1997 film by Trey Parker

Orgazmo is a 1997 film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the animated series South Park. Mild-mannered Mormon missionary Joe Young (Parker), who gets talked into starring in a porno movie. In the movie-within-the-movie, he plays a superhero named "Orgazmo" who fights crime using his ability to make anyone climax with his "Orgazmorator".

Theme Song



What makes a man? Is it the power in his hands? Is it his quest for glory? Give it all you got To fight to the top So we can know your story

Now you're a man! (Man!) A man, man, man Now you're a man! (Man!) A man-e, man-e, man A man, man, man (Man!) You are now a man You're a man Now you're a man!

Live it! Live it!

What makes a man? Is it the woman in his arms? Just because she has big titties Or is the way He fights everyday? No, it's probably the titties

Now you're a man! (Man!) A man, man, man Now you're a manman! (Man!) Manman, man, manman Now you're a man! (Man!) M-A-N, man, man Manman, man Now you're man!


  • I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band!
  • You know, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think you've got a really nice ass!
  • Hey, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think unicorns are kick ass!
  • I don't want to sound like a queer or nothin', but I'd kinda like to make love to you tonight.

Maxxx Orbison

  • Soon he will be sleeping with the fishes, see.


  • Homey don't play that!
  • G-Fresh in the house.
  • Get your punk asses out of my sushi bar!
  • They just kicked my sorry black ass!
  • Ben! Use your hamster style!


Maxxx Orbison: I do what I do, and I make a lot of money. And I don't give a shit what I do to people, because they are all idiots!
Clark: Yeah!
Maxxx Orbison: Especially you, Clark, you pig-fucking hunk of shit!
Clark: Yeah!

Dave: My name's Dave!
Sancho: I am Sancho. I'll mean to sound like a queer or nothin', but I think fire is very romantic.

Maxxx Orbison: What you want, Hung? I'm very very busy.
Joe: Well, Mr. Orbison, I just came by to tell you that... I have to quit.
Sancho: Oh my God, it's Orgazmo!
Joe: I'm not Orgazmo!
Sancho: I am Sancho
Joe: You, you see, Mr. Orbison, my my fiancée came infrom out of town and everything just... well... dangit, I just have to get back to Utah and marry her!
Maxxx Orbison: Get outta here! I'll see ya on set tomorrow.
Joe: No, I'm serious. I appreciate everything you've done for me, but, I have to say no. My contract does state that I can leave whenever I want.
Maxxx Orbison: Wait a minute, kid, you're forgetting something.
Joe: What?
Maxxx Orbison: That contracts don't mean shit to me. Now you're gonna finish this film. and then do you know what you're gonna do?
Joe: No.
Maxxx Orbison: You're gonna do Orgazmo 3. Orgazmo 4, Orgazmo 5, Orgazmo Twenty-fucking-Seven if I want you to and do you know why?
Joe: No.
Maxxx Orbison: Because I'm Maxxx Orbison! and I get what I want!
Joe: Now... Now hold on a minute, Mr. Orbison! I said I don't wanna do it! and you don't... you don't... own me!
Maxxx Orbison: You wanna bet I don't punk? Now I'm warnin' you, kid! Don't fuck with me! Now you go home and you tell your little fiancée that the wedding is off and you have your ass... back here tomorrow a.m. or else, you'll be sleeping with the fishes. see? send in the next audition.
Joe: You know? I have had enough of your poo, Mr. Orbison! Find yourself another Orgazmo!
Maxxx Orbison: I'm warning you, Hung!
Joe: Good-bye!
Clark: Not so fast, happy-pants.
Maxxx Orbison: No. No! It's his decision. Let him go.
A-Cup: You shouldn't let me whoop his ass, Uncle Orbison!
Maxxx Orbison: No, we don't need him all messed up for the shoot tomorrow. There's another way.

Ben: Jesus!
Joe: Where?!

Ben: Hey, can you walk around with that thing on?
Joe: I think so, why?
Ben: Wanna go have some fun?

Ben: Quick! To the Orgazmobile!
Joe: What?
Ben: My Buick Century!


  • Jesus and I love you.
  • Making sex safe again!
  • I don't want to sound queer or nothing, but…
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