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Regular Show: The Movie

2015 American animated film directed by J.G. Quintel

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Regular Show: The Movie is a 2015 American animated science fiction time travel action comedy film based on the Cartoon Network original series, Regular Show. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and had its television world premiere on November 25, 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Future Mordecai: Ceasefire! Rigby and Benson, you're outnumbered! Dude, you can totally stop this bloodshed! Give up!
Future Rigby: Hey, traitor! How's the hand holding up?! [he gets angry, then a warp hole and came out is Mr. Ross]
Mr. Ross: Ha! Ha! Ha! You might want to listen to your little friend here. While you're still alive.
Future Benson: Go stuff it, Ross!
Future Rigby: Yeah! You need to chill out, man! Forget all about erasing time business!
Mr. Ross: "Chill out!?" Oh, I think I was pretty chilled out, when I went to prison because of you and Mordecai's little stunt back in high school But I guess I should thank you for creating this wonderful weapon.
Future Benson: What are you talking about?
Mr. Ross: Mordecai and Rigby created the Timenado.
Future Benson: What?
Future Rigby: LIAR!
Mr. Ross: Oh, I'm the liar?! HA! That's a good one! Isn't that a good one, Mordecai?
Future Mordecai: Yeah, hilarious. I know what you did, Rigby! And I'll never forgive you!
Future Rigby: [gasps]
Past Mordecai: Dude, I didn't get in.
[flashback ends]
Future Benson: Commander Rigby!
Future Rigby: It was such a long time ago! I didn't do anything.
Future Benson: I don't need you to tell what you did. If we get of here, could you fix it? Rigby, fix this. That's an order. RAAAH!!!
Future Rigby: No, Admiral!
Future Benson: Run! Run! [starts shooting forces] This one's for Pops! And Skips! And Muscle Man! And Fives!
[Mr. Ross hits a volleyball bomb at Benson and it blows up and Benson dies]
Future Rigby: Stupid! STUPID!!
[he gets inside his ship and then he takes off, as a blue ship goes after him. Now cut to Future Rigby's ship, Future Rigby is preparing for time travel]
Computer: Time circuits on.
Future Rigby: Take me back to high school! Gotta fix this!
Computer: Calculating time jump.
[Then Future Mordecai's ship shows up and aims his gun at Future Rigby]
Future Mordecai: Stop that ship in the name of Lord Ross!
Future Rigby: What happened to you, man? How can you work for him!?
Future Mordecai: I couldn't stay at the park forever! I have to think about my career!
Future Rigby: What about your friends?
Future Mordecai: We're not friends! We haven't been friends since a long time!
[The the Time button shows up]
Computer: Course, plotted.
Future Mordecai: Press that button and I will shoot you!
Future Rigby: Hey, Mordecai, GO AHEAD!!
[Future Rigby presses the Time warp button, Future Mordecai and Rigby fire each other as Rigby's ship goes faster]

Mordecai: We made it... we made it on time! [both high-five]
Benson: Uh, yeah. You're not on time. BECAUSE THE MORNING MEETING'S ALREADY OVER!!!
Mordecai: Sorry, Benson! We would've been here sooner but the cart ran out of gas!
Muscle Man: You know who doesn't run out of gas?
Benson: LEAVE!! [Muscle Man and Fives bumps into each other and run off, followed by Skips and Pops]
Skips: Good luck, fellas.
Pops: Bad show.
Benson: You know, you can't just walk into work whenever you feel like it! We have rules here! And when you break the rules, you're gonna pay the consequences! Wait, pay the consequences or face the consequences?
Mordecai: Face the consequences.
Benson: FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!! [holds two pink pieces of paper reading "OFFICIAL NOTICE OF TERMINATION"]
Mordecai: What are those?
Benson: These are pink slips. One with your name on it, and one with yours on it. And now, it's time for me to say the words I've been waiting to say for a long time. YOU'RE FIRED!!!
[Mordecai and Rigby gasp]
Mordecai: No, Benson! You can't!
Rigby: Yeah! We got a good excuse!
Benson: Oh, really? What's that?
Rigby: We bought you breakfast burritos.
Benson: ..What.
Rigby: Y'know, just to say we're sorry for messing up at work all the time. Right, Mordecai?
Mordecai: Uh... yeah.
Rigby: Best burritos in the city...

[at a house meeting with the covered body of Future Rigby]
Benson: This is crazy... It's crazy! What was he talking about? Time being destroyed?! I... I-I-I-I...
Skips: Why don't you tell us about this time machine?
Mordecai: Well, all we wanted after high school was go to College U together... but Rigby got in and I didn't. So we tried to build a time machine to fix it, but it exploded and destroyed the whole science lab.
Muscle Man: Whoa! Wait, Rigby got accepted and you were rejected? But Rigby doesn't know anything about anything!
Rigby: Hey!!
Muscle Man: You must've really tanked on that college essay.
Mordecai: Pfft! Yeah, who knows? We both got expelled, and our science teacher Mr. Ross got fired. Rigby didn't graduate and lost his scholarship to College University, and I ended up just going to junior college. Rigby crashed with me in my dorm. I dropped out of college, and then we loafed around for a bit, we got this job at the park—
Skips: Okay, okay, I think we're caught up, Monologue Johnson.
Pops: I don't understand. How can Mordecai and Rigby stop being friends?
Hi-Five Ghost: If they can't make it, then you and me have no chance!
Muscle Man: Yeah, bro. What was the future you saying about you having to tell the truth or something? Did Mordo blow you away over some crazy secret?
Rigby: Uh... what? No... I-I don't know! It must be something that happens in the future.
Benson: This can't be happening. This has to be a prank. This has to be a prank! Muscle Man, I won't even be mad at you if you just tell me you're orchestrating all of this.
Muscle Man: Bro, I'm somewhat flattered that you think my craft is at this level, but ultimately I'm deeply offended that A, you'd think I'd put my buns through this turmoil, and B, that you'd think I'd listen to orchestra music!!

[Later Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost climbs up back to the crater]
Muscle Man: All right, now to get to back to doing what we do best, guarding a space ship that our only hope to get back hooooome.....?
[The ship is gone in not a sight]
Muscle Man: Is this the right crater?
[The van shows up, and Skips get out and finds out the ship is gone]
Skips: What did you do?!
Muscle Man: Nothing, Skips. Honest. We just went to the bathroom real quick, and when we came back the ship was gone.
Skips: The ship doesn't even work, how can it be gone?! AND WHY ARE YOU NAKED!!?
Muscle Man: You know what? I'll... I'll go over there!
Skips: [sighs] How in the world can this happen? [he finds a black shirt and reads the back] "I Ate From the Trash at Paparelli's."
Hi-Five Ghost: Hey, Muscle Man, didn't you had a shirt like that, since years ago?
Muscle Man: Yeah. [realizes something] Oh, no, bro.

Mr. Ross: Hey Rigby, remember when you ruin my state championship game? Now we're even. OOOOOAAAAAHHHH! [Goes through the portal but pops his head out] This is what you losers sound like and nobody likes it! OOOOOOOOOOAAAA!!!!
[Goes in the portal before it disappears]
Rigby: Mordecai?
Mordecai: I can't believe you, Rigby. All this time you were lying to me?! And what? So you forged my rejection letter, is that it?!
Rigby: Yeah, but...
Mordecai: ARRRRGH! Why would you do that!?
Rigby: I had to. You would have gone off to college without me.
Mordecai: You don't get it, do you!?
Rigby: It was just one lie, I was just trying to-
'Mordecai: It's always just one thing with you! You don't that to your best friend! Arrgh!! You're.... [frustrated] YOU'RE THE REASON I'M STUCK IN THIS DEAD-END JOB!!!
Rigby: Well, I'm stuck, too! Who better to be stuck with than your friend?
Mordecai: You're not my friend. All you ever done is hold me back. And I'm an idiot for not seeing it, until now.
[Rigby, heartbroken, he runs away]

Skips: You guys all right?
Mordecai: Yeah.
Skips: Whoa, is he gonna regenerate?
Mordecai: No, the fall must have broken his neck collar.
Skips: Let's do what we came here to do.
Rigby: Wait, I need to say something. [to Mordecai] Mordecai, this is all my fault, if I haven't change the letter, you would have wanted to go back in time and the Timenado would never been created.
Mordecai: Well, I think Mr. Ross had it out for you anyways.
Rigby: It doesn't matter. I robbed you with your future cause I was being self-fish. You're the only friend I ever had and I couldn't stand the thought of losing you. I held you back and ruined your life, and I'm sorry.
Mordecai: Dude, you didn't ruin my life. What you did was messed up. But I think before I was putting too much blame on you for how things turned out. I've made plenty of mistakes on my own for sure. And if you didn't do what you did, maybe things would have been different. But I take work at a lame job at a park with my best friend, any day.
Rigby: Hmph. Hmph-hmph-hmph
Mordecai: Hmph. Hmph-hmph-hmph.
Mordecai and Rigby: Hmph. Hmph-hmph-hmph-hmph hmph-hmph-hmph.
[Rigby goes to the crystals]
Rigby: Now get out of here. I'm going take care of this on my own.
Mordecai: Rigby, no! You don't have a protective suit, you'll die!
Rigby: I'm tired of you always fixing my problems. This time I'm going to fix it!
Mordecai: No!
Skips: Come on! We've gotta go!
Rigby: Hey, Mordecai, one more thing! Saving the world is the best thing I've ever done. So if you can get Benson to make a sweet bronze statue of me to put at the front of the park, that'll be really cool.
Mordecai: NOOOO!
Skips: We have to leave him!


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