Rocko's Modern Life

animated television series

Rocko's Modern Life is an American animated series premiered on September 18, 1993 to November 24, 1996. The series follows a Wallaby named Rocko and his friends, Heffer and Filburt.

Season 1 edit

Episode 2 edit

A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic [1.2a] edit

Rocko: I must cease this senseless sucking. It's stuck in suck!
Rocko and Heffer: (reading) "How to turn off your Suck-o-Matic..." "In case Suck-o-Matic sucks instructions, see page 101..." "PREAPRE TO DIE?!?!?!" [the two scream]

Canned [1.2b] edit

Episode 4 edit

Who's For Dinner? [1.4a] edit

Heffer: You're not my father! you're just a jerk in wolf's clothing! [starts bawling and runs out of the front door]
[The Wolfe family glares at Rocko]
Rocko: Well, [chuckles] I'm stuffed.

Heffer: I guess no one loves me.

Season 2 edit

Episode 5 edit

Boob Tubed [2.5a] edit

Commuted Sentence [2.5b] edit

[When Rocko is later for work too many times.]
Mr. Smitty: I've tolerated your laziness for the last time, Rocko. If you are late again, consider yourself TERMINATED!!! Clear?
Rocko: Crystal.

[Impound Lot, everyone else is in line to get their cars back. In front of the line is a disgruntled Mr. Smitty who had parked in a no parking zone.]
Mr. Smitty: I want my car back and I want it, NOW!
Impound Lot Director: Let's take a look at this chart, shall we?
[He sternly pulls down the chart and Mr. Smitty frowns.]

Episode 13 edit

Short Story [2.13a] edit

Rocko: [after wishing he was bigger] Wow! This is great. [looks down at Spunky] Don't be afraid, Spunky. It's only me. [picks up Spunky and puts him in his shirt pocket] There you go, my little pal. Smell that fresh air.

Eyes Capades [2.13b] edit

Season 3 edit

Episode 8 edit

Fortune Cookie [3.8a] edit

Filburt: It is only a stupid fortune cookie. I should listen to Rocko more often.

Dear John [3.8b] edit

Rocko: My living room, it's a bathroom. My closet is a bathroom. My basement is a bathroom! My ballroom is a bathroom! Even my bathroom is a bathroom! Well, I guess that's okay. THERE'S TOO MANY BATHROOMS!!!!
Bucky: Too many bathrooms? What do you mean? You can never have too many bathrooms.
Rocko: [enraged] GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU WACKO!!!

Season 4 edit

Episode 13 edit

Put to Pasture [4.13a] edit

Future Schlock [4.13b] edit

Rocko: So, Filb, what have you been up to these past 17 years? [beat]
Filburt: Are you kiddin'?
Heffer: [singing] Nine hundred bazillion bottles of root beer on the wall... / Nine hundred bazillion bottles of root beer...

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