American children's television series

Rugrats (1991–2004) or (1991-2006) is an American animated public television series aimed at younger children. This series is about babies and their daily antics.

Season 1


Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing [Pilot]

[Cut back to the TV, where the fishing show breaks for a chicken commercial]
Chareen: [on TV] Hi, I'm Chareen for Squeaky Chicken Restaurants. [cut back to Grandpa, who gets up from his chair to, shall we say, "take care of personal business"] Want to know what we got in store for you? Our new Chicken Half-Pounder!
Grandpa: Well, nature beckons.
Chareen: [voice only, on TV] The other guys only give you a third of a pound in their chicken sandwich, and, yeech, that's without Squeaky's special sauce. So come on in now and try our new Chicken Half-Pounder! It's more chickenny! And for a limited time only...
[As the commercial continues above, Tommy puts the spent toilet paper and the plunger aside. Grandpa, meanwhile, offstage, gets a surprise of his life]

Tommy's First Birthday [1.1]

Stu: Good morning, Champ.
[Tommy opens his eyes. He is in his crib as Stu and Didi hang a banner that says, HAPPY BIRTHDAY in yellow letters on it]
Stu and Didi: Happy Birthday, Tommy.
[Stu blows a noisemaker and throws confetti, which lands on Tommy, who is wearing a red shirt rather than the light blue one he would wear later throughout the series]
Didi: You're a whole year old today.
Stu: And boy, have we got some great presents for you. [Tommy giggles as Didi picks him up. Didi then kisses him on his forehead. Tommy giggles as Didi lays him down on his changing table. She pulls up his shirt, and untapes Tommy's dirty diaper. Tommy coos as Didi changes his diaper] Wait til' he sees my present, Didi. Did I tell you about the Hoverama prototype?
Didi: Uh-huh, you did, Stu.
Stu: Picture this, Didi. The body's thirty-six inches long and about four feet diameter and... [before he can finish, Didi lifts Tommy's legs] Yikes!
Didi: Oh, just put it in the pail, Stu, and hand me a fresh diaper!

Barbecue Story/Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup [1.2]

[Tommy cries, and the camera zooms in on his mouth. Stu hears the crying and turns his attention to it, as do Lou and Minka. Howard hears the crying, then looks at Angelica, who innocently pretends not to. Didi runs up to Tommy]
Didi: What's wrong, Tommy? What happened? [picks up Tommy and coos at him] Oh, boo-boo, what's the matter, baby? [as she lifts Tommy up, Tommy sees his ball behind the fence in a neighbor's yard. A light shines on the ball as the camera zooms in on it, then Tommy stops crying] All better now.

Mr. Mucklehoney: I'm so hungry, I could eat a hog, head first!

At the Movies/Slumber Party [1.3]


Baby Commercial/Little Dude [1.4]

Student: [after seeing Tommy's dirty diaper] Wow! That is one bodacious load!

Beauty Contest/Baseball [1.5]


Ruthless Tommy/Moose Country [1.6a]

Tommy: Whoa! Oh! [Spike (with the help of the babies’ weight shifted to the side of the playpen) also tips the playpen onto it’s side and this knocks the babies out - the babies now free, he releases the toy and Spike runs off with it. Chuckie, Phil and Lil lie on the ground] Wow! Moose country.
[Chuckie, thinking for a moment that Tommy was referring to the insect from earlier that’s now on the ground next to him]

Grandpa's Teeth/Momma Trauma [1.7]


Real or Robots?/Special Delivery [1.8]


Candy Bar Creep Show/Monster in the Garage [1.9]


Weaning Tommy/Incident in Aisle Seven [1.10]


Touchdown Tommy/The Trial [1.11]

Didi: Oh, Betty, that was Mr. Fluffles, Tommy's favorite lamp. [Tommy cries] There, there sweetie.

Fluffy vs. Spike/Reptar's Revenge [1.12]


Graham Canyon/Stu-Maker's Elves [1.13]

[At the Clam Canyon, Tommy and Angelica eat ice cream while Stu and Didi split a bucket of clams]
Stu: This food was worth the whole trip.
Didi: I'll say, you never know where you'll find good seafood.
Tommy: You know, Angelica, this Clam Canyon is great but I think I had more fun at the Graham Canyon.
Angelica: It's Grand Canyon. [to Cynthia] Cynthia, it's impossible to teach babies anything.

Season 2


Toy Palace/Sand Ho! [2.1]


Chuckie vs. the Potty/Together at Last [2.2]


The Big House/The Shot [2.3]

[Tommy dribbles the ball. A strange baby is playing with a school bus and sees Tommy]
Wiseguy: Psst! [Tommy hears him and looks around] Over here.
Tommy: You talking to me?
Wiseguy: Shh! You don't want them screws to hear, do ya?
Tommy: Screws?
Wiseguy: You know, grownups.
Tommy: Oh.
Wiseguy: You new around here, ain't ya? Everybody around here calls me Wiseguy on account of I know everything what's going on.
Tommy: Hi, Wiseguy, my name's Tommy Pickles.
Wiseguy: Sure, sure. Listen, if you're gonna make it in this place, you gotta know what's what.
Tommy: What?
Wiseguy: Right, You see that kid over there? [A big chubby baby walks over to another baby in blue pajamas suckling on a bottle] That's Big Justin. He's kinda the boss around here on account of he's the biggest. [Big Justin takes the bottle apart from the other baby and suckles on it] You see that girl over there? [points at a girl building wooden blocks] They call her the Builder on account of she's always playing with blocks. And look over there. [The screen pans to a baby playing with red Play-Doh and yellow bits of clay all over him. He sculpts the Play-Doh into a pit bull] They call him Doughboy. He can make anything out of Play-Doh.
[Doughboy sculpts the Play-Doh into a cat. Suddenly, Tommy and Wiseguy hear a baby crying very loud. A shot of inside his mouth is shown as Sandra and Jonathan arrive]
Tommy: What's wrong with that kid?
Wiseguy: Oh, don't worry about him; he's faking it.
Tommy: Faking it?
Wiseguy: Yep, that's Crybaby. [Sandra and Jonathan try to calm Crybaby down] He can make himself cry even when nothing's bothering him.
[As Sandra and Jonathan turn away, Crybaby stops crying and grins for a moment, but resumes back to crying as Sandra and Jonathan take out a rattle and stuffed teddy bear]
Big Justin: Hey. [Tommy and Wiseguy turn to Justin] Who's the new kid?
Wiseguy: [stammers nervously] Oh, hi, Justin. This here is Tommy Pickles.
[Tommy grins at Justin]
Big Justin: Nice ball, kid. Give it to me.
Tommy: [pulls it away] No!
[All the babies stop playing and turn seeing this]
Big Justin: What'd you say, kid?
Tommy: It's my ball, you can't have it!
Big Justin: Look, you're new around here, and maybe nobody warned ya, I'm Big Justin and I run this place. [pulls his suspenders in a snap] Now, GIVE ME THE BALL! [grabs the ball]
Tommy: [pulls it back] NO!!
Big Justin: I said GIVE IT TO ME!!!
[Big Justin and Tommy get caught in a tug-o-war with the ball. Wiseguy and Crybaby watch this in shock]
Crybaby: [holds a cookie] Betcha a cookie Justin gets the ball.
Wiseguy: [gives Crybaby another] You're on.
[Big Justin and Tommy continue fighting over the ball until Tommy lets the ball slip out of his fingers and ends up falling into a wagon, which rolls across the room, knocks over Builder's block structure, crushes Doughboy's clay cat sculpture and rams into a wall. Tommy sees Doughboy stare at what just happened]
Tommy: [gasps] I'm sorry.
Doughboy: [tears well up and bawls] AAUUGGHH!!
[Sandra comes in and sees what just happened. She is accompanied by Jonathan and Bob]
Jonathan: Diagnosis?
Sandra: Destructive overreaction syndrome. Procedure?
Jonathan: Positive reinforcement denial?
Sandra: [shakes her head] Uh-uh.
Jonathan: Withdrawal of snack gratification?
Sandra: Uh-uh.
Bob: [takes out a fresh diaper] Fresh change of diapers?
Sandra: No. [points at Tommy, echoes] Time out.
[The babies gasp in shock one by one]
Wiseguy: They're gonna give him the pen!
[A single pen is shown by the corner of the room. Sandra rushes Tommy to the pen with Jonathan and Bob following]
Bob: I yet say a nice change of diapers might cheer the little fella up!
Jonathan: How long?
Sandra: [holds five fingers] Five minutes.
Jonathan: Five minutes?! Don't you think that's a bit...harsh?
Sandra: [sternly] Do it.
[Jonathan does so. The timer is heard ticking as Tommy goes hesitantly silent]
Builder: Woah, five minutes!
Doughboy: These screws just keep getting meaner and meaner.
[Tommy lowly lays silent in the pen as he watches the cat clock on the wall. Tommy sees a toy jug and strides it along the wooden bars of the pen]
Sandra: [confiscates the jug] No, no, Tommy. [grins] Noise-making is not part of... [echoes] ...time out.

Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/Mirrorland [2.4a]

Mother: [a la Demi Moore] Oh, look at you! Oh, I could kick myself for letting you having that gum, Prudence!

Angelica's in Love/Ice Cream Mountain [2.5]

Drew: Mmm, what do you say to a little bet? Make things more interesting. Say, five bucks a hole?
Stu: [loudly] Shame on you, Drew! Betting is a bad, bad thing! [quietly] Make it ten!

Angelica: [crying] I want my ice cream!
Stu: We didn't really pay enough attention to the kids today.
Drew: You're right, Stu. We got a couple of free games. Maybe we could let the kids play. It won't take long.
Earl: [sobbing and groveling] Oh, please, no! Anything but that! I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING!
Stu: Could we find something the kids will like?

Regarding Stuie/Garage Sale [2.6]


Let There Be Light/The Bank Trick [2.7]


Family Reunion/Grandpa's Date [2.8]


No Bones About It/Beach Blanket Babies [2.9]


Reptar on Ice/Family Feud [2.10]

Chaz: (Absolutely Furious Mighty Roars) LOOK AT YOU! DON'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?! While you were insulting each other and bringing up every petty difference from your past, you've forgotten about your children, the most important thing in your insignificant lives! YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED!
Howard: Charles is right. Our behavior's been absolutely disgusting. I'm a failure and I've let everybody down while I should be—
Betty: Yeah, yeah. Whine later, ya' little man. We gotta find the kids!

Superhero Chuckie/The Dog Broomer [2.11]


Aunt Miriam/The Inside Story [2.12]


A Visit from Lipschitz/What the Big People Do [2.13]


The Santa Experience [2.14]

Angelica: It all started when the first present was given by the Pilgrims a long, long time ago. After that, everybody started giving presents...even the Easter Bunny started giving them 'til Santa slapped him with a lawsuit.

[Fade to a wide shot of the cabin outside. Santa and eight reindeer fly over head. Sparkles fly out of the rear to form the words "Merry Christmas"]
Real Santa: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Visitors from Outer Space/The Case of the Missing Rugrat [2.15]

Robot: My batteries don't need no doggone recharge, for your information.

Chuckie Loses His Glasses/Chuckie Gets Skunked [2.16]

Phil: Does that mean we're never gonna see Chuckie again?
Lil: Oh noooo!
Phil: Who's gonna have all his toys?
Lil: I wonder if I could have them!
Phil: I thought of it first!
Lil: Did not!
Phil: Did too!
Lil: Did not!

Chuckie: Aaah! Somebody help me! I can't see! Well, I can see a little.

Chuckie: Maybe we should find a nice game to play inside.
Angelica: Like what? You wanna eat the rest of my crayons!?

Drew: Oh, no! All over my new sweater!

Rebel Without a Teddy Bear/Angelica the Magnificent [2.17]


Meet the Carmichaels/The Box [2.18]


Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake [2.19]


The Seven Voyages of Cynthia/My Friend Barney [2.20]


Feeding Hubert/Spike the Wonder Dog [2.21]


The Slide/The Big Flush [2.22]


King Ten Pin/Runaway Angelica [2.23]

Angelica: [crying] Daddy! Daddy!
Drew: Angelica?! What are you doing here?
Angelica: [crying] Daddy, I heard you! I heard it all! I'm sorry I was bad and runned away from home! I'm sorry I cut up your papers and broke your fax machine! I'm sorry and I promise I'll never be bad again! Only please, take me back!
Drew: Take you back? Honey, I didn't even know you were gone!
Angelica: You didn't?
Drew: No! I thought you were still in your room, safe and sound.
Angelica: You mean you didn't even know I runned away?
Drew: I had no idea! Oh, but sweetheart, you know you'll always be my princess, no matter what you do. You're my baby and I love you. [Angelica hugs him]

Game Show Didi/Toys in the Attic [2.24]

[The episode credits play over a pattern of red, green, and blue dots that move around]
Man's voice:
[The dots zoom out, revealing that they make up the display on the Pickles' TV set; Tommy is standing very close to the screen, watching the man talk]
Man on TV: I knew right then I had snagged me a walla pike.
[the camera pans over to Grandpa, who has fallen asleep in his chair and is still holding the remote]
Didi: [walks into the living room, gasps loudly when she sees Tommy standing so close to the set, and walks over to him] No, no, no, honey! [lifts up Tommy and looks at him] Don't you know that focusing so closely on images can permanently damage your vision?
[As she talks, she looks closer into Tommy's eyes, which go cross-eyed, causing Tommy to see multiple copies of Didi's face. He quickly uncrosses his eyes, making his vision go back to normal. Didi sets Tommy down on the floor so he can crawl around, then approaches Grandpa, takes the remote from him without waking him up, sits down on the couch, and changes the channel from the fishing show to what looks like a talk show, but with a donkey as the host]

Driving Miss Angelica/Susie vs. Angelica [2.25]


Tooth or Dare/Party Animals [2.26a]

Angelica: NO! I'm gonna wish for something real good!
Tommy: Be careful what you wish for, Angelica! You just might get it!
Chuckie: What are we gonna do, Tommy?! What are we gonna do?!
Tommy: There's only one thing we can do. We're gonna find Angelica's magic lamp, and we got to wish for everything to be right-right again.

Season 3


Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster/Twins' Pique [3.1]

Didi: Time to say, bye-bye, sweetie. [Tommy starts bawling] Oh, what's that matter sweetie.
Angelica: Of course, it's me, you babies! There's going to be trouble! That does it!
Tommy: But, Angelica, I don't have to...
Angelica: [she slapped his mouth] Quiet, Tommy.
Paul: [yelling] What's wrong with you people?! Don't you have any real lives outside of this mindless cartoon!?!
Betty: [dumbfounded] Well, really? We just thought you liked to hear from a few of your fans.
Paul: Well, I don't!
Chaz: [confused] How can the creator of Happy Bear be so cruel?
Paul: [furious] Randy!
Randy: Wait a minute, Paul. I can explain everything. [After Randy notices his neighbors at his house unexpectedly] Lucy, could you come out here now, please? [After Stu meets Paul from the bushes]
Stu: Wow. He looked right at me. That man has changed by life! Man, we didn't need words.

Chuckie's First Haircut/Cool Hand Angelica [3.2a]


Tricycle Thief/Rhinoceritis [3.3]


Grandpa Moves Out/The Legend of Satchmo [3.4]

[The camera moves past an elderly man pushing the spout of a container with a sign that says "Creamed Ham", which is next to containers with signs that say "Creamed Potatoes" and "Creamed Toast" respectively. Another elderly man is pushing the spout of another container, pouring gravy onto his food. Tommy and Angelica are standing next to a table with a can of coffee on it. Angelica points to the can]
Angelica: You see, Tommy? That there coffee is what big people drink if they want to get waked up! Alls we must do is add the stuff in that can to that bucket of water.
[Angelica points to a bucket of water that says, "Caution: Wet Floor" in red letters]
Angelica: And we have coffee!
Tommy: I'll climb up there and get it.
[Tommy groans as he jumps and reaches for the can of coffee. He misses and falls over, but sighs in disdain. Then he looks over at an electric scooter, but turns right-side up]
Tommy: I have an idea!

Circus Angelicus/The Stork [3.5]

Clown: Look kid. It's just an act. Under this freak show, I'm a regular guy. Just like your dad.
Didi: Maybe we better go.
Angelica: Why do I have to go? I wasn't crying.
Ringmaster: Sorry, folks, no refunds.
Didi: I'm glad we left. I'd forgotten how unsanitary circuses are.
Stu: Come on, Deed. Circuses are an American institution. They're part of growing up. Kids love the circus.
Chuckie: I hate the circus.
Tommy: Chuckie, it's all over now.
Chuckie: Hey. Thanks for bailing me all back there, Tommy. I felt really stupid crying all by myself.
Tommy: Don't mention it.
Angelica: It's not fair. We didn't get to see any of the good stuff all because those babies started crying.
Drew: Angel, you got to see a lot of good stuff. Remember that big scary lion.
Angelica: That dumb old lion didn't even have any teeth.
Drew: And you got cotton candy and popcorn. And Daddy even bought you that nice stuff turtle he was screaming for.
Angelica: Stupid turtle. It doesn't even do anything.
Drew: What do you expect for $16.95.
Angelica: The whole circus was dumb.
Drew: Not now, cupcake, I suppose if you have the circus, you can do everything your way.
Angelica: If I ran the circus. Hmm.

The Baby Vanishes/Farewell, My Friend [3.6]


When Wishes Come True/Angelica Breaks a Leg [3.7]

Didi: Stu, what are you doing?
Stu: Making chocolate pudding.
Didi: It's 4:00 in the morning! Why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
Stu: [tired deadpan] Because I've lost control of my life.
Angelica: [watching TV in a queen bed] Ah ha ha ha ha!
Stu: Here's your pudding, Angelica.
Angelica: Oh, that's okay, Uncle Stu. I'm not hungry anymore.
[Cut to outside the house as Stu screams like a girl]

The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles [3.8a]

[Angelica is looking at the kaleidoscope. Tommy is in the playpen and wants to look at it]
Angelica: Ooh, it's so pretty.
Tommy: Can I see?
Angelica: Amazing.
Tommy: Please?
Angelica: Incredible.
Tommy: That's not fair! I wanna see the kaleidoscope.
Angelica: [to Tommy] Oh, you wanna see.
Tommy: Uh-huh.
Angelica: You really wanna see?
Tommy: Uh-huh.
Angelica: You really, really, really wanna see?
Tommy: Uh-huh!
Angelica: Oh. [handing Tommy the kaleidoscope] Okay. [as Tommy was about to reach for it, she then pulls it away] Oops, I's not for babies!

[Flashback to 1959. The episode of Blocky and Oxwinkle is yet on, showing the titular characters running to the rescue]
Blocky: Hurry up, Oxwinkle. It's time to obliviously save the day in the nick of time...
[Young Lou has overheard Baby Drew and Baby Stu's fighting, and he turns the television off as punishment]
Young Lou: [shouts] No more Blocky and Oxwinkle! [Baby Drew and Baby Stu start crying. He takes them to the downstairs playpen] You can blubber all you want, but it ain't gonna help! Now you two sprouts play nice. If you're real nice, I'll let ya watch Lawrence Welk tonight. [the two boys stop crying for a second, looking at each other, but start crying again; looks at his watch] Whoop. Time to open up the store. [heads to the front door to open it up]
[The two babies stop crying, and watch their dad go to work]

Reptar 2010/Stu Gets a Job [3.9]

[The scene then changed to a giant gorilla seen climbing a building, However Reptar, who is shown to be much bigger grabbed the Gorilla and threw it away, as it screams]

Give & Take/The Gold Rush [3.10]


Home Movies/The Mysterious Mr. Friend [3.11]


Cuffed!/The Blizzard [3.12]

Angelica: [throws snowball at Tommy] Halt, who goes there?
Tommy: It's me, Tommy!
Angelica: I am Angelinook of the North, why came you unbidden to my snowbound kingdom!
Tommy: Huh?
Angelica: What are you doing here?

Princess Angelica/The Odd Couple [3.13]

[The camera zooms in on Angelica]
Angelica: A real princess?
Charlotte: Drew, that's great!
Drew: Great?
Charlotte: Don't you see? If Angelica's ever gonna make it in a male-dominated power structure, she's gotta eat, breathe, drink, and sweat self-esteem!"
Drew: Uh-huh. Look, I know we've been blessed with a special little girl, but if we don't stop spoiling her, she's gonna suspect she really is a princess!

[Tommy flicks a piece of cereal from his bowl. The scene transitions to the next scene, which takes place in the living room. Tommy and Chuckie are now dressed in their normal attire, and Tommy sits on the couch with a bored expression on his face as Chuckie watches his favorite show, Space Trek Babies, which is essentially a combination of Star Trek and the spin-off babies trend popularized by Muppet Babies]
Baby Spock: We can't abort the entire mission for one lost teddy bear, captain! It's just not logical!
Baby McCoy: [bouncing in a jumper] You and your infernal logic! Can't you see? We're babies, not computers!
[Tommy changes the channel to Reptar, who is destroying the city. The camera moves over to Chuckie, who is shocked to find out Tommy changed the channel]

Destination: Moon/Angelica's Birthday [3.14]

Phil: That won't work, Chuckie. In space, no one can hear you scream.

Lil: What do you mean?
Phil: Gettin' old's fun!
Angelica: No, no, little Phil. Getting old is nothing but misery and woe.
Tommy: Wow. It's too bad you can't stay little like us.
Angelica: Yes. It's too bad I can't stay little like... Wait a minute, that's it!
Chuckie: Uh-oh!

Naked Tommy/Tommy and the Secret Club [3.15]

Betty: [finds Phil and Lil naked and runs towards them] Great Evonne Goolagong! What's going on here?! Philly, Lilly, you're nudists!
Didi: Betty! I'm surprised at you. I mean, they're just babies. Lipschitz says--
Betty: [picks up Phil and Lil's clothes] Don't start with that hippie Lipschitz, Deed! I don't know what kind of baby commune you're trying to run here, but it's time to face facts! The sixties are over and we lost, so get with the program, all right?!

Under Chuckie's Bed/Chuckie is Rich [3.16]


Mommy's Little Assets/Chuckie's Wonderful Life [3.17]

Angelica: Hey, babies! Ready for a game of pin the tail on the diaper? [Chuckie hides the CD under the teddy bear] Hey, Chuckie, what do you got there?
Chuckie: Ah, nothing. We just playing one of the silly games.
Angelica: Hmm. Say, isn’t Spike out there.

In the Dreamtime/The Unfair Pair [3.18]


Chuckie's Red Hair/Spike Runs Away [3.19]

Stu: I just wish there was something I could do!
Didi: Oh! [the doorbell rings] Who on earth could that be?
[Stu walks up to the front door and opens it. A rich man is on the other side]
Winston St. George: Mr. Pickles?
Stu: That's me.
Winston St. George: My name is Winston St. George. [as he talks to Stu, he removes his monocole and wipes it with a piece of cloth] Two weeks ago, I was walking down the street when I spied a rare Siberian Tiger Hound worth thousands. I was tempted to keep him to breed, but then I saw your ad.
[Spike jumps into Stu's arms and pants happily]
Stu: Ugh! Spike!
Winston St. George: Spike, eh? Well, I've been calling him Nightscroft's Squire Muldoon.

The Alien/Mr. Clean [3.20]

Angelica: More wind!
Chuckie: Here you go, Angelica.
Angelica: Thank you, Chuckie. This is the life.
Tommy: Angelica, can I have a turn?
Angelica: Look, if it were up to me, I'd let you sit in the chair but it's against the rules.

Angelica's Worst Nightmare/The Mega Diaper Babies [3.21a]

Big Boy: Hey what are you doing here sister? I thought I told you to scram. [spots her cheese] Oh, num-num. [eats the cheese, and burps] I want you to get out, but you wouldn't listen. Now I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson.
Angelica: Get back get away from me!
Big Boy: You had your chance. Where do you think you're going sister?
Angelica: No, please! I'm you big sister!
Big Boy: Well now you're num-num!
Angelica: A bad dream! I don't want to be a baby anymore.

Dotted-Line Girl (Lil): I'm just a dotted line!
Angelitron (Angelica): Any idiot can see a dotted line!

New Kid in Town/Pickles vs. Pickles [3.22a]

Josh: I'm not scared of you.
Angelica: Oh, yeah.
Josh: Yeah.
Angelica: Well, then you're making a big mistake, bucko. [launches another water balloon at Josh]
Chuckie: Hey, watch it, Angelica!
Angelica: Give up, cheese-brain?
Josh: Tell you what, I'll make ya a deal. We'll, split the babies 50/50.
Angelica: Mm. Who gets the heads?
Josh: No, I mean, you take two babies, and I'll take two babies. Couldn't be more fair than that.
Angelica: No way! I came here to get these babies, and I'm not leaving till' I get them all!
Josh: Oh, yeah?
Angelica: Yeah.
Josh: Oh, yeah?
Angelica: Yeah.
Josh: Oh, yeah?
Angelica: Yeah! [as she pushes Josh, causing him to scratch his arm on the edge of the sandbox]
Josh: [wails] Mommy, she pushed me! [wailing as he run away]
Angelica: And don't ever let me catch you pickin' on my babies again!

[Close up of a stream of gravy coming down towards the screen and then pans back to reveal it's a plate of gravy with a piece of broccoli and mashed potatoes on it. Angelica is behind it, with a spoon and fork in both of her hands, and not wanting to eat it]
Charlotte: Just a little taste, sweetie?
Angelica: NO! [Charlotte looks surprised when Angelica snaps]
Drew: Come on, sugar-pie. It's good for you. Don't you wanna grow up to be big and strong?
Angelica: NO! [her father drops the fork when she shouts]
Charlotte: Honey, the last time you eat broccoli you said it wasn't so bad, remember?
Angelica: [bangs the table] NO!
Drew: [as he lost patience] Angelica, if you don't eat some broccoli, then you're not gonna get seconds on dessert.
[Angelica throws the plate to the wall where the shadow of Drew is, it shatters on impact]
Drew: That's it, Angelica, [he stands up from his chair and points to his left] go to your room!
Angelica: But, daddy!
Charlotte: It's too late for talk now, Angelica. We tried to reason with you, but you wouldn't listen!
[Angelica gets up off of chair and heads upstairs, but turns back to her parents]
Angelica: You'll be sorry! [Drew and Charlotte are speechless after Angelica said that, hear her slam the door upstairs and look at each other]

Angelica: It's not fair, Cynthia. The grown-ups always get to decide everything. All they do is to boss me around like a little kid or something. I'm 3 years old!
Barnum: Are you getting a raw deal? Is your boss treating you unfairly? Or perhaps there's a family problem that cries out for third party mediation?
Angelica: The last one! The family thing!
Barnum: Don't wait! Call us at the offices of F. Lee Barnum and Sons: "We'll fight for you!"
Angelica: Hmm...

[The next morning, he pulls in the driveway and rings the doorbell. Drew was in his home office until he hears it]
Drew: Who could that be?
Barnum: Thank you. Hello, I'm here to see uh... Miss Angelica C. Pickles.
Drew: And you are?
Barnum: My name is F. Lee Barnum, I'm an attorney.
Drew: An attorney?
Barnum: Yeah, I engaged by Miss Pickles to handle some pesty legal matters.
Drew: [laughs] There must be some mistake. You see, Angelica is just little girl, she's not capable of hiring a attorney.
Barnum: That would be me to determine.
Angelica: Oh, hi, Mr. Lawyer, come on in.
Drew: Angelica, what is going on here?

Angelica: Now you're talking my language.
Charlotte: Angelica, honey.
Angelica: Yes?
Charlotte: I' like to talk about this lawsuit thing.
Angelica: It's too late for talk now, Mommy. I tried the reason for you, but she wouldn't listen.
Charlotte: Come on, sweetie. Let's get some ice cream and you can tell me what's bothering you.
Angelica: That's awful nice of you, Mommy. But on the advice of counsel, I must decline.
Charlotte: Angelica, if you don't stop all this nonsense right now, I'm gonna-
Angelica: Careful, Mommy. Don't say anything you might not want repeated in the code of law.
Charlotte: Now you listen to me.
Angelica: Uh-uh-uh. The tape's rolling.
Charlotte: [stammering] Doh. Drew, call your attorney. We're going to the man on this one. [We're all wanted men and the house is bankrupted and has no home, bye bye house forever]
Drew: So you think she has a case?

Hershowitz: I'm afraid so, Mr. and Mrs. Pickles, I was strongly to advice you settle this matter out of the court.
Charlotte: A settlement!
Drew: He's right, Charlotte. Let's just end this thing as painless thing as possible.
Charlotte: Uh, maybe you're right.
Hershowitz: Angelica's lawyer faxed a couple of demands. Can I read them?
Drew: Sure, How bad could they be?
Hershowitz: 1. Deserve more 24 hours a day, 2. Deserve giving gifts to Angelica day, 3. A missile and smash up doll, 4. A command space flame thrower, 5. A pony, 6...
[Drew who was getting annoyed finally snaps]
Drew: Enough! I am not going to pushed around by my own Daughter!
Hershowitz: [sighs] Very well, we prepared to court.

Barnum: Of course we have a case, this girl has been severely mistreated.
Angelica: Okay, I'll handle this. Miss. Reporterman, I'm not a bad kid, I'm really not, all I ever wanted is a little ice cream, maybe a toy here or there, I mean, doesn't every three year old have right a little kindness. And now you're trying to make me feel like I'm a bad guy, where will it all end. [Angelica's starts crying of Clarissa about go home. Angelica's stops Clarissa crying sound to get a super-sucker lollipop, everyone laughs. A car pulls up and Drew and Charlotte come out]
Bystander: Look it's the parents!
[The crowd keeps saying their names repeatedly]
Hershowitz: My clients has no comments. [he reaches over and covers the camera with his hand] I told you, no comment.

[Later in court, a judge bangs his gavel]
Judge: Order! Order! [everyone is silent] This court is now in session. Mr. Barnum, Please call your first witness.
Barnum: I call for the stand, Mrs. Charlotte Pickles! [we see an "El Barato" cigar close to the camera and Barnum pulls it away] Now Mrs. Pickles, is it not true on the last Tuesday night on August 3rd, that you served your 3-year old Angelica a large piece of broccoli for dinner?
Charlotte: Well, that depends on your word, large. I say it was a small piece.
Barnum: Mrs. Pickles. Let's not quibble over the size of the serving.
Charlotte: It seems to me. Your the one is quibbling. [everyone laughs]
Barnum: Just answer the question Mrs. Pickles.
Charlotte: What question was that, Mr. Barnum?
Barnum: Did you or did you not, serve you daughter a disgusting piece of broccoli!
Charlotte: [offended] I served my daughter broccoli and I wasn't "disgusting"! I was a very healthy nitrous piece of vegetable, Mr. Barnum, rich of vitamin C, any parent would do the same!
Angelica: OBJECTION!
Barnum: Angelica, I'm doing a questioning, let me handle this.
Angelica: But you doing a louse chop of yourself, you won't look good!
Barnum: [frustrated] How dare you talk to me like that! I am skilled with months of experience!
Angelica: Your highness, I would like to dismiss my lawyer for discussing conference.
Barnum: You don't have to! I would rather quit rather helping a little brat like you!
Angelica: Your majesty, I would like to present my own lawyer.
Judge: Well, I must admit that all of my years that I never heard a three year old representing herself. But, I guess there's no presence against it.
Angelica: Well, see you later, Buster! I guess it's back chasing ambushes like you.
[He leaves]
Drew: But the toy store is out!

Drew: [gasps] This isn't happening! I was just being a good father!
Judge: Bailiff! Have this man removed from my court and locked up! [everyone cheers and applauds]
Drew: No! I'm a good father! I'm a good father! [the bailiff grabs Drew by the shoulders and drags him away] I'm a good father! I'm a good father!
Judge: [bangs his gavel repeatedly as Drew shouts "I'm a good father!" repeatedly] Order! Order in this court! Order! I demand order! I am the judge here!
[The judge continues yelling at Drew and banging his gavel while the cheers turn into evil laughter as Drew is continued to be dragged away. Finally, the camera zooms in Drew's mouth and we cut to Drew struggling in his sleep in bed. It revealed is was all Drew's dream. Drew then wakes up, gasping]
Drew: A dream! It was just a dream! Charlotte! Charlotte! Wake up!
Charlotte: Huh? [she sees the LCD Clock reading 3:01] Drew, It's three in the morning.

Angelica: [yawn] Hi, Daddy.
Drew: Hi, sweetie.
Angelica: Daddy, I'm sorry I was a bad girl.
Drew: Sweetie, I'm the one to be sorry. I shouldn't have tried to make you eat the broccoli. From now on, you can try the foods you're ready to try.
Angelica: Daddy, you're the greatest.
Drew: Nicely dye, princess.

Kid TV/The Sky is Falling [3.23]

Chuckie: Spike got it a huge fight.

I Remember Melville/No More Cookies [3.24]

[The next scene takes place outside Tommy's house the next day. Drew drives his car into the Pickles' driveway. Didi, having just baked a fresh batch of cookies, puts them into the jar until the doorbell rings]
Didi: Coming!
[Drew and Angelica are outside the door as Didi opens it]
Drew: We must hurry up, Didi, or we'll be late for the auction! [looks down at Angelica] Now, be a nice little girl for Grandpa, darling!
Angelica: Of course, Daddy! [runs into Tommy's house. Lou is on the couch, having fallen asleep after reading a "FISHIN'" magazine. She walks past him. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are in the playpen, and Phil is pulling on a gum-like fashion in Lil's mouth. She walks up to the playpen] Hi, babies, how's this... [sniffs] Alright, where are they?
Tommy: Where are what?
Angelica: Don't play dumb, the cookies! I know they're around here, I can smell 'em! [sniffs]
Tommy: [stands up] But, Angelica....
Angelica: Of course; the kitchen! [runs into the kitchen. She looks around, until she sees the cookie jar on the counter] Aha! I did so. [runs up to the cookie jar, but just as she grabs it, she is pulled back] Hey!
Tommy: [revealed to be pulling Angelica back] Don't you remember? Yesterday, you made us promise not to let you eat cookies ever again!
Angelica: Oh, yes. I forgot about that.
[Phil and Lil walk up to Tommy and Angelica]
Tommy: Then no more cookies, right? [walks up to the cookie jar and pulls it off the counter. He walks off backwards with it]
Angelica: Sure, Tommy. No more cookies. [runs up to the cookie jar]
[But Phil and Lil hold her back by pulling on her dress. They groan as they try to hold her back, but she walks towards the cookie jar, pulling them along]
Tommy: Angelica, if you're gonna keep trying to get these, I'm gonna have to hide 'em! [walks off, carrying the cookie jar]
Angelica: [growls] Please, wait! I'll make you a deal! [Tommy stops and turns to face her upon hearing this] Just let me have, say, ten or fifteen cookies, and after that, I won't eat any more! [puts one hand over her heart and holds the other one up]
Tommy: I'm sorry, Angelica. I can't break my promise! [walks off]
Angelica: [walks up to him as Phil and Lil tried to hold her back] Please, Tommy! Just one little cookie! Please, wait!
Chuckie: [runs up to Tommy]Perhaps you should let her have a cookie.
[Phil and Lil let go of Angelica's dress]
Phil: [walks up to Chuckie] Yes, don't be so mean, Tommy.
Lil: What's one little cookie gonna hurt?
Tommy: [turns to face the babies and Angelica] No! I promised Angelica that no matter what she did, no matter how much she begged, no matter how much she whined, I wouldn't let her have any cookies! [Angelica clenches her teeth in frustration, and Phil and Lil hold her back by her dress] And guys, I'm gonna keep my promise!
[Phil and Chuckie look at each other]
Chuckie: I love it if he gives these big speeches!
Tommy: You guys watch Angelica. I'm gonna hide these cookies! [walks off]
Angelica: Oh!
[In the next scene, Angelica draws a cookie on a pink piece of paper with a blue crayon. She, along with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, are all in the playpen, drawing on pieces of paper with crayons]
Angelica: Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie! [drops her crayon and stands up] Excuse me a sec, I'm gonna go check on the babies! [walks off]
Tommy: Hey, Chuckie, where'd Angelica say she was going?
Chuckie: To check on the babies.
Tommy: Oh...alright.
[Tommy and Chuckie stop drawing upon realizing that they have just been fooled by Angelica]
Tommy, Chuckie and Lil: We are the babies!
[Angelica is now in Tommy's bedroom, tossing various toys out of his box]
Angelica: Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie. [by the time she finds the cookies at the bottom of Tommy's toy box, Tommy's room is now a full mess] Aha! That's the ticket! [pulls the cookie jar out and hugs it] Cookies! My beloved cookies! I have found you! [Tommy walks up to her and takes the cookie jar from her] Hey! I want gonna eat them! I just wanted to hold them a little!
[Phil and Lil walk up to Tommy]
Tommy: I'm sorry, Angelica. This is for your own luck! Now, I'm gonna go hide these in an even better place where you won't find 'em! [walks off with Phil and Lil]
Angelica: [frowns and collapses] Oh!

Cradle Attraction/Moving Away [3.25]

Phil: I'm gonna miss Angelica after all.
Lil: Yeah, me too.
Charlotte: [enraged] Those ingrates! I gave MergeCorp the best years of my life and they've given the New York V.P. job to that weasel Jonathan! [rips phone cord from phone] There's no loyalty in this town, Drew!
Tommy: You like us! You really like us!
[The Rugrats cheering hugging Angelica]
Angelica: Yuck! I was making it all up! Stop hugging me! Stop it! Stop it! Nothing's change! Cut it out!

A Rugrats Passover [3.26]


Season 4


A Rugrats Chanukah [4.1]


Mother's Day [4.2]

[Chas puts away the keepsakes of Chuckie's mother]
Didi: Chas, I think it's time you shared these things with Chuckie.
Chas: Well, I'm just afraid he'll miss her.
Didi: Then you can miss her together.

["A Poem to Chuckie" by Melinda Finster]
Melinda Finster: My sweet, little Chuckie, though I must leave you behind me
This poem will tell you where you always can find me.
When a gentle wind blows, that's my hand on your face.
And when the tree gives you shade, that's my sheltering embrace.
When the sun gives you freckles, that's me tickling my boy.
When the rain wets your hair, those are my tears of joy.
When the long grass enfolds you, that's me holding you tight.
When the Whippoorwill sings, that's me whispering, "Night, night."

Vacation [4.3]

Stu: Las Vegas!
Didi: Mmm. It's lovely at night!
Lou: Haven't been here since the 50's! Took the town by storm too! I won 15 jackpots in a row! They flew me home 1st class just to get rid of me!
Drew: Mom said you lost everything but your underwear and came back on a bus!

Spike's Babies/Chicken Pops [4.4]

Phil: Nobody's gonna save those kitties.

Angelica: Stupid babies. They'll believe anything. [An egg falls under her butt] Hey, what's this? [screams] I'M TURNING INTO A CHICKEN!

Radio Daze/Psycho Angelica [4.5]

Angelica: Ah! [It's a pizza delivery truck. She then goes back to the babies] Wait! I see something, something cheesy.
Lil: Is it between my toes?
Angelica: No, no. It's a...a pizza.
Phil: Pizza? [pushing Lil out of the way] Where?

America's Wackiest Home Movies/The 'Lympics [4.6]


The Carwash/Heat Wave [4.7]

Chaz: Don't worry, Chuckie! I'm coming!
Stu: Yeah Chas, This place is great! I'm coming here every weekend!
Angelica: Oh, great.

Tommy: What's wrong, Chuckie?

Faire Play/The Smell of Success [4.8]

[cut to king and queen on their throne; trumpets herald the arrival of a "knight"]
Heralder: And now, let the jousting tournaments beginnith!
Didi: Oh, look! It's the good knight.
Phil: Wow. Look it!
Lil: Look at the sheeps? What are you looking for Chuckie?
Chuckie: If there's a knight, there's got to be a dragon around here somewhere!

Dust Bunnies/Educating Angelica [4.9]


Angelica's Last Stand/Clan of the Duck [4.10]


Potty Training Spike/The Art Fair [4.11]

Tommy: Um, is something wrong Chuckie?
Chuckie: No.
Lil: Then why are you sitting on the ground all scrunched up like an old bag?
Chuckie: No reason.
Lil: Are you hiding something?
Chuckie: [gasping] I'm not hiding anything. I just have to go potty.
Phil: So why don't you just go?

Send in the Clouds/In the Naval [4.12]

Didi: Stu, have you seen my running shoes?
Stu: Yea, they're really nice.
Didi: No, they're missing! In fact, all my shoes are missing.
Stu: How can a woman lose sixteen pairs of shoes?
Didi: I do not have sixteen pairs! It's more like five.
Officer: I understand, Stu.
DIdi: Don't worry, attorney.

[Drew and Stu walk to the front of the boat]
Captain: Are those your boys?
Lou: Nope. Never had kids. [walks to kids at back of deck, who are near the bait well] All strapped in sprouts? Hah, that's good. You know, it can sometimes be dangerous out here on the high seas. [throws Angelica's doll and toy boat into the bate trap and demonstrates with her] Once I was washed overboard in a storm and was stranded on an island for fifteen days with nothing to eat but salt and sand. Luckily I was rescued by the navy seals. Brave, brave men, those navy seals. Have fun kids and stay out of the bait well. [walks away]

The Mattress/Looking for Jack [4.13]

[hands Angelica some papers; then back on the phone]
Phone Voice: Hello.
Charlotte: Yeah, Lloyd. It's me again.
Chuckie: Who's Jack?
Angelica: He's the person that fixes car. Do I have to teach you everything.

Ransom of Cynthia/Turtle Recall [4.14]


Angelica Orders Out/Let it Snow [4.15]


Angelica Nose Best/The Pirate Light [4.16]


The Turkey Who Came to Dinner [4.17]


Season 5


Grandpa's Bad Bug/Lady Luck [5.1]

[Stu is downstairs pouring ginger ale. He spills it when he hears Grandpa scream]
Lou: YEOW!
Stu: Huh? [Grandpa is coughing loudly as he enters] What's wrong? Are you okay? What's wrong?
Lou: It feels like a lobster's been shaking hands with my tonsils.
[The uvula looks mangled from the pliers]
Stu: Your throat looks awful. That must be one mean bug you've got in there, Pop.

Hiccups/Autumn Leaves [5.2]

Chuckie: I don't like this! I don't like it one bit! [sees hand is in bowl of spaghetti] Pisghetti?
Tommy: Angelica! You were supposed to scare me, not [hiccup] feed me!

[They have some green gelatin]
Lil: Now, what do we do?
Tommy: It's like a big crayon. Just pick some up and color on the leafs.
[They pick some up and put it on a leaf]
Chuckie: Ew, this crayon's too mushy.
Lil: Yeah, it's just making my fingers sticky.
Phil: [eating some] Yeah, but it tastes better than, uh, other things.

Crime and Punishment/Baby Maybe [5.3]

Angelica: Jail is like a bazillion times more horribler than Time Out!

The Word of The Day/Jonathan Babysits [5.4]

Miss Carol: Okay, Angelica, I'm relying on you. Tell everyone the new fun phrase. What does Miss Carol think of her kids?
Angelica: She thinks, um, we're all little... [Her parents signal to not say the bad word]
Miss Carol: [angry] Okay, Angelica. If you love Miss Carol at all, you will tell us right now: What does Miss Carol think of her kids?!
Angelica: She think we're all little...
[The last word is censored by Charlotte's terrified scream]
Drew: Oh, no!
[Watching this on TV, Didi, Lou, and Stu are shocked]
Miss Carol: That's it! Get her out! Get her out of here!
Angelica: But that's what you said! But you said it, Miss Carol!
Miss Carol: [hysterically] You're right! You're right, you know that? You're right! I have said it before and I will say it again! [laughs maniacally] You're all little...
[The last word is censored by a test pattern screen]
Angelica: See? See? She did say it!

He Saw, She Saw/Piggy's Pizza Palace [5.5]


Babysitting Fluffy/Sleep Trouble [5.6]


The First Cut/Chuckie Grows [5.7]


The Wild, Wild West/Angelica for a Day [5.8]


Fugitive Tommy/Visiting Aunt Miriam [5.9]


Uneasy Rider/Where's Grandpa? [5.10]


Journey to the Center of the Basement/A Very McNulty Birthday [5.11]

Lil: I look scary like Reptar!

The Family Tree [5.12]


Chuckie's Duckling/A Dog's Life [5.13]


Chuckerfly/Angelica's Twin [5.14]


Raising Dil/No Naps [5.15]


Man of the House/A Whole New Stu [5.16]


Submarine/Chuckie's a Lefty [5.17]


Season 6


Baking Dil/Hair! [6.1]


Zoo Story/I Do [6.2]


The Magic Baby/Dil We Meet Again [6.3]


Hand Me Downs/Angelica's Ballet [6.4]


Opposites Attract/The Art Museum [6.5]

Chuckie: I thought you would a monster something.
Freddie: That's what I saw too, I'm Freddie.
Chuckie: Hi, Freddie. I'm Chuckie.
Freddie: I got to nice spot by the tree. You wanna sit with me?
Chuckie: Well, I...I was gotta pick some dandy lions.
Freddie: We could do that. As long as we care for not to get any stuck up on nose.

The Jungle/The Old Country [6.6]


Ghost Story/Chuckie's Complaint [6.7]

Didi: [after the man in the Reptar suit hugs Chuckie] You know, Betty, I guess this is a kinder, gentler Reptar.
Betty: Goodbye video sales!

Pedal Pusher/Music [6.8]


Chuckie's Bachelor Pad/Junior Prom [6.9]


Silent Angelica/Tie My Shoes [6.10]


What's Your Line/Two By Two [6.11]


All's Well That Pretends Well/Big Babies [6.12]


Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects [6.13]


Runaway Reptar [6.14]


Share and Share a Spike/Tommy for Mayor [6.15]


Brothers are Monsters/Cooking With Susie [6.16]


Officer Chuckie/Auctioning Grandpa [6.17]


Partners In Crime/Thumbs Up [6.18]


Planting Dil/Joke's on You [6.19]

Didi: Hello, Sweetie. Now, now, Dylan Prescott, let a smile be your umbrella. There, that's better.

Big Showdown/Doctor Susie [6.20]


Accidents Happen/Pee Wee Scouts [6.21]


Chuckie's New Shirt/Cavebabies [6.22]


Incredible Shrinking Babies/Miss Manners [6.23]

Stu: Someone's ready for a nap.
Tommy: I'm glad it was just a dream, Chuckie.
Chuckie: You guys be careful. [He stepped on a Little People toy] Little Louie. [He gasps in horror]

A Dose of Dil/Famous Babies [6.24]

Angelica: The things I do for you dumb babies.[She puts the sand Chuckie's shorts] Here they are, the babies!

Angelica: Babies and gentlemen, Angelica Pickles is proud to present.... Angelica Pickles. [She began to sing while the babies just quietly walked away from her] Look at me! Look at me! You can't believe that I'm so pretty. Look at me! I'm so smart! And I'm only three. Look at me! Look at me! Look at meeeeeeee! Yes!

No Place Like Home [6.25]


Be My Valentine [6.26]


Discover America [6.27]


Season 7


Acorn Nuts/Diapey Butts [7.1]


Angelicon/Dil's Binkie / Big Brother Chuckie [7.2]

[The episode opens with Didi stirring a bowl of food and her humming while doing so. The camera zooms out to show Dil in his highchair behind Didi as he spits out his binkie and babbles happily and laughs. Didi turns a looks at Dil to see that he spat out his binkie]
Didi: Oh Dilly, that was so cute the first 20 times you did it, but now Mommy's really got to get lunch ready.
[Didi walks over and picks up the binkie, Dil laughing while she did so, as she wiped it off before putting it back into Dil's mouth before going back to making lunch. Dil sucks on his binkiea moment and as Didi turns around with the bowl, Dil spits his binkie out once again as it bounces off the highchair tray and into the bowl. The contents splatter as the binkie lands into the bowl as Didi turns to reveal that the contents of the bowl splattered onto her face, glasses, and clothes. Dil laughs as Didi sets the bowl down and takes out the binkie before washing it off]
Didi: Now keep Mr. Binkie in your mouth while mommy cleans the oopsie off her clothes.
[Didi is seen putting the binkie back in Dil's mouth as she waks away offscreen back over to the sink. Dil then looks at Spike, who had walked into the room, as Spike walked over to his water dish taking a drink out of it. As Spike does this, Dil spits out his binkie again as it bounces off the table and the floor before landing in Spike's water dish as Dil babbles happily. Spike then walks off with Dil's binkie in his mouth as he walks outside into the backyard where Tommy was playing with a jack-in-the-box. Tommy is turning the handle on the jack-in-the-box as he watches as Spike walk by as Spike drops the binkie on top of the jack-in-the-box. Tommy then turns his attention back to the toy as he kept turning the handle until it popped opened revealing a Reptar figure jack as Dil's binkie flew into the air as Tommy looked up in amazment]
Tommy: Woah! I never saw a binkie fly afore! [He watched as the binkie flew out of the yard as the binkie bounced off the top of the garage and into the mud puddle where Phil and Lil were playing in their front yard]
Phil: Here comes the biggest one, Lillian!
[Phil makes a mudpie with the binkie inside as he picks it up and throws it at Lil as it flys right past her and into the trashcan that Howard was carrying. Howard whistles as he carries the trashcan over to a man who picks it up and carries it off screen. The scene cuts as the man drives off in his truck as a bird flys into view, following the truck. The bird flys down and grabs some sticks along with the binkie from the truck as it flys over to its nest, which was located in the park nearby. The bird lands in front of the nest where its babies were as it puts the sticks into the nest, dropping the binkie as it does. The binkie is then seen bouncing down the tree and onto the grass before landing onto the side walk. A boy on a skateboard rides by as he runs over the binkie sending it flying over to the nearby playground equipment as it bounces on it and rolls down the slide. The binkie lands on the ground in front of two boys and is then kicked in a clump of sand when one boy kicks it towards the other boy who moves out of the way. The binkie flys over and bounces on the sidewalk before landing in another boy's bike, which the boy was riding, as it rickashaded off of the bike spokes. It then flys over to where two girls were playing teether ball as the binkie is hit by the teether ball as it flys back over towards Phil and Lil's house. Betty is seen cleaning off Phil and Lil with the hose as Phil and Lil giggle happily. Betty then sees a mosquito as she swats at it]
Betty: Darn mosquitos! [The binkie bounces off her head as she swats at it thinking its another mosquito] Woah, that was a big sucker.
[The binkie is seen bouncing off the fence and into the sprinkler water in the Pickles' backyard as the binkie is carried on the water as it bounces on the patio wall and into the kitchen window. Didi is seen washing the dishes as the binkie bounces off the faucet and lands on the counter. Didi and Dil both see the binkie as Dil babble and squealed excitedly as Didi shook her head]
Didi: Dil, you litte scamp. [She then walks over and is seen putting the binkie back into Dil's mouth as Dil is then seen pulling it out of his mouth leaving a saliva trail as he did as he contiued to babble and squeal happily as the screen faded to black ending the episode]

Dil Saver/ Cooking with Phil & Lil/Piece of Cake [7.3]

Angelica: Dil's not on TV! He trapped inside the compooper!
Phil: How'd he get in there?
Angelica: I bet Tommy knows, it was HIS fault!

Lou: Spike! Leave that poor cat alone!

Tommy: Dil, I'm sorry about what I said.


[The episode begins with Kimi putting a pail of sand down to make a sandcastle, as Tommy and Chuckie builds sandcastles too. As Phil and Lil filling the pails up with water while giggling]
Lil: Not me, you.
[While holding the pails but suddenly...they see the smell]
Phil: Smells like cinnamon is making me a yummy recipe.
Kimi: Pie! [As she walks by, knocking down Tommy's sandcastle by accident as her stomach growls] Oh, my tummy's talking.
Lil: Tommy's mommy made a pie.
Kimi: I want to see, give me a booster.
[Phil and Lil giggling, then they helps holding Kimi up to the window, but next as Kimi grabs the pie, but she almost throwed outside]
Kimi: Uh oh. Oof!
[The pie fells off from an aluminum pie tin as the pie breaks and splats into pieces]
Phil: [sighs] Bye-bye pie.
Lil: Now what are we supposed to do?
Kimi: I know, we can make the new pie, but I don't know how.
Phil: We do, me and Lil make yummy pies all the time.
Lil: Who teach you?
Phil: Yeah. You stay here, and will get some ingredients.
Lil: [she picks up a rock with dirt] These ants are look pretty dirty. [She puts the ants inside with her pail, then she puts the grass in a dog bowl of water as she picks it up]
[Cuts to Phil and Lil wearing brown paper hats that look like chef hats]
Phil: Ahem, ladies and gentlemen. today we have a yummy delicious recipe for you.
Lil: It is called "ant wormies mud pie".
Phil: The first thing we got to do is get lots of mud.
Lil: [As she uses a shovel to dig a piece of mud out from a pail and showing it to Kimi] Look it, it's a little guy.
[The snail gets nervous]
Phil: But I don't know threw at me.
Lil: Now we add the ingredients. And then we bake a really whole pie if we didn't have lots and lots of juicy wormies.
Phil: Okay, but how we got adding some extra special flavor like my mommy does. [He picks up a rock]
Kimi: What's that?
Phil: It's a secret flavor, remember?
[Lil scrapes the mud out of her sneaker and puts it in a dog dish]
Phil: Here, maybe we'll have some chopped grass on top.
Lil: Uh, uh, uh. This is many grassy boots. This is still got to put one more thing with before we add the finish touches.
Phil: Whoa.
Lil: Ta-da! A wormy mud pie!
Kimi: Wait a sec, did you suppose to put a crusty on top?
Phil: You got a crusty. [When he and Lil are thinking if they surprised looking at a pie crust, then they put the pie crust on top] This is the bestest pie ever!
Lil: Now can I say ta-da?
Kimi: Okay.
Lil: TA-DA!!
Phil: You guys, we have to put the new pie back before Tommy's mommy comes back.
Kimi: I'll do it.
Lil: Ow, ow, ow, ow.
Kimi: [Later, as she reaches and puts the pie back on the window and hides] Come on, let's build some sandcastles.
[As Phil, Lil and Kimi walks away, Stu comes by]
Stu: Mmm, smells great. I think I'll have myself to a nice big slice.
[Slurping noise as the episode ends]

Sister Act/Spike's Nightscare/Cuddle Bunny [7.4]

Angelica: [wears Sherlock Holmes clothes] What's the matter with you babies? Don't any of you want the honor of being my brother or sister?

Angelica: New law number elevendy: You will call me Queen Angelica, or your Royal Highestness, or Angelica the Great!

Finsterella [7.5]

Chas: Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Cinderella, who lived with her mean stepmother and her two awful stepsisters in a big house. They gave poor Cinderella rags to wear, and made her work from morning to night. She even had to sleep on the floor! Which can result in sciatica if you're not careful.

Chuckie: Now I know just how Cinderella feels!

Chuckie: I'm crying, Fairy Bobmother! [Nothing happens] I said I'm crying, Fairy Bobmother!

Bad Shoes/The World According to Dil and Spike/Falling Stars [7.6]

Tommy: Reptar! The snail is back there, you cookamungi!

Chuckie: Ya know, I bet you Dil and Spike don't think about nothing!

Phil: Now I know why they call it "Diaper-Space!"

Dayscare/The Great Unknown/Wash Dry Story [7.7]


Changes for Chuckie/The Magic Show/A Lulu of a Time [7.8]


Cat Got Your Tongue?/The War Room/Attention Please [7.9]


And the Winner Is.../Dil's Bathtime / Bigger Than Life [7.10]

Didi: Give me strength!

Day of the Potty/Tell-Tale Cell Phone/The Time of Their Lives [7.11]


My Fair Babies/The Way Things Work/Home Sweet Home [7.12]


Adventure Squad/The Way More Things Work/Talk of the Town [7.13]


A Rugrats Kwanzaa [7.14]


All Growed Up [7.13]


Season 8


Preschool Daze [8.1]


Curse of the Werewuff [8.2]


Bow Wow Wedding Vows [8.3]

[Night time, Dil is asleep and Tommy walks over to his crib]
Tommy: Dilly? Are you awake? [a litle louder] Dil? Are you awake? [suddenly shouting] DIL! ARE YOU AWAKE?!
Dil: What? [screams in fear but then notices his brother next to him] Tommy? Night, night.
Tommy: I know it's late, Dilly, but I couldn't sleep. I miss Spike.

Quiet Please/Early Retirement [8.4]

Cynthia: The Diamond Thief left this very important note! It says...
Farm Animals Tape: Moo!
Angelica: What? The thief's a cow?

[The babies play golf]
Tommy: Hole in five!
Kimi: Two!
Lil: A bazillion!
Chuckie: Eleventy!
Phil: Purple!
Lil: You're opposed to say a number, Phillip!
Phil: You guys said em' all already!

Randy Panda: [repeated lines] I'm Randy Panda!
Cynthia: I know who's in that truck! It's time I deciphered the license plate code! It says...
Randy Panda: I'm Randy Panda! I'm Randy Panda!
Angelica: What?! [In a rage, she throws Randy Panda and he breaks]

Cynthia: And the Thief is...
[The channel suddenly changes]
Wayne Skyla: Wayne Skyla with 'The Weather'!
[Angelica gasps and sees Tommy's foot on the remote]
Tommy: Heh, heh, oops?
[Angelica then emits a scream so loud, it can heard across the galaxy]

The Doctor is In/The Big Sneeze [8.5]

Kimi: Do you know what today is Chuckie?
Tommy: There goes our brave baby.

Tommy: It's fun playing blocks with you, Kimi.

Chas: 3,000 hours ago, you, me, Chuckie, and Kimi became a family. Happy anniversary, Kira.
Kira: Okay, little ones, time to play outside. Except for you, Kimi. Chuckie put his toys away, now it's your turn.
[Mylan crying]
Kimi: Chuckie doesn't different, like this. Why doesn't Chuckie wanna play with me?

Kimi: He don't even know what their special day.

Kira: Something's going on with Kimi and Chuckie. Maybe If I got them playing together.
[We cut to the next scene with popsicle sticks]
Kira: I can't wait to see what you two build together. What will it be? A spaceship?
Angelica: Ms. Chuckie's Mommy, Can I have a popsicle stick too with a popsicle still on it?
Kira: Sure, Angelica.
Kimi: So, Chuckie.
[Chuckie starts to sneeze, turning towards to Angelica, and sneezed on Angelica's face]
Angelica: Aaah! Yuck! I asked for a popsicle! Not a SNOT-sicle! [She rubbing her nose]
Chuckie: Sorry. I got to go potty.
Tommy: Chuckie, I've been trying to tell you.
Kimi: Wow! It shaped like a moose!
Chuckie: It is? I mean... I knew that.
Kimi: [She hugged Chuckie] Oh, Chuckie!

Chas: Dandelion season already? Oh, I better give Chuckie his allergy medicine.
Kira: I love my new gold locket.
Chas: [He sneezed one last time and sighs] Gold lockets.

The Fun Way Day/The Age of Aquarium [8.6]


Daddy's Little Helpers/Hello Dilly [8.6a]

Didi: First I get sun-bopped like a rag doll, and fluffed with an old feather duster, then I'm told to forget I'm a wife and mother... Because I'm the Goddess Dodo! Well my name is Didi! Didi Pickles! Not a Goddess... A woman... Who loves nothing more than being a wife and mother and WANTS HER MONEY BACK!

Angelica: [about the doll] All the baby action with none of the slop!

Cynthia Comes Alive/Trading Phil [8.7]

Cindy: This place is SOOO yesterday.

Phil: See ya.
Angelica: Wait! [she trips on a rock mud]
Tommy: Everything's back to norman.

Angelica: I may look 3, but inside I'm ALL FOUR!

Murmur on the Ornery Express [8.8]

Chuckie: [giggles] Choo-choo, train! Hey, Mr. Train! Choo-choo! [laughs] Choo-choo, everybody!
Tommy: You're good with trains, Chuckie!
Chuckie: Choo-choo! A funny train, too. Choo-choo!
[In the kitchen, Minka and Boris are showing Stu and Didi a guide booklet about a scenic train ride. Stu is reading the paper, and looks over nervously at Chuckie playing with his toy train]
Minka: An old-fashioned train, taking us to Little Biendeltown. It's like a dream come true. [hands the booklet to Didi]
Didi: Biendeltown? "A recreation of the Old Country with all its' whimsical charms."
Boris: Whimsical, schmimsical. It's got dust and a yak. For this I need a two-day train ride?!
Minka: What do you know? [to Didi] It's our second honeymoon! Why don't you all come with us?
Boris: Oy...
Didi: On your honeymoon?
Minka: What? I'm gonna talk to HIM for eighteen hours? [points to Boris eating his meal]
Didi: I've never been on a scenic train trip before. Think of the sights we'll see on the way! Doesn't that sound fun, Stu?
[Stu looks up from his newspaper and grins nervously. Back in the playpen, Chuckie continues playing with his toy train]
Chuckie: Choo-choo! Choo-choo, everybody!
Didi: Oh, kids! Guess what? We're going to ride on a real train! We even get to sleep on it overnight. Isn't that exciting? [walks back into the kitchen]
Tommy: Wow, a real live train!
Lil: With the wheelies and the chugga-chugga and everything!
Kimi: Yeah!
Chuckie: I'm not going.
Tommy: What do you mean, Chuckie? I thought you love trains.
Chuckie: REAL trains don't have a string to pull with. They just go all by themselves! Nothing can stop them!
Tommy: It's OK, Chuckie. A real train's just like your toy train. It just needs to be bigger-er so the grownups can play with them!
Chuckie: [picks up his toy engine] I don't know, Tommy. It's kinda scary.
Tommy: Well, we'll all be there and, um... I know! You can bring your old pal Wawa!
Chuckie: Yeah! So I won't be a-scared all by myself.
[It cuts to Drew's house. In the kitchen, Charlotte is trying to type on her laptop computer as Angelica plays with her Cynthia doll]
Drew: Charlotte, this is a family trip. Two relaxing days on a train. I want you to promise: NO business. [closes the screen on Charlotte's laptop]
Charlotte: [opens her laptop] Well, I don't see why a person ca...
Drew: [clears throat] Charlotte!
Charlotte: [annoyed] All right, fine!
Angelica: [to her Cynthia doll] You hear that, Cynthia? We're going on a train trip! Time to break out all those extra EXTRA special accessories. [leaves the kitchen with Cynthia]
[Some time later, it cuts to the city train station. A singing bird flies past. But then]
Drew: [offscreen] CHARLOTTE!

Conductor: All aboard!
[Everyone starts to board the train. Didi and Kira walk up to the babies]
Didi: Come on, kids. We're going on the train! [they walk on board]
[Angelica walks up to the train with her Cynthia and a small dollhouse with a carrying handle]
Angelica: [with a flourish] Well, Cynthia, say goodbye to your home! Maybe we'll come back someday; maybe not. Angelica Pickles follows the feet of a different plumber! [boards the train]
[Inside one of the Pullman compartments, Didi and Kira are looking at a map while Didi holds Dil]
Didi: And after the train passes each landmark, we can mark it with a little check.
Kira: You really have this worked out!

[Across from them, Didi and Kira are looking out the window with their guide booklet while holding Dil]
Kira: The first sight should be coming up any second: Vegetable Rock! [hands the booklet to Didi]
Didi: "Thrill to the spectacle of a natural stone formation in the shape of an asparagus." [looks out the window with Kira] This is what it's all about.
[Kira nods. But then Dil spits up]
Dil: Blah!
Didi: Oh, dear.
[The train passes Vegetable Rock, but Didi and Kira miss it]
Kira: I'll get some more napkins. [gets some]
Didi: It's just baby stuff. It's not a real problem...
Kira: There we go. [wipes Dil's mouth]

Betty: Here's where it happened. Now cordon off the scene and sniff out the perp!
Conductor: All I do is punch the tickets. I'll call ahead for the detectives; they'll meet us in the morning at our first stop.
Chas: [with his newspaper] In the morning? But before the morning, there's... [dramatically] the night!

[The train departs the station, and we see the main adults inside the lounge car with the two detectives and Dwayne serving coffee]
Detective 1: [with a notepad] I need you to report any suspicious activities you might have witnessed.
Lou: [softly to the detective] Uh, between you and me, I never liked the looks of that guy. [gestures to Dwayne]
Dwayne: Anyone want coffee?
Betty: [holding a cup] All right, Dwaynie! Java me up!
[Dwayne pours coffee into Betty's cup]
Minka: And I wanted so much for this to be our second honeymoon. [she looks at Boris sleeping and frowns, but when she turns her head Boris smiles]
Kira: [looking at the route map] We should be near Cough Drop Pass.
Didi: [reading from the guide booklet] Where years of natural erosion have formed the stone replica of soothing lozenge.
[Didi and Kira start to look out the window, but Detective 1 walks up to them]
Detective 1: I have a couple of questions; standard procedure, if you'll come this way.
[Didi and Kira look at each other and then get up, just missing the Cough Drop Pass as the train passes by it. Drew and Stu are standing around looking bored]
Drew: Yeah, OK, there's a thief. [gets an idea] Wanna sneak out and have some fun?
[Drew whispers in Stu's ear, and Stu grins and they high-five. The train continues chugging on as the engine's whistle blows, and in their compartment, the babies watch as Grandpa Lou enters]
Lou: OK, sprouts. I'll be taking the next watch to keep you out of trouble.

Minka: That was a nice visit! Now back on the train.
Stu: [He's carrying a sleeping Dil, nervously] For another... eighteen... hours...
Chas: [He takes a photo of Kira posing next to the station clock] That rubber band sure was big!
Angelica: [She and Brett walk up to the train. As Angelica steps on] Come on, Brett. We gotta go.

Back to School/Sweet Dreams [8.9]


A Step at a Time/Angelica's Assistant [8.10]


A Tale of Two Puppies/Okey Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeans [8.10]

Drew: Oh, good. I mean... Sorry, Precious.

Kimi: You did it, Chuckie!

Tommy: [after spilling a lizard tank, in a nod to Indiana Jones] Lizards... why did it have to be lizards?

Happy Taffy/Imagine That [8.11]


Imagine That [8.10b]

Angelica: Now the only thing you babies gotta to know is that Cynthia is the greatest crime fighter of all time... and, oh yeah, Cynthia is called Angelica!

Curse of the Werewuff [8.11]


Back to School/Sweet Dreams [8.12]

Tommy: [age 6, at his birthday] This is chocolate vanilla cake and I wanted vanilla chocolate... and I'm sick of the Dummi Bears!

A Step at a Time/Angelica's Assistant [8.13]

Chuckie: This isn't Reptar, Tommy.

Kimi: It's "Follow Me Reptar"!

Charlotte: Get here Jonathan! I'm swamped! Working at home and watching the babies isn't easy for me either, but I've offered them over a weakness, and Angelica would love to help you with the babies.
Angelica: Alright diaper heads, listen up. While I’m gone you can’t touch anything, look at anything or even think about touching or looking at anything especially my new Cynthia Dream Yacht.
Tommy: Why not Angelica?
Angelica: You still going to ask? Because you’re bunch of dumb babies!
Charlotte: Angelica!
Angelica: Oh, I love Lil very, very much!
Charlotte: If I find you being mean to the babies again, your dream yacht is sailing right back to the toy store.
Jonathan: One glass of low-fat no foam cappuccino.
Charlotte: I said fat-free, foam cappuccino. Remember, be nice to the babies like you usually are.
Harold: Hi, bestest friend, Angelica!
[Susie laughs]
Angelica: Keep dreaming, snack boy!

Happy Taffy/Imagine That [8.13a]


Season 9


Club Fred [9.1]

[The episode starts with a leaf falling down to the picnic table. Betty walks up to the table. Camera pans right to Chaz, who is making the salad. The wind blows it away]
Drew: Do you think it's too late in the season for this, bro?
Stu: Come on. Scared of a little wind? [He laughed]
[Howard just dropped a bun to the bottom of the picnic table. Phil grabs the bun. Cut to the babies]
Tommy: I like making barbecues. Especially when you play in your food.
Lil: Pass the potato bug salad, Chuckie.
Chuckie: Coming right up. We're not going to eat you.
Phil: I am. Mmm. Delicious.
[Angelica takes the bug burger from Phil, she screamed. The babies laughed]
Lulu: They have a club somewhere across the Caribbean.
Miriam: And not just the Caribbean. Club Fred!
Betty: Club Fred? Hey, I heard of that place. Traded very fancy.
Stu: You mean traded very expensive.
Lou: And look what it cost. It's 100% free.
Stu: It's not free. It's says two for one coupons.
Drew: One senior will each pay with adult admission.
Miriam: It's the best of them all.
Lulu: You said it, sister. It'll be a swell vacation.
Stu: Vacation from what? You're all retired.
Miriam: They said it's Club Fred. So they allow elders.
Tommy: You hear that, guys? We're going on vacation!
Didi: Club Fred? That sounds like fun.
[The chef hat is blown from Stu's head]
Stu: Aw, What the hey?
Betty: You hear that, pups? We're going on vacation. THAT MEANS FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
[Cut to a plane flying to the mentioned location. At Club Fred, they are dropped off to the entrance]
Kira: [admiring] Oh, so beautiful!
[The others walk in]
Angelica: What's this vacation gonna be like, Mommy?
Charlotte: It's a club full of people and have helpers to get us whatever we want.
[She gives the luggage to one of them. They walk with the others]

Charlotte: You don’t think we’re being too harsh on her do you?
Drew: Are you kidding? Have you seen what she charged?

Diapies & Dragons/Baby Power [9.2]

[Dil hits the plug, loosening it, and causing it to reset the game]
Dragon: You have won credit. Not nearly enough to defeat Dragon! [laughs evilly]

Kimi: Look! Drago has babies!
Chuckie: Yeah, and they all need a time-out!

Kimi: [really fast] Wow! I can go real fast now! Don't worry, guys! I'll stop those dragons and everything will be okay! Bye-bye! Whee-hee-hee-hee!
[Kimi runs through two of Dragon's Children, destroying them, then onto the ceiling]
Chuckie: Kimi! We're not allowed to run on the ceiling!
[Kimi loses her newfound speed and falls]

Dragon: You will never get her back!
[Chuckie shudders in fear]
Dragon: Unless you insert another token.

Tommy: [He has grown to an enormous size, and has defeated Dragon's children] Giant Tommy's coming to save you, Taffy! [he suddenly shrinks back to his normal size] Uh, regular-sized Tommy's still coming to save you, Taffy! [He runs towards Taffy, but Dragon drops an egg on him, causing him to shrink down to the size of a mouse. Kimi runs towards him. in a high-pitched voice] Uh, really really small Tommy thinks he should probably run by now!
Kimi: I got you, teeny-tiny Tommy! [She picks up Tommy, and as she runs away with him, Tommy grows back to his normal size, causing Kimi to fall over]

[Scene starts in the Pickles' yard: Tommy and Spike are playing tug-o'-war with a rubber frog while the other babies surround him. Didi enters the house. Tommy falls over, having won, and Spike walks off]
Kimi: Good job, Tommy. You're a great tugger.
[Tommy gets up, Spiffy and Dil are playing their own tug-o'-war game]
Lil: Dil's good at it too.
[Spiffy wins]
Phil: Maybe not.
Chuckie: Poor Dilly. He's not strong enough for tuggy-war.
Dil: [squealed] Wee-hee-hee!
Tommy: I guess he's just not strong enough to have fun like we do.
Phil: Yeah, he's not big and powerful like us! [poses like a superhero]
Lil: Maybe we could make him strong like Phil.
[Spiffy tackles Phil and licks his face]
Phil: [getting up after Spiffy runs off] Yeah, we could feed him bugs! I gots a diapie full and they're bursting with power!
[Spiffy runs around with the toy frog]
Tommy: Dil's not much of a bug-eater.
Phil: More for me. [takes a worm from his diaper and tries to it]
Tommy: Wait! I have the perfect thing! Come on!

Tommy: No, it's for Dil! We gots to wash all the baby power off! Come on, pass it down! [passes it to Phil, who passes it to Lil, who passes it to Chuckie, who passes it to Kimi, who walks over to Dil and pours it on him]
[Dil busts out crying]
Chuckie: Oh no, he's cryin'! He's gonna shake everything again! [holds his helmet]
Lil: Wait! It's not shaken!
Kimi: We washed the power off! Tommy, you're the smartest.
[another earthquake starts]
Lil: Uh-oh. Now, you're dumb again.
Didi: [entering] It's OK, Dil. Mommy's coming. Oh, your diaper is wet, sweetums. And so's your head?! [wipes water off his head with her hand] Boy! When you have to go, you have to go! [picks Dil up]
Tommy: Dil has to go and it's all 'cause of me!
Lil: How come washing Dilly's power off didn't work?
Tommy: Must've already rubbed in.
Kimi: Well, maybe we could keep him from using his powers.
Tommy: That's it! We'll just make sure he doesn't move around! Ever!
All: Yeah!

Stu: Don't worry, Deed. It's easy as pie. To open, simply tug gently on the Velcro side and [tries to open one but fails] Ya just tug gently and--[falls over, breaking the strap and knocking the drawer out]
Didi: Oh, Stu. I hope you didn't put these anyplace else. [looks shocked as there are some in the living room]
[the babies go outside]
Chuckie: What are we going to do? The Dummi Bears didn't work!
Kimi: [shaking her head] Taking the rattle didn't work.
Lil: Water didn't work.
Tommy: [stops pushing Dil's stroller] I gots a idea! After my daddy mows the lawn, he can't even lift his finger! Maybe that will work for Dil!
Kimi: That's a great idea Tommy, except Dil can't mow! He can't even walk.
Tommy: He can if we help him.
[Chuckie and the twins cheer, then the babies all push Dil's stroller and the toy lawnmower and the wagon with the dogs in, who eventually run away]
Lil: Dilly's not tired at all.
Kimi: And now he's making funny sounds. [referring to his stomach growling]
Tommy: He's gonna poop! Run for your lives! [He hides in the sand box, Phil hides in a bush, Chuckie hides behind the sand box, the girls hide behind a tree, Dil farts, everyone comes out of their hiding places]
Chuckie: Hey, nothing shaked!
Tommy: Maybe the mowing worked.
All: Yay!
[the parents come outside]
Stu: Well, I think the shaking stopped, Deed.
Didi: That's a relief. Now, maybe we could put away some of your safety equipment? I mean I'm all for being prepared, Stu, but I'd like to return to normal.
Stu: What's not normal?...You're right, Deed, maybe I did go a bit far. [takes helmet off Lil] I need to come up with a simple approach. Like instant airbags that deploy at the slightest hint of motion!
Didi: [removes Kimi's helmet as Phil removes his] At least nothing exploded this time.
Tommy: We did it, guys. Sorry I gave you too much power, Dilly. And I'm pretty sure you're back to Norman now! Of course, there's only one way to be sure. [has Spiffy and Dil play tug-o'-war with the frog, Spiffy wins] Yup, Dilly's out of power!

They Came from the Backyard / Lil's Phil of Trash [9.3]


The Perfect Twins [9.4]

Betty: [laughs] Imagine, Deed. Your great aunt was my twins mother. Gee, we're close sisters! And they have twins the same age as Phil and Lil!
Didi: Isn't that wonderful?
Betty: Phil and Lil, guess what? You have twins cousins! Hedley and Smeldey! And they're coming from across the ocean!
Tommy: Wow! You have cousbins!
Lil: I don't know why they're from the ocean.
Kimi: Maybe they're fishies.

Chas: This is Chuckie and Kimi. Have guys have fun, ta-da. [He walks away along with Didi]

Phil: Sorry, we weren't perfect twins Lil.
Lil: I thinks we can be perfect for each other, even if you are a bit of a nutter.
Phil: Am not Lillian!
Lil: Are too Phillip!
Phil: Am not!
Lil: Are too!
[Phil and Lil continue to argue. The camera zooms inside Lil's screaming mouth, ending the episode]

Babies in Toyland [9.5]


Part 1

Didi: Hello, Angelica.
Angelica: Merry, Christmas, Aunt Didi! I being a very good girl so that Santa will give me lots of presents.

Howard: We gotta get outta here!

Angelica: Merry Christmas, Babies!

Part 2

[Angelica peered through the window at Santa's workshop before then opening the door, only for it to be jammed tight, so she made a runner to break the door down and entered in. She looked around at the elves at work, but was then called by one with great importance to his work]
Hermie: Little girl! Santa is not going to be pleased when he sees what you've done to his door!
Angelica: What, it was like that!
[She was barred from going any further]
Hermie: May I ask what you're doing here?
Angelica: Oh! I'm here to collect the presents that Santa was supposed to get me before he quit.
Hermie: And how do you know you were getting any presents, pray tell?
Angelica: I know because I have been good all year. And if it hadn't have been for those dumb babies, I would have been even nicer.
Hermie: [He looked very suspicious as he went over to his desk and got out The Book of Good Children] Is that so? Well, let's just see if you are on the list then. Name?
Angelica: Angelica Pickles. [The book opened with a lot of dust poofing out as Hermie began looking through the pages] Ick!
Hermie: Pickles, Pickles, Pickles... Ah-ha! "Tommy Pickles". "Dil Pickles"... Just as I thought! There's no "Angelica Pickles" on the list.
[He closed the book and put it away, with Angelica becoming very annoyed]
Angelica: WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT ON THE LIST?! Listen elf, I have been looking so hard for this place, and I'm not leaving till I get my Christmas presents!
Hermie: Well, maybe you should have thought about that before you started stealing those cookies and scaring those carolers away... and lie to your friends.
Angelica: [Then she became suspicious] Wait... I thought Santa was supposed to know if I was bad or good?
Hermie: [He picked up the letters] Santa delegates.
Angelica: What's that mean?
Hermie: It means I'm overworked and underpaid! Now, if you excuse us, we've got to get back to work! Better luck next year.
Angelica: But what about my Christmas presents?
Hermie: You have to take that up with the supervisor. [He pointed her to the portrait of Santa]
Angelica: But I've already talked to him, and all he gave me was this dumb-old Reindeer. [She looked at her pockets only to find Prancy wasn't there. But then she was confronted by a real Reindeer with a resemblance that Angelica recognized] Prancy? Prancy, you're alive!
Prancy: [He walked sadly away from her] I thought we were friends.
Angelica: But we are.
Prancy: Then why did you call me dumb?
Angelica: I dunno, I call a lot of things dumb. It's not that I mean it or anything.
Hermie: [He then began to escort Prancy away from Angelica] Come Prancy, I take you back to Santa.
Angelica: Prancy, no! I'm sorry I called you dumb, come back!
Hermie: [He then turned and reflected her with a question] Why'd you say to Tommy that if Dil never got a Christmas present this year, then he will never have a Christmas for the rest of his life, huh?
Angelica: I had to do something. He was being a goody two-shoes.
Hermie: [He then began ascending the stairs] I'm sorry to be the one to say this, Angelica, but here in Christmas Land, there is not place for kids like you.
Angelica: But I wanna be in Christmas Land.

Clown Around/The Baby Rewards [9.6]

Chas: You shouldn't be out here, Chuckie. You're not a clown.

Chuckie: [looks at the mirror] I'm not a clown? I'm not a clown!

Lil: I want a feel specially special, too!

Bug Off/The Crawl Space [9.7]


Starstruck/Who's Taffy? [9.8]

Kira: One mega-frothy mocca-cherra.
Chas: And one biscotti coming up.
Tommy: [He and the Finster kids are in a playpen, eating cookies and drinking out of sippy cups] Mmm! I love your mommy and daddy's coffee shop! They gots extra big cookies here!
Chuckie: Yeah, they look funny but they taste good.
Kimi: And you can play choo-choo with them. [pretends her biscuit is a train] Choo-choo! [giggles]

Mutt's in a Name/Hurricane Alice [9.9]


Bestest of Show/Hold the Pickles [9.10]


The Braveliest Baby/Gimme an "A" [9.11]

Chuckie: There's gotta be another test. Right, Angelica?
Angelica: No! I Quit! [she slips in a mud puddle]

Baby Sale/Steve [9.12]

Chuckie: What's a baby sale, Tommy?
Tommy: It's where they sell babies and stuffs, Chuckie.
Kimi: Ooh! I want that one!
Phil: Smells good and stinky!

Fountain of Youth/Kimi Takes the Cake [9.13]

Angelica: Get me out of here! Somebody help!

Chuckie: Happy Birthday, Kimi!






  • Thomas Malcolm "Tommy" Pickles - voiced by Elizabeth Daily, Tami Holbrook in the unaired pilot
  • Charles Crandall Norbert "Chuckie" Finster, Jr. - voiced by Christine Cavanaugh from 1991-2002, Nancy Cartwright from 2002-2006
  • Angelica Charlotte Pickles - voiced by Cheryl Chase
  • Phillip Richard "Phil" DeVille - voiced by Kath Soucie
  • Lillian Marie "Lil" DeVille - voiced by Kath Soucie
  • Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael - voiced by Cree Summer, understudied by Elizabeth Daily in "The Last Babysitter" and "Angelica's Birthday"
  • Kimiko "Kimi" Watanabe-Finster - voiced by Dionne Quan
  • Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles - voiced by Tara Strong, credited as "Charendoff" in the film version





Additional Voices


About Rugrats

  • The origins of "Rugrats" began when Vanessa Coffee, a development executive at Nickelodeon, contacted our animation studio. I had taken fifteen months off work after my second child was born. I was working from home on concepts for "Sesame Street" shorts. Gabor Csupo, my husband at the time, asked me to come up with ideas to pitch to NICK. So, I quickly expanded notes I’d written from one of the "Sesame Street" ideas. My thoughts were, "if babies could talk what would they say" and "what was the logic that drove tiny humans to desperately want to stick their hands in the toilet?" It fascinated me, but mostly I found it humorous. Paul Germain, our development executive at the time, and Gabor Csupo then pitched several ideas to Nickelodeon. Vanessa Coffee had the foresight to choose what ultimately became "Rugrats" and Gerry Laybourne, the President of NICK at the time, had the vision to green-light it! Gabor and I sketched some of the original characters and worked with Paul on creating the world of "Rugrats". Together we produced a pilot that Peter Chung, a brilliant artist and animator, directed. The super talented Mark Mothersbaugh created the music for the show. The studio produced the "Rugrats" and "All Grown Up" series over the next decade as well as two "Rugrats" movies and a third film, where the "Rugrats" meet "The Wild Thornberrys". Our studio just exploded with work! The next ten years were intense for me because I was raising two children and working. Gabor and I continued to create or produce nine more animated series.
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