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Rugrats Go Wild

2003 animated film by John Eng and Norton Virigien

Rugrats Go Wild (originally The Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys), also known as Rugrats 3: The Wild Thornberrys or The Wild Thornberrys 2: The Rugrats in the Wild, is a 2003 crossover animated film with 2 animated Nickelodeon television series - The Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys. This crossover takes place after Rugrats in Paris and The Wild Thornberrys Movie.





  • [screaming after Cynthia was knocked overboard by Spike] CYNTHIA OVERBOOAARD!!!! CYNTHIA!!! NO!!! [Cynthia disappears in the water] [weeps] No, no, no, no, no, no!

Wild ThornberrysEdit


  • [to Spike] Spike, why'd you do that?


Nigel: [Nigel is climbing a mountain searching high and low for the clouded leopard, but no sign of it] Not a hair, not a paw print, not even a dropping! Must keep my chin up. I'll find that cat, or my name's not Nigel Archibald Thornberry!
Tommy: [cut to Tommy and the babies trying to find Nigel while in the jungle] I'll find that big nosed nature guy, or my name's not Tommy "Awfully Bald" Pickles!

Spike: [scared] HOW DO GET OUT YOU THERE?

Tommy: It's Nigel Strawberry!

Spike: Sometimes when the pint-sized twerp. No. Listen.

Chaz: [as a 40-foot wave approaches the ship] We're going to need a bigger boat.

Eliza: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Spike: You know what? I'm happy. I'm happy.
Eliza: Yeah, I can talk to animals. It's a long story.

Spike: That's ridiculous. The Girls of Self-Defense Academy.
Eliza: Spike, this isn't your regular house cat.
Spike: No, sometimes you were a little girl.

Spike: Could you little dog a warning? What? Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?

[in the deleted scene]
Kimi: The boat is water on his life jacket, and the jungle.
Angelica: Seriously, you know.
Phil & Lil: Sure?
Tommy: Maine of the water.
Chuckie: The swim in the boat.
Susie: I guess that disliked?
Stu: [to Didi] Susie swimming in the water.
[Didi sighing]
Spike: Of course, you can with the evil shark from Jaws.
[the shark is growling and Rugrats screaming]
Kira: Kimi? [Kimi crying]
Chaz: Chuckie? [Chuckie crying]
Howard: Phil? [Phil crying]
Betty: Lil? [Lil crying]
Stu: Tommy? [Tommy crying]
Drew: Angelica? [Angelica screaming]
Didi & Charlotte: Susie? [Susie crying]
[shark growling]

Spike: Well done. You can't little Susie and take a sizzle of hot lasagna.

[The Rugrats meet Donnie for the first time. They assume that he's Chuckie since he's wearing his clothes.]
Phil: [Confused] Since when did Chuckie started talking backwards?

Nigel: Heavens, what a fall. I must get to those babies. [A coconut falls and hits Nigel's head and Nigel falls]
Susie: [echoing] Are you okay, Mr. Strawberry?
Nigel: She called me "mister". Silly Billy. I'm only this... [makes a 3] ...Many years old.

Eliza: What happened?
Debbie: I was taking care of this island princess and...
Eliza: What's she doing in the bathysphere?
Debbie: [scoffs] I didn't say I was taking care of her *well*.

Howard: You mean we're marooned? With no food? How soon before we all turn cannibal? I have to get out of here!
Betty: Sooo... Swiss Family DeVille, he's not.

Didi: We have to find something to eat. All I saved are a couple of jars of baby food.
Howard: [cheerfully] I never knew strained peas and apricots went so well together...

[after dropping her cell phone into the ocean]
Charlotte: [screeches] Phone overboard! Phone overboard!
Drew: [after Charlotte pushes past him] CHARLOTTE, FORGET THE PHONE!!
Charlotte: JOHNATHAN!! [Charlotte begins to dive in but Betty stops her just in time]

Eliza: Debbie, you are so self-centered.
Debbie: [shrieks] I AM NOT!

Debbie: [suspiciously] You sure know an awful lot for an "island girl".
Angelica: Well, see. A TV washed up on the beach one time, and the island king made the whole tribe watch it.
Debbie: [after a long pause] Cool!

Stu: It's obvious... the first thing to do is build a signal fire.
Drew: You know what else is obvious? You're an idiot.

Howard: Well, I'm going to use the 7 kid-free days to re-shape my physique!
Betty: It could happen. The earth was created in 6.

Howard: Captain Stu, I can't hold the wheel!
Drew: Will you stop calling him Captain?! He has no idea what he's doing!
Stu: I do so! [pause] Does anybody know where the brakes are on this thing?

[Marianne Thornberry films oysters spewing water]
Marianne: Well, it's not a clouded leopard, but at least I'll have a film of something. [Donnie runs past with Howard chasing him.] Donnie!
[The grownups stop and see her filming]
Marianne: What? This is supposed to be a deserted island.
Charlotte: Oh, thank heavens! We're part of an elaborate television stunt designed to humiliate us.
Marianne: Who are you?
[They all begin talking at once]
Marianne: Hold it! My name is Marianne Thornberry. From the nature show?
Didi: We're shipwrecked.
Betty: Can you help us, Marianne?
Marianne: Of course. Our camp is nearby.

Stu: Behold, fellow islanders! I, Stu Pickles, I have built us a radio!
Didi: Stu, who's watching the kids?
Stu: Oh, Angelica said she'd take care of them.
[The grownups gasp in terror and begin scrambling around, looking for their children]
Kira: Chuckie?!
Didi: Oh, this is very strange. I feel like this has happened before.
[Eliza and Spike watch them run around in circles]
Spike: (whistles) Food. At last. I'm so hungry. Saaaaay! Now what? Live bait.

Angelica: [Debbie and Angelica are chilling out on the beach, eating Oreo-type biscuits] These are much better than the cookies we got back at the grass hut, and I don't have to share with no dumb babies! [realising she almost blew her cover] Uh, I mean, dumb baby savages!
Debbie: [raising her sunglasses up] Tell me about it! I have to share with a pigtailed weirdo, a jungle freak, and a monkey in a tank top! [Debbie drinks her soda, finished it and belches, then hands her empty glass to Angelica] Uh, refill?
Angelica: Why do I have to get it?
Debbie: You said you wanted to learn how to be bossy, right? This is how you learn. Extra ice, two straws.
[Angelica runs up to the Comvee to refill Debbie's drink]
Debbie: [to herself] I would trade the monkey for her any day!

[Stu's coconut radio begins to pick up static]
Stu: It's getting a signal!
Marianne: I'm very impressed.
Didi: Oh, Stu's an inventor. Runs an ad in the shop-and-buy.

Marianne: (to Debbie and Eliza) Girls, have you seen some children?
Debbie: Just a bossy 3-year-old who has delusionals of being a princess.
Charlotte: Angelica!
Angelica: (on radio) I'm the boss of this bathy thing!
Debbie: That's her!
Susie: (on radio): We haven't moved a bit, Angelica.
Didi: That's Suzy!
Debbie: She must've turned on the radio in the bathysphere.
Marianne: A 3-year-old's driving the bathysphere?!

Marianne(on radio): Nigel, is everybody okay down there?
Nigel: Excellent, dearest. Well, one little girl is rather pouty, and somebody needs a di-a-per change! I won't say whom. [Nigel winks at Angelica, who has just angrily folded her arms because he said that. The other children snicker and Susie nods at Angelica, who suddenly smiles a mischievous smirk of guilt.]

[last lines]
Spike: Well, Eliza, as dog as my witness, I will never lose my babies again!


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