Danny Trejo

American actor

Daniel "Danny" Trejo (born May 16, 1944) is an American actor and voice actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, often as a villain or an antihero.

Danny Trejo

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  • Standing on the yard in San Quentin, knowing that there's a riot coming, you're absolutely scared to death with every fiber of your body…[But] you have to pretend you're not. You have to stand there and make everybody think you like it.
  • I made a deal with God. I said, ‘Let me die with dignity. If you do, I’ll say your name every day and I’ll do whatever I can for my fellow man.’ I didn’t want to go to the gas chamber, screaming and yelling and peeing myself.
  • People say, ‘You always play the mean Chicano dude with tattoos.’ Well, I am the mean Chicano dude with tattoos…So they got it right. They’re not going to cast Marky Wahlberg as the mean Mexican guy.

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