Once Upon a Time in Mexico

2003 film by Robert Rodriguez

Once Upon a Time in Mexico is a 2003 action film in which hitman "El Mariachi" becomes involved in international espionage involving a psychotic CIA agent and a corrupt Mexican general. It is the final film in the "Mariachi Trilogy".

Directed and written by Robert Rodriguez.
The Time Has Come.

El Mariachi

  • [caught on the top floor of the hotel by Marquez's men] Any suggestions, Ms. "Why don't we get a room on the 5th floor so we can see the beautiful sunset"?

Agent Sands

  • [on the phone] Listen, I have got a swell buncha guys intercepting Marquez's army but they've got no guns! Now listen, I want you to understand me. This is no time to screw the pooch because this is supposed to be the big dance number alright? Hello? Hello you there? OK Ok I'm gonna freak right out!
  • You know that with-holding vital information from a federal officer is a serious offense. Especially, when that officer has paid handsomely for it and I wouldn’t think twice about ripping that patch off your eye hole and skull fucking you to death.


Sands: [Entering a restaurant] Did you order my pibil?
Cucuy: [In Spanish] Ahi'sta.
Sands: [Referring to El Mariachi] Does it have a name?
Cucuy: They call him "El". As in "The".
Sands: I know what it means, thank you. Alert the Barillo cartel that "El" has come out of hiding.
Cucuy: I don't think we should.
Sands: [Interrupting] Are you an a Mexican or a MexiCAN'T?
Cucuy: I'm a Mexican.
Sands: Good, then do as I say.

Sands: Nice tune.
El Mariachi: Something my brother taught me. I killed him.
Sands: Yes I was privy to that information already. How charming. You know, "El"--if I may call you that--I've been doing little snooping around and it seems that the Cartels have a price on your head. I wouldn't want be you. Tell me, is there anyone who doesn't want you dead?
El Mariachi: You tell me.
Sands: I need you to kill a man. [Sands' food arrives, and he tastes it.] El, you really must try this. It's a puerco pibil. It's a slow roasted pork--nothing fancy, just happens to be my favorite--and I order it, with a tequila and lime, in every dive I go to in this country and honestly, that is the best it's ever been, anywhere. In fact, it's too good. It is so good that when I finish with it, I'll pay my check, walk straight into the kitchen, and shoot the cook, because that's what I do, I restore the balance to this country. And that is what I would like from you right now. Help me keep the balance by pulling the trigger.
El Mariachi: You want me to shoot the cook?
Sands: No, I'll shoot the cook, my car's parked out back anyway. You will kill Marquez. Do you remember General Marquez? He's been paid by the Barillo Cartel to kill the President in an attempted coup d'etat.
El Mariachi: Attempted?
Sands: No, no, no, the President will be killed, because he's that piece of good pork that needs to get balanced out. I said 'attempted' because we don't want Marquez taking power. I need you, to put the hurting, so to speak, on Marquez after he's killed the President. Savvy?
El Mariachi: So why me?
Sands: Well, frankly because you have nothing to live for, and in a way you're already dead and Marquez is the man who killed you. So why not return the favor? Go to the church, meet with an associate of mine named Salome at three o'clock and I will call you with further instructions. [El Mariachi grabs the picture, tastes the puerco pibil] Was I right? [El Marichi spits the food to the floor] Guess not.

Cucuy: There's cartel on every corner.
El Mariachi: Sands told me you handle protection.
Cucuy: I don't work for Sands anymore, and since I'm a MexiCAN, I can do whatever I want.
El Mariachi: Then I guess I don't work for Sands either, goodbye.
Cucuy: [Grabbing El Mariachi's arm] There's a price on your head, I'm going to collect. Why don't you just tell Barillo everything you know and then maybe he'll just cut off your hands.
El Mariachi: And if I don't?
Cucuy: You know that Old Man I killed in your village? What if your whole village was next?
El Mariachi: Would you kill them?
Cucuy: Me? They certainly would. [Pointing at Barillo cartel members]
El Mariachi: Then I guess I have no choice, but to kill you all. [Shoots Barillo Cartel men]
El Mariachi: [to Cucuy] You are last.

[El Mariachi confronts Marquez]
Marquez: Carolina?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] She died.
Marquez: [in Spanish] And your daughter?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] She died.
Marquez: [in Spanish] And you?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] Dead.
Marquez: [in Spanish] And me?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] Alive and well.
[Marquez draws a gun, Mariachi pulls and fires, as Marquez goes down. Mariachi walks up and places his gun to Marquez's head]
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] In hell.
[shoots him]


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