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Mega Man, also spelled Megaman, known as Rockman (ロックマン|Rokkuman) in Japan, is a title character and the protagonist of the Mega Man science fiction platforming game series by Capcom. Both the original and sequel series depict a robot boy, armed with a projectile energy weapon, fighting an army of robots to avert world domination.

Just the image of Mega Man standing [...] there's a sadness to it. Even his sprite has a certain gravity and seriousness to it [....] When I see a young child playing alone, in a park or in the middle of the street, playing by himself [...] there's something so sad about that sight, it can almost bring me to tears. And there's something similarly lonely about Mega Man [...]. In the backstory I wrote, Mega Man alone is equipped with the functionality to turn himself off. That very fact imbues him with a sadness. The other robot masters were made for some kind of specific job or work, so there's no need for them to have an "off switch" they can control. However, a robot helper like Mega Man can make his own judgements, and therefore can decide whether he's needed or not [...]. The sadness of being a robot is having this inorganic existence. ~ Akira Kitamura

Mega Man edit

Mega Man instruction manual edit

  • It’s MEGA MAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis-that strange multi-faceted land of robot-like Humanoids.
    Brilliant scientist Dr. Wright conceived the construction of fully-operational human-like experimental robots to perform specific everyday duties. Dr. Wright, and his assistant Dr. Wily, encouraged with their very first near-human robot – Mega Man proceeded to develop six additional humanoids, all programmed to perform prescribed rituals:
    Cutman: Designed to function as a lumberjack. Powerful saw-toothed scissor-like instrument protrudes from head, capable of gnawing through giant forest timbers.
    Gutsman: A bulldozing character capable of lifting and transporting huge boulders.
    Iceman: Impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures, capable of human-like performances under extreme climatic conditions.
    Bombman: A real “blaster” as a heavy duty laborer who uses intensely powerful explosives to clear lands for Dr. Wright’s construction projects.
    Fireman: Melts and molds metals with flame throwing torch flaring from atop his head.
    Elecman: Dr. Wright’s electrifying creation- planned for conducting electrical operations – even supervising nuclear power plants.
    But, with the exception of MEGA MAN, all of Dr. wright’s near-human robot experimentation went awry. Assistant Dr. Wily turned disloyal, re-programming Dr. Wright’s Humanoids, now bent on destroying opposition so Dr. Wily could control the world and its resources.
    Resisting re-programming, MEGA MAN is chosen the defender of the universe and its inhabitants. MEGA MAN dares to single-handedly penetrate seven separate empires of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leaders and followers of these sovereignties.
    Get ready for some very exciting challenges!
    • pp.6-7

Mega Man 2 edit

  • In the year of 200X, a super robot named Megaman was created. Dr. Light created Megaman to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Megaman.
    • Opening

Mega Man 2 instruction manual edit

  • Some enemies are invulnerable to certain weapons, but usually one certain weapon will damage each opponent a great deal.
    • p.7
  • In addition to the weapons, there are three special transportation items. These are:
    Item: acquired when HeatMan is defeated. This is a levitation platform. Up to three may be launched at a time.
    Item: Acquired when AirMan is defeated. This is a jet sled. Use it to fly over difficult areas.
    Item: Acquired when FlashMan is defeated. This is an elevator and may only be used against a wall. This item is capable of traveling higher than the Levitation Platform.
    • p.8
  • As MEGA MAN defeats each enemy, he acquires their powers.
    HeatMan: The [H] Atomic Fire can throw three different sizes of fireballs. The longer you hold the fire button, the bigger the fireball.
    AirMan: The [A] Air Shooter throws small tornados
    WoodMan: The [W] Lead Shield creates a shield around you until you move. The leaves are then thrown in the direction the control pas is pushed.
    BubbleMan: The [B] Bubble Lead is a bubble that rolls on the ground in front of your and damages that it hits.
    QuickMan: The [O] Quick Boomerang can throw up to three boomerangs. Hold the fire button for continuous fire.
    FishMan: The [F] Time Stopper will freeze all enemies for a little while. Be careful. When this is used, it will continue until it is completely drained of energy. It cannot be turned off early.
    MetalMan: The [(M)]: Metal Blade is a gear. Up to three may be thrown in any direction the control pas is pushed. This is probably the best general purpose weapon and the energy lasts a long time.
    CrashMan: The [C] Crash Bomber can be thrown at walls and will detonate after a short delay. It may be used to get through certain walls.
    These weapons work with varying degrees of effectiveness on different opponents. It is best to experiment, especially when fighting the final robot of each level.
    • p.15

Mega Man 3 edit

  • Dr. Light: Oh no! Right after we received the last element... Wiley ran off with Gamma!
  • Protoman: Where's Wily?... Oh no. Too late.
Dr. Light: Mega Man, you've regained consciousness. I found you lying here when I arrived. I wonder who brought you here!
Dr. Light: That whistle... it must have been Proto Man!

Mega Man 3 instruction manual edit

    "Calling Mega Man! Calling mega Man! Come in please!
    Mega Man, we need you! We’re down to the wire on our peace-keeping project. We’ve got to get those last energy crystals or we can’t finish it. Dr. Wily is here now, too…. Yes… he’s finally found his sanity. He knows where the crystals are! They’re in the mining worlds, but we can’t get to ‘em. The robots are running amok and they’re destroying everything!
    “You’ve got to her there, Mega Man, and get those crystals! You’ll have to face some pretty mean metal. Expect the worst! Is Rush there with you? Give him a bolt to chew on and tell him it’s from us. What’s that – we must be getting static-sounds like you said ‘Woof!’
    “Mega Man, get to those mining worlds pronto! Grab the crystal sand stop whoever’s in charge. He’s one lunatic guy!
    “This is Dr. Light. Over and out!”
    • p.6
  • Battle your way through a mad onslaught of crazed machinery. The Robot Masters pour on more insane weapons than you can believe! They clank, buzz, crawl, shoot, and blast from every direction. Explore every room and corridor. Climb every ladder Dodge, slide, leap, and fire to blast your attackers or at least get away!
    You start the round with 3 chances to make it through. Watch your Energy Meter at the top left corner of the screen. Your energy drains away as your take the crushing blows your foes dish out. Good thing you’ve got a steel noggin!
    • p.8
  • Keep going! Destroy all the robot fiends in this level, and you’ll face the diabolical Robot Master. His Energy Meter appears on the right of yours, so you can keep an eye on who’s winning!
    If you lose all your chances, the game ends. But if you demolish the Robot Master, you gain his weapons and capture the energy crystals from his world. Then you can take on the next maniac.
    • p.9
    Rush can change into mighty machines that get you through tough spots.
  • RC- Rush turns into a springboard for high jumps.
    Rm – Rush’s submarine keeps you alive underwater.
    RJ – in Rush’s jet, the sky’s the limit.
  • Rush has been sent to obedience school, so he disappears when you don’t need him anymore.
    • p.11
  • Figure out how your enemies' weapons can help you. Then go after the Robot Masters in the right order to get the weapons you need for the next battle.
    • p.15

Megaman 4 edit

  • Kalinka: Please MegaMan don't!! My father is not really evil. Dr. Wily took me hostage and forced my father to fight you. Please MegaMan, don't hurt my father any more.
  • Dr. Wily: You betrayed me, ProtoMan!! I'm gonna break you, MegaMan!!

Mega Man 4 instruction manual edit

    A year after the destruction of Gamma, a mysterious message arrives a Dr. Light's lab...
    Good evening, Dr. Light. Allow me to introduce myself-I am Dr. Cossack. You may not have heard of me, but soon the world will know my name.
    Over the years, you have been hailed as the greatest robot designer in the world, while my robotic creations have been totally ignored. I cannot allow this to continue. The world must be made aware of my genius!
    From my Siberian citadel, I've sent eight of my most powerful robots to destroy that titanium troublemaker, Mega Man. Once they have obliterated him, I will place his broken body on display for the entire world to see. Only then will I be allowed to take my place as the greatest robot designer of all time!
    Dr. Cossack.
    • p.6
    Wave after wave of mindless metal machines march toward you. Summon the full power of the Mega Buster and melt them down to size. Pick up energy pellets and weapon capsules to keep up your strength. Keep a eye on your energy meter in the top left corner of the screen. Because once your energy is gone, so is your life!
    Run, jump and climb through the mazes of twisted corridors to the lair of the robot master. Once you arrive, it's going to be a cybernetic slugfest and only one of you will survive. Keep on pounding the robot master with your weapons until his energy is depleted. Once he's been deactivated, grab his weapon and add it to your arsenal. Now you're ready to take on another of Dr. Cossack's crazy creations.
    • p.8
    At Mega Man's command is a host of high-tech weapons including the miraculous Mega Buster!
    • p.9
  • In every area, Mega Man must battle his way through an endless array of anarchistic androids. As he blasts these robotic rebels into oblivion, Mega Man may find a variety of special items to aid him in his journey.
    • p.9
    Mega Man is more than a match for Dr. Cossack's metal munching maniacs. But even a cybernetic super-hero needs a little help now and then. So, Dr. Light has sent Mega Man a couple of robotic reinforcements – just in case.
    • p.11
    Waiting for you in certain stages if Flip-Top, Dr. Light's cybernetic suitcase. When you see him, just walk right up and Flip-Top will toss you a power-up item. Once his compartment is empty, Flip-Top will automatically transport back to Dr. Light's lab for a refill.
    • p.11

Mega Man 5 edit

  • In the year 20XX AD.
    A vicious army of robots is bent on destroying the world!! And behind this destruction is...
  • Dr. Wily: Until now I have managed to frame ProtoMan for my crimes, but now the real ProtoMan has appeared and spoiled my plan!! Dr. Light is a captive in my lab. Come if you dare!! Ha, ha, ha.

Mega Man 5 instruction manual edit

    “Cossack to Mega Man! Cossack to Mega Man! Come in, Mega Man!”
    “Protoman has gone wild! City Hall and the spaceport have been totally destroyed and the city's power grid is in shambles. I've never seen destruction on this scale before.”
    “I know you're worried about Dr. Light, but your first duty is to free the city from the grip of Protoman's robots. I can modify your reactor to give the Mega Buster a little more power, but the rest is up to you. Dr. Light and I had been working on a special project, but it's not finished yet. Maybe if I can get it working, it might give you an edge.”
    Remember to watch your back mega Man. Protoman seems to have become more ruthless than we thought possible. Good Luck.”
    “Cossack out!”
    • p.6
    The dark shadows of Protoman's eight robots now cover the city. Each of these cybernetic soldiers have surrounded themselves with wave after wave of mindless metal munchkins who are just waiting to pound Mega Man! It's up to you to run, jump and climb past death-dealing robots and metallic maniacs to get into the robot master's inner sanctum. Once you arrive, you'll dig in and stand toe-to-toe against his awesome attacks! Pummel him with the power of your Mega Buster to throw him on the scrap heap for good. Add his weapon to your arsenal and get ready for action as you face the enxt robotic rebel!
    • p.8
    As you blast Protoman's cybernetic creations to smithereens, you will gain their special weapon and add it to your arsenal.
    • p.9
    Mega Man isn't the only one who is worried about Dr. Light! Rush and Flip-Top are scouring the city for any clue to the location of their lost leader. But if Mega Man is in needs of a little help, Rush is ready to leap to his side. Using his special powers, Rush can transform into a two unique configurations to help Mega Man get by treacherous traps.
    • p.10
  • Flip-Top, Dr. Light's cybernetic suitcase, will appear from time to time and give Mega Man a power-up item. Once he has dropped off his package, he will automatically transport himself back to Dr. Light's lab.
    • p.11
    Prior to Dr. Light's kidnapping, he and Dr. Cossack had been working on a brand new attack robot named BEAT. Hidden throughout the city are the parts to activate this powerful new ally.
    • p.12

Mega Man 6 edit

  • In the year 20XX AD...
    The 1st Annual Robot Tournament was held with 8 of the world's most powerful robots. But... Mr. X, the sponsor of the tournament, took control of the robots and began to take over the world.
  • MegaMan: MegaMan: Mr. X!! Why!?
Mr. X: It's time to tell you the truth. I have been manipulating that fool, Dr. Wily from the beginning. But now I no longer need Dr. Wily's help. Come and face my power, MegaMan!!
MegaMan: We'll stop you! Follow me, Rush!

Mega Man 6 instruction manual edit

    The most talented robot designers from across the globe have come to the 1st Annual Robot Tournament sponsored by the billionaire, Mr X. Traveling from Japan, Canada and the United States, the designers have brought their finest cybernetic creations to do battle in a series of tests to see which robot can claim the title of “The Most Powerful Robot In the World.”
    Nothing seems strange as the contest begins, but when the top eight robots enter the arena for the final event, the lights dim and the mysterious Mr. X appears...
    “Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I wish to thank you all for coming to see the final event of my 1st Annual Robot Tournament. As you know, I have kept the final event of the tournament secret. This event will test the strength, skill and intelligence of each of these fine robots. In fact, it will also test the strength and skill of each one of you. That may seem strange, but I'm sure you will understand when I explain that the final test for these robots is to help me conquer the world!”
    “Please excuse me and my robots as we teleport out of here, but we have a lot of work to do. But don't worry, you'll see me again soon. Real Soon!”
    • p.6
    Out-numbered and out-gunned, Mega Man stands alone against the advancing robot hoards. Even with his Mega Buster all charged up, he's going to need to move at world class speed to blast every robot back to the starting line. Collecting power-up items to keep up his strength, Mega Man must find his way through an endless maze of corridors to the lair of the stolen robot. But Mr. X has done some quick reprograming and made sure these robots don't want to be rescued. So, it's a battle of power and agility as Mega Man attempts to deactivate the robots using his entire arsenal of weapons! Blasting his opponent until their energy level is gone Mega Man is determined to win the battle and emerge victorious to face the next robotic rebel!
    • p.8
    As you blast each of Mr. X's metal maniacs, you will gain a special weapon and add it to your arsenal.
    • p.9
    Unable to stand against the awesome power of Mr. X's army, Mega Man and Dr. Light realized they needed something new to combat this threat. Laboring long and hard, Dr. Light was able to design two new transformations circuits for use with Rush, Mega Man's canine companion. Once Mega Man finds these powers adaptors, we will be able to call Rush to his side and together they will become more powerful than ever!
    • p.10
    Because of the size of the Power Mega Man Armor, Mega Man cannot use other weapon systems and cannot slide while wearing it.
    • p.10
    The turbo thrusters can only keep Mega Man in the air for short time before they overheat and drop Mga Man back down the ground.
    • p.11
    Flip-Top, Dr. Light's cybernetic suitcase, will teleport down with a power-up items from time to time, but for this mission Mega Man needs a little more help. So, Dr. Light has been hard at work to create a remote-controlled attack bird named BEAT. But BEAT's four new circuit plates are missing! If Mega Man is able to find and collect the B, E, A, and T circuit plates, he'll automatically teleport them back to Dr. Light for final assembly.
    • p.12
  • Soaring down from the clouds, BEAT will automatically attack any enemy on screen and shred them to tin foil with his razor-sharp talons.
    • p.12
    As Mega Man blasts through wave after wave of cybernetic soldiers, he'll find a variety of powerful items that will increase his chance of survival in the battles that lie ahead.
    • p.13
    If you reduce the sinister cyborgs into scrap metal, Mega Man may be rewarded with a secret password.
    • p.15

Mega Man 7 edit

  • In the year 20XXAD. The world cheered Megaman when at long last he captured and imprisoned Dr. Wily. But... Dr. Wily always knew his schemes might end in failure and had planned for just such an occasion. Four robots had been hidden away and after six months without being contacted by Dr. Willy, they activate and begin searching for their master...
  • Megaman: Can't this thing go any faster, Auto?? The city is under attack!
Auto: I'll try and punch it up a notch! Hold on, Roll!
Roll: I can't believe Wily is loose again! Won't this madman ever stop...
  • Bass: You are as good as they say, Megaman.
Megaman: You better tell me who you are?
Bass: I'm Bass and he's Treble.
We have been trying to stop Dr. Wily while you were gone …
I see now that you don't need our help...
  • Megaman: Dr. Light, what do you think of Bass?
Dr. Light: His actions don't seem to indicate a threat. I don't believe he is our enemy...
What is this?? Wily is attacking the Robot Museum! You must leave now, Megaman!
  • Protoman: So brother, you are not as weak as I thought. Let's see which of us father made stronger!
  • Protoman: Maybe you are the superior model, Megaman. Here, take this with you.
Megaman: This is... your Protoshield! You can't give this to me!
Protoman: It's ok. Take it. And... watch your back...
  • Bass: Damn...
    I was careless! I feel so stupid to have been defeated so easily... Maybe I should give up and leave Wily to you!
Megaman: No. We are a team. Dr. Light will be glad to fix you up.
Bass: Thanks. I'm glad that I have a friend like you...
  • Dr. Light: Is that you Megaman? Bass went berserk after I completed his repairs. He stole the parts for the new enhancements...
Megaman: Bass...?? I can't believe it...
Dr. Wily: Believe it, Megaman. Bass and Treble are my creations! I knew that you would be stupid enough to trust him and allow him access to the lab. Now, Bass and Treble will use the enhancements meant for you and Rush! Hahahahahahahaha...
Megaman: I'll make you pay Wily!!
  • Bass: You are far too weak Megaman. Wily may fear you, but I do not!
  • Bass: Round 1 goes to you, Megaman. But I'll be back...
  • Bass: Ah, my wait is over! This time the mighty Megaman shall fall!
  • Bass: Why... Why can't I destroy him...??
  • Dr. Wily: Ok, I give up. Sorry about all the trouble. I'll go quietly...
Megaman: I don't trust you, Wily! I gonna do what I should have done years ago!!
Dr. Wily: You forget, Megaman. Robots cannot harm humans...
Megaman: I am more than a Robot!! Die Wily!!
Bass: Too late, Megaman. He who hesitates is lost! We shall return!

Mega Man 7 instruction manual edit

  • The world's pulse raced with excitement! Everyone truly believed the conniving Dr. Wily had been stopped for good and imprisoned by the valiant Mega Man. Reporters jockeyed with cameramen for snapshots as the infamous Doctor hung his head while being dragged away in handcuffs. Dr. Wily would soon be behind bars. Or would he?
    Dr. Wily was ready for anything. He had known his dastardly plans would end in failure some day, so after six months without contact his laboratory sprang to life. Monitors whirred into action, lights flashed and the lab control panel booted up. In no time four hidden robots emerged. The robots then began a rampage in search of their master. Wily had done it again. Nothing would get in their way!
    The world's racing pulse turned to nervous fear as a city was pummeled. Wasn't Dr. Wipy in jail? Why was this still happening? The four robots took no heed to the great robot creator named Dr. Light. Mega Man found Dr. Light and the canine cyborg Rush fallen in the streets.
    “Dr. Light? Are you O.K?” Mega Man shouted.
    “Mega Man! We have no time,” replied Dr. Light. “Dr. Wily is using his robots to cover up his escape. You must go! Follow his spaceship!!!”
    Mega Man, Dr. Light and Rush looked on in horror as Dr. Wily's spaceship shot out of the prison. Dr. Wily was on the loose!
    • p.6
  • Mega Power!
    As you blast each of Dr. Wily's metal maniacs, you will gain a special weapon and add it to your arsenal. Also, there are a variety of supplemental items you can find in the game or purchase at Eddie's Cybernetic Support Shop.
    • p.8
  • RUSH
    Where would Mega Man be without his trusty canine companion Rush? Mega Man begins his battle against Dr. wily with the Rush Coil power. When called upon, Rush will appear and when Mega Man jumps onto Rush's back he will bounce high in the air and get to an area previously out of reach.
    There is another Rush adaptor power called Rush Jet. It is hidden but if Mega Man finds it he can ride Rush's back to get across a dangerous area safely. The Rush Jet can also be purchased at Eddie's but isn't it better to find it for free?
    In Mega Man's most recent adventure, he acquired special Rush enhancements form Dr. Light that launched him high into the sky and also transformed his body armor to give him an extra Rocket Buster. Mega Man still has these abilities, but this time Power Mega Man and Jet Mega Man have been combined into one Rush power adaptor called the Super Adaptor (S. Adaptor). Once Mega Man finds the circuit plates that spell R U S H, they will automatically be teleported back to Dr. Light and Mega Man will be able to call up the Super Adaptor from the Weapon Select screen.
    • p.10
    Because of the size of the Super Adaptor, Mega Man cannot use other weapon systems and cannot slide while wearing it.
    • p.10
    The turbo thrusters can only keep Mega Man in the air for a short time before they overheat and drop Mega Man back down to the ground.
    • p.11
    Dr. Light has been hard at work with additional enhancements for Rush. His latest invention is the Rush Search. It can be found in one of the Robot stages, or you can purchase it at Eddie's. Why buy what you can find with a little ingenuity?
    The Rush Search is a power adaptor that allows Rush to find buried power-ups or items. He can also identify hidden passages. The Rush Search is a very helpful addition, so use it as much as you can to get special items and to find hidden rooms or pathways to special power-ups. You may save time and money (bolts) in the long run.
    • p.11
  • Rush will appear and begin to sniff the area. If he finds a hidden item, he will begin to dig and the item will appear. Many times he may just dig up some useless junk, but most of the time he will find a special item.
    If Rush Search finds a hidden room or passageway nearby, he will bark and go crazy. Search around the walls to find the hidden area. If he just stands still and yawns, there is nothing hidden in the vicinity.
    • p.12
  • As Mega Man blasts through wave after wave of metallic mayhem, he'll find a variety of powerful items that will increase his chance of survival in battles that lie ahead.
    • p.13
  • If you reduce the sinister cyborgs into scrap metal, Mega Man will be rewarded with a secret password.
    • p.16

Mega Man 8 edit

  • Bass: MegaMan, today we finish this!
MegaMan: Why Bass, why must I fight you? We are not enemies!
Bass: Shut up!
Bass (thinking): Don't run away, you coward. You'll pay for this insult!
  • Dr. Light: A strange meteor has struck the Earth just a while ago.
    This meteor seems to be emitting a powerful energy signature. Something this powerful must not fall into the hands of evil.
  • Dr. Wily: Nyahaha! MegaMan, so you've come! How did you find my secret base? I'm impressed! But you're too late! I've just found something that's more powerful than this base! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Now the world is mine!
  • MegaMan: Wait! Wily! I've got to go after him! What's this? A robot? … It' still alive. I must help it!
  • Dr. Light: MegaMan, you must go after him! We don't know who he is, and it could be dangerous to leave him alone!
  • MegaMan: You are...! Wait! Who are you?!
Robot: Don't try to stop me from completing my mission!
... I feel a strong sense of justice within you... Who are you...?
  • MegaMan: That robot was holding back. He didn't fight me with everything he had. I wonder why?
  • Dr. Wily: I'm impressed! I didn't think you'd make it this far, MegaMan! However, I don't have time to deal with you! Say goodnight!
  • Duo: This is what you people call "Evil Energy." According to the studies I've done so far, the one who obtained the original energy must be a being of complete evil. This kind of energy absorbs the evil in a person's mind and then multiplies. Judging by the quick rate of its growth, it'll take over the planet in a matter of days! We must stop it!
  • Bass: MegaMan! You can't escape this time!
MegaMan: Bass! Stop it! I don't want to fight you!
Bass: You're so naive. That will be your downfall! I'm not the same weakling anymore! I've got new powers!
MegaMan: ...No way!
No! You don't know how dangerous it is!
  • Bass: Let's do it! I'll show you what true power is!
MegaMan: No! That's not power! I must prove you are wrong again, Bass!
  • Dr. Wily: Wa ha ha ha! You're trapped, MegaMan! You can't move, can you! With this incredible energy, I can't be beaten. It's time I finally finished you off!
MegaMan: ...That's the same old apology Wily! Over and over again...
  • Duo: If your mind is not completely taken by the evil, you'll be saved. MegaMan... I can see into your mind...
    You... have been working so hard for justice.
    With your help, this planet will survive.

Mega Man 8 instruction manual edit

  • Mega Man, the second robot created by Dr. Thomas Light, was originally intended only to perform functions in the laboratory that Dr. Light could not. Slowly Dr. Light began using Mega Man for more and more advanced robotics experiments. One day, Mega Man walked in on Dr. Light listening to an intercepted transmission from the evil Dr. Wily. The transmission exposed Dr. Wily's plans for world domination. Mega Man convinced the good Dr. Light to let him chase down and eliminate the threat of his nemesis. Mega Man's days as a gofer in the lab were over.
    • p.2
    Dr. Light sped to his controls to react to the sudden alarms. Lights flashed and electronic sounds blared. He scanned the meters and checked the print-outs for any clues to what had just happened. Then the computer centered on the disruption in the radar and brought it on-screen.
    “Mega Man, come in! You must investigate the disturbance immediately. Come in, Mega Man!
    A holograph displaying the gentle face of the Titanium Titan gradually materialized, and Dr. Light breathed a sigh of relief. Mega Man was already in the vicinity.
    “Yes, Dr. Light. I have the readings. From the looks of it that comet was not an accident. I detect a high concentration of metal alloy in that fireball. I bet Dr. Wily is behind this”
    “If not, he at least knows about it and is nearby. It crashed onto that deserted island. If Wily's there, don't let him get away. And be careful Mega Man. Remember what happened the last time!”
    • p.5
    Mega Man is not alone on this adventure. Dr. Light has been busy creating other robots to help Mega Man find Dr. Wily. Here is who Mega Man can count on when he needs help.
    • p.8
  • ROLL
    Mega Man's younger sister. Roll works in the laboratory and assists Dr. Light in turning the bolts Mega Man collects into those nifty items he can obtain at the lab.
    • p.8
    DL #000
    Dr. Light's first creation seems to be at the right place at the right time. Good of Proto Man. You know good things are usually nearby when he shows up.
    • p.8
  • AUTO
    Normally a technical assistant in the lab, the beefy Auto steps out of the lab and into the hunt with his custom weapon. Mega Man can definitely count on Auto to lend a ahnd.
    • p.8
    Dr. Light made Eddy to transport things from the lab to his robots in the field. Now Eddy has been equipped with the ability to fly so, along with Eddy, Mega Man has some real fire power.
    • p.8
  • BEAT
    The famous crime-fighting bird named Beat is always out for world peace. Beat was built by Dr. Cossack, a long-time friend and colleague of Dr. Ligh. Cossack and Light worked together so well that Cossack gave Beat to Mega Man to support him in battle. While flying, Beat will dash out and attack if fully charged.
    • p.9
  • RUSH
    Where would any person be without a trust canine at their side? The same goes for the Blue Bomber and Rush the Robo Dog. Rush can transform himself into many different vehicles so Mega Man cannot do without him. All Rush powers have limited energy, and once you call on him you must use all the energy from that power.
    • p.9

Mega Man EXE edit


"Jack in, MegaMan.EXE, Transmit!" - Lan, Mega Man Battle Network 1 and 2

"All your base are belong to us!" - Infected Program (ElecMan.EXE's Stage), Mega Man Battle Network

Battle routine set! - Lan

Execute! - Megaman

All Battle Network Games

"Leg's go Lan!" - Mega Man Battle Network 4

"What a polite young man she was!" - Haruka Hikari (Mrs. Hikari, Lan's mother)about a girl, Mega Man Battle Network 4

"What am I, Mr. Famous, doing here?" - Lan, Mega Man Battle Network 5

MegaMan: I heard that Cyber Academy is haunted!

Lan: Oh really?

MegaMan: Yeah! Really! You can hear them go "Woooooooo" at night...

Mega Man Battle Network 6


"Synchro chip, slot in! Cross fusion!" -Various characters, Rockman.EXE Axess - Beast+

Doctor Wily edit

  • "Wahahahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, your attention. please. The name's Wily! The one and only -- the brilliant scientist, Dr. Wily! It may seem rather sudden to you, but I've decided I'd like to take over the world! (Laughs) Ahem! Anyway, to begin... Dr. Light! I'll be taking your precious robots!!" - in the beginning of Mega Man: Powered Up
  • "Wha... Why you insolent fool! I will crush you with a loud, loud crunch!" - just before final boss 1 in Mega Man: Powered Up
  • "You forget, Mega Man. Robots cannot harm humans..." - at the end of Mega Man 7
  • "Kyahahaha! The world is mine!" - Megaman 8
  • "I hate Mega Man. He ruins everything."
  • Wily: "Why do you oppose me, the one who created you?"
    Bass: "Because you always interfere with me! I can defeat Mega Man by myself with no problem. You should go crawl in a hole somewhere."
    Wily: "You know, I think I regret creating you, pompous robot."
    Bass: "Ha! You created me? So what? If you created a powerful robot such as myself, it must have been an accident."
    Wily: "Funny you say that, you're actually right. I studied Mega Man hoping to create a similar robot. Then I developed a powerful energy called "Bassnium" purely by accident. Thus, I created you Bass. Currently Bassnium is the most powerful energy on Earth. But, that's not for long. Hee hee, I've learned from my accident... ...And I've created a new type of robot which is much more powerful than you or Mega Man! It'll be some time before I complete this project, though. You better get ready!"
    Bass: "Ha! This girlie-looking, long-haired robot will be the strongest? Don't make me laugh!"
    Wily: "Don't be so over-confident. This robot's power level is far superior to yours. And this is more than just a simple robot. With this robot and my other project complete, the world will be mine! No one will stop me! Hee hee hee hee!"
    Bass: "Yikes! This guy is as crazy as I thought." - at the end of Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (when Bass wins the final stage alone)
  • Wily: "What do you mean he escaped?"
    Proto Man: "As in: Got away, vamoosed, departed, beat feet...”
    Wily:: "I know what the word means!" -At the Mega Man TV Show Episode The Day the Moon fell
  • "At last, the world will bow down to the genius of Doctor Wily!" -Mega Man 11

Proto Man edit

Proto Man (alternatively spelled "Protoman") is a video game character from the Mega Man series by Capcom. In Japan, he is known as Blues, after the eponymous musical style.

Quotes (from the Mega Man cartoon) edit

  • I hate to say I told you so, but... I told you so.
  • Don't strain your brain, Wily. He'll come back. He always does.
  • Boy, what's the world coming to when you can't trust your own brother?
  • Give me that, you robo-twits.
  • Ten-four, Supreme Space Cadet, sir!
  • I knew you'd risk yourself for Mr. Lincoln!
  • Whatever turns you on, Wily.

Quotes (from Mega Man Powered Up) edit

  • That madman! Even worse than those Joe robots... to think he'd come up with something like this...
    • At the third station of Wily Castle

About Mega Man edit

  • Just the image of Mega Man standing [...] there's a sadness to it. Even his sprite has a certain gravity and seriousness to it [....] When I see a young child playing alone, in a park or in the middle of the street, playing by himself [...] there's something so sad about that sight, it can almost bring me to tears. And there's something similarly lonely about Mega Man [...]. In the backstory I wrote, Mega Man alone is equipped with the functionality to turn himself off. That very fact imbues him with a sadness. The other robot masters were made for some kind of specific job or work, so there's no need for them to have an "off switch" they can control. However, a robot helper like Mega Man can make his own judgements, and therefore can decide whether he's needed or not [...]. The sadness of being a robot is having this inorganic existence.

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