Sid. I mean, poor Derek, he's completely innocent, and such a nice boy too. He's bright, funny, handsome, he has a great singing voice, and he was gonna be a doctor. This is just the kind of guy you'd love to bring home to mom... if... you had... a mom.
  • Sidney Prescott: FUCK YOU!!!

  • Joel: I was just reading in your book about your last cameraman, the guy got gutted.
  • Gale: First of all: he wasn't gutted. I made it up. His throat was slashed.
  • Joel: Gutted, slashed, the point is the guy ain't in the union no more...Brothers don't last long in situations like this.


Casey Becker: [in the movie Stab] Hello?
Phone Voice: Hello.
Casey Becker: Who is this?
Phone Voice: Guess.
Casey Becker: No, really, who is this?
Phone Voice: Were you expecting somebody?
Casey Becker: No. Who is this?
Phone Voice: Who would you like it to be?
Casey Becker: I don't like games. Who is this?
Phone Voice: Look out back. Do you see your boyfriend anywhere?
Casey Becker: I don't even have a boyfriend right now.
Phone Voice: Would you like one? What do you say? Come on. Cat got your tongue?
Casey Becker: You know, I don't even know you, and I dislike you already.

Debbie Salt: Excuse me, Ms. Weathers? Um? Could I have a minute?
Gale Weathers: No.
Debbie Salt: Just one second. I-I know you probably get this all the time, but I just wanted to say I am such a big fan of your work. I just finished your book. I-I couldn't put it down. Insightful, probing... I just really, really loved your book.
Gale Weathers: Thank you.
Debbie Salt: Sure
Gale Weathers: Thanks. [she is about to leave, but Debbie follows her]
Debbie Salt: I'm a writer myself. I write for the local paper, for the Post Telegram. I'm Debbie Salt. [shakes Gale's hand] I took your seminar in Chicago last year. I was the one in the front row asking all the questions.
Gale Weathers: Right. I thought you looked familiar.
Debbie Salt: Oh, thank you. Um, can't wait to see the movie. You know, you must be getting quite a lot of flak on that, right? I mean, with all the violence-in-cinema issues. What is your position going to be?
Gale Weathers: No comment.
[Gale leaves, as Debbie keeps following her]
Debbie Salt: Miss Weathers, please... I-I would... It would be such an honor for me if I could just get a quote from you for my story.--- [Gale stops]
Gale Weathers: Okay. Begin quote:
Debbie Salt: Great.
Gale Weathers: [quoting] "Your flattering remarks are both desperate and obvious."
[Gale walks away, leaving Debbie speechless]

Gale Weathers: Hello, Sidney.
[Sidney turns to Gale with Joel who began to record their interview]
Gale Weathers: How are you?
Sidney Prescott: Hi... What do you want, Gale?
Gale Weathers: Well, I was hoping I might get just a few words with you.
[Cotton appears]
Sidney Prescott: Cotton.
Cotton Weary: Hi, Sidney.
[Gale starts her report, while Joel is recording]
Gale Weathers: [reporting] "Here we are at Windsor College, where Sidney Prescott has just been reunited with Cotton Weary for the first time, since she wrongly accused him of murdering her mother."---
Sidney Prescott: [interrupts her interview] What the hell are you doing?
Gale Weathers: We want to know how you feel? [continues her interview] Tell us everything that's happened, looking back on the last two years?
[Gale aims her microphone to Cotton, who began to talk to Sidney]
Cotton Weary: Uh Sidney, I'd just like to say that I forgive and forget. And just like you, I'd like to get back on with my own life.
Gale Weathers: [reporting] Do you have any comments?
Sidney Prescott: You... bitch!--- [lunging at Gale]
Gale Weathers: Ah-ah.
Derek Feldman: [stops Sidney and calms her down] Whoa, Hey, hey, hey hey, Deep breaths, Lot of deep breaths.
[Sidney began to leave]
Gale Weathers: Oh Sidney, share with us, please!--- [Sidney turns around and punches Gale in the face]
Sidney Prescott: [lunges at Gale] I'll share with you!
[Derek manage to grab Sidney away from Gale]
Derek Feldman: Okay, okay, okay.
[Hallie walks to Joel]
Hallie McDaniel: [to Joel] Did you get that on film?
Joel: [mocks Hallie while recording] "Yes, I got that on film"!

Cici's Friend: [on phone] I love those guys. Are they still together? I haven't seen it in, like, three weeks.
Cici Cooper: No, they broke up again.
Cici's Friend: [on phone] Really?
Cici Cooper: Mm-hmm. Sarah found out that Bailey slept with Gwen. She dumped him, like, two episodes ago.
Cici's Friend: [on phone] I wish she'd get her shit together.
[phone rings, tied on her phone to her friend]
Cici Cooper: Hold on. Someone's calling. [hangs up the call to her friend; shifts to talk to someone] Omega Beta Zeta.
Phone Voice: Hello?
Cici Cooper: Yes?
Phone Voice: Who is this?
Cici Cooper: Cici. Who's this?
Phone Voice: Who do you think?
Cici Cooper: Ted? Where are you? Are you drinking? Hold on. [shifts to her friend's call] Ted's on the other line. He sounds drunk. I'll call you back.
Cici's Friend: [on phone] That shit only calls you when he's drunk. Don't go over there, Cici.
Cici Cooper: Okay, All right. I'll call you back. [shifts back to someone's call] Okay, Ted. You sound loaded. What's up?
Phone Voice: Who's Ted?
Cici Cooper: Oh, I'm sorry. My bad. I thought you were someone else.
Phone Voice: That's okay. I am.
Cici Cooper: Who are you calling for? Nobody's here.
Phone Voice: Where is everybody?
Cici Cooper: We're cosponsorlng the acid rain mixer at Phi Gamma Alpha tonight.
Phone Voice: Why aren't you there?
Cici Cooper: I'm "sober sister". I need to be here in case a drunk sister calls and needs a ride.
Phone Voice: That's too bad.
Cici Cooper: "Drink with your brain." That's our motto. Who are you calling for?
Phone Voice: What if I said you?
Cici Cooper: What if I said goodbye?
Phone Voice: Why would you want to do that?
Cici Cooper: Why do you always answer a question with a question?
Phone Voice: I'm inquisitive.
Cici Cooper: Yeah, and I'm impatient. Look, do you want to leave a message for someone?
Phone Voice: Do you want to die tonight, Cici?
[Cici's eyes widen in shock]

[The phone rings. Cici's friend Dawnie answers it]
Dawnie: Omega Beta Zeta.
Phone Voice: Is Cici there?
Dawnie: Mm-hm. Who's calling?
Phone Voice: It's Ted.
Dawnie: [to Cici] It's your ill-conceived boyfriend. [Gives her the phone] Okay, so, I'll see you later, and don't forget to set the alarm. Bye.
[She leaves. Cici answers the phone]
Cici Cooper: Hello, Ted.
Phone Voice: You wish it was Ted. [Cici's eyes widen in shock] "Don't forget to set the alarm."

[Sidney picks up the phone]
Sidney Prescott: Hello?
Phone Voice: Hello, Sidney. Remember me?
Sidney Prescott: What do you want?
Phone Voice: I want you. It's showtime.
Sidney Prescott: So, why don't you show your face, you fucking coward?
Phone Voice: My pleasure. [Ghostface reveals himself]

[Gale smokes a cigarette, stops, turns to Dewey and Randy]
Gale Weathers: Sorry. All right, let's just assume the killer is repeating Woodsboro...
[Gale's phone rings; she answers it]
Gale Weathers: Yes?
Gale's Agent: [on the phone] I have Bob calling.
Gale Weathers: I'll have to call you back. [hangs up phone]
Randy Meeks: That doesn't explain Sidney's attack. Sidney wasn't killed in Woodsboro. Wasn't for a lack of trying. The killer is trying to finish what was started.
Gale Weathers: Well, Sid's under protection, right?
Randy Meeks: Yeah.
[Gale's phone rings again; she answers it]
Gale Weathers: What?
Gale's Agent: [on the phone] Bob really needs to talk to you.
Gale Weathers: Tell Bob I'll call him back. [hangs up phone]
Deputy Dewey Riley: When'd she start smoking?
Randy Meeks: Ever since those nude pictures on the Internet.
Gale Weathers: It was just my head. It was Jennifer Aniston's body. Anyway, you're forgetting something. In Woodsboro, there were more victims before the homestretch.; Tatum, my cameraman, Himbry...---
Joel: Time out! I don't need to be hearing about no dead cameramen, all right? Now I'm warning you, guys. I am a verb away from vacating these premises. I'm gonna get me some coffee, donuts, Prozac, see if I can find some crack, Special KX, not Malcolm, and I'll be back when you guys start talking about something a little more Saved By The Bell-ish, all right?
[Joel leaves]
Deputy Dewey Riley: He seems a little shaky.
Gale Weathers: Don't worry about him. If the killer is following a pattern, maybe we can figure out who's next.
Deputy Dewey Riley: I wouldn't follow a killer's pattern. We were all involved in Woodsboro. Could be any one of us.
Gale Weathers: So what do you wanna do, bonehead? Sit here, wait and see who drops next?
Deputy Dewey Riley: Well, I don't know... [Gale's phone rings again] "Phonehead"!
[Gale's phone kept ringing; Randy gets her phone and answers it]
Randy Meeks: Gale's not here!---
Phone Voice: I'm not interrupting anything, am I? You three look deep in thought. Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath? [laughs evilly]
Randy Meeks: It's him.
Deputy Dewey Riley: Who?
Randy Meeks: The killer. He can see us.
Deputy Dewey Riley: Just keep him on the phone.
Randy Meeks: What do you want me to say?
Deputy Dewey Riley: I-I don't know. Just keep him talking. Come on, Gale.
Randy Meeks: Uh...hi.
Gale Weathers: What are we doing?
Deputy Dewey Riley: Look for somebody with a cell phone.
Randy Meeks: So, uh... what's your favorite scary movie?
Phone Voice: You'll never find me.
Randy Meeks: What do you care? Let 'em have their fun. So, uh... what's up?
Phone Voice: What's your favorite scary movie?
Randy Meeks: Showgirls. Absolutely frightening. What's yours? Wait. Let me guess. The House on Sorority Row? The dorm that dripped blood? Splatter university? Graduation day? Final exam? Am I close?
Phone Voice: Closer than you think. [A random person bumps into Randy] Too slow, geek. Do you want to die?
Randy Meeks: Is that the best you can do? Because Billy and Stu were much more original.
Phone Voice: Why are you even here, Randy? You'll never be the leading man.
Randy Meeks: FUCK! YOU!
Phone Voice: No matter how hard you try, you'll never be the hero and you'll never, ever get the girl.
[Randy attacks a man on a phone next to a van, believing he's the killer, but he's not]
Randy Meeks: Sorry.
Phone Voice: Wrong guy, dead boy.
Randy Meeks: Oh, yeah? Well, let's re-direct the moment, Mr. I'm So Original. Huh? Where's your motivation? Huh? Why copycat two high school loser ass dickheads? Stu was a pussy-ass wet rag. And Billy Loomis? Billy Loomis, what the fuck? Jesus! What a rat-looking, homo-repressed momma's boy! Why not set your goals higher, huh? You wanna be one of the big boys? Huh? Manson, Bundie, O.J, Son of...
[Ghostface attacks Randy and kills him]

[Sidney is struggling to free Derek]
Derek: Oh, thank God, Sidney, I thought I was gonna be up there until opening night.
Sidney Prescott: I'm gonna get you out of here. Derek, he killed Hallie.
Derek: What are you talking about?
Sidney Prescott: The killer! He's here!
Derek: Where?
[Ghostface appears]
Ghostface: [speaking in the Phone Voice] Right here. You're fast, Sid. I wouldn't do that if I were you. You really wanna trust your boyfriend? [The voice suddenly changes to Mickey's voice] Don't you know history repeats itself? Hm? Sid?
[Ghostface takes off the mask to reveal himself as Mickey, who brings out the voice changer and speaks through it]
Mickey/Phone Voice: Surprise, Sidney!

Gale Weathers: [checking Mrs. Loomis.] Is she dead?
Sidney Prescott: I don't know. They always come back.
[Mickey starts to rise, but Sidney and Gale shoot him many times, until he is dead.]
Cotton Weary: Whoa!
[They all turn around to Mrs. Loomis as Sidney shoots her in the head, dead.]
Sidney Prescott: Just in case.
[Sidney drops the gun and leaves.]

Sidney Prescott: 300 people watched. Nobody did anything. They thought it was a publicity, for Christ sakes.
Randy Meeks: [Speaking in an Australian accent humorously] And it would have been a good one, too.
Sidney Prescott: It's starting again, Randy.
Randy Meeks: It's not. A lot of shit happens at the movies. People get robbed, shot, maimed, murdered. Movie theaters are very dangerous places to be these days.
Sidney Prescott: [persistent] Yeah, and you are in extreme denial.
Randy Meeks: You should be, too. This has nothing to do with us.
Sidney Prescott: [frantic] Randy! A guy in a ghost mask hacked up two people in a movie theater filming our life story.
Randy Meeks: Coincidence?
Sidney Prescott: You know what happened at Woodsboro, Randy. You can't ignore it.
Randy Meeks: [speaking normally now] I know, Sid, and I don't want to go back there again. Can't we just go back to our pseudo-quasi happy existence?
[Derek, Sidney's boyfriend catches up with them]
Randy Meeks: HELLO, DEREK, how you doing?
Derek: [kisses Sidney] Hi, Sid, I heard you weren't in class.
Sidney Prescott: Yeah, I know. I skipped it because I couldn't take the "Death to her" looks.
Derek: Is there anything I could do?
Sidney Prescott: Yeah, do you have any tricks for getting back to a pseudo-quasi happy existence?
Derek: [thinking decisively] You know? I might just have one for that.
Randy Meeks: Oh, yeah, what is that?
[Derek turns to Sidney, brings her in for a couple romantic kisses while Randy looks away, jealous and embarrassed]
Sidney Prescott: [smiles] That was pretty good.
[Derek and Sidney walk away]
Randy Meeks: Get a room.


  • Someone has taken their love of sequels one step too far.
  • Because once is never enough


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